Boho Style

Contributor post by  Sheila and Shannon of BeadyEyedBird

Gypsy, Boho, Bohemian, Ethnic, Hippie — whatever you choose to call it, it’s FUN! In modern usage, the term “Bohemian” is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. The original “Bohemians” were travelers or refugees from central Europe (hence, the French bohemian, for “gypsy”).

At the beginning of the Bohemian ‘movement’, it was said that gypsy girls themselves “…are sexy and delightful precisely because they do not give a hoot for fashion.”

When the style was first identified, it was the early 20th century. Fast forward to the 60’s and 70’s when major designers started to routinely promote the “peasant look” and sold a range of “uniquely eccentric clothes.” (How many of you still have some of those in the back of your closet, like me??)

Fast forward again to the late 1980’s, when variants of the short and fundamentally un-Bohemian rah-rah skirt (which originated with cheerleaders) were combined with leather or denim to create a look with some Bohemian or even gothic features. New names emerged, like ‘hippie chic’ and ‘boho-chic’. Similar styles were sometimes referred to as “bobo” or “ashcan chic” or “luxe grunge” — with leading proponents including actresses Mary Kate Olsen and Zooey Deschanel.

Whatever it’s called, and whatever the iteration or era, we L.O.V.E. it. What do you have or love that’s Boho? We asked our team members to share their stories and items with us, and here’s what we got —

Karen Hafel from timetalentjewels said:

Some people think that these little bags are Bohemian style bags and I share them with the teenagers as cute chic bags to carry for fun. Cool colorful stripes and colorful flower button makes it a fun bag for any teen! What is fun about this style of bag is it can be made into the school’s colors too, that is pretty chic too!

wool bag

Hand Knitted, Chic, Boho Teen Fun, Wool Felted Unlined Handbag, Accessories, One of A Kind

Suzi TC from Oldewoods said:

Cut from a fallen and dried cherry plum branch, these are a very early example of my foray into hand-made timber buttons. Nicely boho, they each have a dash of ‘silver lining’ paint on one side … flaunt it or keep it secret!
wood button

Wooden Boho Buttons with a dash of silver paint! Hand Made from Locally Grown Cherry Plum Tree (pack of 6)

Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns said:

For me ‘hippie’ is all about flowers and especially daisies and daisy chains.  This pendant was made with this in mind and features daisy heads impressed into the clay while still soft during the design process.

Pendant Necklace Boho Jewelry Ceramic Daisy Spring Flowers Forest Green Handmade Pottery Round Statement Hippie Handmade Gift Pouch

Nancy Duncan from EponasCrystals said:

Pearls, Leather and Lace Tassel Necklace – The epitome of bohemian! Leather, lace, hand-knotted pearls, sterling silver beads and silk. Think Stevie Nicks! I love the style.

Tassel Necklace Pearls Lace Silk Leather Bohemian Jewelry

Marie-Antoinknit from 9ElizabethStreet said:

It was the spots that got my attention. They brought to mind lush jungle foliage, moss on rocks, lizards and that sense of long ago. Add the copper disk, and I started thinking about Amazon warrior-women and the tribal nomad style of the hippie commune days. Obviously, I have a fertile imagination…

Tribal Earrings – Mother Daughter or Best Friends Set, Turquoise DangleEarrings on Nickle-Free Copper Finish Earwires, Ready to ship.

Connie Lee from Bungalow42 said:

To my eye, the Bohemian look is earthy and layered, with flowing colorful fabrics and accessories made from natural materials. Our Tagua nut stacking bracelets are an earthy combination of tagua nut hollow triangle slices, wooden tubes and lightweight colorful resin rounds hand-knotted on silk thread.

While Bohemian fashion may cycle through fashion popularity over the years, true Bohemians don’t care about popularity or style – they care about expressing themselves. So wear what makes you feel good!


LIghtweight Capri Tagua Nut Earthy Stacking Bracelet

Donna Schindler from TreasuresFromTheLake said:

Boho or hippie brings to mind closeness to nature and the earth.

The earth toned beads accentuate that feeling. Add to that the brown cord and the large brown beach glass, it’s a statement piece that screams I love nature.

beach glass

Lariat beach glass and bead pendant/Boho Hippie jewelry/beach glass pendant/sea glass pendant/Boho lariat pendant

Marjorie Scenna from mscenna said:

I think of unique, eclectic designs and earthy colors when I think Boho home design. These repurposed wind chimes combine old and new with a unique free flowing style and earth tone colors.

Repurposed boho wind chime

















willowvalleyvintage from WillowValleyVintage said:

We found these vintage napkin rings in Ann Arbor, Michigan!

We love their puffy hats and long eyelashes!

Who needs napkins?! These girls are perfect on their own!

Ceramic girl napkin rings













Diana from joliefemmebydiana said:

Boho style is the best! This pillow has a lovely boho vibe and is a perfect accent for your gypsy style chair, bed, or room. Bright color and lovely hamsa symbol make it a unique decorative piece!

Hamsa chair cushion













Our friends sure proved they know boho! Until next time,


Pastel Sparkle

Contributor Post by Opal from ApronStringsOwlLady

Pastel Sparkle

Okay who has some pastel sparkle We want to hear about it!

If you have Pastel items, sparkle items and a story to match, please share.

We’d love to see your Etsy items as you share the glitter, sparkle, dazzle and shine with us

Nancy Duncan from EponasCrystals says

 I love sparkly things! What woman doesn’t? These are round sparkly glittered glass domes set in antiqued brass crown settings. Turquoise is my favorite color too! Perfect for an evening out with friends or just for a weekend trip.

Turquoise Sparkle Earrings

Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeSupplies says

 Oh yes do I have sparkle!

These sequins are gold and feature an amazing shimmer surface that sparkles in the light.

They are great for adding bling and pizzazz to clothing, accessories, handbags, quilts, wedding favours, table decorations and an array of craft projects, including jewellery. The sequins can be sewn onto fabric, canvas, leather and vinyl.


Long Gold Sequins – craft supply

Debra Stgeorge from ItsAbracadebra says

 I definitely love sparkle!! I also love bohemian leather wrap bracelets. But, being the sparkle lover that I am, I just had to make mine shine. I am loving the light blue pastel glass pearls in this bracelet. The shiny silver toned button clasp adds extra sparkle, too. This bracelet is perfect for the Bohemian Princess who wants to shine lol!

Beaded Leather Cuff

Carol Hansen from GardenBarn says

 Soft yellow is a perfect spring color. This is a vintage candy holder made of paper mache! Great Easter Spring decoration!
il_570xN.905845704_dxkx (1).jpg

Antique Easter Rabbit Candy Container

willowvalleyvintage from WillowValleyVintage says

 My daughter and I love the charm of vintage Gurley candles!

Fun novelty decor for the table or Spring vignettes.

This cutie is a soft pastel pink with a glittery sheen:


Easter Bunny Candle in Basket

Marjorie Scenna from mscenna says

 Perfect for springtime! This sparkly necklace features an eclectic mix of repurposed vintage and new beads to give it a unique look. The colors are great for accenting this spring’s shades of greenery and pale dogwood. The touch of sparkle makes it a fun everyday accessory or sparkling accent for a special occasion or spring wedding!

Pink Crystal Beaded Necklace

Sherri from ButterflyFeetDigital says

 This digital paper pack was fun to create! Not only did I get to make bubbles, but I got to add sparkle! Bubble art seems to be popular these days, and so is anything with glitter or sparkle. It would be fun to use this paper for greeting cards, invitations or scrapbooking!

Digital Paper Pack

Karen Hafel from timetalentjewels says

What is so enchanting about this Pastel Sparkle Necklace is all the interesting beads that catch your eyes – whether they are the Freshwater Pearls or Glass Pearls, Citrine, Aqua Table Glass, Seed Beads or Sea Glass, Glass Chips, Rose Quartz or even Amber Beads all have a unique feel and glow! Multi Strands of One of A Kind Fun!


Sandy Beaches Wire Crochet Necklace Set

Christine from cwagenblass9 says

 In creating celebration items for birthdays, graduations etc.,

glitter papers and foil add that special sparkle that makes the
cake toppers, centerpieces stand out.


Gold Happy Birthday Cake Topper

Corkycrafts from Corkycrafts says

 Pastel pops up in window displays at clothing stores. As the sun warms up the grounds, bluebonnets start to bloom across Texas along with the birds, bees and jackrabbits bouncing about here in the country.

Easter is just around the corner. Enjoy a pretty in pink Easter bunny to your table decor with some pastel spring pink!

Easter bunny shelf sitter

Shilly Shally Jewelry from Shilly Shally Jewelry says

The sparkle and contrast of silver faceted beads against the gold hoops exemplifies understated elegance.


Gold Filled Hoops

Cher from LooseChipsWoodWork says

 Brides and grooms sparkle when they turn around and face their loved ones for the first time as man and wife! The children on this little plate exemplify this truth with their sweet young faces filled with love in their hearts for each other and the world around them! The pastels are perfectly displayed in baby blues and pinks.

How young we are when we first fall in love!


Precious Moments Wedding Plate

Linda B. from lindab142 says

 Druzy gemstones are hundreds of sparking little gemstones that catch the light. I’ve chosen a minimalist necklace design to let the druzy be the focal point.

Blue is such a bright and happy color for Spring/Summer and all year round. There are 2 styles for you to choose from.


Druzy Gemstone Necklace

Diana from joliefemmebydiana says

 Pink is soft but this cute sparkly print is strong too! Sparkly skulls and stars and crossbones for the cool rocker personality! Makes a great gift for teens or edgy moms!

Sparkle Skulls Card Case

Connie from Bungalow42 says

Anklets are so flattering and flirtatious. This pastel peach chain is a delightful spring color. Add some sparkly freshwater peach pearls, light blue vintage Lucite Moonglow and tiny frosted Aurora Borealis seed beads for beach worthy perfection.

Aurora Borealis is a trade name used to describe a kind of finish that was introduced in the mid-fifties. Named after the spectacular play of the northern lights, this innovation became a success worldwide and started a fashion trend of coating stones in a variety of colors with shimmering effects.

Lucite appeared in many forms, colors and styles in jewelry as early as the 1940s. It is an acrylic resin, and one type of thermoset plastic, Bakelite is another. One of the most popular forms of Lucite, Moonglow pieces look as if lit from within.

It is this quirky combination of materials that makes this a truly unique piece.

Peach pearl anklet

Cristal from DesignsbyCristal says

This cute little wristlet is all dressed in her pastel colors of pink and blue. I’ve gotten so many request for anything with cute, adorable pigs and finally found a print I love.

This little beauty in all it’s pastel glory would be the highlight in your little girls eye or anyone who has a love of those colors and pigs. At least with these pigs there are no smells and you can indeed carry them anywhere you go without leaving behind a mess.

Baby pigs fabric wristlet

Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns says

These pastel earrings feature handmade paper beads and pastel pink seed beads which shimmer in the light. They are a beautiful summer accessory for any outfit!

Triangle earrings


Jerry and Opal from ApronStringsOwlLady says

 Thank you everyone – a very impressive collection of sparkly pastel items.

Our frames are sometimes painted in sparkly glitter paint (that does not rub off, it’s in the paint.) This board is a good example of bright fabric paired with a turquoise glitter frame for that sparkle effect we all love.


Sparkly Skulls Bulletin Board


Contributor Post by Sheila and Shannon from BeadyEyedBird

Hello, Everyone!

If you’re one of those crazies like us who LOVES Halloween, you might be starting to get ready already! Also known as Samhain by some, this is one of the most magical times of the year. Samhain predates the Roman feast of the Dead, Lemuria, and All Hallow’s Eve – the eve of the Christian holiday to honor the saints, All Saint’s Day. The secular holiday today is known as Halloween. All of these festivals, despite their different names, focus on reverence for the dead, as well as a time to communicate with the deceased.

What do you do to prepare for Halloween, or celebrate your special ‘Bewitching Hour’? We asked our CIJ teamies to share their stories and bewitching items that show their love for this special time, and here’s what they told us.

Richard and Tatiana from DesignstheLimit said:

No other holiday provides the fun and festivities like Halloween! Although we don’t sell anything specifically for Halloween, we love to see what the Etsy community delivers during October. From choosing the perfect costume to planning the perfect party, Etsy sellers have some of the best ideas around and shopping on Etsy is never more fun than it is in the fall. Go Etsy and get in the spirit!
We love to go all out on our costumes, visit haunted attractions, and see the creative decorations in our community.
After a long night of thrills and treats, kick off your shoes and enjoy your favorite spirit in style! We encourage responsible enjoyment of spirits in moderation and good company. Cheers to all of the responsible adults who make Halloween a fun and enjoyable holiday across the USA!
Olde English Personalized Rocks Tumblers Engraved with Font Selection OPTIONAL Black Ice Stones or Engraved Stones

Olde English Personalized Rocks Tumblers Engraved with Font Selection OPTIONAL Black Ice Stones or Engraved Stones

Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio said:

We are American, and loved trick or treating when the kids were little. But we traveled around a lot and lived in countries where trick-or-treating didn’t happen. In those cases we would have a big fun Halloween party, inviting neighbors and friends of many nationalities who were all too eager to wear a silly costume, bob for apples and drink cider.
Kids Halloween PRINTABLE Welcome boys ghouls 8x10 digital DIY Halloween Sign, black red white handprint art, party decor, jpg pdf png

Kids Halloween PRINTABLE Welcome boys ghouls 8×10 digital DIY Halloween Sign, black red white handprint art, party decor, jpg pdf png

Suzy Tomlinson from WillowsAndMore said:

The thing i love best about Halloween is making my grandchildren’s costumes helping them transform into whatever they can imagine every year they come to me with there ideas of what they want to be and we spend time together getting their costumes just right.
Kids Costume Broom. Broom Making kit DIY

Kids Costume Broom. Broom Making kit DIY

Annie from DesignedbyAnneliese said:

I haven’t really ever been into Halloween as such. When I was young, occasionally people would come to the house trick or treating and we would give them some lollies. I don’t tend to celebrate Halloween but since many people do in other places I made these Halloween themed gift tags!
8 Halloween tags, gift tags, party tags, pumpkin, spiderweb, bats, hang tag, party decor, Halloween party supplies, graphic 45

8 Halloween tags, gift tags, party tags, pumpkin, spiderweb, bats, hang tag, party decor, Halloween party supplies, graphic 45

Nancy Duncan Fellowship from EponasCrystals said:

 I LOVE Halloween! My Dad used to make our costumes, carved the pumpkins, and thoroughly enjoyed the handing out candy to all the trick or treaters! I made these spider earrings to go along with a witchy costume on Halloween.
Spider Swarovski Crystal Silver Chain Dangle Earrings Halloween Goth

Spider Swarovski Crystal Silver Chain Dangle Earrings Halloween Goth

Gari Anne from beadloverskorner said:

My husband and I LOVE Halloween! When the kids were younger and we lived in town (we live in the country now) our house had the most creepy decorations around and people would drive from all over to see our house. We tried to do something different every year and it was a big event. The kids loved helping and now they decorate or do something similar at their own houses.

Eventually we moved and now we live in the country so no one is around to see anything, I miss doing all the decorations so what I do now is decorate my Etsy Shop Banner, my Avatar wears a witch hat, and I also decorate other online places like Facebook banners, etc.

Halloween Necklace Black Witch Hat Sterling Silver

Halloween Necklace Black Witch Hat Sterling Silver

willowvalleyvintage from WillowValleyVintage said:

Halloween was a fun time of year when my children were little! The selection of their costumes, parties at school and receiving greeting cards from family, all added to the excitement!  We live in Michigan, so we always had to be prepared for cold weather while trick or treating—sometimes their costumes were covered by winter coats!

We found this Gurley Witch Candle at an antique show this spring and were excited to list her in our Shop:

Witch Candle 60s Gurley Figural Halloween Decor Hunchback Witch Black Hat Cape and Orange Broom Unused Vintage Collectible Novelty Gift

Witch Candle 60s Gurley Figural Halloween Decor Hunchback Witch Black Hat Cape and Orange Broom Unused Vintage Collectible Novelty Gift


 Melissa R from missy69 said:
I think people love Halloween because it is a fun way to be scared, and be someone else for a night. I love to see all the little ones in their cute outfits, and I love Fall décor. Since my kids don’t trick or treat anymore, we have to find other ways to enjoy the Fall holiday, so we decorate. I love Fall/Halloween décor, like my painted sugar skull plate.
Happy Halloween Sugar Skull Painted Orange Plate with Gold and Black Paint Handmade Holiday Decor Table Wall Party Plate

Happy Halloween Sugar Skull Painted Orange Plate with Gold and Black Paint Handmade Holiday Decor Table Wall Party Plate

Marjorie Scenna from mscenna said:

I absolutely love decorating for Halloween and live in a neighborhood where people enjoy decorating their yards and homes. I have always enjoyed creating my own decorations and have combined my love for vintage and Halloween into one this year!
Halloween Mobile, Beaded Wind Chimes, Sun Catcher, Recycled Repurposed Jewelry Art, Window Decor, Halloween Decor, Hanging Garden Yard Art

Halloween Mobile, Beaded Wind Chimes, Sun Catcher, Recycled Repurposed Jewelry Art, Window Decor, Halloween Decor, Hanging Garden Yard Art

Debra Bond from DebraBondDesigns said:

We’ve only started getting in to Halloween, as we’re in Australia. My daughter is 2.5 now and is beginning to discover the fun of dressing up, so I think we’ll really be able to enjoy it this year, but nothing too scary while she’s young. I created this invitation for those who like a spookier tone to their Halloween parties!
Halloween invitation, customised party invitation, spooktacular, haunted house, digital printable

Halloween invitation, customised party invitation, spooktacular, haunted house, digital printable

Jaclyn Machowicz from JacolinisCeramics said:

Halloween has always been a fun time in my house growing up! My husband and I just bought a house and can’t wait to decorate our front porch for all the trick or treaters to come around. These pumpkins from my shop will definitely be on my front porch for Halloween time:
Tall White-Glazed Ceramic Pumpkin -- Fall Decor -- Fall Wedding Decor -- Thanksgiving Decor -- Halloween Decor

Tall White-Glazed Ceramic Pumpkin — Fall Decor — Fall Wedding Decor — Thanksgiving Decor — Halloween Décor

We had such a GREAT response to this invitation to the blog! Many thanks to EVERYONE!  We love the stories and the items!

Until Next Time,

Sheila & Shannon

Heralding the Arrival of Spring with Beautiful Bursts of Color

Contributor post by Catherine from DesignsbyCnC

During the dark days of winter, I look forward eagerly to the first burst of spring color.  Nothing signals the arrival of spring like seeing the colorful crocus peeking up through the snow.

There are many different varieties of spring flowers with daffodil, crocus, tulip and hyacinth being some of the most common ones.  To enjoy colorful year-round blooms in your garden, select plants with different blooming times such as the daffodil, the earliest narcissi appear in early spring, especially small cultivars like Tete-a-Tete.  For mid –spring color, the tulip which is just starting their long period of bloom is an all-time favorite. My personal favorite is the peony.  These colorful shrubs carry the garden from late spring to early summer.

Featured are the favorite spring flowers from members of the Etsy Christmas In July team along with an item from their shop that celebrates the colorful blooms of spring.

You might just discover a new variety of spring flower to try out in your own garden!

Nancy Duncan  from  EponasCrystals shared this:

My favorite spring flower is lilac. We have several in our yard and the scent is amazing! It was also my mother’s favorite and it reminds me of her.

These earrings are the lilac color I prefer:

Bell Flower Earrings

Dana Hamant  from  LilybeanzBowtique had this response:

My favorite flower of Spring is a Lily. It is my birth month flower (Lily of the Valley) and the name of my middle daughter and namesake of my shop.

This item comes with handmade felt flowers that remind me of all the beauty of Spring.

Yarn Wrapped Felt Floral Wreath

Tetiana  from DiMaryboutique said:

Dandelion – is spring flower, especially in Kiev this year…. blossoming dandelions and my little daughter inspired me to hand make my ECO dresses with crochet flowers!

Dandelion ECO-dress

Valerie Brown  from FirepanJewellery added:

My garden is full of Spring flowers, and I am very inspired by them! One of my favorites is the Forget-me-not. They “came with the yard” and love my garden so much they spring up everywhere. I know Spring is really here when I see these little blue blossoms all over. Another reason I like Forget-me-not is that there are very few true blue flowers, but they are one of them!

Forget Me Not Sterling Silver Flower Necklace

Corkycrafts  from Corkycrafts remarked:

We plant sunflowers in a wide array of colors all year, the most popular are the yellow ones for the kids love to imagine they are in the land of Jack & the giant bean stalk when the yellow heads pop out in colors. I share my love of gardening with my customers and now sell the seeds during planting season to share a smile.


Texas Size Sunflower Seeds

Sue and Misty  from shabbyshopgirls answered:

What could be more refreshing in the cold of winter than an arrangement of tiger lilies, snap dragons and iris in wonderful muted pastel colors of purple, pink, blue, green and white? These flowers are so beautiful they will take the damp and dark out of any Winter day and signal Spring to pop its cheery head!


ESCADA Silk Floral Scarf

Annie  from DesignedbyAnneliese commented:

I absolutely love Freesias in Spring! They smell so lovely and fragrant. My parents have them in their front yard and I love to pick some and take them home. They also remind me of warmer weather.  I have made some floral envelopes which remind me of Spring!

Floral Envelope Set

Solveiga  from Solviashop added:

My favorite flower of Spring is a Rose. Also I have my favorite song:  “Roses” is a song from American DJ duo The Chainsmokers. It was released as the second single from their debut EP, Bouquet on June 16, 2015. The song was written by and features vocals from American singer Elizabeth Roze Mencel, better known by her moniker Rozes.

Here is a crochet flower key ring made with a yellow wool yarn:

Yellow Flower Keychain

Marjorie Scenna  from mscenna related:

I love spring flowers and look forward to seeing things pop up in my yard. I’m inspired by flowers and love finding ways to incorporate them into crafts. This vintage earring and button pendant reminds me of white peonies.

Pearl Gold Necklace

Rachel Placek  from LoveandPetFurCrochet told me this:

My favorite spring flowers are the Hydrangea. I love the different shades of blue and purple found in these blooms. They also keep well in a vase inside which makes them even more valuable. Here is a crochet coffee mug cozy I made depicting the beauty of their bloom:

Hydrangea Flower Coffee Cup Cozy

Lia Russo  from Ghirlandiamo offered:

So many flowers evoke spring, but for me the most representative ones are daffodils.   It’s so nice to see them sprouting out from the soil not yet covered by green grass.  The most common are like these I used in my wreath: white petals and yellow heart and all completely yellow.  Sincerely I don’t know if other varieties exist, but these two ones are really fresh and lovely and they can perfectly be identified with spring.

Daffodil Heart Wreath

Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says:

Goodness, my favourite spring flower – that is a tough one!

Here in Australia I love our native flora – so enjoy the multitude of gum blossoms that dominate my natural garden …. I don’t have any items inspired by this (something I will have to look into), so will share a daisy pendant instead – another popular spring flower.



Ceramic Daisy Boho Pendant Necklace

Lelia Valois from ValoisFelts commented:

I love it when dandelions, buttercups, clovers and daisies start popping up all over the grass.  Then there’s nothing better than laying out on a blanket with a dog, some cool drinks and a book.


Daisy Needle Felted Bookmark

Alexandra Richards from EyeLoveKnots added this:

I designed these gloves for the Happily Hooked Magazine for a Lace and Openwork theme. I have since worked many different colorways, but the initial piece was in this Rosy Cheeks colorway and the first thing I thought of as I worked through the design was Cherry Blossoms.

The magazine took a small poll on my gloves and found that people were between flowers and stars in the design. What do you see?



Ginny C from GRCTreasures said:

Roses are one of my favorite Spring flowers and these pretty yellow roses just drew me right to the tablecloth. I love vintage linens and I saw this one in a church thrift shop and just had to have it. I would love to keep it for myself but I can’t keep everything I buy and I am happy to pass it on to someone who can appreciate its beauty.

Vintage Wilendur Yellow Roses Tablecloth and napkins

Vintage Wilendur Yellow Roses Tablecloth and napkins


Spring 2016 Trends: Bedroom Eyes, Garden Party, And Storybook Romance

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

The 2016 Etsy 2016 Spring Trends From Fashion Month was released on February 18th, 2016.

The Christmas In July team shared the trends on a Pinterest Board!

Let’s enjoy the trends : Bedroom Eyes, Garden Party and Storybook Romance.

Bedroom Eyes

Sue and Misty from shabbyshopgirls says:

The idea behind “bedroom eyes” is wearable, lounging lingerie. Pretty to wear to bed, yet nice enough to lounge around the house in! Think Mad Men! This gorgeous nightgown is worthy of a Jane Austen Novel!



Richard and Tatiana from DesignstheLimit says:

When we think of looking our best in the bedroom, we think of spending some quality time in bed with a glass of wine and a plate full of strawberries. The table has folding legs and is available with matching monogrammed stemware.



Garden Party

Annie from DesignedbyAnneliese says:

Spring is in the air, the flowers are blooming and the butterflies are fluttering around. I can picture the butterflies in the background of the garden party with their vibrant colours and pretty patterns. These cards are just right for the spring!



Dana Hamant from LilybeanzBowtique:

Flowers are one of my favorite supplies to work with. I might be a Hipster in the Garden Party trend!

What says Garden Party more than a Spring wedding? My flower girl baskets are the perfect addition to a garden wedding.



Nancy Duncan from EponasCrystals:

I’m so ready for warmer weather and flowers blooming. Making this bracelet helped put me in the mood for a garden party! Crocheted with golden silk and adorned with pink roses, beads, and a tassel. Ultra feminine with a Victorian flair.



Sue and Misty from shabbyshopgirls says:

An absolute MUST for every garden party is a vintage floral tablecloth! We love the yellow carnations and blue accents in this gorgeous 1960’s printed tablecloth. Set up the table with small vases of wildflowers, mismatched dishes and blue stemware and you’ll have a beautiful table setting for your garden party!



Marjorie Scenna from mscenna says:

After setting the table, don’t forget to dress up your garden and set a place for the birds too! This recycled glassware bird feeder will add a touch of sparkle to your garden party and outdoor decor!



Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says:

Any of my tableware items could be used for a garden party …. and being handmade and unique they would make an individual splash to any celebration decor!

This setting is great for pre dinner tapas or post dinner cheese and pate!



Richard and Tatiana from DesignstheLimit says:

Hello Spring! With our gardens filled with flowers of every color, now is the time to get outside and enjoy the weather, the view, and the good life. The best way to enjoy the weather is entertaining outside. When you have your next garden party, entertain in style with our personalized serving trays and glassware sets.



Storybook Romance

Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio says:

Here’s a heart-felt greeting card perfect for igniting any storybook romance. The photo was captured on one of Paris’ bridges spanning the Seine. Lovers purchase ‘Cadenas d’Amour”, or Love Padlocks, attach them to the bridge and throw the key in the river, sealing their love forever. Sadly the locks have mostly been removed because there were so many that they were weighing down and damaging the bridge, but the sentiment lives on in this romantic card.



Dana Hamant from LilybeanzBowtique says:

What is more Storybook Romance than a beautiful yellow princess tutu dress?



Valerie Brown from FirepanJewellery says:

I think one of the most romantic things you can do for your storybook romance is have your wedding rings handmade just for you. Your wedding ring is the most meaningful piece of jewellery that you will wear. Having your rings handmade for you, by a goldsmith, makes them a more special and personal statement to each other.



Corkycrafts from Corkycrafts says:

Anybody who loves wine would love to have their wedding at a vineyard with the rustic smells of aged wood barrels, grapes in harvest and the rustling of the leaves on the vine. Add a touch of whimsy by using a wine cork kissing ball as a floral alternative and the flower girl to carry Plus its also the perfect size for children to carry too!



Richard and Tatiana from DesignstheLimit says:

At Design’s the Limit, we specialize in romantic gifts for everyone. We have the romantic gifts you are looking for from a gift for your boyfriend’s birthday, a wedding gift to add to your registry, or an anniversary gift for your spouse. Choose from our designs, submit your own, or have us create an inspired design for you to give your romantic gifts the personalized touch!

Our wine table is available with or without personalized stemware and we can even engrave a personalized gift message for you on the underside of the table to give your monogrammed gift the extra unexpected touch. Available with gift wrap and a gift card when shipping directly to your recipient, don’t wine about not knowing what to get, for your next romantic gift giving occasion Design’s the Limit!



April – New Arrivals

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Join the Christmas In July team as we celebrate April – New Arrivals.

sugararmy46 from sugararmy46 says:

For a long time I was wondering whether to start a collection dedicated to family and I decided that I will take my chances with this one. It’s not only a father and a son matching outfit – to me it is a showcase of the moments spent together, all the stories told and all shared emotions – family always come first!



Anna from ParisDecorPrints says:

This photograph was taken in France when I was in Mount St. Michael – beautiful place in Northern France in 2012.



Sherri from ButterflyFeetDigital says:

This is my newest item, listed yesterday. I had sold a few sets of printable journal pages, so I thought I would add another set in a different style. I used beach photographs from my own travels, so a bit nostalgic, and I added an overlay and the lines to write on.



Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio says:

Here’s a new photograph SLS listed April 1st. To me, it celebrates the sense of peace and hope that spring evokes. The photograph was taken at Berlin, Germany’s East Side Gallery. This is one of the largest outdoor art galleries in the world. Artists have painted murals on the remnants of the old Berlin Wall. Their art serves as social and political commentary over the years. Many murals reflect anguish and sadness, but other are signs of hope.

Dove of Peace – Berlin



Rachel Elliott from flyingcheesetoastie says:

I’ve just launched a brand new range of glass creatures featuring beasts from the African Savannah. This little elephant is one of them and features a classic Paisley pattern which fills its silhouette shape. Usually I only make one new creature a year so to launch 3 in one go is a big step for me!



Corkycrafts from Corkycrafts says:

A couple of years ago I made a rectangle basket covered in corks. I have had several convos asking when I’d create another one so for the spring I added a new size “square” to my listings.



toysfrom70s from toysfrom70s says:

I recently moved and had to downsize of in which is why my shop is on Etsy. I have a large collection of toys from my childhood and have sold several on Etsy for others to enjoy, I opened my shop last year, my loss is your gain.



Carola Bartz from CarolaBartz says:

Last week I had surgery and couldn’t really do very much afterwards. I wasn’t allowed to do any strenuous work or lifting – pretty much rest on the sofa. So I took out my knitting needles and knit up this three-piece summer outfit for 18 inch dolls – a dress with a matching beret and triangle shawl. I love to knit doll clothes – it’s fun, fast and a good way to use up all the yarn I have. Too bad that my daughter is too old to play with dolls!!



Woolly Momo from WoollyMomo says:

This little hat is new in my shop and I’ve included it here because I absolutely loved knitting it.

I originally made one for a friend as she was looking for something to wear whilst n a snowboarding holiday and hadn’t found anything like it, so I jotted down a pattern and made her one instead!

I chose a really lovely, soft and fluffy wool that was a real joy to work with (so much so that I went back to my local wool shop and bought 6 more balls of it!), but it’s also machine washable.

She absolutely loved it and snapped so many photos of herself wearing it on the snowy slopes of the French Alps! Lots of people there and back in the London asked where she got it and wanted one too, so I made some more for them after they ordered some (using up all of my 6 newly purchased balls of this wool!) and this last one I thought I’d put in my shop and let someone else buy and enjoy too.

It’s lovely to look at and even nicer to wear and I like to think it binds up friends together and keeps us warm whether just out and about in our neighborhoods on a chilly day or on top of a huge snowy mountain!



Cathy Hahn from CathysCraftWorld says:

My 85-year-old mom has been staying with me for a year now. She has moderate dementia and I am her sole caregiver. I have very little time to create anymore or concentrate on my shop but I try. I really try to do my best to everyone and everything in my life (including my two kittens)!

These rings came to life when my mom left most of her jewelry in Florida with her cousin. She likes her jewelry very plain and simple. I wanted her to wear something feminine and colorful. I looked into the making of polymer clay flowers as I thought they were simply gorgeous!

I was determined to give my mom some color!
I made this set of two, the larger for me, the smaller for her (I knew I could only push my luck so far)!

She loves her ring

I’ve made duplicate designs and sets since that my mum and I share so we both decided that, this , should be the first piece I sell as they were the first colors we loved and shared.



Marjorie Scenna from mscenna says:

April showers bring May flowers! This button pendant features a flower in the center with a swirly design that makes me think of spring or gardens. I love to work with buttons and when I saw these vintage look buttons, I was inspired to put them into a necklace. The brown and white combination is great for spring or summer!



 HealingHorse SouthernLight from FourDirectionsLight says:

People ask me to make a special item for a special need they have. I am a Herbalist. I feel a way I can serve and help others is through finding just the right synergy formula for the individual’s life and body. This is a lavender sugar scrub. It is a combination of different sugars as well as jojoba and other carrier oils. It contains a wonderful lavender based synergy formula. I know this products helps my sensitive skin as well as my inner core being. It helps others, as well.

When one has autism, Alzheimer’s Disease, mental health disease or dysfunction in their family, most of the time, a little herbal synergy goes a long way as a coping mechanism for these issues.

Blessings to all!



March – New Arrivals

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Join the Christmas In July team as we celebrate March – New Arrivals.

Valerie Brown from FirepanJewellery says:

I love color, so the Pantone list is right up my alley! I had an opportunity to turn the kiln on and now have new enameled earrings inspired by the 2016 colors! This is a fun pair I made by combining two colors of enamel, resulting in “Rose quartz + Serenity” earrings. This is a fun and easy way to bring the new color trends into your wardrobe!



VeeVee from VeeVeesCreations says:

These flowers are a personal favorite. I created this flower to represent spring and Easter. I used high quality lavender and sea-foam green jump rings to create the flower.

When I finished this flower, I knew that it would be a perfect gift for my own mother. She has always loved spring and lavender is one of her favorite colors. When my nieces saw this necklace, they all wanted one. It is a necklace that can be loved by woman of all ages.



Nancy Duncan from EponasCrystals says:

I seem to be fascinated with pink at the moment. Although I don’t wear much pink myself, I find my self drawn to it. I made this bracelet with rose-pink nylon cord and pink pearls and Swarovski crystals. Very feminine and dainty.



Marjorie Scenna from mscenna says:

This colorful flower ornament and sun catcher features bright and fun colors like you might find in a spring garden or rainbow!

I began this ornament with the fun flower, a recycled clip-on earring. Looking at the colors, I quickly saw a rainbow of colors which made me think of spring flowers and rainbows, of course. The strand of colorful beads are a recycled and vintage mix with fun shapes and textures.

This would be a colorful accent for a window but wouldn’t it be a great accent in a garden too?



Corkycrafts from Corkycrafts says:

I keep this creation in my shop during wedding season, it’s a great alternative for floral and small enough the flower girl can walk down the aisle with. I made these for mistletoe at Christmas time and now presenting for wedding season.



Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says:

New for March : this set of nesting bowls are handmade from clay using the pinching method giving them a beautiful textured rustic appearance. They are ideal for condiments, trinkets and candles – so versatile!



Annie from DesignedbyAnneliese says:

I made these lovely metallic envelopes with wedding season in mind! I love the colours and patterns on them. Apart from weddings, they can also be used for gift cards, money envelopes, snail mail, planner pockets…



Debbie Gilbert from License2Craft says:

Having a full shop and selection of hot/cold therapy wraps & packs for all parts of the body, I realized and had several inquires about children’s packs. How did I miss this?

So, starting this month I have begun to start carrying packs with children especially in mind. It goes without saying that with children there will be bumps, bruises, skinned knees & elbows, fever, tummy aches and plan old “growing pains!” These Boo-Boo packs are all designed with fun, recognizable fabric patterns and sized just right for their tiny hands. They will want to use them…because they are just “so darned cute!” Making them a perfect gift for a new mom or to have on hand when the grand kids come to visit. These packs would also make a perfect children’s party favor.

Be prepared by keeping one in the freezer, and one on hand to pop in the microwave on a moments notice. You will be “the hero” with these packs for all their “Ouchies!”