Happy Christmas In July 2015 To All, And To All a Good Night!

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

I heard him exclaim as he drove out of sight, Happy Christmas In July 2015 to all and to all a good night.

Thank you to all the Etsy shop owners who participated this year.

The Christmas In July team leaders spent the past year working hard behind the scenes for the Christmas In July 2015 event!

I would like to take a moment to thank the CIJ leaders! Please take a moment to check out their shops!

Alicia from AliciasFindings

Amy from BeadsandThreadsbyAmy

Angie from CraftyMom75

Ashley from FrenchSoulKnittery

Barbara from MermaidsHatbox

Betty from LadySnooks

Candy from TrueEarthDesigns

Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns

Elizabeth from CottageCraftsOnline

Jennifer from CaffeinatedPapercuts

Kristy Jo from KrystalKlarityBeads

Lia from Ghirlandiamo

Lin from rhodyart

Megha from byTheArtBug

Nancy from EponasCrystals

Patricia and Rebecca from northandsouthshabby

Sandra from Ankletknits

Tracy from LittleShopOfColor

The blog contributors wrote great blog articles during CIJ!

We had many fun opportunities for you to be involved!

Thank you for joining us on Friday July 10th for the #CIJParty!


Please continue to use the hashtag #EtsyCIJ on social media!

We are ready with social media for a fantastic holiday 2015 season!




Happy Christmas In July to all, and to all a good night!

Home For All The Holidays

Contributor post by Amy of BeadsAndThreadsbyAmy

Any holiday is the best excuse to gather the family and show how much we care.  Independence Day was always a big celebration in my mother’s family.  Generations have served in the Army, Air Force, and Marines, and it was always important to our family that their service be honored through our celebrations.  Our entire extended family would gather in a little town called Louviers, CO.  A large BBQ and back yard games would ensue.  What makes Holidays special for our CIJ families?  Read on.  Feel free to share your holiday memories in the comments section.  If you see something you like, just click on the pictures to shop our Etsy CIJ team!

1) Ina from InaSudjana says

For us it will be the Chinese New Year (CNY).
It is a big thing in our family, very much like Christmas to many Western countries except that it usually falls on either end of January or beginning of February. Every year has a different date according to the Chinese calendar.
We’re from Indonesia, but my family root is Chinese and my parents are ‘big’ on Chinese New Year.

It is the time to gather together as a big family and enjoying the CNY dinner.

Food is usually in abundance around this time, especially sweet treats like Pineapple tarts. Sweet treats symbolise sweet beginning to a new year.

The CNY dinner menu usually includes fish, tofu, noodle. They symbolise good fortune and long life. We usually wear anything red and the children will usually get red pockets from their parents and grandparents.

This red dolly felt hairclip organiser in my shop is inspired by the CNY:

Adorable felt hair clip from InaSudjana.

Adorable felt hair clip from InaSudjana.

2) Noel from MinkCouture says

I have a Christmas birthday and my parents would always get me a Christmas ornament and put it on my cake with my candles. Sometimes it was cats (I went through a cat phase), other times it was space capsules and moon landers. It morphed into a car for my 16th, a ballet shoe for a big recital…..

I still get an ornament each year, something to symbolize an event that happened.

This inspired most of my ornaments, but definitely this set of “his and hers” first Christmas stockings. Miniature stockings are hand cut from a up cycled felted sweater and sweet vintage pearly, white buttons are seen on the edge.

Lovely Christmas Stockings  from MinkCouture.

Lovely Christmas Stockings from MinkCouture.

3) Olga Creativ from Creativhook says

My favorite holiday is the day of birth. On this day, it’s nice to get the gifts. The best gift for a girl is a doll.

Great gift idea for little ones from Creativhook

Great gift idea for little ones from Creativhook

4) Lia Russo from Ghirlandiamo says

One of my preferred holidays is Mother’s Day.

My sons really love me and usually show me their love in different ways, but It’s so sweet having a particular attention on that day!

This year they were both away but they called me on the phone and on skype too.

When they want to be particularly tender with me, they don’t call me “mom” but “mamy” and I’m…..touched!

I created this decor just thinking it as a perfect gift not only on Mother’s Day, but to show every day love and thankfulness to every mom in any moment of the year.

Lovely heart wreath from Ghirlandiamo

Lovely heart wreath from Ghirlandiamo

5) Claire DeRosa from ToBeMeJewelry says

My favorite holiday is Christmas when family from far away come home to celebrate. Let’s face it, during the month of December we run around completing our energy. To replenish my energy after Christmas, what do I do? Go down to the beach to find sea glass. Although, finding sea glass is now hard to find at the Jersey shore, it’s not impossible. The best part during this “after Christmas” visit to the beach is to see all the Christmas trees along the beach. Bradley Beach, NJ uses the trees to recycle and build up the dunes. It’s so cool, to imagine all the memories these trees provided to families. It’s a cold little visit but so worth it. My energy is renewed and maybe a few pieces of sea glass in my pocket!

Stunning sea-glass bracelet from ToBeMeJewelry

Stunning sea-glass bracelet from ToBeMeJewelry

6) Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says

Within my family we celebrate Christmas the most – usually everyone has time off work so everyone can get together.

My store has lots of handmade ceramic tablewares which are ideal for making a celebration special – what better than to share food presented in a unique piece of tableware made with love.

Beautiful Bowl from DeeDeeDeesigns

Beautiful Bowl from DeeDeeDeesigns

7) Martha from HolidayCreations4U says

The Christmas Tree Skirt is a big tradition in my family. I use the one my Grandmother made for me soon after I got married. I put it under our tree every year. My mother uses the one her mother made her soon after she married. My sisters also put out the tree skirts that were hand made for them by our Grandmother. It is a special time when I pull out that skirt and remember my Grandmother.
I thought it was a wonderful tradition to get started in any family. I hope that my customers are picking out a special handmade tree skirt from my shop and use it year after year.
Here is a sample of my home made felt tree skirts.

Stunning tree skirt from HolidayCreations4U

Stunning tree skirt from HolidayCreations4U

8)  Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio says

Mother’s Day is near and dear to my heart. Of course, because I’m a mother and I can feel the love my daughters have for me. And to me it’s a day to celebrate being a mother myself and what a great gift my children are. And lately though it’s bitter sweet since I am often so far away from my own mother that I can’t visit her on this day. And with her declining health and advancing age, I count each new Mother’s Day she celebrates as a gift. I was able to see her a year ago and captured her prize-winning roses in photo. I’ve turned some of them into greeting cards and overtime I look at them and relive so many sunny Mother’s Days I spend with my own mom.

Stunning greeting card from StockLaneStudio

Classic greeting card from StockLaneStudio

9) Kristy Jo from KrystalKlarityBeads says

In our family while I was growing up almost any holiday turned into a big deal with large family get togethers and tons of great foods, fun, games and laughter. Our family is much smaller now, but the part that always means something to me no matter what is just – family. That bond that is there regardless of the holiday you are celebrating. I was so afriad I would not be here to celebrate more holidays with family when I was diagnosed with lung cancer at 44 years old. I lost my father to this disease, – it has been many years, but I thought much on the fact that those holidays, birthdays, Easter or any holiday – many families do not have very much laughter or are feeling lost, hopeless, lonely, or grieving. I wanted to provide a message of hope, and messages of inspiration – as a survivor I feel a need to pass that on. I also know that sometimes just having something to remember and honor those who lost this fight can be a special thing, and a healing thing. So I make things and hope that they bring a bit of happiness and hope – and healing. I want awareness to spread.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Miniature Handmade Hope Tree from KrystalKlarityBeads.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Miniature Handmade Hope Tree from KrystalKlarityBeads.

10)  Donna Zuk from SassyScrapsCrafts says

My holiday tradition is making handmade ornaments every year, whether its from paper, felt, tree limbs, or fabric. There is nothing you can’t use to make special memorable ornaments from. I would rather have handmade then store bought ornaments anyday because they are truely unique and special.
Charming Old World Santa Tags from SassyScrapsCrafts

Charming Old World Santa Tags from SassyScrapsCrafts

A parting thought…

We’re thinking of you this special holiday,
Sending our wishes for joy and happiness,
Hoping all good things will come your way:
Satisfaction, comfort, peace, success!
By Joanna Fuchs

#CIJParty 2015 – Thank You For Coming To The Christmas In July Party

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Good night everyone! Thank you for joining us today for the #CIJParty here on the CIJ blog! It was a really fun day in the sun!CIJFacebookAviGood

Here is a brief recap of the days activities!


We had new classes posted all day for your crafting and learning convenience and excitement! Here’s the schedule – all times in Eastern Standard Time:

5:00 am – Christmas In Soviet Latvia by Pauls and Daiga of ThreadandPaintStudio

5:30 am – Tutorial: Plastic Bottle Cuff Bracelet by Dawn of DeeDeeDeesigns

6:00 am – Leather Bags and Accessories Designer Rina by Rina of RinartsAtelier

6:30 am – Summer Trends  by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

7:00 am – Christmas In July Team Member Blogs by Alicia of AliciasFindings

7:30 am – Collage Artist Lin by Lin of rhodyart

8:00 am – Tutorial: Shaun The Sheep by Megha of byTheArtBug

8:30 am – Jewelry Artist Betty by Betty of LadySnooks

9:00 am – Scuba Blue Pantone Fashion Color For Spring 2015 by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

9:30 am – 4 Amazing Free Publicity Opportunities For Your Business by Gail of Atttention Getting

10:00 am – Tutorial: Motif Blanket by Becky of fantasticmio

10:30 am – Christ kindle Markt:  Christmas Markets the German Way by Mary of StockLaneStudio

11:00 am – Marsala by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

11:30 am – Social Media Tips by Alicia of AliciasFindings

12:00 pm – Tutorial: Shabby Mermaid Bust by Patricia and Rebecca of northandsouthshabby

12:30 pm – Vintage Decorations Continue Christmas Traditions by Molly of MollyFinds

1:00 pm – Designer Wendy by Wendy of WJDesigns

1:30 pm – Heartfelt Christmas Memories On Etsy by Kristy Jo of KrystalKlarityBeads

2:00 pm – Five Minute Fireworks by Christina of lebeauchaton

2:30 pm – Creator And Designer Becky by Becky of LollysCubbyHole

3:00 – Tutorial: Turn Old Crayons Into New Fun by Angie of CraftyMom75

3:30 – Photographer Amanada by Amanda of AlphabetArtPrints


Swag Bags

Let’s face it, besides the food and the friends, the best part of the party is the goodie bag! We’ve pulled together a fun download bundle of projects and printables as a ‘thank you’ for stopping by today.

Thank you Jen from CaffeinatedPapercuts for providing our swag bags today! Jen is a member of the CIJ leadership team, writes for our blog, and is a swag bag expert!

Click here for your Swag Bag!

Tell Your Friends

The official hashtag for this year’s party is #CIJParty and if you’re partying with us today, we’d love to see! Be sure to use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. Are you new to social media? Don’t be shy! We look forward to getting to know you! Being at a party is all about interacting and developing relationships!

Go Shopping

Many of our Christmas in July members are partying along with us by offering some sweet sales. Think of this as our version of hitting the snack bar!

When you use the Etsy search bar simply put in Christmasinjuly (23,329 items) or CIJ (71,803 items). So many fantastic deals from fantastic shops during #EtsyCIJ 2015.

We are excited to share unique items directly from creative people around the world!

Popular Items For Christmas In July

Many shops are using the universal coupon code – EtsyCIJ15 – so please watch for coupons before you check out.

Other shops have already reduced their prices and their items are as marked.

Now, I’m jumping into the pool!



#CIJParty 2015 – Photographer Amanda

Guest blog post by Amanda of AlphabetArtPrints

When I first started making alphabet art, I was simply looking for a way to keep up with my photography while business was slow. It was winter, and my body tends to hate being in weather under 40 degrees, so I stood in my kitchen and pondered on what I could photograph that would be interesting. Now, if you know my kitchen, you know that it holds at max, one adult person. You throw in anything else, including a dslr and speedlite, and things get a little tight. But I grabbed a few things and away I went snapping photos. Within a few hours, I created my first draft of an alphabet, and I was in love.



Since my first go-round with an alphabet art, I’ve created almost a dozen alphabets in several themes. I continue to create new themes as they’re suggested to me…or as my little brain lights up with a new idea. Once that light bulb turns on, the only way to turn it off is to get those 26 shot and edited. Sometimes, I get a little frantic trying to pull together materials in a short period of time to get it all done. But my family bears with me, and my 3-year-old even tags along with her little camera, rearranging materials going, “Mommy, look! I made an O with this!”

I’d like to take you “backstage” on how one of these little creations come together. Let me show you my newest alphabet: HolyJollyABCS.



I wanted to create something colorful, something festive, something that OOZES of red and green jollies. So I grabbed my 3 month old and we braved the shelves in our 2 story shed to find our boxes of Christmas stuff. And because I think you need a visual, this is me and my 3 month old, Eleanor, strapped to me. This is pretty much the only way I can get anything done around here (peacefully). So yes, I photograph many things while baby-wearing. My back hates me for it, but she sure loves it.



Anyway, it’s important to have all your materials together in a photo shoot. For this project, my loot consisted of 2 large bins of Christmas stuff. One filled with ornaments and one filled with Christmas decor. And yes, that includes that lazy elf that ends up sitting in the same spot for 31 days in December. Yes, she does make an appearance in the HollyJollyABCs. I challenge you to take a look at the full alphabet later to see if you can spot her.



I also have about a dozen red and green squares cut from card stock. These serve as backgrounds for a festive alphabet. It also happens to be my favorite way of getting an all-color alphabet. To make things easy, I put all my card stock down in our big bay window. Want to know a great photography tip? Natural sunlight is best when it’s filtered a little bit, so this bay window is a perfect spot in the morning before the sun is beaming down through it. There’s just enough shade to keep it from being too harsh. Another tip: It doesn’t hurt to have a little extra light to keep shadows from forming. In my case, I bounced my speedlite off of the ceiling. I didn’t do it for ALL the photos, but it really helped in the ones that I felt needed it.



Now, the fun part is always going through supplies and taking a good look at them. Sometimes, I can pick up an item I’ve seen a million times before and find a way to look at it through a new perspective. For example, there’s this rocking horse ornament I’ve had for years. My grandmother gave it to me when I was a kid. It’s been on my Christmas tree for years. For this project, I needed to see it not as a rocking horse, but as shapes that could form a letter. That’s sort of the question I ask myself whenever I sit down with an alphabet project: What shapes does this object have? And will these shapes look like a letter in a photograph? I picked up this ornament and found that the underside of the horse has two long parallel lines and one in the middle connecting them. Ta-da…an H!





And here’s something fun: a miniature Christmas tree. I bought this little guy last year for my daughter to use as her tree. Using my “ABC eyes,” I found that the branches can bend into all kinds of shapes. Leave one up, Bend most down, and a couple catty cornered: There’s a K. Circle the topmost branch around: And a G.







While I like to let objects sit as natural as possible, sometimes they need a little coaxing to actually read as a letter. In the middle of my Christmas stash, I found a craft project my 3-year-old never finished last Christmas. Truth be told, I couldn’t figure it out. Inside the zip lock bag, there was Christmas ribbon and a few bells. This kind of Hodge Podge is the perfect way to create letters when I’m just brain-dead looking at everything else. For example, I found a beautiful Angel ornament that had glass lines I tried to create an E with. After placement and editing, it still looked…weird…and I had to scrap it. There’s no point in using something if no one is able to read a letter. So instead, I cut up some of the ribbon and “drew” myself an E. Innovative? Not really. But it is resourceful and gets the job done. The bells and the strings attached to them got me a B and an N when “drawn” into the right shapes.









And then there’s this beauty. Growing up, we always had an Angel on the top of our tree in lieu of a star. Somehow, I ended up with two angels in my box ‘o Christmas, and this is one of them. At first glance, you see her as a whole: a beautiful angel tree topper. But an alphabet project like this calls to look at the details as separate pieces that can be manipulated. Take a look. -Really- look at what she has to offer: She has two different strands of beads (Take a look at my “U” and “Y”) and she has a long golden wired ribbon. (Hello “M”!) This angel provided 3 individual letters just by what she’s holding! I really wanted to do something with those wings…all fury and such… but I think that’ll have to be for a different project. They weren’t working out for me this time.









So there you have it: A little peek into how my alphabet arts are created with everyday items. It takes a little space, some good lighting, and some imagination in “reading” items, but it’s always a fun adventure in these little projects. The best part about it? The end result is so fun to share, and I can use it to personalize ANY print for ANY person. I can’t wait to hear from YOU to create a one of a kind print you would love to decorate your home with this holiday season!



My social media sites:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AmandaJaegerRichmondPhotography?pnref=lhc

Twitter: https://twitter.com/AJaegerPhotos

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#CIJParty 2015 – Tutorial: Turn Your Old Crayons Into New Fun

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

“Turn Your Old Crayons Into New Fun” by Angie from CraftyMom75


This tutorial is super easy and quick, you can even do it with toddlers and Preschoolers!  We love to use these special upcycled/recycled crayons for class Christmas gifts, Valentine’s Day cards, Halloween treats, and end of year presents!  And the materials are probably already somewhere in your house!

The best crayons to use are the ones that have been colored with, broken, and are no longer usable to your kiddos!

The smaller and more broken up they are, the less work you have to do!CraftyMom751_tutorial

Materials Used

You will need:
1.  Crayons, preferably Crayola, cheaper brands do not melt as well, and smoke and stink while melting.
2.  A chocolate/food crafting mold in your desired shape.  I buy lots of these after the holiday at craft stores, or online.  Be careful that you choose quality molds, the cute ones in the Dollar spot at Target just melt in the oven.
3.  An old metal cookie sheet, the thickest you find.  Check out Goodwill or Garage sales, because this will no longer be usable for food when you are done. CraftyMom752_tutorial

Tutorial Directions

First, gather your supplies and preheat your over to 500 degrees F.

Next, peel all of the crayons you will need.  How many you will need will depend on the shape and size of your mold.  I usually like to start with around 10.  If they are broken and the paper torn off, all the better, as you will have less prep work to do.

A tip is you are using new crayons, get the paper a bit wet and it comes off easier.CraftyMom753_tutorial

Second, decide if you want to have a color theme.  Some people like to do lots of random colors on each crayon, others are more orderly, and want shades of the same color.  It is totally up to you and whoever is helping you.  Then, start breaking the crayons into pieces that fit the mold until the molds are full.  It is totally ok if they stick up out of the molds a bit, they will melt down into the mold.  Also, if they overflow a bit, that is what the old cookie sheet is for.  As you can see, you do not need to be professional or precise, the melting will help you out.CraftyMom754_tutorial

Third, put your mold onto the cookie sheet in the 500 degree oven.

Set a timer for 4 minutes and check every 15 seconds after that.

When each mold is liquid (and sometimes smoking), it is done.  Each batch varies due to the amount and size pieces of crayons used.

Remember when you take these out, they are 500 degree wax, no little ones and be careful!!CraftyMom755_tutorial

Finally, let these dry overnight or about 12 hours so they are hardened.  Then, carefully remove the crayons from the molds.  The best way to keep them from breaking that I have found is to pull the mold away from the crayon until it comes loose on all sides, then tip the crayon out. CraftyMom751_tutorial


These crayons are so fun, and a great craft with little ones.  There are so many great molds available, but remember that once you use your mold for crayons, they are no longer suitable for food, so choose wisely!

If you are interested in the Lego Minifigure mold, I bought mine from Lego, but they have discontinued them.  The molds are available on Etsy from several buyers, as low as $8.50.


I hope you enjoy this project and please share your creations with me!  Tag me on Instagram @angieshandmade
or Facebook @angieshandmadegiftsandaprons

If you would like to follow me for other great ideas for family fun, kids stuff, and ways for vendors to have successful craft fairs, you can find me below!


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#CIJParty 2015 – Creator And Designer Becky

Guest blog post by Becky of LollysCubbyHole

I was born in Huntington, West Virgina in 1951.  I think that officially makes me old, but I am fighting against that for now!



I loved Christmas always. I grew up in my grandparents home, and Christmas meant lots of good smells from the kitchen, prickly pine trees that we picked out at the Christmas Tree Stand next to the local Dairy Queen and a good holiday argument always!



Mostly the arguments seemed to come from standing the tree in just the right corner of our tiny living room and putting the lights on. I think of that now, as we easily put up a lighted tree, right out of the box!  The slinky silver “icicles” blew around every time the door opened and landed on the sofa and I would get the job of collecting them and placing them ever so gingerly back on the tree!



I come from a family of crafters, sewers and artistic people so I have dabbling in paints, glue and fabric forever it seems. We always had some sort of project and the holidays were no exception.

One of my delicious memories was getting to snip the sugared gumdrops with an old black-handled pair of scissors for the “Pork Cake” otherwise known to most people as “Fruitcake”. I don’t remember it being the dreaded Fruitcake of the Chevy Chase standards, it was moist, with gooey fruit inside and nice crunch on the top. The secret was a piece of pork fat that was used in place of lard, butter or Crisco. My Grandmother made it every year for as long as she was able to cook.  I would love to have a piece of it today!



Another tradition was the Turkey with Oyster Stuffing INSIDE the turkey…YIKES!  Some folks really frown at that process today, but oh, was it delicious! The extra stuffing that would not fit into the the 24 lb. ( or more ) Turkey were shaped into patties and placed around the Turkey in the pan…they were crispy and soaked in the juice of the baked Turkey…my choice of the entire meal.

And who could forget making Snow Ice Cream during the winter…even if it was late at night, when the snow would fall, ever so silently for hours, we were allowed to run outside, sometimes in our pajamas, to scoop up a metal bowl full of clean snow. ( no yellow snow, please!)  Add to that some sugar, vanilla and a little milk and it was the most delightful treat ever!



For your own Christmas, maybe you would like to try the Oyster Stuffing!

GRANNY’S OYSTER STUFFING ( as written by me in 1971 over the telephone w/Granny)

Approx. 2 loaves of white bread, cubed & toasted
1/2 stick of butter ( melted )
1/3 C chopped celery
1/4 C chopped onion
1 tsp of salt
dash black pepper
1 can of oysters
1 C of milk
“Crumble” 1 tsp of dried sage

Wash inside & out of Turkey
Turn upside to drain
salt & pepper the inside of Turkey

Cube & Toast your bread under the oven broiler and set aside to cool
Place in a large bowl
Pour the milk over the bread cubes, add your melted butter, celery, onion, salt, pepper and oysters.  Mix well with your hands.

Stuff the cavities with your stuffing mix.

Place the turkey legs back in place and secure with baker’s twine. ( today they have clips)
If you have extra stuffing, make patties and place around the Turkey in the baking pan.

Wrap the whole Turkey & pan with aluminum foil uncovering to brown for the last 20 minutes.

BAKE 20 min. per lb. in a 325 oven or until turkey leg juice runs clear when pierced with a fork.

Allow to stand for 15-20 minutes before carving!

If I breathe in deeply I am certain I can smell that Turkey baking now!

No need to wait for December, Happy CHRISTMAS IN JULY 2015!



My social media sites:

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/beckybsb

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lollyscubbyhole

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LollysCubby

Instagram: https://instagram.com/lollyscubbyhole

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#CIJParty 2015 – Tutorial: Five Minute Fireworks

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

“Tutorial for Five Minute Fireworks” by Christina Paul from lebeauchaton


They say fireworks were invented over two thousand years ago and it seems we’ve been fascinated with them ever since. This year while most of us will trek, blanket and snacks in hand to the nearest public fireworks display to ooh and ahh, why not also add some spark to your own backyard with some scaled down, super simple, and far less dangerous, glow stick decor.


Materials Used

You’ll need

small pieces of foam used for flower arranging (Dollar store has the best buy on these)

black spray paint

assorted color and sized glow sticks (I got a few packs)

sparkly ribbon, tinsel or clear fishing line


Tutorial Directions

I first sprayed the foam lightly with black paint – sometimes this causes certain types of foam to shrivel a bit so test a small area first and let dry

Poke hole through center of foam (I used a chopstick for easy threading) and run tinsel ribbon or line through, securing with a knot

Insert glow sticks firmly placing evenly around foam for balance.


For maximum glow time, start and insert glow sticks shortly before displaying and then simply hang outside when the sun goes down.


Display with mini flags if desired


For an indoor/outdoor version give a lantern some faux firework flare with a festive  balloon weight adorned with glow sticks set on a craft moss ground for an outdoorsy feel



Hoping everyone had a Wonderful Fourth! And a Merry Christmas in July!


You can find more at:

Blog: http://pennywiseblog.blogspot.com/

Pennywise – fun, frivolous and frugal celebrations

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