Tutorial: How To Make A Cactus Pincushion

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

“Tutorial: How To Make A Cactus Pincushion” by Megha of byTheArtBugc


Make a fun Cactus Pincushion with this easy step by step tutorial.

Materials Used

Felt – For Cactus, Flower, Base (green for cactus and any color you like for the flower)

Floral Scrap Cloth and Ric-rac or lace

Paper Coffee Cup

Cardboard Paper




Synthetic Cotton Filling

Sewing Needle & Thread

Tutorial Directions

Cut the coffee cup to make a mini pot, I left just about an inch, fill in with some pebbles to give some weight.c1

Add glue and cover with a cardboard paper.c2

Cover the base with floral cloth and ric-rac. Use felt to cover the top.c3

Cut 8 shapes like below from green felt.c3

Sew the curved edge using a blanket stitch.c5

Use  6 pieces to make 3 sides, join the sides on the inside nicely.c6

Now for the fourth side first attach and sew the insides and at last do the outside blanket stitch.c7

Fill in with the cotton, stuff nice and tight.

To cover the base sew a square piece.c8

Cut the following pieces to make the flower. c9

Put the smallest piece, then the orange piece and then the petals, gather it together and sew, attach the flower to the top side. Glue the cactus to the base.c10


I also added one additional detail, that is the pebbles which I made by rolling the left over felt pieces from the flower petals and glued them to the base.c11

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Tutorial: How To Make A Ring From Scratch

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

“Tutorial: How To Make A Ring From Scratch” by Susan of SusanDeBayJewelry




I try to make my jewelry pieces to inspire the artist in all of us. Christmas is my busiest time of year and I love seeing the faces of the people who pick up their custom made pieces to give out as gifts. It blesses me to be a part of their Christmas giving experience.

You will see the whole process of how a ring is made from scratch using metal smith skills!

Here I am making a sterling silver ring with a star shaped Larimar stone. You have to cut the silver, hammer the silver, solder the silver and finally polish the silver! Oh and do not forget the patina! Enjoy watching the video!

Materials Used

Sterling Silver
Star shaped Larimar stone
Sterling silver bezel
Silver Solder

Tutorial Directions

How To Make A Ring From Scratch

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Tutorial: How To Make A Girl’s Summer Head Kerchief

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

“Tutorial: How To Make A  Summer Girl’s Head Kerchief” by Tetiana from DiMaryboutique





Maternity is the biggest happiness in the world. All values are changed in the mind after baby is born. I had opened the new talents as my own after my daughter Mariya come to this world. Her appearing in my life had strong influence for my brain,I become to draw the sketches of baby dresses and hats in my imagination and became to handmade (sew and crochet ) – to make my creations real.

Handmade is made with love special for somebody.
My handmade and creation for my Mariya is one way to express my huge love to my child.

Summer girl kerchief for my daughter is created special for Christmas and July group.
One very nice crochet hat had been lost by my daughter when she were playing in the yard and I did not think for a long time what tutorial to create. I decided to made summer head kerchief for toddler girl, cloth one with crocheted edge.
I will be very glad if my tutorial become useful for other moms!
When I am out home, my next door neighbors or even strangers in the street ask me where have I bought such nice toddler head kerchief.




Materials Used

  1.  Piece of cloth
  2. Thread and Crochet
  3. Rubber
  4. Sewing Machine
  5. Ruler
  6. Pencil(or chalk)


Tutorial Directions

Measure baby’s head

Draw a triangle length=40 cm/16 inch Height = 30 cm/12 inch. Ad 1 cm in every edge for sewing (stitching). And cut with scissors.


Draw small rectangle 10*5 cm/ 4*2 inch, cut piece of rubber of length 4 cm/1.5 inch

Tuck and sew edges of triangle


Stitch the lace to the triangle

Sew rectangle and twist it, pull a piece of rubber inside and stitch this detail with the triangle.






Collage Art Creation

Guest post by Carmen from CarmensArt

Carmen Beecher Creates Collage Art 

I am primarily an oil painter, but I also enjoy doing collage. Collage art is much harder than using paint. You have to give the observer enough information to make out what the subject is, and if it’s a portrait it is really a big challenge. I use good-quality magazines, and when I start I spend a very long time finding pieces to tear out that I may possibly use. I put them in piles according to color; if I am doing a black and white collage, which is easier than color, I put them in piles according to value. I always start with order and good intentions, but before it’s over I have paper everywhere and it all gets mixed up. I get too excited as I find various pieces and before I know it it’s a messy pile.
I draw my sketch on the canvas, then I draw over it with a Sharpie. I put down the biggest shapes first, usually the background, using Liquitex Matte Medium and my fingers. I don’t use a brush, I find it just gets in the way and my fingers are going to be a mess anyway. I put medium on both the canvas and the back of the piece of paper, put it in place, smooth it down, and then put more medium on top of it. If it looks wrinkly it adds character, so I don’t worry about that. After the whole thing is done and dry, I varnish with Golden Varnish with UV protection. At this point the collage is virtually indestructible.
I should add that if you are very obsessive, neat, and orderly, you probably won’t like this medium!
I use the Gojo Barrier Lotion on my hands before I begin. It helps a little for getting the medium off my hands later. Nothing really keeps it all off. I wash my hands with Dawn and a scrubber. The Liquitex Matte Medium is for gluing the paper down, and I pour it in a shallow container; the Golden UV Varnish is the final step, a protective varnish.
I choose my papers carefully. Some papers are just too thin and transparent. Vogue and W are good magazines to use. Some people do a completely different kind of collage and use tissue paper or art papers with lots of fiber in them, but that wouldn’t do for my kind of collage.
You must be willing to get messy. Be patient, it can be a long process. Much more time is spent looking for the right piece of paper than applying it. Don’t forget to step way back and look at it to see if the colors and values are actually forming a picture. Start with a black and white collage. It’s easier.
And, as my teacher stressed: don’t use the thing for the thing. In other words, if you are making lips, don’t cut out a picture of lips and use it. It can look quite creepy and ruin the whole thing.
To be a collage artist, you must be patient, a hard worker, and willing to get very messy.
Carmen Beecher

Tutorial: Sitting On The Edge Santa Claus – #CIJParty 2016

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

“Tutorial: How To Make Sitting On The Edge Santa Claus” by Barbara of MermaidsHatbox


What is your Christmas Inspiration?

Santa Claus is my inspiration!


Sitting on the Edge Santa Claus

This is a sitting on the edge Santa Claus. It is very simple to sew. The size of my pattern is variable, so you can sew it smaller or bigger.

You can make him with felt or paper and instead of sewing , you can glue the pieces with your kids.
On one side of the coat you can sew a little pocket, for a money present . You can give him legs. Or what you want.

It’s a nice Christmas decoration.

Materials Used

Red Cotton 30 x 40 cm
White Cotton (little piece)
Rough white Cotton for the beard
2 Buttons for the Eyes or something other
Maybe a little pompon or bell for the hat
Filling material

Tutorial Directions

The Pattern:

You need two Triangles, both have the same size.

Please work two Triangles by the instructions you see on the pictures. Transfer it on a cardboard.

One of them is for the 3 triangles for the solid sides of the Santa.

Before you cut it out, draw a seam allowance of 0,5cm to the triangle.

The second triangle:

Cut out the different pieces. The coat and the beard have the same sizes. This pieces need  +seam allowance!



The Work:

Cut out:

– Red Fabric: The big triangle 3 pieces for the sides and the bottom

Think of the seam allowance!!!

– Red Fabric: The pattern for the hat, and 2 x for the coat

– Rough fabric: the beard

– White fabric: the eyepieceA5


Sew the coat and the beard together

Sew the hat and the eyepiece together

Sew the top and the lower part together

Now the front side is ready!

Sew the red triangles on the sides of the front and close it on the back to a pyramid.

The last solid triangle is for the bottom. You can fix it with pins and sew.

Let a part of 3 cm open!

Pull it on the right side and fill it with your filling material

Close the open seam- sew by hand

Now you can glue eyes or stitch it, or sew little buttons.

On the hat you can fix a pompom or bell.






Pocket: –  Cut out a 4 x 6 cm piece of fabric
– Iron the seam allowance on on small side ca 0,5cm
– Iron the seam allowance on the  both length sides ca 0,5cm
– Sew the both length sides on the front of the Santa

Legs:   – you can take cord or other materials like felt or a rope ca 2x  15 cm
-Beads for the feet
– sew the feet on the base side of the front, sew the base triangle like the description  aboveA11


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Tutorial: Mini Gift Ornaments – #CIJParty 2016

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

“Tutorial: How To Make Mini Gift Ornaments” by Megha of byTheArtBug


What is your Christmas Inspiration?

Everyone loves cute tree ornaments and they become more special if they are handmade! I was inspired to make something for my tree this year that was cute and traditional, so decided to do these “Mini Gift Ornaments” with some recycled boxes.


Make these cute mini Gift Ornaments in a few simple steps with toothpaste boxes!!
Cover with any type of Paper you like…glittery, shiny or minimal!

Materials Used

Toothpaste Boxes OR you can use any of those Cosmetic boxes!
Gift Wrap

Tutorial Directions

Take your toothpaste box,O3

Cut it into desired size/no.of pieces,O4

Cover the open side of Top and Bottom piece with tape, don’t worry no one will know as we will wrap it up!O5

For the middle parts cover both open sides with tape,O6

Cover them as you wold wrap the normal gifts, tape and tie with ribbon /twine,O7

Attach a loop/hook to hang the ornament,O8

Make as many as you like!O9




That’s it, Happy Decorating!O12

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Tutorial: Photo Block Puzzle – #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty 2016

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

“Tutorial: How To Make A Photo Block Puzzle” by Catherine from DesignsByCnCPhotoBlockPuzzleI

What Color(s) Inspired This Tutorial? Please Share Your Advice For Creating Stunning Color Combinations.

I was inspired by the color blue for this project. When selecting the colors for the project, I chose a color that is in the photograph, as in the blue shirt. Then I added additional colors to coordinate keeping in mind that this puzzle was a gift for a little boy. Therefore I used more earth toned and masculine colors.


One of the things that I enjoy most is creating handmade gifts for family and friends.  I take a lot of photographs throughout the year, and this project is a fun way to feature some of them.  It was very easy to create and also inexpensive.

Materials UsedPhotoBlockPuzzleII

Wooden blocks 1.5 inches. I used 9 of them.
Glossy photo paper.
Mod Podge.
Acrylic craft paint.  I used 4 different colors that I happened to have on hand that were suitable for a little boy.
Ink jet printer.
Foam brushes.
Sand paper, pencil and paper cutter.

Tutorial DirectionsPhotoBlockPuzzleIIITo begin this project, I numbered the sides of the blocks.  I placed a number 1 on the side that would feature the first photo.  Then I turned the blocks over and placed a number 2 to allow for the second photo.  This helped me to keep track of where the photographs would be placed so that I would remember to leave these areas unpainted.  Next, I painted each side a different color.

While the paint dried, I edited my pictures and cropped them to 4.5 x 4.5 inches, using my Corel Paint Shop Pro program.  These are the dimensions of the block shape with the 9 blocks put together. I printed the photos onto the glossy paper.  I placed the picture face side down along the bottom edge of the wooden blocks and marked where the edges of the blocks are located.PhotoBlockPuzzleIVNext, I placed  the picture face down along the right side of the blocks and marked the edges.  Then I lined the photograph up on my paper cutter and cut along the marked lines.PhotoBlockPuzzleVApply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the unpainted side of the block and add the photograph piece.  Repeat this step for all of the other 8 blocks.  Let this dry completely.  I let mine sit overnight.  With a piece of fine sand paper, carefully sand the edges of the blocks.  Be sure to sand in a side to side direction.  This will remove the excessive paper from the edges and also give the blocks a slightly distressed look. I wiped each block off to remove the sanding dust being careful not to damage the photo.  Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the photo to protect and seal it.PhotoBlockPuzzleVIRepeat this entire process for placement of the second photograph.


A wonderful way to preserve memories with your very own Photo Block Puzzle!

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