Show Us Your Holiday Table Settings – #EtsyCIJ 2018

Contributor by Alicia from AliciasFindings

Holidays are a time for festivity,fun and family(or friends)! Many of us decorate our house from the inside out. We especially love to decorate our tables so all of us gathered can ohh and ahh at the finery.

We want to see your Holiday Table Settings. Do you go all out or just do the basics? Either way its bound to be lovely to see!

zizzybob from zizzybob says I keep one of these on my Dining table with my Mom’s silver candle stick holders.



Gail from QuiltSewPieceful states I couldn’t find a photo of my actual Christmas table! I will have to fix that this year. I have Christmas dishes that I love. However, here is a photo of one of my Etsy listings for a Christmas table.



#CIJPopUpMarket #2 – PrettyHappyVintage

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

#CIJPopUpMarket #2 Shop – Gillian from PrettyHappyVintage



1. What is the name of your shop and what is unique about your shop?

My shop is called PrettyHappyVintage and I have a wide range of vintage children’s books, games, toys, cute collectables, kitschy housewares etc all with a whimsical and happy vibe. I hope people will find items in my shop which they loved from their childhood and are thrilled to find again.

2. What is your favorite July activity where you live?

I live in Norfolk, England, which has many beautiful beaches and seaside resorts, which we love to go to – my favourite is Cromer – a quaint town with a lovely harbour, a pier, cliffs, beach and wonderful fish and chips and ice cream. What could be better?!

3. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

I would love to go to Dalarna in Northern Sweden to visit the house where the painter Carl Larsson and his family lived – it has been preserved as it was in the 19th century and as he portrayed it so beautifully in his paintings.

4. Who do you most admire in life?

I am a great fan of Meryl Streep who is such a talented and versatile actress, vibrant and beautiful in her sixties and has managed to be very real and unshowbizzy, raising her family and working for good causes outside the limelight.

5. What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?

I would love to learn how to crochet – I have knitted ever since I was a child but never mastered the art of crocheting! When I see all the gorgeous crochet items on Etsy I really wish I could make them.

6. What are your social media sites?





Etsy CIJ Australian Sellers #Makeforgood

Guest Post By Janine from AllsortsofSoaps



This is an exciting year for Australian CIJ Etsy Sellers! We, along with other Australian artisans, have pooled our creative resources and produced some amazing products that can be purchased up until the 24th of December.

Christmas is just around the corner and while we are busy buying food, gifts and decorating our homes, Millions of girls around the world are facing eight (8) enormous obstacles: child marriage, gender based violence, no access to education, poor health and nutrition, domestic work, poverty, poor sexual health and gender based discrimination.

Until Christmas Eve, Etsy Australia has partnered with Plan International to raise awareness of the plight of girls, and to raise much-needed funds through the #makeforgood campaign. The Makeforgood campaign is a wonderful initiative whereby Australian sellers create products especially to raise money for the ‘Because I am a Girl’ campaign. Each seller, donates a minimum of 20% of the sale price to the ‘Because I am a Girl’ initiative. The theme for our #makeforgood campaign is ‘Silver Linings’ and you will love the work that has been produced!

This is where CIJ members can help! Your Christmas gift shopping can make such a huge difference with a gift that keeps on giving this year. Even if you do not shop for Christmas…Shop for a girl or a woman somewhere else in the world before the 24th December, and know that your purchase will ‘do good’!



One such Australian CIJ member is Dawn Whitehand from Ballarat Victoria. Dawn is the owner of Dee Dee Deesigns. She is a ceramic artist who makes abstract sculptures and mixed media works. She has developed a range of unique handmade tableware and jewellery for her Etsy shop. Dawn has created some beautiful jewellery that is just perfect for this ‘girly’ campaign.

paper bead memory wire necklace

Another Australian member of CIJ is Debbie O’Shea from Albury, NSW. Debbie owns Aberrant Ginger which is a shop specializing in chain mail jewellery. She has created a lovely ‘Silver Linings’ bracelet.


Cloud bracelet

Azalea Cottage Craft from the Gold Coast in Queensland has made a selection of garlands to help raise funds for Plan’s Because I Am a Girl’


Monochrome garland

Another talented Australian is Robyn Campbell of Robyn Faye Designs. Robyn has always liked to sew, whether it be clothes, patchwork or bags. She started making the bags as gifts and really enjoyed designing them. Here are some of her bags designed especially for ‘Because I am a Girl’.


Jute clutch


Patterned jute clutch

Cat, from Hobart, Tasmania. Cat’s shop is aptly named, ‘Must Have Been The Cat‘, where she creates and sells quirky handmade cat creations and all things cat!. She has made some fabulous cat heat/cold packs which I think are fabulous!


Neck heat pad

As you can see there is some wonderful and creative and practical gifts that are available for purchase over here in Australia! It is also a great incentive to know that your purchase is helping so many others!

Heather, from Arabella Blossoms lives in Melbourne and she loves to create and design fabric items for you or for gifts. Most are one-offs and include glasses and sunglasses cases, aprons, zip bags, totes and accessories. Heather has made some delightful fabric items for #makeforgood.


Christmas stocking

Australian Etsy sellers have been so enthusiastic in getting behind this and our Etsy community is so happy to be a part of this. You can check out so many beautiful products by entering #makeforgood in your search when browsing Etsy. You will be products by entering #makeforgood in your search when browsing Etsy. You will be sale.



Star candle

If you want to create a ‘Silver Lining’ for a young girl in Cambodia this year…then check out the #makeforgood collection in Etsyau. You will be so glad that you did!


Because I am a Girl poem

We look forward to creating the best gift ever this year…the gift of hope! We are glad that you can be a part of it!


#CIJRoadTrip – Canada: Victoria BC

Contributor post by Megha of byTheArtBug

Let’s Travel to Canada – Victoria BC with Elizabeth Wellburn’s of ElizabethLovesGlass

1. What city do you live in? What makes it special?

Canada, Victoria BC. I think it’s special for many reasons including a wonderful artsy community, fabulous gardens, close to farmland and there are lots of old houses that have been restored.

Abkhazi Garden - Victoria Canada

Abkhazi Garden – Victoria Canada

The Butchart Gardens - Vancouver Island Canada

The Butchart Gardens – Vancouver Island Canada

2. What are several places everyone visiting your country should see?

Canada is huge! Everyone who comes to Victoria should see Butchart Gardens. The west coast has many wonderful attractions including the Whistler resort and the bustling city of Vancouver. Traveling across the country is a lengthy process, but there are beautiful places in the Rockies, on the prairies, the big cities like Toronto and Montreal and the east coast is also amazing with folk music and much more.

French Beach Park - Vancouver Island Canada

French Beach Park – Vancouver Island Canada

Woodwynn Farm - Saanichton Canada

Woodwynn Farm – Saanichton Canada

3. How have the customs, traditions, geography, nature etc. inspired the items you create?

I work with recycled glass and up cycled fibers and I think the beauty of nature is part of what inspires me to think “green” as much as possible. And I also have lots of vintage finds in my store – there is so much tradition here as people cherish their multi-cultural heritage and collect items from many parts of the world.

Windsor Pink Vintage Glass Plates From ElizabethLovesGlass

Windsor Pink Vintage Glass Plates From ElizabethLovesGlass

Custom Made Glass On Glass Mosaic From ElizabethLovesGlass

Custom Made Glass On Glass Mosaic From ElizabethLovesGlass

Two Wall Hooks From ElizabethLovesGlass

Two Wall Hooks From ElizabethLovesGlass

4. What are you doing this fall to drive your business in your community? Are you doing a festival or show? How do you reach out to your community?

I’m in several small shops that feature local artists. Victoria is lucky to have made this a priority and it’s easy to get involved. There are lots of local holiday craft fairs as well! Almost too many to choose from.

5. What are your social media sites?

Gift Giving on a Budget

At the holidays, I am always looking for thoughtful gifts for those people that make my life a little brighter: my hairstylist, my postal worker, my UPS driver, teachers, and the like. Unfortunately, as a teacher myself, I am usually on a limited budget. Have no fear, the Christmas In July team is here. These items can be purchased on a $10 per gift budget. No better way to show someone you care than with a handmade gift (just click on the pictures to be taken to the item for purchase)!

1) Melanie from WoodlandMarket says

I started making feather jewelry and hair accessories several years ago when I was living in the mountains and the huge feather trend started, and I sold my feather earrings and hair extension clips at a hair salon I worked at for $20-$40 a pair. I am now moving on to working with other mediums and my feather earrings are under $10 a pair so that I can clear out some inventory!

Love these feather earrings!

Love these feather earrings!

2) Jean Harbort from LittleMeBling says

What female (mom, tween, school teacher, daycare worker, postal carrier, babysitter, etc.) doesn’t need elastic hair ties? These also can double as cute bracelets to add a little pizzazz to your outfit! I have them stashed all over the house, in my purse, my desk drawer, vehicle, just about anywhere you can think of as I have long and very thick hair! These would be a great stocking stuffer!

Hair ties...great little stocking stuffer!

Hair ties…great little stocking stuffer!

3) Rose LAbbate from rosepetalsjewelry says
I’ve always collected sea glass but with all the recycling it’s harder and harder to find. So I decided to make my own. I bought a tumbler and found some interesting glass and started experimenting with different abrasives to use in the tumbler. The results were fantastic. I always have my eye out for unique colored glass.

Stunning, hand tumbled sea glass pendant!

Stunning, hand tumbled sea glass pendant!

4) Zlatka Minđek from LAURELISjewelery says

This earrings are a part of my non silver simple collection of earrings – I tried to be true to my style, and quite frankly, I like them. They are not exclusive and complex, but simple and maybe already seen, but affordable and pretty 🙂

Lovely, feminine earrings are always a hit at Christmas!

Lovely, feminine earrings are always a hit at Christmas!

5) Clare McGibbon from AWAYSAWAY says

These little hand painted neon hairclips were one of my first listings that doesn’t fall under the “jewelry” category. They’ve inspired me to venture into creating items that suit different price ranges for my shop! Bonus: they’re on sale for Christmas in July!

What a clever idea...and packaged with care!

What a clever idea…and packaged with care!

6) Hunter Love from RusticSilkSoaps says
Lotion bars are a unique and thoughtful gift for anyone with dry skin. My lotion bars are crafted with splendid butters of mango and shea to nourish and moisturize itchy, parched skin. And they’re only $6.00!

Another great stocking stuffer or stand alone gift for anyone on your list!

Another great stocking stuffer or stand alone gift for anyone on your list!

7) Faith McCathern from QuinnsBin says

It’s so nice to have a little gift on hand! We provide a variety of prices in jewelry to make the items popular for everyone-whether it’s for a friend, teacher or yoga instructor!

Lovely and affordable jewlery!

Lovely and affordable jewlery!

8) Marjorie Scenna from mscenna says

I make jewelry with recycled and repurposed materials and started with vintage buttons from my collection. I love buttons and think they are so versatile for crafting and making great gifts too. This button inspired me to turn it into a pin!

Up-cycled, eco-friendly, and adorable!

Up-cycled, eco-friendly, and adorable!

9) Valérie Bijoux Elkasa from BijouxElkasa says

Like I have 3 daughters, ponytail holder is a very casual thing in my house!! My youngest doesn’t like me to do her hair but if I offer her a cute ponytail holder like this one, she’s SO ready to to have a ponytail! No more crying! Plus it gives a cute look in their hairs.

Great stocking stuffer for a little girl!

Great stocking stuffer for a little girl!

10) Elizabeth Wellburn from ElizabethLovesGlass says

The felting process sometimes leads you in directions you didn’t expect. I started this project with the idea of making felt balls, Working with the felt before it was perfectly round, I saw a mushroom-top shape emerge. So I added detail to enhance the mushroom look, and created these pincushions!

Great gift for the seamstress in your life!

Great gift for the seamstress in your life!

11) Angel Soyars from LilLoveBugsCreations says

This last holiday my niece came to me with an issue much like this. She is part of a cheer team at her middle school with about 14 other team mates. She wanted to give them a gift that was cute without breaking the bank. Let’s face it, she’s 13, so there wasn’t much of a bank to break. LOL I came up with these super cute hairbow/earring gift sets. She was able to choose school color fabrics and I was able to make 14 sets for her. They were a huge hit!

Love this candycane inspired set!

Love this candycane inspired set!

12) Lindsey Blair from AddyluCandles says

My handmade soy candles are the perfect gift for under $10. An 8oz jar is just $8.50, and on sale for Christmas in July! Citrus Cilantro is an especially wonderful scent because it fits so many different personalities. It’s not too floral or fruity, it just smells crisp, citrusy, gardeny, and great! It’d be a great gift for men or women, young or old. It’d be a great scent to use in a kitchen!

Citrus is one of my favorite kitchen scents...clean and crisp!

Citrus is one of my favorite kitchen scents…clean and crisp!

13) Sarah Johnson from BellaBoutique23 says

I love girly things and love these decorative button bobby pins. I have a lot of fun making different combinations with buttons. They are perfect for any age and make a wonderful gift. They come on a handmade music note tag for gift giving at any occasion.

Great options here!

Great options here!

14) Valentina Cáceres from JuguetesEloisa says

My wooden toys are ideal for giving your kids an under $10 gift. They are all handmade and hand painted, which makes every one of them unique! Its size is ideal for kids to play with them and their cute and simple designs enhace their imagination when playing!

All toys sold individually are under $10. And now they are on sale, so are even cheaper!

Great toy, room decor, or gift for someone who loves the water!

Great toy, room decor, or gift for someone who loves the water!

15) Kristen Sargent from KestrelCollection says
Edited on Jul 7, 2014

When I was young my aunt made me a dream catcher for my bedroom. I loved to look at the intricate web-like knot work and the shiny beads that she wove onto the circular frame. I would gently feel the softness of the feathers trailing from the bottom and imagine all the bad dreams they could suck up.

These earring bring back those memories for me. Done in single tone copper these are sleek and modern but still have a summer day dreams vibe to them.

I hope they bring you good dreams day and night. These would make a thoughtful gift for any lady in your life who needs to have some happy thoughts.

Lovely, lovely earrings!

Lovely, lovely earrings!

16) Elizabeth Wellburn from ElizabethLovesGlass says

I have a stash of old silver-plate cutlery and some of it is just a bit too shabby or mis-matched to use as table ware any more. But it’s lots of fun to use such pieces to make items like these wall hooks. It’s sort of therapeutic to hammer them flat, then drill the screw holes and finally bend them into shape!

These would be perfect with one of my aprons hanging on it!

These would be perfect with one of my aprons hanging on it!

17) Sue Green from GreenbriarCreations says

Always a great idea to have some pretty hankies on hand. These make great shower gifts for a bride to be. Something fun to slip into a card with a gift certificate to her favorite store!

This lovely item brings back fond memories!

This lovely item brings back fond memories!

18) Valérie Bijoux Elkasa from BijouxElkasa says

I have three daughters and they are 3 real princesses! So, i decided to start a kid’s collection to let them wear jewelry. I made light weight earrings, all made in stainless steel. It is the perfect gift to complete their birthday gifts or fill their christmas stocking!

Feminine and lovely!

Feminine and lovely!

19) Natali from DizzySheepUK says

Only one item, specially for you!
Merino wool Felted ponytail band with leather decorations
Lovely to touch, real woolly luxury.
Great for everyone and for any occasion.
100% handmade.
Felt handmade from 100% merino wool.
Non-toxic! Eco friendly!

Adorable pony tail holder!

Adorable pony tail holder!

20) Carola from CarolaBartz says

I have often given handmade mini journals as a gift to friends or family members. They are so versatile – you can use them to write down your thoughts and feelings. They are great for collecting quotes in them. Write down recipes that you always wanted to try. Use them as inspiration for all the things you want to photograph, paint, write about etc. They can serve as a wedding planner or some kind of Santa’s list. Their size is perfect for fitting into small purses, even the back pocket of your jeans.


21) Noel from MinkCouture says

I absolutely love the patterns on vintage polyester ties-combinations that should really not work together but somehow do. Paisleys, sots, stripes and even crowns decorate these poor ties that I rescue from being forgotten.
This set of 3 pins is made from 3 different ties and would be a great stocking stuffer for men, women, boys and girls. Add some to a messenger bag or jacket. I try and have each set have a similar color pallet. The best part-not only are they under $10, but they are on sale too!!

A gift for the guys!

A gift for the guys!

22) Brittany from BrittanysBest says

I started making these itty-bitty tags because I always had a hard time finding cards or tags small enough to fit on a small gift like a box of jewelry. I ended up liking them so much that I started to add them to my husbands lunch sac with a sweet note. They have been stashed around the house (in his glasses case, above the visor in his car) on special occasions too. I figured if I liked the idea so much, others would too and I added them to my shop. Customers have shared that they have used the cards for
advent calendar fillers, notes from the toothfairy and for Easter scavenger hunts.

My grandmother left scavenger hunts for us under the tree to keep us busy while the women prepared Christmas dinner.  These would be perfect for that!

My grandmother left scavenger hunts for us under the tree to keep us busy while the women prepared Christmas dinner. These would be perfect for that!



Once again it’s Christmas Time,
time for us to be,
Busy wrapping presents
and setting up the tree.
It seems we have so many things,
to think of and to do,
We may forget that Christmas,
has a deeper meaning too.
A meaning that goes far beyond,
the things the eye can see,
Such as Holly wreaths, Mistletoe,
and Gifts beneath the tree.

-Eugene W. Miller

#CIJParty – Introduction Of Prizes

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Toss your name into the hat below for your chance to win one of prizes offered up by our fabulous sponsors. Contest ends at midnight EST and the winners will be announced Thursday on the blog!

Thank you to Alicia from Alicia’sFindings for hosting the prize portion of the #CIJParty. Alicia is a member of the CIJ leadership team. She is our treasury leader, writes for our blog and a prize expert!

Now a word from our sponsors!

  • Sponsor
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    Radiant Orchid T-Shirt Yarn Fabric Necklace with Silver Beads
  • Estimated Value
    $60 USD
  • Detailed Description
  • Evoking a flirty and free spirited feel, this lightweight radiant orchid fabric necklace is perfect for any season. Each of the 10 layers is accessorized with shiny silver beads, adding a touch of shine, making this a versatile piece that can be easily slipped over your head and added to your daytime or evening look. One size fits all.I’ve created this limited necklace collection in 10 awesome colours.
    Mykonos Blue (Royal Blue)
    Radiant Orchid (Purple)
    Charcoal Grey
    BlackShop the entire collection here: TesoroDelSolT
  • Sponsor
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    Chickadees Christmas Ornament
  • Estimated Value
    19.00 CAD
  • Detailed Description
    This Chickadees Christmas ornament (Birds of a Feather) is a hand painted solid wood ornament. This wooden ornament is approximately 1 5/8″ in diameter and fashioned from a hardwood turning. The high gloss finish brings out the beauty of the wood and renders the ornament virtually indestructible. Each ornament arrives gift boxed with a descriptive card.These charming chickadees are perfect for “First Christmas Together” or for any reason whatsoever. The joyful little chickadee is a popular visitor to backyard feeders and may be found throughout most of the North American continent. This is one of our most popular ornaments.cijchickadees

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      Printable December Daily Card Set
    • Estimated Value
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    • Printable PDF of a set of (6) journaling cards perfect for your December Daily albums, Project Life, or for adding to scrapbooks and/or cards.CPSponsor
    • Megha
    • Shop Name
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      “The beginning of Winter” 8 x 10 Print Your Own Fine Art Photo
    • Estimated Value
    • Detailed Description
    • This high quality tree silhouette photo can be printed on any type of photography paper. You will receive your photo by e-mail, it will not contain any water marks. This is a digital product. Size 8 X 10 (Portrait).                                                                tree2

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        Hair bow
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      • Hair bow of your choice from my shop!C

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          •  Veda Paw Spa-w Kit for pooches
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          • Curry n Pepper Veda Paw Spa-w kit for dogs contains the following earth friendly, non-toxic and chemical free products:-1. 8 oz Tridosha balancing neem shampoo
            2. 4 oz Anti-oxidant moisturizing paw balm
            3. 1.5 oz Neem Dental tooth powder (No Xylitol, Sorbitol or baking soda!!)
            4. 3 oz bag of veggie paw-paddums treat
            5. 2.5oz Paw Wash Soap
            6. 3 oz Dry ShampooV

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              Gift Card
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            • $25.00 Gift Card from Evie’s Tool EmporiumE

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                Christmas Fabric
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              • Cotton Fabric,Home for the Holidays from Riley Blake Designs, Candy Canes on Red
              • 1 yard.S

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                  Tiny cork bottle charm earrings. Summer.
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                • Little bottle earrings with delicate textured decoration of colored salt which reminds of the summer motif. Don’t wet or that will spoil it.Please be rational and be careful using my products, because leaving you happy is important to me! The bottles are made of glass and aren’t appropriate for children, because they can easily get broken and hurt them! Bottles can’t be opened or that will spoil their composition.High 3 centimeters ( with the cork stopper) and diameter 1 centimeters.IF

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                    Red,white and blue crystals bracelet with silver toggle clasp. AFNow, LET’S PARTY! a Rafflecopter giveaway

Christmas in July Shopping Guide – For the Person who has Everything

Good morning everyone – Jen from Caffeinated Papercuts here with another fun shopping guide for you! We all know at least one person who “doesn’t need anything” or “already has everything”. So what can we get them instead of yet another gift card this year? I asked our team members and they came back with some very creative ideas!

Suzanne from MountainGoth

Suzanne from MountainGoth

A nightcap is the perfect gift for the person who has everything. I suggest the lightweight ones over the heavy weight ones. You lose most of you body heat through your head. Just a little head covering goes a long way.

Elizabeth from ElizabethLovesGlass

Elizabeth from ElizabethLovesGlass

The person who has everything might not have a special combination knife-spoon that’s just for jelly and jam. This one was in the family silver-plate collection and I had to look it up to see what it was for. It would be a delight at the vintage-themed breakfast table.

I love how both Barbara and Amy had similar trains of thought!

Why not give a monogrammed or personalized hat? Great for outdoors, these hats are high quality, durable, and fashionable. We love creating the perfect gift for the person in your life who has everything. We can add just about anything to our hats-monograms, names, sayings, or small designs to make this a special gift. We can even add names to the side of the hat or to the back of the hat!

Barbara from VividDogStudios

Barbara from VividDogStudios

I love grabbing my camera and heading out to view the world.
But while getting to locations in the early morning or late evening I did not like the weight and feel of a headlamp sitting atop my head, so I looked around for an alternative and discovered hats with built in headlights!  Then the textile artist in me started creating and stitching a few designs giving each hat a personal touch. (These hats were screaming for individuality.)

Clare from AwaysAway

Clare from AwaysAway

I created this piece so that special treasures can be kept so very close. The person who has everything needs to remember everything, even the small things – this locket bracelet would be the perfect accessory to store those tiny, yet precious memories in.

Ingrida from feltinga

Ingrida from feltinga

I know you have a sponge and a scrub, I’m sure you have soap, but do you have those all necessary things in one? If no – it is perfect opportunity to try my felted ayurvedic soaps.  To make them I use natural sheep wool and heeling ayurvedic Indian soap bars. And….my heart and hand work!

Finally, who doesn’t love a good piece of artwork?

Fine art photography print set in a greeting card will make a perfect gift for anyone. Card that is a gift in itself, can be framed and recipient will be reminded of you every time they see it hanging on the wall. As for sentiments you want to fill in it is totally up to you. You can be as sweet and mushy as you want, or if it is naughtiness that runs through your veins then do not let me hold you. Once framed no one apart from you and your loved one will know what secret messages is the card hiding.

Louise from SuperDuperThings

Louise from SuperDuperThings

For the lady or gentleman who has everything, why not get them their very own portable moon?!

There’s nothing more calming yet mind-expanding than sitting and gazing at the moon, pondering the mysteries of the universe, and this unique collage canvas is so much more conveniently sized than any real astral bodies!

It’s a favourite piece of mine because I really enjoy the compact, neat size of the box canvas, the texture still visible in the paint, and the added tactility of the hand-stitching. Plus I just love pictures of the moon! So familiar and yet so unknown (at least by me…)

Thank you to everyone who shared their ideas with us! So, have our finds inspired you to get something new & unique for that hard to shop for person? Be sure to check out the tags ‘cij’ and ‘etsycij’ on Etsy and on all social media outlets for more fun ideas and sales!