September – New Arrivals

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Join the Christmas In July team as we celebrate September – New Arrivals.

Nautico Creations from NauticoCreations says:

This fall arrangement is striking. The vase was given to me as a present for my shop and the fall flowers were purchased from a new store. The neutral colors in the vase are mirrored in the flowers and grasses. The arrangement includes a large sunflower, pumpkins, berries, fruit and grasses. I actually have two similar ones in different sizes for anyone who is looking for a set.



Lia Russo from Ghirlandiamo says:

My town is close to Naples, which beauties and traditions are well-known all over the world.

One of these is Pulcinella, a mask who deals with life difficulties with a philosophy of his own.

Another aspect of Naples (but more generally of all South Italy) are our balconies, where you can see long cloth lines always full of laundry and bunches of chili peppers, hanging from a nail, to get dried under the sun.

So I tried to re-create this view, putting a ceramic Pulcinella on an imaginary balcony.



Melissa R from missy69 says:

I love to paint, and I also love to recycle or upcycle products into something new and beautiful. These are ice coffee bottles that have been recycled into bride and groom Gothic or Halloween wine glasses. These were so much fun to make, and I intend to do more with other themes.



Tiffanie from FrivolousFunBoutique says:

This beautiful ornament was inspired by my three-year old who requested that I make her one of my cluster pendants with her beads though bigger! (lol) It turn out amazing and I liked them so much I made more to put in my shop. I bead the wire then crochet it into a circle to make a 3 inch ornament. When I look at this particular ornament I see a wonderful Christmas gift for a special little princess.



Sally Manke from SallyManke says:

I’m a quilter and love to include the holiday’s in my work. This is my original design tree skirt with 200 pieces making up a homemade, handmade piece. Perfect to become a family heirloom or the ideal wedding gift. After showing the design at my local quilt guild, I’ve been called upon to teach the technique at quilt shops and guilds.



Angie Fitzpatrick from CraftyMom75 says:

I saw this vintage look print set and had to have it. It is a reprint, but totally brought back memories of my childhood and quilts that my mother had around the house that had been given to her. I had it in my collection for a while because I loved it so much, I could not bear to sew it. Then, one of my son’s asked about it, and I decided that it was too special to not share with others. I made one of these pillow cases for my house, and one for Etsy. Mine will be well-loved by two little boys at my house being dragged from room to room with them. I can’t wait to see where the other one will end up at!



Handmade Covers from HandmadeCovers says:

This is a zipper case for 13 inch Laptop or Mac Book 13. Recently I learned how to use faux leather with fabric to create more sturdy bags for laptops. So I had this cute paisley print in vibrant colors which I wanted to use as a pocket of the bag and a plain beige cloth for the back. When the bag was complete it looked attractive to me. Hope you will like it too!



Ina from InaSudjana says:

Here’s my new item just listed.

A name plaque for little Owen in Geelong, Victoria (Australia) whose daddy is a Formula 1 Racer!

A special plaque it will be!



Carola Bartz from CarolaBartz says:

Meet Dax the sassy dachshund!

When I saw the pattern in a yarn store I knew that I had to knit this cute little dog. I chose a rust color and happily knitted along. The process reminded me of my needlework class in elementary school that I hated! At that time I was knitting a polar bear, and the teacher ripped the whole thing apart because my stitches were too loose. I was devastated (I was 8 years old at that time) and completely discouraged. It took many years until I picked up knitting needles again – and I love it. This dog is my first complete knitted animal since that needlework class! I see him as a comforting cuddle toy for a little child. He sure gives those cuddles back!



Gigi from GigisBlueRose says:

I saw the turtle shell and thought, “I just have to make that.” I wanted the shell to stay on the baby as a costume so I decided to add straps and a diaper cover to make it a cute little Halloween costume.



Tracey Ghazal from TreasuresFoundShoppe says:

This is the first gift I ever bought for my now ex-husband when we were dating in the early 80’s. The handsome young man modeling it is our son. He wasn’t too happy about having to be my model especially when I told him we were taking the pictures outside…. its 90 degrees in Florida today!



Nancy Duncan from EponasCrystals says:

I love turquoise and leather! I found these large flower shaped beads and thought they would be perfect for this tassel necklace. I added a touch of orange and a leather tassel. I think the look is definitely boho!



Lucy Clasen from LuDesignsCreations says:

I love making leather cuffs and have made many designs. Now I am making them to buckle in the back. This white leather is beautiful, thick and has ripples in it. I finished it off with a silver Tree of Life which has meaning for many cultures and religions. I like the symbolism.

The concept of a tree of life has been used in biology, religion, philosophy, and mythology. A tree of life is a common motif in various world theologies, mythologies, and philosophies. It alludes to the interconnection of all life on our planet and serves as a metaphor for common descent in the evolutionary sense. The term tree of life may also be also used as a synonym for sacred tree.



Kimberly Hanna Wallis from LaSouciqueStudio says:

We started working with sea glass when living on the island of Guernsey where we collected gads of it at Ladies Bay. Now we’re in Florida where we’re inspired by the sunshine.

The soft Aqua Blue color of this Hawaiian sea glass is calming, seeming to change in every shade of light much like the sea does; The natural, organic shape is not manipulated in any way, only top-drilled then wrapped them in the “crazy” style with 925 sterling silver to honor the history that these pieces have seen over the decades tossed in the sea.



Carrie Peninger from Carebarescreations93 says:

I made these to help earn money for my friends family. She passed away about 2 weeks ago and left a lot of doctor bills. She loved Lady Bug and was a wonderful woman. All the money made from these will go to her family.



Annie from DesignedbyAnneliese says:

It is spring time here in Australia. I love the flowers that come out this time of year and the beautiful scent in the air! I have not done quilling for a while and decided to get my quilling gear out. Being spring time I decided to make this set of floral gift tags, perfect for birthdays or to brighten someone’s day!






Colour and Creativity

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns

I asked Christmas in July teamies what their favourite colour is, and how this influenced their creativity…. the question received a huge response, and all their secrets are revealed below ~~~~ grab a coffee and some cake, and put your feet up!!

My favourite colour is purple and whenever I see purple paper I want to buy it! I love this retro purple paper and decided to make some small card sets with it. I made them with thank you notes in mind.

Ivory is my fav as it reminds me of pureness, clearness, happiness, optimistic, freedom


I’m a full time farmer and I enjoy winter on the farm – even going out to the barn for chores my camera is often in tow. Winter White brings a beautiful calm to the landscape and helps me see nature in a different light.

This was the first snow fall of the winter

Blue, any shade of it.

I’m a big fan of the seaside and so blue is a very obvious choice for me. The aqua blues and then darker blues of the ocean against the lighter blues of the sky make me feel happy and relaxed. I often use blue in my prints as I always associate the colour with the feelings of happiness and freedom.

I’m a sucker for rainbows. A beautiful end to a fierce storm, the full rainbow makes its way into my work at every opportunity. When you can’t choose just one colour, choose them all!

Gosh, it’s hard to choose ONE color because I love so many in all their hues and tones
I suppose purple is probably the one I like most, followed closely by blue and I was able to combine the two in this card, using an Italian paper that featured little lilac flowers with a rich blue card stock at the bottom. To tie the two together I used white lace.

The card is a birthday card and pokes gentle fun at forgetful memories of what we might have done before

G R E E N is my ultimate favourite colour. It has inspired me with so many product designs in my shop.

My favourite item is my Christmas Advent Calendar as so much time, creativity & love go into them. This one here is the very first one I made for my son.

Green and Blue are my absolute favourite colours.

If I had to separate them, my answer would be different each time! Tonight, I’d choose GREEN but ask me tomorrow and it could well be BLUE.

I find them equally beautiful, refreshing, enlivening and soulful.

For these reasons, I adore the peacock irridesence (perfect marriage of Green and Blue) of Paua Shell / Abalone and seek Vintage Jewellery Items in this glorious natural material.

well a deep teal light the twilight sky is my usual fav but latley I’m obsessed with coral!

Not for the shy!

Purple, always end up back at purple……the yarn is different in that it has to be beautiful, yet practical.

Purple and green is my favorite color combination. When I found this beautiful pansy fabric, I knew it was the perfect accent and I decided to incorporate it in this quilted centerpiece.

My favorite color is green…all shades! My line of art may not feature one color over another, but I would say my Fresh Alphabet Art is pretty green…both in the actual color and in the fresh sense of the word. In creating this alphabet, I knew I wanted fresh produce, but I also wanted vibrant greens. My favorite are the leafy stalks on the leeks!

My favorite color is blue. I love it because there are so many shades and nuances to it. It reminds me of sky, water, peace, and tranquility. I chose the beads in this ornament for that very reason. Peace and tranquility during the holiday hustle and bustle.

My favorite colour is purple …what’s not to like about it? There are so many beautiful shades to choose from and it goes really well with black which is also another favorite.

I love pink, it is soft, gentle and pretty. I love pink flowers which inspires many of my cards I make, this one is a Thinking of You card.

My favourite colour is blue and always has been. It is tranquil and calming. It is a large part of nature – the sky and the ocean.

My favourite colour is yellow. It reminds me of bumble bees and daisies and all things summer. I have a wall in my house painted ‘crazy daisy’ so even on a cold rainy day it cheers me up. I thought I needed to make something cute that gives a nice warm feeling with this little daisy print fabric, so I made a wee kitten.

Amath from Gomis says

Nothing beats Bold Gold!!!!

Gold has a universal, luxurious, and fundamental appeal. Having a gold colored item brightens my day, and those of the wearer!

Blue –

I love blue in any shade, if a take a look onto my shop, there can it been seen. From childhood I preferred blue colored clothing. It remembers me on blue summer sky, blue, wonderful Latvian sea and it also symbolizes hope, what we all need.

Wendy Joy from wjoydesigns says

I LOVE anything that is iridescent and especially in greens and purple! This piece was my first try at mosaic. I have been making stained glass for 15 years and had so much beautiful leftover art glass. I am a huge advocate for recycling in any and every form.I never wanted to part with the beautiful bits of leftover glass. I wanted to put them to good use! So in this piece, I made use of the scraps in a most beautiful way! Recycling at it’s finest!!

I love turquoise a lot, and especially in combination with bright colors like prange or a beautiful deep yellow. I also love birds, so I brought all of this together in this mixed media painting. These colors are happy colors for me, they put a smile on my face and make me feel better. I hope that others feel the same when they look at this painting.

Pink !

Anything girly and feminine , it has to be pink.

My latest design , is lovely in all shades of pink with a touch of maroons and greens

I say green is my absolute favorite color, however, as of late, I’ve been loving this turquoise color in a lot of my designs. It just looks so trendy and works with so many different color combos.

Well said, Katrina from BygoneAllure! I have more greens and blues in my personal fabric stash than any other color. Peacock blue or green attracts me, every time.

“Plume” is one of my fabric offerings that is viewed the most on Etsy:

As a jewelry designer, it’s no surprise that my favorite color is gold. Just the rich tone of gold, 14 karats or not, evokes a sense of elegance and class. That quality is essential to me as a creator of upcycled jewelry because it adds sophistication to an amalgamation of broken pieces.

Below is a great example of how luxurious the color gold is especially when paired with pearls and rhinestones. The Belle Bracelet was made with vintage scraps, but it looks unbelievably chic.

My absolute favorite color has got to be Pink! Pink reminds me of Flamingo’s which makes me think “Fun!” So, for me – Any fabric which involves pink somewhere in it and is fun… Let’s just say that get’s me every time! And if I have to be doing computer work – I might as well have a “Fun” pattern in my Wrist Pillows for Keyboard & Mouse Comfort. I choose to have 2 coordinating patterns with this set, so if your tired with one – Just flip in over or Mix & Match.

Vanilla White is my favorite color because it makes me feel calm and gives me clarity.

Blue, blue, blue. In any shade. Even my house is blue. The ocean is a big part of my life and a big part of my Etsy store.

My favorite color is this stunning sea green. I spent my entire childhood begging my parents to take me to the beach and, on those rare occasions we got to go, I loved the green reflecting off the sea foam. It makes me happy every time I see this color.

Carrie from madcapz says

My favorite color has always been blue but of late I am partial to purple. I find purple to be such a calming yet regal color. I like the softer shades of purple over the darker ones. I used pastel purple in this item:

Ioana from Soutacherie says

I love ALL colours and you can see that throughout the shop. If I were to choose, I’d choose the combination of orange and blue. A bit bold and unusual but very spectacular, cold and warm at the same time, serious and playful.

My favorite color is PINK. It’s soft, it’s feminine and joyful!

Christmas Stockings in any color you want. I do not discriminate with over 50 colors and patterns!

Green is my favorite color and I really like the color combo of my latest bracelet. It doesn’t really match anything I own, but I don’t care!

My favorite color is teal! It tends to appear in a lot of my work, sometimes totally unintentionally. I particularly love the fresh clean combo of teal and white in interior decor!

My favourite colour is teal, its not a colour I have stocked before in my shop but I love this pom pom hat.

The colors of the rainbow have a special meaning for me, every time I see one it’s like a sign from above that everything is going to be allright. My littlest son is undergoing leukemia treatment, and all the knots in my bracelets made during this hard period symbolise a prayer, and the rainbow is the good period that will come after the storm.

Ina from InaSudjana says

Praying for your little one and your family too Andrea – I DO LOVE rainbow myself. It is indeed a sign of hope.

I love my primary colours; blue mainly. But I also love all the red, yellow and green. A rainbow person I am.

My most favorite color is dark purple – the color of royalty. I looked up the significance of the color purple and found that it really did match my personality. It said that the people who like the color purple are sensitive, compassionate, understanding a supportive, peaceful and tranquil, introverted, creative, inspire others with their creative thinking, are intuitive and quite psychic.

I grew out of pink for a while, but now I think it’s safe to say it’s back on top for me! I think, growing up, I was limited in my idea of what you could really do with pink, but the newer trends of pairing shades of pink with shades of grey really inspired me with this piece. I think it softens the harshness pink can have sometimes, while also bringing that fantastic pop of colour that I’ve always loved pink for!

My favorite colors are blends of purples and greens. I look for yarns that allow me to blend these two color…when it works….it like magic…For me, that blend looks like the mountains of southeastern Kentucky where I grew up.

My “favorite” color tends to change with my mood (human mood ring?), but I always seem to come back to purple. I used a lavender shade for this batch of soap to match the scent, but also because I find lavender (both color and flower) soothing.

Love green and red and somehow keep buying beads in those colors. Bright greens and deep greens are tops on my list. Bit I also love black/white/gray combos.

Design’s the Limit from DesignstheLimit says

If clear is a color, it is my favorite. People have always said they can see right through me and I wear my heart on my sleeve. It is never too early to start designing your custom ornaments and we proudly offer Christmas ornaments year round!

Dina StyleKnits from DinaStyleKnits say

 my favorite color is pink. It’s a color of love, beauty, charm, politeness, sensitivity, tenderness, sweetness, childhood, femininity, and the romantic. I used pink yarn in my knitting very often.

Well, I don’t know about you, but I reckon the winners were purple, blue and pink!!

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My favorite color is green but I noticed that there is a lot of blues in my shop. Not to mention my shop name is Gigi’s Blue Rose. Well, this is a lovely blanket I made with turquoise. I just might have to change my favorite color. But honestly, I think calming colors are my favorite, colors that remind me of flowers, the ocean, sand, the sky, trees, etc. and this blanket is full of flowers with a hint of bright (like the sun).

My favourite colour… hmm… I like green, but even more I love BLUE! It’s the colour of the sky, it has hundreds of shades and it’s the colour of labradorite “flame”, which is absolutely amazing! That’s why I love using labradorites in my works!

I Love all shades of blue but especially the blues of the ocean. Water has always inspired me and I am drawn to it for its restorative powers and sense of peace and beauty. Water is essential to life.

So, what a fantastic collection of teamies and how colour informs their creativity!! Be sure to visit the stores & take advantage of the Christmas in July sales in their stores!