Genealogy with the Christmas in July Team

Contributor post by Alexandra from EyeLoveKnots  

I absolutely love the idea of Genealogy! Researching and celebrating where you’ve come from and the family members/ancestors who helped you get there is so fun and exciting! I invited members of the Christmas in July Etsy Team to share an item from their shop that represented family, and a story about their item or what Roots meant to them.

Rheta from Vintage Eves shared these Vintage Italian Baldelli Salt and Pepper Shakers.

She says, “I am Italian. Everything we do centers around family and tends to be around a table eating awesome food and enjoying life. We are loud, loving and animated. I love that about my family. These salt and pepper shakers represent a few things; Italy, food, fun and of course a little spice to life.”

Patricia from The Old Barn Door shared this Cabinet Card of an Aristocratic Couple in Watertown New York.

She says, “With the renewed interest in where we came from and our ancestors, people have started looking for old records and photos. I adore this antique photo of a rather aristocratic couple – I wonder what became of them, the life they led and those that came after them.” 

Evelyn from Artsy Eve shared this Quilt with Matching Shams.

She says, “My German ancestors were very frugal and nothing was wasted. Even small scraps of fabric were always saved and eventually used in a scrap quilt such as this one my mother [Lucy] made.”

Patricia and Rebecca from North and South Shabby shared this Wild Shamrock Salad Plate.

They say, “Our paternal ancestors immigrated to the US from Ireland, and established our family homestead in the mid 1800’s. We grew up surrounded by the warm influence of his love of the “old country” and cherish the Irish roots that he gave us. To this day, a shamrock adorned find is hard to resist. So much so that we have a vintage Irish section in our shop!”

I’m sharing Custom Made Handwritten Letter from my EyeLoveKnots Shop.

I love to write old fashion letters and send them off to my family and friends! It is and has always been a great way of sharing a little bit of myself with those that I don’t regularly keep up with in email/by phone or on Facebook. You can also send fun little trinkets or photos along with it. This is much like they used to do generations back as they didn’t have internet, computers and cell phones. While men were off at war, I can picture my aunts, great-aunts, grandmother and great-mothers jumping for joy with a letter received from their loves.

Lots of things can represent family and for many different reasons. I’d love to hear your stories!

3 thoughts on “Genealogy with the Christmas in July Team

    • Thanks for sharing it with us, and your story! I really like how much your ancestors have inspired you in your shop. The plate is a really, really pretty one!


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