Online Tools for Small Business

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

There are many tools and apps that help the small business owner make their business more efficient or streamlined.

Here at Christmas in July we wanted to know all about those apps and tools that you wouldn’t know what to do without!


Susie from GinnyPenny told me all about Evernote. This tool allows you to organize notes and thoughts, track tasks, share and collaborate in real time and sync from any device. It seems like a real time and space saver.


Alicia from AliciasFindings talked about bitly. I love using bitly, a tool that helps you take a long url and make it smaller. This way your posts look so much nicer on social media.

Etsyonsale is a great one for Etsy sellers. This site lets you put your shop items on sale. The best part is you can do whole shop or just one section. You plug in the details and it starts and ends your sale for you!

It is free to try at first, but then you either have to get credits by people using your “special link” or buy some. I bought some years ago and still have quite a few credits.

If you are in need of a photo editor,but don’t have the bucks for something like Photoshop then GIMP is right for you. GIMP is a free photo editing tool that I have used from time to time. I have heard about a few others, but I tend to use it when cropping, brightening, etc my photos. It takes a bit of getting used to since its different than Photoshop.


I have heard a lot lately about FreshBooks. It is great for online invoicing, time tracking and expense services. It is supposed to be easy even for those new to doing such.

Mailchimp is what I just started to use as my newsletter service. It is a great way to alert your customers to new items, deals and so much more.

There are so many tools and apps out there for any kind of task or job that you have a need for. I hope that I have introduced some of these to you and would love to know about any others you think might be useful.

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