CIJ Etsy Craft Party 2015 – Decorative Pinwheels

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings


Tutorial for Decorative Pinwheels” by Jessica Luiz-Brazil of SummerStarsMasonJars

Hello! I am Jessica from Summer Stars & Mason Jars and this is a easy tutorial on how to make decorative pinwheels!



  • Square paper(she used 5×5 scrapbook paper)
  • Scissors
  • Brads


  • Take the square paper and fold it corner to corner to score an x in the paper
  • Cut along the folded line a little more than half way up.Do not cut all the way up the middle!


  • Cut all 4 of the folded lines the same way.
  • Fold the corner of the paper to the middle.

IMG_6603      IMG_6602

  • Do this with all 4 corners. I held it with my fingers,these corners could also be taped down.
  • Push the brad through the center of all the corners in the middle. I bought fancy flower brads,but here you could add a decorative sticker or flower to jazz it up a bit!

IMG_6605   IMG_6606

  • Here is the back with the brad pushed through.

IMG_6607   IMG_6610


Here it is! I used bright summer colors to have as a centerpiece at a cookout but they can be used as baby shower decorations,cupcake toppers or even on the wall for decorations in a room!


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4 thoughts on “CIJ Etsy Craft Party 2015 – Decorative Pinwheels

  1. I want to do these for a holiday or even as an add on gift! You could do them in themes,colors,etc..Possibilities are endless!


  2. Hey guys, I’m making the pinwheels, but I don’t have pretty paper like that, so I thought I’ll just paint my dull, gray paper with some pastels. Of course, I assembled one pinwheel before painting it, which made it difficult. So I learned not to do that. Also I learned that in the future, perhaps I should avoid spraying my hands with fixative, especially when there is pastel dust on them.

    This craft day is fun! I keep gluing myself, I’m covered in pastel dust, and there’s scraps of everything everywhere.


  3. I don’t have a stick, or those fancy little pins, but check out my pinwheels here anyway!


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