Business Women’s Day


The American Business Women’s Association (ABWA) was founded on September 22, 1949 “to bring together businesswomen of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership; education, networking support and national recognition.”

Here at Etsy Christmas in July we want to know what advice,resources and knowledge you would give to women starting out in the business world?

Savannah Griffith from RareRusticCrafts says:

First and foremost, my advice would be to manage your time well. I see too many fellow lady entrepreneurs get totally overwhelmed by the amount of work and fizzle out before they get to the good stuff. There are a lot of great self-help books and blogs to help you manage your time well. I’m particularly fond of Laura Vanderkam. She provides some great insight and it’s very easy to take the information and mold it so that it fits your own life.

The second would be to buy The Small Business Bible by Steven Strauss. It’s structured perfectly so that you can go through the book and write down everything that you need to get done to get your business up and running. He covers everything from licensing to taxes. This book really helped me get my jumble of thoughts organized so that I could move forward productively. I read the entire book before I made any moves, and it made the whole process of getting started so much easier.

Lastly, make time for yourself and your family always. It is so easy to get caught up in your business and forget about the important things. There was a time in my life where all I focused on was my business, and weeks would go by without any quality time spent with my loved ones. We go into business so that we can have freedom to live the lives we want. Never forget the bigger picture, and that there is always time to check one more thing off your to-do list tomorrow, but your loved ones can disappear from your life without a seconds notice.


Roses Workshop from RosesWorkshop states:

Before you start, ask yourself if this is what you REALLY want to do. If the honest, heartfelt answer is “Yes!” then go ahead.

Later on, when you get the bad times, the obstacles, the negative people, none of that will matter because deep inside you is the memory of that “Yes!” to keep you going.

Kristy Jo from KrystalKlarityBeads discusses:

I so agree with both postings!! I have fallen into the trap of forgetting the bigger picture too many times. I never want to forget what is the most important in life – and though I love my store, that is not where it is at – family is always more important. TAKE THE TIME – while you’ve got the time.

I wish I had started with more of a plan, but I did not – and that is why reading the advice of others who either had a great plan that worked helps, and also those that have failed – sometimes more than once – but picked themselves up, dusted themselves off and started again! It is all in the outlook and attitude! You cannot expect others to support your dream – you have to support your own dream and just be happy if someone else also does.