International Seasons: CanisArtStudio – #CIJSeasons

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Spring Is The Favorite Season Of Przemila K from CanisArtStudio


1. What is your favorite season and why?

My favorite season of the year is spring. I like it when the day is getting longer and nature wakes up. For me, this is the time when the best light for painting is. I paint with nature and I always look forward to painting flowers when they are in the greatest bloom. I love when birds sing because I also paint birds and I like to watch them.

2. What season is it now where you live? Have you seen a visible sign of the season changing?

I live in central Europe and I am currently in summer. This year is very hot and August is the time when there is a lot of fruit, and farmers harvest. This year there is a lot of fruit, especially apples and plums. This is the first sign of the coming autumn. Today, I also noticed a cold morning – it is also a sign that the end of summer is approaching.

3. What item in your shop represents your favorite season and the story behind it?

In my shop, there are many items representing different seasons, because I paint nature: animals, birds, flowers, etc. You can also find a lot of spring paintings and painted clocks with birds. But today I chose this pastel painting to tell the story of a little flower. This is the “Golden Lily” (Lilium Martagon). This plant is very rare and, in my country, it is under legal protection.
In the place where I live, are steep limestone rocks and on one of them is an old castle. There is also a legend. The owner of this castle hunted in this area together with his servant. This servant – a young knight candidate found the entrance to a cave full of treasures. The jealous ruler knocked him off the rock. When he came back home, a viper bit him. He could not be saved and after his death, the castle was ruined. No one else found the treasure…
One day, I was walking with my dogs in this forest and I found this little flower. This picture is my interpretation and illustration of the legend.
The painting was presented during my own exhibition and I attach to the parcel a catalog from this exhibition.


4. What seasonal traditions are celebrated in your part of the world? 

I live in Poland and in my country, at this time of year, there are two traditional feasts: Our Lady of the Herb (15 August) and Harvest Festival.
On that day, people make bouquets of flowers and herbs. This day is an official celebration and a day off from work.

5. What are your social media sites?


The Hunt Is On – Vintage From Us To You

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Yet another of Etsy’s categories is Vintage and it is a hot one! There are so many people getting into going “treasure” hunting to find some great pieces for their home or someone else’s. Here is one of Etsy Christmas in July’s offerings.

Come browsing with me!

Patricia and Rebecca of northandsouthshabby explains:

Whenever I am out and about “treasure hunting” I am always drawn to vintage cross stitch pictures. As a “retired” cross stitcher, I know the countless hours lovingly and meticulously put into creating this beautiful embroidered art. No cross stitcher would ever send their work to a thrift shop – there’s just too much “love” in all the stitches! I always feel sad to see a cross stitch picture looking so lost among the cast offs. I imagine that they most likely come from an estate, with the present owners having no idea of what went into their creation. So, I feel the need to rescue these beauties whenever I can.


I hope you had fun on the hunt with me and maybe even got “the bug” to go looking for some treasure.