Time Management Tips

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Time management is a skill. This month we asked members of the Christmas In July team to share their time management tips with us!



Nancy Duncan from EponasCrystals says:

Multitasking is one of best time savers. While I’m waiting for one thing to dry, I start another task. ( or clean!) I do this with everything I do. I can’t even sit down and watch TV without reading, beading, or checking my email!

Susan Fowler from SSFDesigns says:

Time, if only we could slow it down or stop it now and then.. My best time managment advice is to stay on target , don’t get distracted or overwhelmed keep moving forward with each step by step little by little and before you know it you have completed your project . Slow and steady always wins the race!

Richard and Tatiana from DesignstheLimit says:

Time is the most precious of resources. The best way to accomplish your goals is to write them down. When we write down this is what I hope to accomplish Today, This Week, This Month, or This Year they are much more likely to get prompt attention. It is easy to say, “We need to do this,” or “We should try doing that,” but without writing it down it will always just be an idea instead of a goal.

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