Member Feature: TheWoollyTangle

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Please join us in welcoming Tanya of TheWoollyTangle, our featured member!



Tell us about yourself.

I’m a stay at home mum to two young boys which keeps me on my toes! I’m a former professional gardener, although on a career break at the moment, and I rather like baking. And eating baked goods which is a bit dangerous on the waistline. Happily we also have a crazy dog in the family who loves lots of long walks! I first started knitting about 6 years ago while pregnant with my eldest child and it’s now firmly my favourite craft. My mum spent most of my childhood knitting and sewing and I guess that just followed through in the genes!

When did you open your business and what make you decide to do so?

I’d thought about making to sell for a while but had never quite had the guts, if I’m honest. I thought I’d hang on until my boys were older and I had more time, or maybe at some point when I was feeling braver. You know how it goes. Then we lost my mother in law to a brain tumour. She was a fearsome crafter and primary school teacher who spent all term time longing for the craft room. Her favourite saying was ‘when I retire I’ll spend all day in there’. She never got her retirement. Made me realise that it was no good just thinking I could do it, I had to actually go do it. So here I am two years on from that decision with a fledgling shop!TWT1

Tell us a bit about your products.

I make a variety of products, all associated with knitting! I hand knit wire jewellery and woolly accessories, hand sew knitting and project bags and hand make beaded stitch markers to help those knitters who (like me!) can’t keep count. I have discovered a whole world of beads since starting this adventure and love playing around with colour and shape combinations.TWT2

What inspires your work?

Having spent some time as a gardener I love the outdoors. Nature always turns up a better colour combination than I can imagine and I love trying to capture the shapes and colours of the flowers I see around me. A particular colour of fresh green in the spring can send me off to the bead box! Knitting bags are always inspired by the changing needs of knitters. I like to have things organised so I’m always dreaming up different sizes and shapes of bags which would work better for particular projects. A lot of them have yet to leave the sketching pad, but I like to take my time and mull them over to see if I’ve missed anything.TWT3

What are your future goals for the business this year? What is your dream for this business?

Ideally I’d like the shop to take over from a part-time job that I do that cuts into our precious family time. What it really comes down to though is making people happy. I made a knitting bag for my mum to stop her using plastic bags for her projects. She sat for a long time, like a child at Christmas, transferring all her bits and bobs, working out what to put in which pocket. I get to send parcels out that spread this sort of joy to other crafters and really, there is no better job!TWT4

What makes your business stand out from businesses that sell similar products?

As a knitter myself I know what works and what’s needed. I look at high street stores selling similar and realize that they aren’t big enough to fit long needles in, or have zips in odd places to snag yarn, or have odd sized pockets that won’t hold much. I use all my bags before they go into production so I know they work! All my jewellery designs are made up and road tested by me in my rather ordinary chore filled life so you know they’re robust, no matter how delicate they look.TWT5

Tell us a bit about your work space. Do you have a separate studio?

At the moment my stuff is spread out and I have bits all over the place. My main workspace is the dining table which isn’t ideal. Plans are afoot for a separate space but in the meantime I’ll have to just spread out!TWT6

What have you learned since opening your business that you wish you had known before hand?

I’ve learned loads of techniques along the way but I’ve also learned loads about running a business, albeit a small one. I’ve learned patience as it’s taken a while to get the shop to the level it’s at now. I’ve also had to get to grips with various social media that I’d not used before. I love Instagram for its ability to show a particular mood and twitter for its ability to reach out to so many crafters that I wouldn’t otherwise come into contact with.TWT7

Any advice for those thinking about selling on Etsy?

Know your SEO! It took me a long time to get to grips with it, but it really is the key to getting your shop noticed. Get out and about as much as you can, learn what your customers like and what you enjoy making. Get stuck into the teams as well. My local team is awesome at helping you out no matter how daft your question. I was astonished to find such a community behind Etsy when I joined. It really is one of its strengths.TWT8

When you’re not working, what do you like to do to unwind and have fun? Do you have any hobbies?

Erm, knitting! We love walking as a family, and I do enjoy my garden, when the boys aren’t using it as football pitch! I’m also partial to swimming and an evening natter with my friends. Usually involving knitting.TWT9

What is your favorite quote?

If you can’t fight, wear a big hat. (courtesy of my husband’s Nana!)TWT10

Where can people find out more about your business?

I can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I tend to post a good mix of in progress shots, product info and pictures of my garden, dog and kids. My Instagram feed is a good way to see what I’m about – I guess it kind of works like a mood board.TWT11

Is there anything else you’d like to share?

One of the things I love about Etsy is that we get to do custom work. I find it a real privilege to be entrusted with something special like a birthday present. If you like my work but don’t see the colour you like, I’m happy to be challenged!TWT12


If you would like to be featured, please go to the CIJ Etsy Forum and fill out the questionnaire. Please note you must be a member of the CIJ Etsy team to be featured.

Food And Drink – #CIJParty 2016

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Good morning everyone! Another new addition to our third annual Etsy Christmas In July Party this year is food and! What is a party without refreshments?

I invited members of the Etsy Christmas In July members to share their food and drink items.

Eleni from LenasCakes says:

Actually is this one. Totally CIJ , right?

As you all see it’s Santa. And his belt.

Making it at first, I thought it would be one of my Xmas items, for those who want their cupcakes decorated in a Holiday gathering.

Well, although I have sold it for Xmas season, it has most sales-believe it or not!- in July! There are a lot of people who love Christmas and they don’t want to celebrate only in December, but all year round!

(I’m sending one set of those next week, that’s why it’s the first I thought).

Have a great #CIJ Party everyone! And a lovely summer!



Jackie Irvin from JackJacksWayart says:

A sweet cupcake to fill his tummy so yummy!

Dash away Dash away all.

And to all a good night.



Michelle Emma Kay from EmmaKayInks says:

In April I participated in “Creative Sprint ( Each day you are emailed a prompt and you make something in response to it.

The prompt for one day was “make something from a collection”. I went into the kitchen and saw my partner’s left over popcorn. I photographed a collection of them and drew them.

It was then that I realised that like snowflakes and finger prints, every piece of pop corn is a little bit different. I also enjoyed the way their forms looked when they are a bit abstracted. And thus, it became the basis of my first post it note design.



Christine Parker from modernimpressionist says:

There is a coffee shop in Chelsea Market in NYC that has the best roasted coffee and it is such a treat to brew and drink a cup of steaming hot coffee at home. Here is a bag of their coffee in front of one of my paintings in the background and a floral still life waiting to happen!



Sue from SuesAkornShop says:

I have always seen cups decorated with fabric here and there. I thought it was something that I would like to try to make and came up with this fabric cup sleeve. I thought it would be neat to make one for our holiday get together and then after they were used at the party the people could take home the one that they used for their drink. I put a few in the shop for various holidays as well.



willowvalleyvintage from WillowValleyVintage says:

My daughter and I found this milk bottle at an antique shop!

We love the graphics showing a woman displaying her archery skills!

It was made by the University of Wisconsin Dairy.



Tanya Hardman from TheWoollyTangle says:

So, I love tea. And I have children, so I often get cold tea! Tea cosy’s seemed the way forward. Since this is my first year joining in with christmas in July I thought I’d get the ball rolling by starting with some fun festive silliness. Why not turn the tea pot into a Christmas pudding?! Just don’t cover it in brandy and set fire to it. Won’t make your tea taste better!



Ashley Babula from ABStudio62 says:

Fall and Winter holiday beverages from my favorite coffee shop are something I look forward to every year. My favorite, the Peppermint Mocha Latte, inspired this piece of holiday decor in my shop.

All of my signs are hand painted and designed by myself. I created this piece to look like a chalkboard to coordinate with rustic holiday decor. I use a stretched gallery canvas and permanent materials to make the sign. Lettering cannot be erased.

My shop opened in April, so this will be my first year participating in CIJ. I’m excited for the promotion! I’m still creating a few more items to add to my inventory to join this holiday piece!



Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio says:

“À Table”

Dinner’s Ready, it’s time to eat!

My mother would call all seven of us kids to the table with this French phrase. We might have been in the middle of what we thought was something very important, but we knew, if we heard our mother call that phase, we’d better hurry and wash up!

A perfect print or printable to accent any kitchen or dining room.



Lizzy and Boo from LizzysBibsandBobs says:

‘Twas the night before Christmas …You’ve heard this before !? Anyway Santa has been hard at work and needs some refreshments, so wouldn’t he love to find this sweet little plate filled with delicious Christmas Cookies waiting for him!



Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says:

I love food and sharing food…. it is a great way to celebrate and feel close to family and friends.

I have lots of food and drink relate products in my shop, such as this set of nesting bowls which are great for condiments, olives, chutneys, dipping sauces – you get the idea!



Rosalia and Linda from Doublemuse says:

Throwing a nice holiday party is almost as fun as throwing clay and making pottery. When I can incorporate both loves it’s a win win. This sea shell chip and dip plate I made really brings my two passions together.



Carola Bartz from CarolaBartz says:

When I think of food and drink I see my friends sitting around a big wooden table where we share a home cooked meal. The table is set beautifully which is an important part of the meal and the experience of eating (and laughing) together. Place cards are a nice and personal touch, and you can even take them home with you if you like.



Lia Russo from Ghirlandiamo says:

Come, friends, come, eat and drink with Pulcinella!

Pulcinella is the old Naples character, he has a great personality and his own philosophy and ….is always hungry.

He’s aware of his problems, but always smiling.

He’s disrespectful and makes fun at powerful people.

I wanted to honor him with something non-conventional, so I created this centerpiece, in cooperation with a talented ceramics crafter from Vietri sul Mare*.

And so was born my Pulcinella, the Naples king of the table!

A piece for connoisseurs, who will be able to appreciate the creativity of the whole piece, the added value of ceramics from Vietri sul Mare*, the so thorough miniatures.

It’s one-of-a-kind centerpiece, where a fine ceramic Pulcinella, the Naples character, and so many incredible miniatures stand out.

This rustic Mediterranean centerpiece is a parade of typical Neapolitan food and Pulcinella stands in the middle, ready to enjoy them all.

In one hand he holds a glass of wine, from his arm a salami is hanging and he’s surrounded by a lot of many other local delights: anchovies, tomatoes, salami, bread, eggs, apples.

Couldn’t Pulcinella eat any pizza? No, definitely! He got three!
And with all this food, a good wine in a wicker bottle.

This centerpiece will be perfect in the middle of any table, bringing cheerfulness at the first glance and adding a touch of Neapolitan life.

* Vietri sul Mare is a small village on the Amalfi Coast, very close to my town Salerno.

It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997.

It’s famous in Italy and all over the world for ceramic tiles and all kinds of decorated crockery.

It’s ceramic traditions have their roots in the Etruscan period.




Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

I imagine some of us love to get our hands dirty with our gardens.

Here at Christmas in July we want to know all about what type of gardens you have,how long you have been gardening and anything else you wish to tell us that is related to the theme.

Sue and Misty from shabbyshopgirls says we have a large vegetable garden where we grow tomatoes, peppers, squash, cucumbers & a variety of melons. Gardening books are absolutely invaluable to us, which is why we keep on hand many different types. We also have many flower and garden inspired items.


Round Vera Neumann Floral Tablecloth

Dawn Whitehand  from DeeDeeDeesigns said I am lucky enough to live on ten acres in rural Australia and we have a huge vegetable and fruit garden.

Spring/ Summer is our biggest harvest, and this year was particularly successful. I have spent the last month preserving, pickling and fermenting the rewards! This has however taken away time from managing my Etsy shop – but it has to be done while the produce is fresh!

After a big day in the kitchen I reward myself with wine!! But during the day I take the occasional coffee break and sit on the veranda and enjoy looking at the garden.


Ceramic mug and coaster set

Melissa R from missy69 states I love gardening! I wouldn’t say I am great at it, but I am always learning. I home school my children, and one of the best ways to teach them Science is to try to grow something. My daughter and I currently have a 3 Sisters Garden, that is corn, squash and beans. This is from a History lesson on the Pilgrims and Native Americans. So far so good, lol. We live in sunny Florida, so usually by March we can start the veggie garden. I have peppers every year, and tomatoes. But, this year we tried something new. Plus the all the flowering plants, to attract hummingbirds and butterflies. BTW another great Science activity is to plant host plants for butterflies. They will lay their eggs on the host plant, and then you can watch the whole metamorphosis process. Very cool! I love to paint all the beautiful things in this world, and one of them is below. An absolute favorite, the ruby-throated hummingbird.


Ruby throated hummingbird acrylic art painting

Carola Bartz from CarolaBartz says gardening is balm for my soul. I love it. When we moved in our home on a corner lot there was only lawn in front of the house. Using the sheet mulching technique I converted it to a garden that now, four years later, has become a real paradise for birds, butterflies and other critters. Unfortunately the deer like it, too, and treat it as their personal salad buffet. However, that doesn’t stop me to constantly work on it, weeding, cutting back, making space for new plants. I love every season in it. At the moment I’m working on my backyard to turn it into a similar sanctuary.

As a photographer I love to take pictures of the flowers – if there’s a little bug on the plants, even better!


Ladybug in Lavender Photo Greeting Card

Jenya from Veddma discusses this week I take the first steps to start the garden, and it’s exciting as ever, since we have a new space to shape. I have met with Gavin from Edible Landscaping Ottawa to help us figure out what is feasible to do in our space, with considerations of sustainability, cost, and aesthetics, using permaculture principles wherever possible to maximize the food-growing potential. I’ve been experimenting with various garden designs, including vertical towers and spirals over the years. Quite a bit of it is documented on my blog, here is the latest post:


Spring flower fine art photography gift card set

Patricia and Rebecca from northandsouthshabby states I moved into a newly built home 6 years ago. Unfortunately, the builder had stripped all the vegetation and left a pretty blank slate. I have pushed, planted and prodded little spots to come to life. Every year gets better and a little bigger. An addition of a rain barrel has helped my flowers thrive. One storm can fill the 55 gallon barrel to capacity. My trusty watering can is my constant gardening tool, bringing the sweet rainwater to thirsty flowers.


Vintage large round floral Toleware tray

Tanya Hardman from TheWoollyTangle discusses I always loved gardening from a very young age; I even had my own patch of ground at my granddad’s allotment. Although I realize now how little I actually did!

I used to be a full-time gardener in a local stately home before we had our eldest son but couldn’t return to the profession afterwards thanks to childcare restraints. I’ve settled for making my own garden, which is finally starting to look lovely after a lot of hard work. Hoping for a lot of veggies and flowers this year.

Lots of my pieces are inspired by the colours and forms of nature. The brooch featured here is an attempt to recreate the beautiful full blooms of the peony plants which are just budding up in my garden at the moment.


Hand knitted flower brooch

Desert Dabbler from DesertDabbler states gardening is a challenge here in the desert southwest but very rewarding. My lavender loves the dry sunny climate. My other favorite flowers are Yellow Bells, which are tubular flowers that grow on tall vines. We are also on the path for Monarch butterflies. To encourage them we grow desert milkweed, a very plain plant but one that butterflies love. I combined my love for butterflies and flowers in these dangle earrings. But these are Swarovski butterflies — also beautiful.


Flower and Butterfly Swarovski crystal dangle earrings

Corkycrafts from Corkycrafts says spring brings wildflower season in Texas. I love to garden and sell wildflower seeds to share the love of gardening with my clients and customers. Only during the spring/summer I sell my seeds to share the color of wildflowers across the USA.


Nasturtium flower seeds,edible flowers

Annie from DesignedbyAnneliese discusses that I have loved being in the garden and helping my dad garden from a young age. However once I moved out of home I have not had my own garden. I do have a courtyard where I love to keep plants in pots and attempt to grow herbs and vegetables. Unfortunately the possums get to the herbs, veggie leaves and strawberries before we do!
I have included this set of envelopes which feature flowers and butterflies and remind me of spring and being in the garden.


6 flower and butterfly envelopes set

Jessica and Bryan King from FeathandKee says Bryan and I both really like to grow things. Sometimes we have success, others not so much. I always get way to ambitious in the wonderful Spring weather, then when the heat of Summer hits….  I always have good luck with Okra, Zinnias, and Marigolds. This key chain was inspired by the pretty flowers of Spring and Summer.


May Flowers Reclaimed Wood Key chain

Dana Hamant from LilybeanzBowtique states my garden is a constant work in progress. We have lived here for 6 years, and each year we work on one piece and making it our own. In the past we have taken down bushes, rearranged bulbs, and started a herb garden. This year we are excited to start growing strawberries and tomatoes! Next year we will be tearing up our existing deck and building a brand new one, so that we can better enjoy our outdoor living space.

I absolutely love being outside and being a part of nature. This tutu dress is the epitome of what I love about being outside.


Green Fairy Tutu Costume

Peach Echo And Snorkle Blue – Pantone Fashion Colors For Spring 2016

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Color Inspiration is the theme of Christmas In July’s #EtsyCraftParty 2016!

Color trends are a wonderful way to celebrate the seasons!

According to Pantone two of the top colors for Spring 2016 are Peach Echo and Snorkle Blue.

The fashion and design communities, and consequently, consumers, have been in love with orange for several seasons. Coming to the fore this Spring is PANTONE 16-1548, Peach Echo, a shade that emanates friendlier qualities, evoking warmth and accessibility. It is an all-encompassing, tempered companion in the playful orange family.
Leatrice Eiseman
Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute™

A maritime -inspired blue, PANTONE 19-4049 Snorkel Blue plays in the navy family, but with a happier, more energetic context. The name alone implies a relaxing vacation and encourages escape. It is striking yet still, with lots of activity bursting from its undertones.
Leatrice Eiseman
Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute™

Members of the Etsy ChristmasInJuly Team have been inspired by the colors Peach Echo and Snorkle Blue! They have created items in their shops reflecting this inspiration! Here are a few!

Mary Avelis from LilFoxDesigns says:

Kitchen accent peach pot holders, are created with the home cook in mind. casual or serious cooks will love these high quality pot holders. Our juicy peach hot pads are certain to please all year around.

Each hot pad fits your hand and allows you to hold your item safely. Measures approximately 7 1/2 inches square. Each peach and green potholder is top stitched and quilted for durability. We used a heat resistant material, with 100% cotton batting. As well as high quality cotton fabric for durability.

As if the features for our peach pot holders weren’t enough; I am proud to say they are made in a smoke-free and pet-free studio; and is extremely easy to care for!

All you need to do to keep your hot pads clean, wash cold, tumble dry low.



Dana Hamant from LilybeanzBowtique says:

My best friend recently had boy/girl twins. I focus on items for girls, but really wanted to make something for her son, too. I decided on making a fabric mobile for their nursery that incorporated colors to go along with the jungle theme she picked. After completing her mobile, I wanted to make more to add to my shop. They are such a fun way to add color and texture to a room, and can transition to a great decor piece as the child grows. When looking for fabrics to create a new piece for my shop, I found these that had peach, mint, and grey and absolutely fell in love.



friedasophie from friedasophie says:

Peach always reminds me of summer, I got inspired in the wintertime, missing beach times when i came across this pretty stone.



Valerie Brown from FirepanJewellery says:

I grew up on the Canadian West Coast, and blue water surrounded the island! Just thinking about the ocean makes me happy! These pendants were inspired by the word ‘content’. To me being content is being by the water’s edge – the greenery behind you and your toes in the blue water!



Tanya Hardman from TheWoollyTangle says:

The variety of blues in sodalite reminds me of all the colours of the sea – perfect for sunny summer days.



Nancy Duncan from EponasCrystals says:

Beautiful paua shell statement ring in a beachy snorkel blue shade. Sure to get lots of compliments!



Jessica and Bryan King from FeathandKee says:

I love all shades of blue. This pair of earrings were made from reclaimed wood. They are simple squares, and I wanted a restful color for them.




Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says:

I love the colour blue – summer skies, Mediterranean seas – I guess that is why the Pantone Color Institute link the colour to a relaxing vacation and escape!

I also link relaxing and vacationing with good food, and good food deserves to be served in unique handmade bowls!



Annie from DesignedbyAnneliese says:

The colour blue is one of my favourites. My husband and I have a lot of blue in the house which we find relaxing!

I made this felt star blue for that reason. I made it with Christmas in mind, to be used as a Christmas tree decoration. Saying that, it could look nice hanging from a hook or door any time of the year!




Welcome New Team Members for January and February

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns

Please join us in welcoming the new Etsy Christmas in July team members for January. Here is a little about them and their shops.

I’m a stay at home mum based in Leeds, Yorkshire, UK & I make hand knitted wire jewellery, woolly accessories & knitting accessories. I made one of the bags below for my mum for mother’s day, she’s knitted for longer than I’ve been alive! Watching her, all giddy with excitement, pack all her bits and bobs into it convinced me I was on the right track with my products. I’d love to think that everyone who buys one will be that giddy and happy!
Hello all,
My shop, Throw It Forward, is an eclectic mix of vintage. My philosophy and reason for the name:
The idea behind the name of THROW IT FORWARD is…instead of throwing items into landfills we should instead throw them forward into the next generation, into something artistic, into a new function or to someone in need.
The item I have chosen to feature are some vintage keys that were painted gold by the previous owner. They may not be in their original state for a key collector but they’d be awesome as art supply.
Hi I’m Madi
I just joined . Glad to be a part of the team.
This is my newest addition to my shop. I think it is my favorite Piece I have ever made so far, I just stared dabbling in unique crystals, This is a Cactus quartz or “Spirit” quartz that I dipped in gold on the top and hand wire wrapped it. I adorned it with some citrine crystal pieces, turquoise and a larger rose quartz bead. This is a one of a kind item so it’s the only one available.
Welcome to the team everyone, we hope you enjoy participating in team activities.


Valentine’s Day

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

Valentine’s Day is all about love, lovers, cards and so much more…

Here at Christmas in July we want to know what offerings you have to Cupid and a little about the item.

Roses Workshop from RosesWorkshop  says I love roses, but they don’t bloom naturally in February in the UK. I have created one that will last all year long, and packaged it in a perfect little heart-shaped gift box.

Felted red rose brooch

Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio  said To me, chocolate is a big part of Valentine’s day. It’s a must-have all year long, every day!! (in my dreams). Dangle a good piece of chocolate in front of me and I have been known to change my mind.

Chocolate Valentine Card

Marjorie Scenna from mscenna states red hearts are symbolic of Valentine’s Day and a heart shaped gift is perfect. This red one of a kind glass beaded key chain is a great gift idea!

Red Heart Key chain

Lia Russo from Ghirlandiamo discusses how On Valentine’s Day people generally buy gifts or flowers: that’s very nice, but l think there are also other ways to celebrate this romantic day.

l prepared these tiny wreaths with hearts thinking of an intimate romantic dinner and a smart table set with little, particular accents, like napkin holders.

Felted red rose brooch

Carola Bartz from CarolaBartz says I love to remember my daughter when she still went to elementary school and each child brought little Valentines for the classroom Valentine party. I always made mini cards and then my daughter would sit at the table and write the names of her classmates on the cards. She was so concentrated on the job, the tip of her tongue wandered from one corner of her mouth to the other. She was happy when she was done and hadn’t messed up.

Classroom Valentines with Giraffes

Tanya Hardman from TheWoollyTangle states I love this since it’s one of the first items I made that looked how I saw it in my head! Hangs on a lovely quirky angle and moves wonderfully with you.

Beaded wire heart necklace

Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns  discussed how I have lots of Valentine gift ideas in my shop for him and her….necklaces, rings… and even tableware for that romantic dinner!!

I especially have lots of ‘heart’ jewellery

Ceramic heart necklace

Annie from DesignedbyAnneliese says I had fun putting together these Valentines day themed mini cards.

Heart mini cards

Ina from InaSudjana states that Love should be celebrated So we should really have valentines day every day! Appreciating our loved ones daily, appreciating our friends and appreciating everything that we have really.
Here’s one wall hanging that can help us remember to celebrate love!

Pure wool Cloud Mobile with hearts and elephant

Melissa R from missy69 says I am still very new to wood burning, but I wanted to make a few things for Valentines Day. This is just a simple wooden picture block, with Calla Lilies, Roses, and hearts wood burned to the block. There is a spot for personalizing, too.

Wood burned spring flowers/hearts spinning block picture frame

Wendy CN from CardNotions discusses that this is a humorous Valentine’s Day card inspired by a Fushia and Chartruse sea anemone photo I took years ago. Just a little Photoshopping created a lovely anemone heart for the front of the card! (Did you notice the little hermit crab in the front photo?)

Next, I thought about how other sea creatures might say “I Love You”. Surely, they would need to spell it out with their bodies. So, when the card is opened, a jelly fish in the shape of an “I”, an octopus holding a red heart, and an eel in the shape of an “U” pop forth in bright colors to say “I love you”.

3D I heart you card

Evelyn and Lucy from artsyEve states I think this quilt would be perfect for Valentine’s day–perhaps for a February baby or for an older friend to use as a lap quilt. It’s beautifully made with appliqued hearts–perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Pink and white baby quilt appliqued with hearts

Mandi Leighs from leighswiccanboutique says Love is in the air and valentines day is just around the corner fast approaching. Why not go out of the normal and get her something that not only smells fantastic but is equally beautiful as well. This candle holder was created from found materials to create this unique piece adorn with crystal Quartz, Emerald, Black Onyx and Agate. Filled with a unique of Dragons Blood and Wine. The best part is once this candle is gone the holder is reusable with your favorite tealights or votive candles. A gift that can be used over and over again.

Dragons Blood and Wine Candle,Protection Candle


Woolly Momo from WoollyMomo  states that I think giving your loved one the gift of warmth and comfort is once of the nicest things you can give them.

Valentine’s Day is always so cold here in London and so, in keeping with the red theme of Valentine’s Day, I knit this lovely red hat in a soft and cozy wool to keep a lover warm as the go out and about to celebrate with their much loved other half!

Red side cable Beanie Hat


Sue and Misty from shabbyshopgirls state we love vintage Valentine’s Day cards and postcards! The sayings/greetings are so sweet and creative from years past. This is one of our favorites featuring a huge heart with a lid! Hope she finds some LOVE in there!

Antique Valentine Greeting Postcard