Heralding the Arrival of Spring with Beautiful Bursts of Color

Contributor post by Catherine from DesignsbyCnC

During the dark days of winter, I look forward eagerly to the first burst of spring color.  Nothing signals the arrival of spring like seeing the colorful crocus peeking up through the snow.

There are many different varieties of spring flowers with daffodil, crocus, tulip and hyacinth being some of the most common ones.  To enjoy colorful year-round blooms in your garden, select plants with different blooming times such as the daffodil, the earliest narcissi appear in early spring, especially small cultivars like Tete-a-Tete.  For mid –spring color, the tulip which is just starting their long period of bloom is an all-time favorite. My personal favorite is the peony.  These colorful shrubs carry the garden from late spring to early summer.

Featured are the favorite spring flowers from members of the Etsy Christmas In July team along with an item from their shop that celebrates the colorful blooms of spring.

You might just discover a new variety of spring flower to try out in your own garden!

Nancy Duncan  from  EponasCrystals shared this:

My favorite spring flower is lilac. We have several in our yard and the scent is amazing! It was also my mother’s favorite and it reminds me of her.

These earrings are the lilac color I prefer:

Bell Flower Earrings

Dana Hamant  from  LilybeanzBowtique had this response:

My favorite flower of Spring is a Lily. It is my birth month flower (Lily of the Valley) and the name of my middle daughter and namesake of my shop.

This item comes with handmade felt flowers that remind me of all the beauty of Spring.

Yarn Wrapped Felt Floral Wreath

Tetiana  from DiMaryboutique said:

Dandelion – is spring flower, especially in Kiev this year…. blossoming dandelions and my little daughter inspired me to hand make my ECO dresses with crochet flowers!

Dandelion ECO-dress

Valerie Brown  from FirepanJewellery added:

My garden is full of Spring flowers, and I am very inspired by them! One of my favorites is the Forget-me-not. They “came with the yard” and love my garden so much they spring up everywhere. I know Spring is really here when I see these little blue blossoms all over. Another reason I like Forget-me-not is that there are very few true blue flowers, but they are one of them!

Forget Me Not Sterling Silver Flower Necklace

Corkycrafts  from Corkycrafts remarked:

We plant sunflowers in a wide array of colors all year, the most popular are the yellow ones for the kids love to imagine they are in the land of Jack & the giant bean stalk when the yellow heads pop out in colors. I share my love of gardening with my customers and now sell the seeds during planting season to share a smile.


Texas Size Sunflower Seeds

Sue and Misty  from shabbyshopgirls answered:

What could be more refreshing in the cold of winter than an arrangement of tiger lilies, snap dragons and iris in wonderful muted pastel colors of purple, pink, blue, green and white? These flowers are so beautiful they will take the damp and dark out of any Winter day and signal Spring to pop its cheery head!


ESCADA Silk Floral Scarf

Annie  from DesignedbyAnneliese commented:

I absolutely love Freesias in Spring! They smell so lovely and fragrant. My parents have them in their front yard and I love to pick some and take them home. They also remind me of warmer weather.  I have made some floral envelopes which remind me of Spring!

Floral Envelope Set

Solveiga  from Solviashop added:

My favorite flower of Spring is a Rose. Also I have my favorite song:  “Roses” is a song from American DJ duo The Chainsmokers. It was released as the second single from their debut EP, Bouquet on June 16, 2015. The song was written by and features vocals from American singer Elizabeth Roze Mencel, better known by her moniker Rozes.

Here is a crochet flower key ring made with a yellow wool yarn:

Yellow Flower Keychain

Marjorie Scenna  from mscenna related:

I love spring flowers and look forward to seeing things pop up in my yard. I’m inspired by flowers and love finding ways to incorporate them into crafts. This vintage earring and button pendant reminds me of white peonies.

Pearl Gold Necklace

Rachel Placek  from LoveandPetFurCrochet told me this:

My favorite spring flowers are the Hydrangea. I love the different shades of blue and purple found in these blooms. They also keep well in a vase inside which makes them even more valuable. Here is a crochet coffee mug cozy I made depicting the beauty of their bloom:

Hydrangea Flower Coffee Cup Cozy

Lia Russo  from Ghirlandiamo offered:

So many flowers evoke spring, but for me the most representative ones are daffodils.   It’s so nice to see them sprouting out from the soil not yet covered by green grass.  The most common are like these I used in my wreath: white petals and yellow heart and all completely yellow.  Sincerely I don’t know if other varieties exist, but these two ones are really fresh and lovely and they can perfectly be identified with spring.

Daffodil Heart Wreath

Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says:

Goodness, my favourite spring flower – that is a tough one!

Here in Australia I love our native flora – so enjoy the multitude of gum blossoms that dominate my natural garden …. I don’t have any items inspired by this (something I will have to look into), so will share a daisy pendant instead – another popular spring flower.



Ceramic Daisy Boho Pendant Necklace

Lelia Valois from ValoisFelts commented:

I love it when dandelions, buttercups, clovers and daisies start popping up all over the grass.  Then there’s nothing better than laying out on a blanket with a dog, some cool drinks and a book.


Daisy Needle Felted Bookmark

Alexandra Richards from EyeLoveKnots added this:

I designed these gloves for the Happily Hooked Magazine for a Lace and Openwork theme. I have since worked many different colorways, but the initial piece was in this Rosy Cheeks colorway and the first thing I thought of as I worked through the design was Cherry Blossoms.

The magazine took a small poll on my gloves and found that people were between flowers and stars in the design. What do you see?



Ginny C from GRCTreasures said:

Roses are one of my favorite Spring flowers and these pretty yellow roses just drew me right to the tablecloth. I love vintage linens and I saw this one in a church thrift shop and just had to have it. I would love to keep it for myself but I can’t keep everything I buy and I am happy to pass it on to someone who can appreciate its beauty.

Vintage Wilendur Yellow Roses Tablecloth and napkins

Vintage Wilendur Yellow Roses Tablecloth and napkins


Spring Flowers

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Today is the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere! Enjoy the beauty of spring flowers from members of the EtsyChristmasInJuly Team!

Patricia from TheOldBarnDoor says:

Ah, spring flowers – just the mere mention of spring flowers and my heart starts to race (I’m Canadian and our winters can be long). I have lily of the valley planted everywhere here on the farm and the ones by the doors and windows welcome visitors with their heady fragrance and graceful demeanor. Besides, they remind me that a fairy just might be lurking near by.

Metallic Print Pure White Lily Of The Valley Macro Photograph From TheOldBarnDoor

Metallic Print Pure White Lily Of The Valley Macro Photograph From TheOldBarnDoor

Nautico Creations from NauticoCreations says:

I have more Spring flowers in my shop than anything else. Spring is my favorite time of year after surviving long Minnesota winters. I spend time in the Spring assembling flower arrangements indoors while waiting for the temperature to warm up outside.

The yellow flowers in this arrangement are just so nice and sunny and are my partner’s favorite color. The lacy metal flower pot is my mom’s favorite. Ranunculus is my favorite flower so I’ve included one of those to dance with the tulips and daisies. And the butterfly, well, what could symbolize renewal of the seasons more than that?

Yellow Tulips And Daisies - Silk Flower Arrangement NauticoCreations

Yellow Tulips And Daisies – Silk Flower Arrangement NauticoCreations

Lia Russo from Ghirlandiamo says:

In my shop I’ve many items made by spring flowers!

I adore them: so many kinds and colors, from the delicate peach blossom to the strong colors of tulips, buttercups, irises and others.

Here in South Italy, although never too cold in winter, it’s really soon warm in spring. And when you look around, everywhere you can see flowered trees and smell pleasant scents!

The most exciting smell for me is that coming from orange blossoms and effectively in my shop I also have some wreaths with those flowers.

I generally prefer strong colors but, at the same time, I love those timid flowers, not easy to see: delicate pansies and tremulous lilies of the valley.

In this my last wreath I put them together, creating a pleasant color contrast between white and many shades of lilac.

Pansies And Lilies Of The Valley Wreath From Ghirlandiamo

Pansies And Lilies Of The Valley Wreath From Ghirlandiamo

Becky from BirdsOnATwig says:

Nice cheerful sunflower, and vintage no less! I purchased this many moons ago at a wonderful handmade craft fair show… all of it’s “cousins” have found homes, this is the last of the bunch!

Wooden Sunflower Sign From BirdsOnATwig

Wooden Sunflower Sign From BirdsOnATwig

Walter Silva from WalterSilva says:

Funny you ask, I have been decoupaging with a lot of floral patterns in anticipating Spring!

More to come!

Floral Patterned Cross stitch Desk Organizer From WalterSilva

Floral Patterned Cross stitch Desk Organizer From WalterSilva

Sue and Misty from shabbyshopgirls says:

Big, bright, beautiful daisies! Spring & Summer is just around the corner and daisies are the perfect flower to lighten and brighten your home decor! Daisies are so friendly aren’t they?!

Vintage Daisy Tablecloth   From shabbyshopgirls

Vintage Daisy Tablecloth From shabbyshopgirls

Angie Fitzpatrick from CraftyMom75 says:

I was so ready for spring craft shows and ready to make some different aprons for craft shows that are reflective of vendor’s attitude at Spring craft shows-ready to be back out, ready to start a new year and meet new people. Then, right in front of me in February appeared this fabulous floral print!

Spring Floral Pastel Apron From CraftyMom75

Spring Floral Pastel Apron From CraftyMom75

Kristen Sargent from KestrelCollection says:

I seem to work with flowers no matter the season.

My first listing of March is this triple strand bracelet using glass beads in shades of white with off white roses. I like how it’s crisp but not too formal. That’s sort of how I feel the season of Spring to be. Crisp and new, but too young and carefree to be too serious. This coloring of this bracelet plays as a neutral so you can wear it with just about everything.

Shades of White- Rose Multi Strand Bracelet From KestrelCollection

Shades of White- Rose Multi Strand Bracelet From KestrelCollection

Betty Travell from LadySnooks says:

Can’t wait to see some real spring flowers. But, I made this bracelet to fill the void until we get some real ones. I’ve used the Czech Glass Flowers in blue and added some bright green beads and garden charms.

Spring Blue Garden Charm And Bead Bracelet From LadySnooks

Spring Blue Garden Charm And Bead Bracelet From LadySnooks

Emma-Louise from LSBJewellery says:

I love to watch spring unfold as the leaves and flowers unfurl I know that winter is finally over and warmth will soon follow, I created this particular watch from a selection of glass flowers and leaves it reminds me of my garden as the new season starts.

Springtime Statement Bracelet Watch From LSBJewellery

Springtime Statement Bracelet Watch From LSBJewellery

Valerie Brown from FirepanJewellery says:

I love roses, and mine generally arrive in mid-spring. This year, however, we’ve had a long hard winter so I thought a little hand lift was in order (to encourage good green and pink thoughts!).

Spring Rose Necklace From FirepanJewellery

Spring Rose Necklace From FirepanJewellery

candy frizzell from TrueEarthDesigns says:

Having found this carved gemstone, I began to think how to make it into a pendant necklace. With the lovely color, I found these beautiful pastel gemstone beads, together I knew they would make for a great jewelry piece.

Spring Blue Agate Necklace And Earring Set TrueEarthDesigns

Spring Blue Agate Necklace And Earring Set TrueEarthDesigns

Becky from LollysCubbyHole says:

I have spring flowers… some are found in the boutonnieres below. I also have vintage hankies with blossoms, buds and vines that make me just want to sing of spring!

Men's Burlap Boutonniere From LollysCubbyHole

Men’s Burlap Boutonniere From LollysCubbyHole

Corkycrafts from Corkycrafts says:

I love to garden and my friends always ask for seeds when spring arrives of the many wildflowers that pop up here in Texas. After requests and requests I started selling them in my shop too. I love to share TX color with my friends who have moved away from Texas and also with people who love to garden. Once I started listing many more people were asking for other seeds so I branched into the seed listings during the spring and summer months so I can save up corks for my projects. Check out my shop of the variety of seeds I have available.

Texas Wildflower Seeds From Corkycrafts

Texas Wildflower Seeds From Corkycrafts