Fall Jewelry Trends – Back To the Classics: Etsy

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

I am fascinated by trends. Are you? There are weather trends, work place trends, business trends, job trends, food trends, real estate trends, hair trends, fashion trends color trends and so on.

The definition of a trend is a general direction in which something is developing or changing. In college I took several classes on trends. I remember distinctly studying pre peak – peak – post peak timelines. I find trends intriguing. They pique my curiosity.

Trends unite us. Give us a common ground. A connecting point.

This article is inspired by the Fall Jewelry Trends – Back to the Classics: Etsy article on the Etsy blog.

Gold Chains, Cocktail Rings, Hoop Earrings, Lockets, Pearls, and Charm Bracelets are the Fall Jewelry Trends – Back To Classic on Etsy! Here are a few trend inspired items from members of the Etsy Christmas In July team.


Mairi from mairidesign says:

The article says, “When it comes to hoops, we’re not afraid to go big.” Well, here are a pair of big hoops with the most gorgeous rainbow thorn beads. Perfect for grabbing the limelight on the dance floor as the purply flames frame your face and sparkle like fireworks.



Kristen from KestrelCollection says:

Hi! This necklace was assembled piece by piece until it just felt “done.” Sort of like, “if you give a mouse a cookie” just keeps going… I started with a green organza ribbon and then this necklace just kept going.

I love the classic and simple charm of a good ribbon but it needed a little dressing up, so I decided to add a golden book locket for a pendant. The locket on a ribbon was beautiful on its own but a book that can hold a secret reminded me gardens so I added a piece of gold filigree that reminds me of sunshine and dangled some clay flowers to grow.

Wear this necklace and take the garden with you! Remember that anything can grow if you work on it.


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