World Teachers Day

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings


The United Nations’ (UN) World Teachers’ Day, October 5th, celebrates the role teachers play in providing quality education at all levels. Some celebrations are focused on a single teacher, while others celebrate the teaching community as a whole.

Here at Christmas in July we wanted to know what you have that relates to this and the story behind the item.

Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio says:

I have a number of printed and printable art and signs that are great for teachers.

They are utilitarian and motivating!

Here’s an orange quiet sign perfect for October. Teachers can post this earning on the front of their doors or even in the classroom. It warns hall traffic to keep it down and lets everyone know great achievements are being made inside. As a student, I’d rather look at this sign when I’m taking a test.


Melissa R from missy69 states:

I am not for sure if this is what you are looking for, but I started a series of painted mugs called, Halloween for Heroes, and teachers is one of those heroes. You can see each mug says you can’t scare me I’m a teacher, nurse or fireman. Those are the ones I have done so far. Teachers are vital to our youth. In conjunction with parents, and other members of society they hold the future of the world in their hands, and hearts.


Ann from QuiltingFrenzy said:

For a teacher that does any sewing or quilting or any kind of craft.


Annie from DesignedbyAnneliese says:

I love the  graphic 45 paper range and made these cute matchbook notes with it. These would make lovely little teacher appreciation presents for the end of the year! They are perfect for keeping in a handbag (or on the teacher’s desk) for jotting notes. Teachers always need stationery!!


Arlene from ThisandThatCrafter said:

A Teacher needs a School House to teach in…. Many of my buttons are finds of discontinued buttons. These are a great find of mine and I was able to get several sets of these. A great button to use on a gift you are making for that special teacher.


Ina from InaSudjana says:

I made this pair of coasters especially for my 5 year old Pre-Primary teacher as a thank you gift at the end of this year.

Apples for the teacher to brighten up her days — practical too for that cuppa


Donna Zuk from SassyScrapsCrafts states:

Teachers always need to be thanked for the hard work they do!


Home For All The Holidays

Contributor post by Amy of BeadsAndThreadsbyAmy

Any holiday is the best excuse to gather the family and show how much we care.  Independence Day was always a big celebration in my mother’s family.  Generations have served in the Army, Air Force, and Marines, and it was always important to our family that their service be honored through our celebrations.  Our entire extended family would gather in a little town called Louviers, CO.  A large BBQ and back yard games would ensue.  What makes Holidays special for our CIJ families?  Read on.  Feel free to share your holiday memories in the comments section.  If you see something you like, just click on the pictures to shop our Etsy CIJ team!

1) Ina from InaSudjana says

For us it will be the Chinese New Year (CNY).
It is a big thing in our family, very much like Christmas to many Western countries except that it usually falls on either end of January or beginning of February. Every year has a different date according to the Chinese calendar.
We’re from Indonesia, but my family root is Chinese and my parents are ‘big’ on Chinese New Year.

It is the time to gather together as a big family and enjoying the CNY dinner.

Food is usually in abundance around this time, especially sweet treats like Pineapple tarts. Sweet treats symbolise sweet beginning to a new year.

The CNY dinner menu usually includes fish, tofu, noodle. They symbolise good fortune and long life. We usually wear anything red and the children will usually get red pockets from their parents and grandparents.

This red dolly felt hairclip organiser in my shop is inspired by the CNY:

Adorable felt hair clip from InaSudjana.

Adorable felt hair clip from InaSudjana.

2) Noel from MinkCouture says

I have a Christmas birthday and my parents would always get me a Christmas ornament and put it on my cake with my candles. Sometimes it was cats (I went through a cat phase), other times it was space capsules and moon landers. It morphed into a car for my 16th, a ballet shoe for a big recital…..

I still get an ornament each year, something to symbolize an event that happened.

This inspired most of my ornaments, but definitely this set of “his and hers” first Christmas stockings. Miniature stockings are hand cut from a up cycled felted sweater and sweet vintage pearly, white buttons are seen on the edge.

Lovely Christmas Stockings  from MinkCouture.

Lovely Christmas Stockings from MinkCouture.

3) Olga Creativ from Creativhook says

My favorite holiday is the day of birth. On this day, it’s nice to get the gifts. The best gift for a girl is a doll.

Great gift idea for little ones from Creativhook

Great gift idea for little ones from Creativhook

4) Lia Russo from Ghirlandiamo says

One of my preferred holidays is Mother’s Day.

My sons really love me and usually show me their love in different ways, but It’s so sweet having a particular attention on that day!

This year they were both away but they called me on the phone and on skype too.

When they want to be particularly tender with me, they don’t call me “mom” but “mamy” and I’m…..touched!

I created this decor just thinking it as a perfect gift not only on Mother’s Day, but to show every day love and thankfulness to every mom in any moment of the year.

Lovely heart wreath from Ghirlandiamo

Lovely heart wreath from Ghirlandiamo

5) Claire DeRosa from ToBeMeJewelry says

My favorite holiday is Christmas when family from far away come home to celebrate. Let’s face it, during the month of December we run around completing our energy. To replenish my energy after Christmas, what do I do? Go down to the beach to find sea glass. Although, finding sea glass is now hard to find at the Jersey shore, it’s not impossible. The best part during this “after Christmas” visit to the beach is to see all the Christmas trees along the beach. Bradley Beach, NJ uses the trees to recycle and build up the dunes. It’s so cool, to imagine all the memories these trees provided to families. It’s a cold little visit but so worth it. My energy is renewed and maybe a few pieces of sea glass in my pocket!

Stunning sea-glass bracelet from ToBeMeJewelry

Stunning sea-glass bracelet from ToBeMeJewelry

6) Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says

Within my family we celebrate Christmas the most – usually everyone has time off work so everyone can get together.

My store has lots of handmade ceramic tablewares which are ideal for making a celebration special – what better than to share food presented in a unique piece of tableware made with love.

Beautiful Bowl from DeeDeeDeesigns

Beautiful Bowl from DeeDeeDeesigns

7) Martha from HolidayCreations4U says

The Christmas Tree Skirt is a big tradition in my family. I use the one my Grandmother made for me soon after I got married. I put it under our tree every year. My mother uses the one her mother made her soon after she married. My sisters also put out the tree skirts that were hand made for them by our Grandmother. It is a special time when I pull out that skirt and remember my Grandmother.
I thought it was a wonderful tradition to get started in any family. I hope that my customers are picking out a special handmade tree skirt from my shop and use it year after year.
Here is a sample of my home made felt tree skirts.

Stunning tree skirt from HolidayCreations4U

Stunning tree skirt from HolidayCreations4U

8)  Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio says

Mother’s Day is near and dear to my heart. Of course, because I’m a mother and I can feel the love my daughters have for me. And to me it’s a day to celebrate being a mother myself and what a great gift my children are. And lately though it’s bitter sweet since I am often so far away from my own mother that I can’t visit her on this day. And with her declining health and advancing age, I count each new Mother’s Day she celebrates as a gift. I was able to see her a year ago and captured her prize-winning roses in photo. I’ve turned some of them into greeting cards and overtime I look at them and relive so many sunny Mother’s Days I spend with my own mom.

Stunning greeting card from StockLaneStudio

Classic greeting card from StockLaneStudio

9) Kristy Jo from KrystalKlarityBeads says

In our family while I was growing up almost any holiday turned into a big deal with large family get togethers and tons of great foods, fun, games and laughter. Our family is much smaller now, but the part that always means something to me no matter what is just – family. That bond that is there regardless of the holiday you are celebrating. I was so afriad I would not be here to celebrate more holidays with family when I was diagnosed with lung cancer at 44 years old. I lost my father to this disease, – it has been many years, but I thought much on the fact that those holidays, birthdays, Easter or any holiday – many families do not have very much laughter or are feeling lost, hopeless, lonely, or grieving. I wanted to provide a message of hope, and messages of inspiration – as a survivor I feel a need to pass that on. I also know that sometimes just having something to remember and honor those who lost this fight can be a special thing, and a healing thing. So I make things and hope that they bring a bit of happiness and hope – and healing. I want awareness to spread.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Miniature Handmade Hope Tree from KrystalKlarityBeads.

Childhood Cancer Awareness Miniature Handmade Hope Tree from KrystalKlarityBeads.

10)  Donna Zuk from SassyScrapsCrafts says

My holiday tradition is making handmade ornaments every year, whether its from paper, felt, tree limbs, or fabric. There is nothing you can’t use to make special memorable ornaments from. I would rather have handmade then store bought ornaments anyday because they are truely unique and special.
Charming Old World Santa Tags from SassyScrapsCrafts

Charming Old World Santa Tags from SassyScrapsCrafts

A parting thought…

We’re thinking of you this special holiday,
Sending our wishes for joy and happiness,
Hoping all good things will come your way:
Satisfaction, comfort, peace, success!
By Joanna Fuchs

Welcome New Team Members – May 2015

Contributor post by Dawn of DeeDeeDeesigns

Wow, May has been a busy month with lots of new members joining the team – welcome!!

Read on to meet new members and learn a little about them and their shops!

Ildi from PitzicatVintage lives in Budapest Hungary but is returning to Canada next year.

Ildi has two shops – Pitzicat Vintage and Tulip Vintage, both born out of love.

Pitzicat Vintage is a shop selling vintage clothing and accessories and came into existence partially due to Ildi’s hoarding and partially due to her love of vintage clothing. She loves the styles from the 70s and these are the styles she likes to wear.

Tulip Vintage came about as Ildi fell in love with Hungarian embroideries. Her passion is going to the antique markets in the different small villages and finding beautiful old pillowcases or tablecloths. The antique and clothing markets have started for the summer season and so every weekend she will be on the prowl.
Ildi is very happy with her shops, and is looking forward to participating in the CIJ team activities.




The owner of TheFormaClay has been working with arts since very she was little but has chosen different paths along the way. Cooking is one of them. Besides that, she has always been involved with art, and decided to start her shop last year. She usually works with clay, polymer clay and natural cork or any other material that amazes her. She is glad to be part of the team and is still getting to know the threads and the members. So far, she has seen a lot of talented people, and hopes we can help each other and increase our shops sales.




Carmen from Mipezluna says

“Hi, I have just joined the team some days ago.
I am happy because it seems very interesting. I still have a lot of reading threads pending…

My shop has all the things I love to make. Clothes for babies and girls, bags for me, nightgowns, amigurumi…
What I would like to incorporate next is cloths for boys. I have a boy and a girl and sometimes it is difficult to find nice clothing for him.
Also I would like to start making dolls.

I would love if you came to visit my shop.

Here you can find some samples, I hope you like them.




Von from PlanetVonnychops began her shop as a spin off from her hobby (cross stitch). She started making her own designs evolving from messing with leftover buttons. And the jewellery she sell is the result of her struggling to find earrings she can actually wear (having ridiculously sensitive ears).




Living in the Pine Tree State, Maine and working mostly with pine wood, it was logical for Jacinthe to call her shop ” ThePineTreeShop“.

Last October she opened her shop in hope to support her local Volunteer Fire Dept. During the first 6 months, I donated over $750.00 toward the purchase of a Fire/Rescue ATV. Now she is helping the Good Shepherd Food Bank feed Maine hungry children.

She is not sure what her next cause will be but is grateful to all the customers who have made her dream a success.




Leda from TinyFeltHeart is from Italy and opened her shop last December, but has been working on it intensely this last month. Her passion – as the title suggests – is Felt. Leda loves reading and most of her creations are bookmarks and gadgets linked to the world of books.

This Tiny Owl on the Moon is an example!




Jaclyn from JacolinisCeramics has only recently opened her new Etsy shop this month! Her shop features home decor pieces for holidays and every day living. Jaclyn was inspired to open her shop by her mom who is a wonderful ceramic arts teacher. She is hoping to make her first sale with one of her garden pieces this month.




Donna from SassyScrapsCrafts has been on Etsy a little over a year and makes greeting cards, gift tags, altered items and more.

Donna loves working with paper and all the wonderful things you can create with this material. Her motto is love what you do.




Staci from StinsonPaperCrafts says “Hello everyone! I’m glad to be here. I make journals, notebooks, note cards, gift tags, decorative magnets, and bookmarks. I’ve always loved paper and will be learning to make my own in the near future. In addition to selling here on Etsy, I also sell at craft shows and farmers markets (along with plants and concrete and hypertufa pots and leaf castings). Am looking forward to participating!”




Aphrodite is from Greece and views her shop as a great way to relieve stress while creating beautiful things for the whole world to see. Her shop, LuckyRatJewellery, is almost 2 years old and Aphrodite loves making jewellery.




Kristina, from FeltingLT, is a feltmaker. She started working with the wool felting process in 2008. Kristina loves felting not only because you can make practical, warm and quite often ethereal things, but also because it is a “fantasy field” made of threads, fabrics, decorative fibers. She sees felt also like a canvas for her drawings.

Kristina says “All sorts of images of flora and fauna are born with the help of colored wool. I use a handmade felt cloth or the whole product as a base for embroidery. I love to embroider floral motifs and patterns with animals. Therefore, felting is never boring. As a result working with felt is always interesting and is never predictable. When felting, I often feel myself as a sculptor. It is as if out of nothing you create something unusual and unique.”




Ana from Quilterbell lives in Ireland and I have opened her Etsy shop last year. She is a passionate quilter who loves to play with colour and fabric and designs.




Jessie is a a pre-service teacher and University student from the beautiful island state of Tasmania, Australia. When not designing, studying, or being swarmed by Primary Schoolers, she works on her epic novel saga!

Jessie says “In my shop, MaeveAndMarigold, I create unique printable downloads meant to become special additions to homes, dorms, studies, nurseries, and classrooms everywhere. I take the utmost pride in each and every design, and I love working on custom orders to create something particularly special just for you!”




Juliette is a new Etsy seller (though on Etsy buyer for years now). She has worked for years in Paris for Fashion and Home decor brands and is now happily living in the French Alps with her husband.

Juliette started her shop, LeTanuki, with Japan-inspired arts printed on scarves and pouches, which she hopes we will all like  and I’m sure we will!




What a busy month – bring on June new members!!