Favorite Fashion Trends

Contributor post by Catherine from DesignsbyCnC

Fashion can be considered as our most popular form of expression.  Our fashion style varies greatly over a period of time.  Several factors such as our social class, age, occupation and location also affects our style sense.

Fashion is influenced by pop culture, and the ever-changing style of clothes worn by celebrities.  A trend in fashion occurs when others mimic or emulate this clothing style.

My favorite fashion trend is the styles of the 1940’s.  This time period was long before I was born, but I have always loved the more tailored style which highlighted the hour-glass silhouette.  With the start of   WWII, and a strict rationing on fabric, dresses in the 1940’s became shorter.  During this time the two piece suit known as a victory or utility suit became popular.  Women could mix and match skirts, blouses, and jackets for a new outfit every day. After the war ended, the suit style remained popular due to its comfort and practicality.

After the war ended, a new fashion style began to emerge which embraced femininity, with rounded shoulders, shapely bust lines, closely defined waistlines, slightly padded skirts, and full, billowing skirts that hung just below the calves.  Fashion in the 1940’s was a good mix of comfort and glamour.

I asked the members of Etsy’s Christmas In July Team to share their favorite fashion trends and to highlight a fashion item from their shop.

msmadmax from madmaxshop says:

Fashion constantly refers to the past for inspiration.

The shop has been gearing up for spring and a great deal of fashion trends for each season borrow from decades past.

SPRING 2016 FASHION TREND Romantic Ruffles
This season, wear your ruffles soft and loose, cascading in tiers and falling in gathers. Whether in suede, silk, or raffia, let the fabric dictate the shape.

Sheer Delight…Hints of 80s nostalgia…

This sheer black and white secretary blouse with matching fabric-covered buttons has triple tiered panels enhanced by a very fashionable ruffle collar. Cuffs on sleeves are elongated with three buttons. Made by COLLARS n’ CUFFS.

80’s Ruffle Collar Vintage Blouse


















Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns responded:

Here in Australia we are heading into Autumn and according to Pantone the fashion trend colour for Autumn 2016 is Riverside – a cool, calming and stable force in the palette. It gives a sense of vibrancy and excitement, while maintaining consistency …. it is a blue tone by the way!!

Classic Blue Ceramic Beaded Necklace and Earring Set














Sue and Misty from shabbyshopgirls had this response:

Trending is swing and square dancing! We have been selling out of every vintage swing and square dancing dresses we find. Here is a fun vintage dress with lots of ruffle and skirt – perfect for twirling!

Vintage Women’s Swing Dress






















Rachel Placek from LoveandPetFurCrochet mentioned:

Skinny jeans and leggings are still in fashion and women love to wear them with boots! One of the latest fashions is to wear boot cuffs over the jeans/leggings and under the boots to accessorize the outfit. I crochet these fashionable Brooklyn Boot Cuffs the buyer’s choice of color.