Christmas In July Team – An Etsy Fellow

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Etsy is an e-commerce site,yet also a community of makers and trend setters. Since Etsians have common goals we have a Fellowship to help facilitate growth,change and better peer-to-peer relations.

The purpose behind the Fellowship¬†Program is an opportunity for Etsy Team Captains and Leaders to receive resources to help strengthen their teams, improve their team members’ shops and build their own leadership experience.


Christmas in July Team has participated in a Fellowship the last 4 Quarters and we have grown and learned so much from these opportunities. We have also met so many new and wonderful  Etsy leaders among the way.

Etsyverse was brought to life to be a place for any Fellowship Etsy team to share knowledge,share promotions, and to be a visionary community of makers and doers.


Etsyverse facilitates many promotions between Fellowship teams including a Team of the Month, September SEO(Search Engine Optimization)Workshop and the Etsyverse Holiday Sale!