What Did You Know About Business Before Starting Your Shop?

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

This blog will be all about what you knew about business before starting your shop. Some of us didn’t know much about taxes,inventory and the like…

Tell us what you knew about business before starting your shop and even what you didn’t know and wish you had!

Linda from LazyYVintage says what I knew about business was bookkeeping, organization, software, writing (aka grammar) and research. And, I knew that I loved vintage and antiques and thought I knew a lot about it. But it provides a continuous learning opportunity. Each category has its own websites and associations, and each piece can be so very different in origin, maker, pricing, etc. I love it. I’m going to add that Jim knows shipping, inside and out. No issues or learning process was necessary to put a shipping department in place. Well, maybe more room to lay it out, but we are working on that part too!

And, although spreadsheets are familiar to me, creating an inventory system was a learning process and still is. Now that my shop is growing, I’d like to step back and redo the physical as well as the Excel spreadsheet!

Also, social media and websites. It might be my age but outside of Facebook, I didn’t really see a need for other social media outlets. Now I tweet and pin and am working on learning more about Tumbler and my website.

This blue willow bowl was one of the first pieces of blue willow I decided to sell in my shop.


Blue Willow Bowl made by Royal China Co. Circa 1948


Alicia from AliciasFindings said I knew  the basics of things like bookkeeping,sales,research,customer service and the business plan.

I am not the best with spreadsheets,but have been learning very quickly.  I have been leaning towards getting some accounting/inventory software to make it easier on me.

I have slowly learned about the benefits of marketing and many ways in which to do so. I am a social media lover now!

I didn’t know anything about taking photos of products,including staging.  I am slowly upping my photo game.

Websites and blogs for business is something I have yet to tackle,but I plan on opening up a website here soon. I find if you research something and do it in chunks,you can achieve it!


Silver crystal beaded jewelry set