What Makes Christmas Special: GoodThingsSmallBoxes – #EtsyCIJ 2018

Contributor post by Mairi from mairidesign

What makes Christmas special? – Arlene and Gabriel Pitts from GoodThingsSmallBoxes


1. What makes Christmas special to you?

The majority of people’s Spirits are transformed for a little while. People are a little happier, lighter, more polite, generous, sharing, aware of each other, affectionate. (I’m not talking the crowded malls before Christmas, that’s an entirely different thing, but you CAN find it there.) Places are transformed and seem magical. Traditions and memories come alive.

2. How do you make Christmas as special to others?

I either know or find out what other’s ultimate Christmas wishes may be. I try to make one of them come true. I also work at embodying the Spirit of Christmas wherever I go. I look people in the eyes, wish them a Happy Holiday, hand out candy or other treats wherever I go. Buy a stranger coffee or a soda. Sometimes I even drop glitter where I walk just to make it a little brighter in a small way. (not in houses or stores, its a pain to clean up) Where ever I work or live, I decorate. Those I am around daily, I gift personal gifts. I try to make sure that people are not alone at Christmas. Be they close family, friends or someone in dire straits, They are welcomed into my home and celebrations.

3. What are three words that best describe Christmas to you?

Spirit, Giving, Christ

4. What are you most looking forward to for Christmas 2018?

Finding a new place to live where I can freely be that Spirit of Christmas, where my family feels comfortable, relaxed and happy to be there, and those who don’t care about the season will have no influence on how I celebrate.

5. What are your social media sites?

Facebook: facebook.com/mariepitts

Pinterest: pinterest.com/mariepitts

Instagram: instagram.com/carpediem5790

YouTube: youtube.com/carpediem5790

Linkin: linkin.com/arlenepitts