Light And Bright

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

There are many things that can be defined as light and bright.

There are bright eyes, bright lights, bright colors..

There are light of the sun,illuminate an area,radiate an area..

Here at CIJ we want to see all your light and bright items. Please tell us all about it. The why, what, how and so on.

Dawn from DeeDeeSupplies says these light and bright coloured beads are great for embellishing bunting, cards, jewelry, clothing, scrapbooking and more!


Loose tube bugle beads

willowvalleyvintage from WillowValleyVintage said this is a vintage Christmas light bulb.

I imagine this angel looked “heavenly” on the tree! The beams of light would have shown from the cut out circles and stars on her gown! Wow!


Angel Christmas decoration vintage bulb

Diana from joliefemmebydiana states laughter is light hearted! Colors are bright! This funny print has both with some happy funny faces and bright pink and orange print! It is a unique print that will make you smile!


Alegria Happy funny faces tote

Traci from mytoffeeapple discussed the beautiful, bright and fresh with botanical white flowers, ” I love you forever mom” art print.


Mother’s Day digital download

Pam Colangelo from PearlsVintagebyPam said stunning shimmery Eisenberg Original fur clip
rhinestones are light and amber stones are like the sun
Old and bright vintage jewelry to brighten up dress attire.

Eisenberg Original Dress Clip Signed 1930s

Hobby Month

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

January is Hobby Month, which is a great time to teach a class, get together with others to craft or even learn a new one!

Here at CIJ we want to know about your hobby. What about it satisfies you? When did you first start doing it? Anything else you want to tell us about it?

Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says well, way back years ago, pottery was my hobby… I got into it as “time out” from young kids (who are now adults) and over time it has – gratefully – developed into a profession.
As a professional, not only do I make and sell on Etsy, I also exhibit and teach classes and workshops in my studio – so I am very fortunate!!
And it is fantastic to think that I make home decor items that people can use and engage with everyday – it is a great feeling.


Ceramic oval speckled blue bowl

Mi H from MCART30 discusses that I would say I love working with paper and beads. I’ve always been making greeting card for friends on their birthday. I started beading couple years ago and can never stop!
I’m very excited to start my shop this year and work on things I love to do. No more 9-5 office job, yay!

Easter gift tags

Easter gift tags

Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeSupplies said as a creator I love to make jewellery and over time this ‘hobby’ has developed into selling my jewellery and, now, also selling jewellery and craft supplies. A lot of the supplies I sell are manufactured, but some I also make myself such as these organic polymer marbled beads.


Handmade Marbled Polymer Clay Beads

Handmade Marbled Polymer Clay Beads

Sheila and Shannon from BeadyEyedBird says my hobby (and current profession) is supporting my talented jewelry designer daughter. In the process, I’ve followed in her footsteps and now I’m in love with gemstones and jewelry-making too. She’s still the one with all the talent, though. Here’s one of her creations featured in our shop.

Turquoise bead necklace

Turquoise bead necklace

Diana from joliefemmebydiana states that I love embroidery! I started teaching myself from kits at age 10 and now I draw my own designs and add them to my products when I can. I have also taught beginning embroidery at my local quilt shop to both adults and kids and it’s so fun to share! Embroidery is soothing and engrossing and a great hobby for me!

Mini hand embroidered tote

Mini hand embroidered tote

Alicia from AliciasFindings said that I have quite a few hobbies and most of them are craft related. My jewelry started out as a hobby, with me getting together with friends to create. I sell online and at craft shows. I also love to read, loom knit, color and so much more.

Cayenne red dichroic glass pendant necklace

Cayenne red dichroic glass pendant necklace

Pam Colangelo from PearlsVintagebyPam discusses that her hobby is reading. She especially loves the movie Titanic
since it makes you feel very emotional. What a tragedy, such a beautiful ship and people-such a sad history.

Titanic hardcover book

Titanic hardcover book

Boss Gear

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

Being a boss is more then being a leader in your field,it is an attitude!
Are you a boss? Do you have boss gear? These could be accessories,planters,prints,clothing and more.

Here at Christmas in July we want to know what you have in your shop that a boss would use in every day business life.

Pam Colangelo from PearlsVintagebyPam says this Netuske is an Asian Figure Representing Wealth and Prosperity. Netuskes came fro the word Kimono. Treasures and personal goods were hidden in robes. Today Netuskes display Trades-Professions-Culture. I thought this was a good way to honor a boss and display prosperity and professionalism from an ancient cultural figure.


Jadeite Netsuke Handcarved Figurine


Kelly from ColourscapeStudios said there’s a great quote about being a boss, which is “It takes a certain amount of stubbornness to succeed as an entrepreneur”. I think it’s a mix of stubbornness, tenacity and above all else, passion when it comes to being a boss in the world of online selling, and my print below is a fabulous home decor piece of art that fits into any office space (be it your dining table or a purpose built studio!)


Pleasure In The Job Puts Perfection In The Work, Inspirational Quote


Heather from ArabellaBlossoms states happy years of being a “Boss” in various situations have rewarded me with special friendships. My approaches included to be respectful, operate as a team and have a tidy desk styled with a vase of garden flowers.


Office Desk Set Storage,Pencil Holder and Mug Rug


Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio discusses that a good leader and boss is a morale- booster. From the newbie who has a lot to learn to the seasoned expert ready for retirement, showing appreciation to those you lead is key in keeping morale, efficiency and productivity high. ‘bottom of my heart’ notecard set does the trick. The pack includes unique cards, along with little mini cards with words of appreciation. The mini cards can accompany the notecards, or can be used as is. What a unique, quick and easy way to simply show how much you appreciate your crew!


Thank You Card set