Make My Life Easier

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

When you think of getting organized for yourself, your family, your business and your life in general what comes to mind?

Lists, storage containers, bottles, boxes, planners etc.

Judy from JAMsCraftCloset says what a pretty way to organize your papers, magazines, etc., then this gold wire Cottage Chic beaded wall organizer? I love when I find something unique at estate sales and this is one of them.


Metal organizer

Cindy from Cynhumphrey said I happen to be a lady who has a lot of rings and stud earrings. The earrings really don’t store well in the homemade earring frame I made so they often would get thrown into a bowl and sit in a muddled mess on my counter.

This unique koi designer shoe solved the problem! Not only can I use it to store rings, it also works for my stud earrings! All I have to do is simply slide the jewelry I want to store in between two of the cushioned rows and I’m organized!


Koi fish patterned high heel ring holder

Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio states I love cooking, and I have loads of coffee and flour stained cookbooks. But many of my family recipes are scattered on loose papers and frequently lost or overlooked. My Mother’s beloved handwritten recipe booklet is getting worn and tattered.

Printable recipe papers for a family recipe binder has solved that problem. My sisters and I are gradually transcribing my Mother’s book for future chefs, and we’re adding our own new recipes as well. Since the recipe papers are digital, we can print out at home, but also email recipes to share with family and friends.

Our SLP customers love these printable recipe pages. This black and white version is especially popular because cooks can print out as many as needed but they don’t have to use up a lot of their home computer printer ink in doing so. The papers can be printed out in black and white, or used with standard American letter-sized colored paper.

We have a Deluxe version as well, with many more options, and more designs available in our ~Recipe~ section. SLP even offers an recipe transcription service! Happy baking.


Printable recipe binder

Przemila from CanisArtStudio says I prepared a series of wooden painted boxes with natural themes. Here is a natural wooden box for jewelry with the theme of spring bird and apple blossom. It’s very good also to hold credit cards or other treasures. This is something for those people who like to have a lot of small things and can hide this little mess into a nice, colorful box that will decorate your bedroom or desk.

Decorated wooden jewelry box

Marta from GottliebTextiles said a makeup bag is a very big helper to keep your bag nice and tidy. All your lipsticks, credit cards, coins, keys, or any other small items can fit in this practical purse. No more desperate digging in your bag.

Bicycle makeup bag

Richard and Tatiana from DesignstheLimit states the perfect personalized gift for the owner of a disorganized desk is only a click away, we permanently engrave all of the products in our shop and specialize in creating personalized gifts using any of the designs in our portfolio, fonts we have available from our selection, and also offer additional design services for logo conversion, gift wrap, and gift cards for shipping directly to your recipient.

Personalized pen holder


Getting Ready for the Holidays! Part 2 – Stocking Your Shelves

Contributor Post By Jennifer from CaffeinatedPaperCuts

Welcome back to our holiday prep series! Jennifer here again from CaffeinatedPapercuts with our next installment of Getting Ready for the Holidays. This week, we’re making a list, checking it twice, and filling up our shelves with holiday goodies.

Now that you have all of your shipping supplies in place, we need things to put in them! Now is the time to be listing holiday goods, stocking stuffers, greeting cards…anything that fits under a tree. Amy from BeadsandThreadsbyAmy was sure to include it in her top 5 things to-do before the holiday season hits us:

1. Stocking my store-including some limited edition holiday offerings.
2. Ordering Shipping and packing Supplies. Making sure I have an extra printing cartridge and paper handy!
3. Prepping for a holiday show that I am doing.
4. Re-organizing my craft room to accommodate the new inventory.
5. Making sure I take some ME time. Life is best enjoyed when you take some time to smell the roses!

Looks like she followed through as well. Just look at this cute towel set!


Perfect as a gift for yourself or a loved one this holiday season. Now is the time to go through your inventory as well. Have some things that have been hanging around a while? Maybe it’s time to put them on sale to make room for new items. After all, Black Friday is coming!

Looks like Amy is doing some craft shows this season, too, as am I! If you are as well, you’ll need to decide what to do with your shop while you’re out; list everything? Make some things available only at the shows? Keep on top of in-person sales for Etsy items or put your shop on vacation mode for the day? Personally, I actually have very little overlap in items between Etsy and craft shows, so I just update the shop at the end of the day.

While you’re creating your items, be sure to get lots of photos and start thinking about tags. If you’re doing made-to-order items, be sure to give yourself plenty of lead time and don’t be afraid to turn away work if you will not be able to get it done in time.

In case you missed it, USPS has released their shipping dates for this year! We’ll talk about incorporating those into your shipping guidelines next week when we update your shop for the season.

What new items do YOU have this holiday season?

Getting Ready for the Holidays! Part 1 – Your Workspace

Contributor post by Jennifer of CaffeinatedPapercuts

Hi there! I’m Jennifer from CaffeinatedPapercuts here to start a new mini-series on the blog; Getting Ready for the Holidays!

As shop owners, we need our store, merchandise, and workspace in tip-top shape long before the holidays roll around. This week we’re going to focus on where the creativity flows – your workspace!

All of us have a creative space, supplies, and shipping supplies that we use on a daily basis. I reached out to my fellow CIJ team members and we all have the same idea when it comes to making sure our workspace is ready for the holidays:

I’m stocking up like a mad man. Tape, bubble wrap, printer ink, and more. It’s essential to have the basics, so you’re not running to the store every other day. That can get costly!  ~Britnee Dockins from ApachesWife 


Speaking as someone who HAS done the last-minute dash to the post office because I was out of flat-rate boxes, trust me when I say Britnee is so right! Order your flat-rate mailers now from USPS, make sure you have extra paper, labels, bubble wrap, packaging tape, ink, etc. Planning on wrapping your items with tissue paper this season? Make sure you have extra of that, too!

Besides your shipping needs, there’s also the need to have enough supplies to make all of your items. For me, that means making sure I have plenty of extra adhesives, paper, and envelopes on hand. Offering something new this holiday season? Make sure you know where you’re going to put it! Several members are giving their space a general tidy up, taking inventory, and figuring out where to store their new items. There’s nothing worse than not being able to find an item for a customer.

While you have your hands on your current and new inventory, get your camera out and update those pictures! You’re going to need them next week when we make sure our shops are ready for the holidays!

What are you doing to make sure you’re ready for the holiday season? Leave me a comment below and let us know!