Novel Writing Month

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

Novel Writing Month is in November and it is when participants are encouraged and supported to write the novel they have always wanted to do.

I think it’s a great way for like-minded individuals to come together!

Here at Christmas in July we want to know what you have that is related to novels,books and other such related items.

Sheila and Shannon from BeadyEyedBird says I was surprised and pleased to see this topic, as I hope to be a successful novelist someday. I wrote a book called The Road From La Cueva (link below) that was published and had some wonderful reviews on but was really not successful in terms of readership or sales. It’s a Southwest-based literary novel about a woman living in rural poverty. I have some other works in progress, including a mystery novel called The Boundary Waters, a historical novel about Acadians, and a comedy/romance novel. All have been put on the back burner while I deal with ailing family members and loved ones.

My first novel suffered from not having the best editors/agents, I believe. So if anyone has any connections, please pass them along! Also if anyone needs advice on writing, I have been through it all — workshops, self-teaching, many great books on writing, both instructional and inspirational, etc., and I would be happy to share what I know.

Thanks, Alicia, for posting this. Sort of a blast from the past at this point, as the book was written/published seven years ago.


Sheila’s published book

Lanashane Robert from ICreationsBoutique states I have written almost 4 fiction novels but have not gotten around to publishing. As you well know, one goes through the process of editing..then doubt creeps in as to whether your creative expression will be well received.
My plans for the New year is to start publishing. My first novel doesn’t fit into any specific genre, but its inspirational/spiritual/ romance. It’s about twinsouls who battle through life’s journey as do their human assignments. The story revolves around 4 main characters.
The novel has been written in 3 parts and is yet to be published.

Lauren Vanhernet from BellaBolsaDesigns said this past summer my husband and I took our children to Scotland. We found Edinburgh to be quite a magical city, not to mention a literary one. My children were thrilled to trace JK Rowling’s steps to see her inspiration for the Harry Potter books and movies. My latest handbag is inspired by The Elephant House, the small cafe where she reportedly wrote the first book. Fans from all over the world have put their mark (literally) on the bathroom walls and it is a photo of the bathroom graffiti that serves as the inspiration for the print used on this bag. Enjoy and thanks for posting this topic!


Cell phone wallet made with Harry Potter inspired fabric

Aviation History Month

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Aviation History Month is a time to celebrate the history and achievements of aviation.

Here at Christmas in July we wanted to know if any of our members had any items reflecting this theme.


Jul  from JulsSewCrazy says:

Embroidered Airplane Baby Blankets – Custom Words

My husband has worked with the airline for years. We love planes.

I also embroider “real” looking planes on t-shirts and aprons and all.

Judy from BestDressedBaby said:

I have an adorable aviator hat and boots for baby girls or boy




Fruits of the Harvest

It’s harvest season! The weather is getting colder and colder, and even though we don’t have to hide nuts in our cheeks for hibernation, November is a time of preperation for the holidays ahead, and what better way to prepare for the winter than with good foods?

Pumpkins that were once for carving are now for eating! How do you take your pumpkin? Mashed? Stuffed? Just the seeds? Or my personal favourite: in a cheesecake? Pumpkins are one of the most versatile bounties of Autumn so don’t be deceived by that slimy goop you scooped out! It’s the heart of the feast!

My favourite harvest accessory:  the cranberry! I mean, lip balm! I don’t know about where you are, but here in New England, November brings on the bitter winds and it is crucial to carry at least three tubes of lip balm with me at all times. Complimenting the pumpkin, or really any harvest food, is cranberries. How do you cranberry sauce? Jellied or whole berries?

We’ve been through the pumpkin patch and the cranberry bogs. We’ve battled near freezing temps and blustery winds. Now it’s time to sit with our family and friends around our favourite table. The chairs are mismatched; squeeze in where you can fit, but mind the dogs sleeping underneath at our feet! The host cuts the roast and as we’re scooping our potatoes onto our plates, several voices rise above the chatter.

“Can you pass the gravy?”

Happy Harvest!