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The zodiac are the 12 astrology signs relating to your month of birth. There are different characteristics and meanings for each sign. Astrology is said to help show you what career you should follow,who you are compatible with or even where you should live.
We want to see your zodiac items from your shop.

Prezmila from CanisArtStudio says Chinese zodiac – The dog is the symbol of the year 2018.
What does The Horoscope say?
“Whoever was born in the year of the Dog is honest. He is not afraid to stand up for a just cause and defends people for whom he feels responsible. Thanks to his advantages, he has many friends. He wants to be well-informed because he believes that in this way he will be able to prevent unpleasantness and trouble. He gladly gives advice or even openly criticizes someone else’s behavior. He does it with good will, though some of his behavior seems irritating…”
I wonder if  Robin Hood was born in the year of the dog?
But the dog has many lovers and I made this pendant to celebrate the New Year and for those who just like dogs and especially the Beagle breed. A good idea to decorate the door for The New Year or Christmas. This ornament is in the cold winter colors, but you can order another similar one according to your wishes.


New Years Dog ornament

mistycat1234 from carolinagirlz2 said Danish Cross Stitch Zodiac Samplers from the Dover Needlework Series is a pattern book which offers Charted Designs for the Astrological Year by Jana Hauschild. Full color photos of each pattern and a thread conversion chart are included.

Danish cross stitch zodiac sampler