New Team Members: October 2018

Contributor post by Mairi from mairidesign

Please join us in welcoming the new Etsy Christmas In July team members who recently joined! Take a moment to check out their shops, and share on social media using the hashtag #EtsyCIJ! Thank you!

Gytautė from Baggagehouse says

Creating leather bags has been my hobby for almost 5 years but, only one year ago, I decided to open the shop and offer my bags to a wider audience. Travelling is my other hobby, so my brand name is very closely related to it. Most of my bags were created by thinking about how would they fit for travelling, other ones by thinking about how to make life more convenient or stylish. If possible, I like to create adjustable items that could be worn in a few different ways and be practical. I am very grateful for your accepting me to your team.

Brown Leather Belt Bag

lilibet design from lilibetdesign says

My specialty is vintage Christmas ornaments and decor! I’ve come to love it over the years and my area of focus is German and Scandinavian. This Swedish piece isn’t necessarily Christmas, but these little Swedish figures look great with Christmas decor.

Vintage Swedish Pine Cone Ornament

Gabrielle BARBIER from frenchjewelryvintage says

I create unique handmade model jewelry at home on my dining table. I started with pearl necklaces, then I wanted to do special things according to my feelings and I’m constantly moving in my head, so my creations follow my ideas. I love to make big breastplates, a unique model of a design that will never be redone identically but in the spirit. I am passionate about Greek or Roman mythology as well as ancient Egypt. When I go into the Native American phase I make crazy jewelry that can take almost a month but I love!

I love the mysterious steampunk, romantic gothic, Victorian, retro and vintage universes as I incorporate vintage supplies into my creations whenever I can. I love fairies, unicorns, the Renaissance, cities and everything that inspires me.

I have a tricolor Collie dog who sleeps with us in my arms and I hope to have a baby kitten again next year. I love nature, lace and everything that makes you dream. I registered in Christmas in July several years ago but I was afraid to start, that’s done and thank you for accepting me.

I present you a jewel that I love and that asked a lot of time of me to realize.


Native American Necklace

My Etsy shop is DianeDCrochet. You can find crocheted items like Afghans, hats, scarves, bags and shawls.
As we are heading into the winter months (at least in my neck of the woods), scarves and hats will be needed to help keep us warm. Shawls are great to wear in cool evenings.

My crocheted bags are good for the Farmer’s Market, the beach, the pool, or storage. If you are taking a winter vacation to someplace warm, the bags are packable and don’t take up a lot of space in your luggage.

I also do crafts fairs in November and early December.


Crochet Triangle Shawl

I’m Anrusa, a digital artist, photographer and designer based in France. My store is FairyMagicChest and is inspired by fairy tales, adventures and also in old and charming times. I love my work because I think it makes people happy , mostly children, and this is so beautiful!

In the store, you can find digital backgrounds and overlays to create art from your own photographs, especially for children. These final creations can become magical prints, you can get from them fine wall art, greeting cards or just photographs to save as a treasures for a lifetime.

I am also introducing photographs that I take from charming places in Paris and other places from France.

I love all my items, but I chose this one because is about Christmas, like the team’s name!


Christmas Digital Background

My shop is Joanna’s Scented Soaps, where you can find handmade Soap Art!
This means
– One-of-A-Kind Soap Cake as home décor,
– Soaps gift set ties with a jewelry, a charm for Good Luck, a Christmas decorative ornament, a glass decorative, a scarf, a keyring – a gift for everyone, any occasion on every budget!
– Seasonal items for holidays and all occasions – especially for Festive Table Decoration.

This holiday season, I propose that you to decorate and style up your dining table with something different – a small gift box to show your guests you care, to surprise them and say “We’re glad you were here!.

Each very beautifully packed box contains a luxury scented soap, organza cloth, ribbons matching the soap’s color, and a small festive decorative.


Luxury Decorative Soap

I am a lover of the jewels of the theater, it is with my art that I create sacred ornaments, such as votive hearts, relics, crosses.

I like to immerse myself in the distant past, imagining the jewels of those times that we read in history books. My true love is the painting and restoration of old furniture, but not having much space at home, I found another way to occupy my hands with tools, which is silverware in jewelry.

I create the past of jewels from nothing, with elements that I find in flea markets.

And, living in Italy, there is a world yet to be discovered of old things with stories to tell.

I have such a great passion for markets and stuff from the past, that my house has become a museum, so, along with my pets and my husband, we are looking for a bigger house, maybe near the sea, which is another element that makes me feel good.

I like to represent, in each creation, an emblem of myself: there’s so much of me in the past.

I am very grateful for your accepting me into your team. Here is one of my most recent articles.


Sacred Heart necklace with Byzantine cross

I’m Bianca and I live in the countryside, the beautiful “Westerwald” in Germany. I studied architecture and design and absolutely love design “with humor”. So I try to create playful and humorous products which are able to raise a smile.
In the beginning, I started making gifts for my family and friends. In 2009, I decided to try to share my work with more people and thus the brand “blanc” was born. Since then, I sell, under this name, cute bookmarks, magnets, key chains and other things for a beautiful home.

Thank you so much for accepting me into your team!

Here’s one of my bookmarks.


Elephant Bookmark

Welcome March New Team Members

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns

Join us in welcoming new members that joined during March…. visit their Etsy shops, favourite some items and maybe even share some on social media!

Vicky and Julian from KNOTSANDSPARKLEZ says
I am a micro macrame artist I hand knot jewelry and accessories with colorful, tiny cords, and incorporate other materials in my pieces to make it more contemporary. My pieces range from classy and elegant to everyday wear, and I often work with custom orders.It is different from regular jewelry as its main component are cords, and glass beads which allow those with metal sensitivities to wear it with no problems. My earrings are also extremely light weight so those who love larger earrings can do so without the added strain on their lobes.In addition I also write tutorials for those who wish to learn. I am sharing is my David Bowie tribute wrap bracelet in black and silver which I designed myself.

Davod Bowie tribute bracelet

I am an illustrator and visual artist from Chile and I sell my illustrations here.
For now I have a lot of notebooks/sketchbooks for sale. Printed and handmade ones. I hope within time I can upload more products.
What makes my notebooks specials? I thinks it is that the handmade ones are painted directly on the covers, so when you buy one, you are also buying an original painting. I also try to paint a lot of local fauna, so people can learn to identify them, and as most of the buyers here are from the United States, I have a few birds from there.

Robin notebook

Hi! My name is Debbie I am the creator of HollyBee and Company! We make Wooden home decor! We have a new item in our shop that is very special to us and hope that we will get to share its beauty and meaning with others. It is a wooden triangle, representing faith, love and peace. The Triangle can hang on the wall as a simple piece of art work or you can use it to offer a hearts desire to. Offering your hearts desire into the Triangle with the intention that the universe will help you bring it into manifestation. The Triangle can represent anything you like and we will customize the words in each corner to your liking. What ever you choose our hope is that it will bring a sense of joy to whom ever brings it into their home  space.

Reclaimed wooden triangle

Welcome new team members and looking forward to your involvement!

Welcome January New Team Members

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns
Please join us in welcoming our new members for January to our fantastic team! Visit their shop, fave some items, maybe even share some shops/items on your social media channels!!
I recently joined the team so I take this opportunity to introduce myself!

After spending 3 weeks in the Southern Hemisphere (New Zealand) during October/November 2016, I learnt that many European and American Christmas traditions revolve around “our” winter season such as hot drinks, roasts and other cold-weather fare. These drinks/food are not so tempting to drink/eat during a hot Summer Day such as New Zealand during December.

I now fully understand the meaning of “Christmas in July” so that also people living southern hemisphere can enjoy Christmas, during their winter time.


Vintage Swedish Christmas wall hanging

My name is Larisa.
Creating jewelry is my passion, my life.. that I give myself completely and with great love.

red berry sandalwood bracelets

Mi H from MCART30 says

Hi, my name is Mi. I joined a week ago. I’m very excited that I finally can do what I love to do. I self-taught beading about four years ago and can never stop!

I respect art and creativity


3d beaded elephant

Hello all, I am Julie and owner and designer of EveryoneLovesGifts. I love making all kinds of jewellery but my passion is for awareness jewellery such as Fibromyalgia (which is an illness that I have). I think it is important to raise awareness also 10% of my Fibromyalgia Jewellery goes to Fibromyalgia Research via my JustGiving page. This piece is an Invisible Awareness Necklace as Fibromyalgia is called  ‘invisible’ to others.

Invisible illness charm necklace

Welcome everyone.

Welcome New Team Members for March

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns
Please join us in welcoming new members to our fantastic team! Visit their shop, fave some items, maybe even share some shops/items on your social media channels!!
And here are our new members!
Hello, my name is Anastasia, I live in Russia, love the patchwork, stitch, applique. I prefer hand stitch. I want to introduce you my blanket, made in the technique of Boro , with hand embroidery and applique. Invite in my shop!

Hello my name is MariaCruz, I live in Miami Florida. My first profession is as a singer, and I spend most of my time dedicated to that.
Nevertheless I have always felt an inclination towards other art forms and to express all the creativity an artist has inside. That’s why I got into the world of handmade things.
I hope that you enjoy what I offer in this store.

Hi I’m Larissa from Venezuela. After 10 wonderful year in Florence, Italy I moved to Sydney, Australia because I found the love of my life. Now I’m establish here making contemporary and unique engagement rings. I sell worldwide and love custom-made. I also make traditional rings but
I enjoy more creating a unique proposal that falls out from the ordinary. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to share a little bit of my story!

Thank you for welcoming me to the team!
“Le Vieux Potiron” (“The Old Pumpkin”) is a primitive and patriotic store that started here in Clarksville, Tennessee with a love for old things and old-fashioned country decor. The charm of Tennessee’s rustic log cabins and the beauty of its old barns have inspired my collection.
Almost everything is handcrafted from recycled items (glass jars, tin cans, burlap bags, etc). I sell my crafts at local farmers markets and craft fairs here in Tennessee.

Dmytro Myriyevskyy from CuteIceberg says

Hello from Spain! My name is Dmytro, and today is my fifth day as Etsy seller.
I sell big size printable illustrations. If you are interested, welcome to my store.
Thanks for welcoming me here.

Nicole Marie from EarthlyExpression says

Hello from Buffalo, NY!! My name is Nicole and I create unique wire wrapped pieces among other jewelry pieces! If you follow the link below, it’ll take you to a beautiful tree of life pendant that I specialize in! Custom orders welcomed!!
What a great range of products from our new stores – please visit them and make them welcome!!

Welcome New Team Members September 2015

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns
Welcome to our new team members for September … here is a peek into their gorgeous shops – please visit and share the EtsyCIJ love.

Hello My name is Jane and I live in Estonia. I am 32 years old and have 2 daughters.

I love to knit and crochet and right now i sell cup cozies, baby blankets, and kitchen accessories.


Tara Bryson from EmbersSky says

Hello I am new and I have these with many other items in my shop with many more new creations coming as soon as the paint dries.


Nanette from KazzDesigns says

Hello I am new to the team! and I absolutely love what Etsy and the great community has to offer here!!! I look forward to meeting you all!!

Please feel free to come take a look at my wide array of beautiful treasures!!


Hello! This was a custom order for a customer and I loved it so much I had to add to my shop! I look forward to browsing and hopefully purchasing several Christmas gifts from fellow Etsy sellers this holiday season!


Hello, my name is Dorothea, I am  a visual artist from Germany and 42 years old.

A month ago I started to sell my artworks here on Etsy.

This is one of my favorite paintings that I painted it last December on my tablet PC.


Wow – how many new FAB team members – please visit their stores, like and share the love

Stay tuned for next months new members!

Welcome August New Team Members

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns

It has been a busy time since our Christmas in July event, and we have some new team members to introduce to you…. please check out their shops, favourite some items and share the love!

LUNA from LunaShawls says
My nickname is Luna and my shop’s name is Luna Shawls. I’m selling scarves, pashminas and flower brooches.
I’m 50 years old. I used to teach at a private university as a lecturer of Stage Arts, until I had to retire early due to health problems. Thankfully I’ve recovered well and now I’m here! Great gift… misty rose pashmina and my handmade removable flower brooch pin in a beautiful package.


Savannah Griffith from RareRusticCrafts says

I joined this team a while ago, but I haven’t put the time into it that I would like to. I’ve got it on my schedule now so I’m looking at this as a fresh start! My name is Savannah, and I own a small handmade bath and body business in Grand Island, NY. My big sellers are my clay soap (completely unique in our corner of New York state) all natural bug repellent and Coconut Sea Salt Hair Spritz. I do a lot of markets in Buffalo where I see a lot of success, but I’d like to spend more time going into 2016 on growing our online business. My goals for being in this group are to stay in the know on Etsy-wide sales and learn more about Etsy and being a seller.My top seller is the Coconut Seal Salt Hair Spray. It’s made with argon oil, avocado oil, coconut oil and aloe vera oil. The salts add texture to hair while the oils work together to give it body and volume, as well as protecting your hair from drying out!


I am Carol from The Perfect Fudge, we make gourmet fudge the old-fashioned way without preservatives, resulting in smooth creamy fudge. We have been making fudge for 12 years and fudge is our only product and we’re master fudge makers. My business is still an exciting business. I joined this team because Christmas is such a fun time of the year. I think this team would be fun too.



Looking forward to introducing new members next month – spread the word!

Welcome New Team Members – May 2015

Contributor post by Dawn of DeeDeeDeesigns

Wow, May has been a busy month with lots of new members joining the team – welcome!!

Read on to meet new members and learn a little about them and their shops!

Ildi from PitzicatVintage lives in Budapest Hungary but is returning to Canada next year.

Ildi has two shops – Pitzicat Vintage and Tulip Vintage, both born out of love.

Pitzicat Vintage is a shop selling vintage clothing and accessories and came into existence partially due to Ildi’s hoarding and partially due to her love of vintage clothing. She loves the styles from the 70s and these are the styles she likes to wear.

Tulip Vintage came about as Ildi fell in love with Hungarian embroideries. Her passion is going to the antique markets in the different small villages and finding beautiful old pillowcases or tablecloths. The antique and clothing markets have started for the summer season and so every weekend she will be on the prowl.
Ildi is very happy with her shops, and is looking forward to participating in the CIJ team activities.




The owner of TheFormaClay has been working with arts since very she was little but has chosen different paths along the way. Cooking is one of them. Besides that, she has always been involved with art, and decided to start her shop last year. She usually works with clay, polymer clay and natural cork or any other material that amazes her. She is glad to be part of the team and is still getting to know the threads and the members. So far, she has seen a lot of talented people, and hopes we can help each other and increase our shops sales.




Carmen from Mipezluna says

“Hi, I have just joined the team some days ago.
I am happy because it seems very interesting. I still have a lot of reading threads pending…

My shop has all the things I love to make. Clothes for babies and girls, bags for me, nightgowns, amigurumi…
What I would like to incorporate next is cloths for boys. I have a boy and a girl and sometimes it is difficult to find nice clothing for him.
Also I would like to start making dolls.

I would love if you came to visit my shop.

Here you can find some samples, I hope you like them.




Von from PlanetVonnychops began her shop as a spin off from her hobby (cross stitch). She started making her own designs evolving from messing with leftover buttons. And the jewellery she sell is the result of her struggling to find earrings she can actually wear (having ridiculously sensitive ears).




Living in the Pine Tree State, Maine and working mostly with pine wood, it was logical for Jacinthe to call her shop ” ThePineTreeShop“.

Last October she opened her shop in hope to support her local Volunteer Fire Dept. During the first 6 months, I donated over $750.00 toward the purchase of a Fire/Rescue ATV. Now she is helping the Good Shepherd Food Bank feed Maine hungry children.

She is not sure what her next cause will be but is grateful to all the customers who have made her dream a success.




Leda from TinyFeltHeart is from Italy and opened her shop last December, but has been working on it intensely this last month. Her passion – as the title suggests – is Felt. Leda loves reading and most of her creations are bookmarks and gadgets linked to the world of books.

This Tiny Owl on the Moon is an example!




Jaclyn from JacolinisCeramics has only recently opened her new Etsy shop this month! Her shop features home decor pieces for holidays and every day living. Jaclyn was inspired to open her shop by her mom who is a wonderful ceramic arts teacher. She is hoping to make her first sale with one of her garden pieces this month.




Donna from SassyScrapsCrafts has been on Etsy a little over a year and makes greeting cards, gift tags, altered items and more.

Donna loves working with paper and all the wonderful things you can create with this material. Her motto is love what you do.




Staci from StinsonPaperCrafts says “Hello everyone! I’m glad to be here. I make journals, notebooks, note cards, gift tags, decorative magnets, and bookmarks. I’ve always loved paper and will be learning to make my own in the near future. In addition to selling here on Etsy, I also sell at craft shows and farmers markets (along with plants and concrete and hypertufa pots and leaf castings). Am looking forward to participating!”




Aphrodite is from Greece and views her shop as a great way to relieve stress while creating beautiful things for the whole world to see. Her shop, LuckyRatJewellery, is almost 2 years old and Aphrodite loves making jewellery.




Kristina, from FeltingLT, is a feltmaker. She started working with the wool felting process in 2008. Kristina loves felting not only because you can make practical, warm and quite often ethereal things, but also because it is a “fantasy field” made of threads, fabrics, decorative fibers. She sees felt also like a canvas for her drawings.

Kristina says “All sorts of images of flora and fauna are born with the help of colored wool. I use a handmade felt cloth or the whole product as a base for embroidery. I love to embroider floral motifs and patterns with animals. Therefore, felting is never boring. As a result working with felt is always interesting and is never predictable. When felting, I often feel myself as a sculptor. It is as if out of nothing you create something unusual and unique.”




Ana from Quilterbell lives in Ireland and I have opened her Etsy shop last year. She is a passionate quilter who loves to play with colour and fabric and designs.




Jessie is a a pre-service teacher and University student from the beautiful island state of Tasmania, Australia. When not designing, studying, or being swarmed by Primary Schoolers, she works on her epic novel saga!

Jessie says “In my shop, MaeveAndMarigold, I create unique printable downloads meant to become special additions to homes, dorms, studies, nurseries, and classrooms everywhere. I take the utmost pride in each and every design, and I love working on custom orders to create something particularly special just for you!”




Juliette is a new Etsy seller (though on Etsy buyer for years now). She has worked for years in Paris for Fashion and Home decor brands and is now happily living in the French Alps with her husband.

Juliette started her shop, LeTanuki, with Japan-inspired arts printed on scarves and pouches, which she hopes we will all like  and I’m sure we will!




What a busy month – bring on June new members!!