National Pet Month from CIJ Team

Contributor post by Amy of BeadsAndThreadsbyAmy

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.”  -Anatole France

“Dogs do speak, but only to those who know how to listen.” -Orphan Pamuk, My Name is Red

“Being able to feel love, loyalty, gratitude and happiness means you have a soul? Then all my pets are bound for heaven.” -Jury Nel

Who doesn’t love a furry friend greeting them after a long day at work?  Those big eyes, warm kisses, and devotion are some of our greatest gifts!  For the Christmas in July Team, our pets aren’t just animals but members of our family.  Please enjoy some stories of unconditional love and some lovely items to pamper the special friend in your life!

1) Sarah Lust from TheFeltCollector says

Hello cold kitty

When I was little my dad was in the navy and we got to live in Okinawa for awhile. I remember playing with Hello Kitty toys with my neighbor Trish. I must of been around five. We also had a cat named Nekosan which means pussy cat. Some of my earliest memories involved cats. I guess that’s when I started to love cats.
Well, when I was older we had a stray cat come in during winter. She was pregnant and we worried about her out in the cold. She ended up having six kittens! All of them were “oh so cute”. The problem was everyone wanted one. We ended up keeping three. I named my cute grey kitten Ewok. Now they are grown, happy, and still kind of cute.

2) Sarah Johnson from BellaBoutique23 says

Before my sweet golden retriever Bella came into my life, I had a black lab Ebony who got every favorite pair of slippers, favorite shoes, tore up a blanket given to me by my grandma, was an escape artist. She put a hole in a wall trying to get a mouse. This is just part of the list:) She ran away the night before my husband deployed to Iraq and i shed tears of joy as she bounded toward the house at midnight! Despite all this I loved her so much. She helped me get through the deployment and when I would cry she would rest her head on my lap. She was a lover of music and would lay at my feet as I played the piano and rest her head on my feet as I tried to pedal. She would look at me with this special mischievous look before running at me full speed and tackling me and laying on kisses. There was such a bond between us. When my husband deployed the second time I thought Ebbie and I would be there for each other again but 6 months before he left she got a chronic liver disease at age nine. One of the hardest things was making the decision to put her to sleep. I miss her so much so four months into the deployment I went to pick out a puppy and this is where my Bella enters the story. I had planned on getting the runt but Bella was the largest girl and came over and curled up in my lap and fell asleep. So it is one of those times where she picked me and she helped me heal from the loss of my Ebbie. She brings such joy, she is goofy and keeps both my husband and I laughing. I think God knew I needed the laughter again. Bella kept me busy as a puppy while I waited for Aaron to come home from Iraq. She chewed the door frame and tore up a wool hook rug but never chewed the shoes, though she does steel them and wants me to chase her and get them. She is not an escape artist and wants me to move things that are in her way. She won’t jump over them. She loves football, likes to grab my arm in her mouth and take me for walks mostly to the treat room, she jumps off the bed like a frog, she lays her head on my shoulder as i pet her while we watch TV together. She loves watching dancing with the stars. She loves to snuggle all 75 lbs of her. She sneaks up onto the bed in the morning and I catch her staring at me to wake up which is so funny because I did this to my mom as a child. Sometimes she will take one paw and hit the bed with it hard so I will wake. Then she comes and lays on the pillow beside me for morning snuggle time. Okay so I spoil my dogs just a little! She is my baby and a huge part of my life, she is beautiful and a blessing from God and brings me joy so I named my shop after her…BellaBoutique23.

3)  Veronica and Andy Fritsch from AVAArtsSupplies says

We have 12 pets. 9 of them are featured on out about page if you want to see the crew. We rescued most of them. Here’s their stories.

First came Chevy. She’s a pit mix we got from the shelter. We’ve had her for 9 years now and she’s still going strong.

Next, was Rintu. He’s a Newfie/Lab mix as far as we can tell. We got him from an old lady who thought for some crazy reason a hyper puppy was a good idea. It was us or a shelter. So AJ (our son) got a hyper puppy who has quickly become a great guardian. We’ve had him for about 4.5 years. When AJ is playing outside he howls if he leaves his line of sight!

Then came Phineas. We wanted a new kitten to help fill the hole of Lil’E, our Calico who had past. We saw Phineas and Isabella in a local shelter. They got sick before we were able to get them home and Isabella did pass away. Phineas who is now about 4 years old is doing great. He looks like a Bombay with those funky eyes that they have. Bombay’s are known as Parlor Panthers and seeing him go you can tell it! He’s slinks and slides just like a mini panther.

The next is Optimus Prime, AKA Primer or Cakes (no clue why). He came from our kitty portal under our deck that spits out a cat every two years. Andy heard him crying and spent several hours well after mid-night saving him. We think he’s a Bengal/Tabby mix. He’s has awesome spots on his sides and belly.

Then we got a White’s Dumpy Tree Frog. Her name is Dumpy, not very original. She was my birthday present 2 years ago.

Next came Daffy and Si, they are Pekin Ducks. We got them so we didn’t need to buy eggs, which is silly because eggs are cheap and we live 2 minutes from Wal-Mart. But whatever. They are a great source of entertainment! Si is the one with the broken wing, but not sure how it happened. He does fine with it though.

Annie Oakley is our third kitty. She too came from the magical cat portal. She was originally Pistol Pete, but after a vet visit we found out he was a she. We found Annie 4th of July weekend 2013. She’s quite noisy and refuses to jump on the counter to eat. She has trained us well to pick her up whenever she “meows!”

Then came Rafiki. Rafiki means friend in Swahili. He is a Ball Python, also known as a Royal Python (pretty much everywhere but America). We got him in February 2014. He was a Valentines/Anniversary present. When he actually moves around and investigates it’s very interesting to watch him flick his tongue sniffing the world out! But he is just as happy sleeping in a ball under a cracker box.

Finally and not pictured, we have Mr. Krabs, SpongeBob, and Sandy. They are hermit crabs which we got from a friend who no longer wanted them. They are AJ’s and I really have little to do with them.

That’s our crew, sorry it’s so long but we love animals. We are hoping to use Etsy to help us buy some property and get a few more like a goat, a chicken (I want to name her Ms. Kay), a bearded dragon, and a miniature donkey. In our shop we do carry a lot of animal related items from various animals we love. Some of them are ones we own or owned (horse items) or could never own (jaguars, pandas, and cheetahs, how cool would that be though!).

4)  Annie from anniekdesigns say

It hasn’t been quite a year since Cody crossed over the rainbow bridge. He was a big Black Lab/Weimaraner mix. Long and lean like a Weinaraner, a bit of lab huskiness with short black fur and the Lab’s soulful eyes.

Cody was a typical big happy dog and very intelligent. He loved people and dogs and running and playing. He was also a bit of a Houdini. He wanted to come inside while I was at work one day. I came home to find the window air conditioner on the ground and Cody in the house as he jumped through the now empty window!

But this is my favorite story. One day I was running a little late getting ready for work and a friend was picking me up. Since I wasn’t ready, I told Cody to go say hello to her. Cody started his usual trot to the car, jumped through the window, licked my girlfriend’s face and sat down in the back seat as if to say, I am ready to go. Everyone in the complex was roaring with laughter!

I also have a black and white English Springer Spaniel. His favorite thing to do is toilet paper the house. Yep, on many ocassions. Fortunately he has outgrown that phase. He is a fun loving and funny boy. I would be lost without him.

5)  Kelly from ColourscapeStudios says

We adopted a gorgeous little black bundle of a cat just over 9 years ago from a shelter. She’d had a rough start and they didn’t know whether she’d be able to handle family life. One of the carers had taken her home to rehabilitate and ended up staying for 5 weeks before they attempted to rehome her. Adam and I had only gone out to the shelter to get some info and as soon as we spotted her we fell in love. Apparently we were the first people she’d approached since going up for adoption of her own accord. So we did a “meet and greet” with her in a room and she snuggled up to Adam straight away! That was it, we put a deposit down, and ran off to the local pet shop to get everything we needed! She’s still a bit skittish and nowhere near a lap cat, but she’s moved across the country with us, and welcomed our daughter home, when bubs cried, Shelly would be there to help calm and comfort her! We’d be lost without her now.

6) Michelle from craftslady2008 says

Having had animals since as far back as I can remember I have a hard time picking just one thing. My furry friends have helped me through thick and thin and show love when I have needed it the most.

I have always adopted my pets, some just not the traditional way. We have 3 cats and 2 dogs. Each one has an issue, literally! Shady has OCD cleaning issues, she has given herself a permanent Brazilian wax. Gabby binges and purges, she is on a strict diet of measured amounts to keep her healthy. Jezzie has neurological issues and has the grace of a drunken skunk. Chloe is just Chloe, you would have to meet her to understand. Last but not least is Casey, he cannot help himself, squirrels drive him crazy! He has caught a few in his years of chasing but the worst was when he ran straight into a tree thinking he could magically “climb” it I guess.

They all are crazy but too dang cute to get mad at them for long. I am always endeared when Jezzie purrs herself to sleep on my arm and drools. I love to watch Casey chase his squirrels in his sleep. Gabby is a hoot always hanging out and yapping to let us know that she is hungry. Shady does leave us with a small amount of fear because she like to purr and bite at the same time. And poor Chloe, one day she may just finally eat that one thing that will kill her, thankfully it hasn’t happened yet.

I always say I love my animals more than people. They treat you the way you treat them.

6) Linda from ThingsUpcycled says

We had a wonderful cat named Whiskers. My son was 2 when we got him and those two became inseparable. He lugged that cat around everywhere and Whiskers just let him. Of course he immediately became a part of our family. He loved to snuggle up to us and we treated him like a king. He became my personal alarm clock as he would sneak up on my bed at the same time every morning and ever so lightly wipe is paw on my cheek to wake me up. As soon as he saw my eyes open he snuggled in next to me. We loved him so much. We had the privilege of loving him until he turned 12 then he parted with us suddenly. My son is now 16 and still talks about stories about our beloved Whiskers. They are happy memories which will be with us forever. When i was making some new pendants this one for whatever reason brought me back to when he was a kitten and full of life.