Show Us Your Workspace: RitzySelection

Contributor post by Cindy from Cynhumphrey

Today we visit the workspace of Rita Szollosi  from RitzySelection who sells cushions and home textiles for the harmony of your home. Please take a moment to get to know Rita!

Here’s what Rita has to say about her workspace:

I’m Rita Szöllősi, a Hungarian artist. In Budapest there is a studio room and my carpet gallery. Nice hills and green gardens around us. There is always good air. We’ve lived here since we got home from Iran, where I lived with my family for 6 years. I make my pillows from my old handmade kilims. We have a cute dog, Pakoca, who is always in my studio with me. In this picture there the dog is sleeping in front of my fireplace.

Show Us Your Workspace: Mairidesign

Contributor post by Michelle from EviesToolEmporium

Today we visit the workspace of Mairi from mairidesign who sells stained glass home decor and jewellery. Please take a moment to get to know Mairi!

Here’s what Mairi has to say about her workspace:

My workspace is a corner of my living room (I often take over the whole room) and it tends to be pretty messy. I’m using found pieces of furniture and plan to paint them and get a large cube unit for keeping all of my bits and pieces better organised so that I, hopefully, contain it all in the corner.

This year, I’m finally putting real effort into designing and making a go of it through Etsy. I like getting to the photographing stage and listing the final piece ready for the world to find. Whenever someone buys my work, I feel so appreciative that someone, somewhere likes what I do and will enjoy it for years to come.

I’m currently celebrating 30 years since I started working with stained glass. I trained with a local artist then went on to work in a large glazing company. I have since graduated from Glasgow School of Art with a degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design, I’ve worked as a graphic designer, a gift shop retail manager and an English teacher. I still teach English, here in Prague, and love being able to travel around this beautiful city taking photos of the stunning architecture.

Thank you for the opportunity to share my story and pics of my little workspace.