Graduation Gifts

Contributor post by Megha of bytheartbug

Here are some wonderful  “Graduation Gift” ideas.

I don’t have anything that is specifically for graduations, but I do have items that can be given for graduations, such as this pen which is based on my shop logo.

The actual logo is an original collage piece, one of the first ones that I did and one of the few early ones I’ve kept lol. The collage is in my favorite colors, and shows a Victorian woman who thinks it’s time for a change. I’ve never listed the actual collage for sale in the shop – maybe I should.

Anyway, I decided to have the pens made as a try-out in the shop and much to my surprise most of those I ordered have sold. I also gave a bunch as Christmas gifts to friends and family.

Pen -  Art Collage - Make Your Writing More Fun

Pen – Art Collage – Make Your Writing More Fun

I’ve no specific graduation present, unless you want to give a personalized portrait or a wreath.

But I created graduation favors.

In Italy, on this occasion, we generally use red color and little decors ( a ladybug or an owl ).

We believe they are lucky charms.

Inside my bag I can put confetti or some scented pot-pourri

Burlap bags for many different occasions, wedding, birthday or anniversary favor, baby shower favor, linen sachet, made in Italy rustic bags

Burlap bags for many different occasions

Get your graduates ready for Graduation with these wonderful vintage graduation party supplies! Set the table up with Hallmark’s “caps & scrolls” paper tablecloth and decorate the cake with either the boy or girl graduate or Both!! Celebrate this huge milestone with the ones you love!

Vintage Graduation Decorations - Paper Tablecloth - Boy Girl Graduates Cake Toppers - High School College - Party Table Display

Vintage Graduation Decorations

I received a request for a graduation card for a very special young lady that will be graduating from high school. I created a bold and contemporary card that would make a lovely keepsake with the year of graduation.

Graduation Card, Congratulations Card, Greeting Cards, College Graduation, Congrats Card, Die Cut Card, High School, Graduation 2015

Graduation Card

For the graduate that knows what it takes to get the diploma.!
Something small, soft, and memorable was my inspiration for making this cute little owl.
Crochet Graduation OWL - blue and red owl - toy owl

Crochet Graduation OWL

A special ring, it can be the perfect gift for a graduation with a feather imprint and a beautiful emerald green color, that can inspire happy, light times ahead.

This ring be worn as a statement piece with long skirts or dresses for a bohemian look at the beach or any other holiday destination.

Statement emerald green ceramic ring. statement ring

Statement emerald green ceramic ring

School is about more than just going to class. Commemorate your home, college town, or spring break memories with customized map art.

Chapel Hill map print - NC Poster

Chapel Hill map print

I had an Aunt who lived in Philadelphia when I was young. Living in Baltimore, we didn’t get to see her much, so her visits were special, like when she came down to see us when I graduated. She gave me a charm bracelet as a graduation gift. I still have it. That inspired me to create this special “Graduation” charm bracelet.

Graduation All Sterling Silver with Amethyst and Aventurine Stone and Charm Bracelet

Graduation All Sterling Silver Bracelet

Beautiful rainbow colors merge into one another in this scented rainbow square chunk pillar candle. This candle is made in a 3 pour process, and has a core candle with the rainbow chunks set around it. This process creates a better quality, longer burning candle. Not sure of the total burning time, but I still have one that I light from time to time and its been with me for 11 yrs! Colors will vary slightly as each candle is hand made. Shown here unwrapped, it will come to you, wrapped in cello and tied with raffia/hemp cord.
This gorgeous rainbow candle would make a wonderful unity candle for a wedding, a great gift for a friend or loved one, a thoughtful graduation gift or a beautiful sentiment for a memorial service.
Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. There are seven chakras in the body, located in a straight line with your spine; this line runs down the center of your body, from the top of your head to the base of your spine. Each chakra is an energy center and is represented with its unique color. Color meditation involves focusing on each of your chakras and their color vibration in order to bring about balance in your mind and body; promoting healing and peace of mind. (Each of the chakras relates to the elements of Earth, air fire water, ether, spiritual awakening and enlightenment.
Rainbow Chakra Square Pillar Candle Unity Candle GIGANTIC Unique Handmade Candle 9" Tall 3" Wide 2.68 Lbs. Scented in Your Choice

Rainbow Chakra Square Pillar Candle

I love this quote, and I think it’s the perfect gift for a recent graduate as getting your way through those finally days can feel like a real push!

30% Off Sale It Always Seems Impossible Until Its Done, Inspirational Quote, Typography Print, Inspiring Art, Graduation Gift, 8 x 10 Print

Inspirational Quote Print

Dawn from SimplyMemories says,
These cute little scrapbooks make a perfect gift for the graduate. All of the hard work has been done. You only need to add photos and you’ll have a special keepsake to remember your accomplishment. They’re also a great way to display photos as graduation open houses/parties.
6x6 Chipboard Graduation Scrapbook Photo Album

Chipboard Graduation Scrapbook Photo Album

NeatoKeen from NeatoKeen says,

I love giving a vintage gift to grads. Vintage is often unique, special and memorable. These heavy cast iron bookends that were made decades ago would make a wonderful and unusual gift for someone heading off to college. I can almost guarantee that no other student will have these cool gold bronze bookends in their dorm room! You can add a clever note with them e.g. “Best wishes as you sail off on a new adventure.”

Vintage Bookends Cast Iron Ships Marked 1928 Spanish Galleon

Vintage Bookends

Spring Flowers

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Today is the first day of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere! Enjoy the beauty of spring flowers from members of the EtsyChristmasInJuly Team!

Patricia from TheOldBarnDoor says:

Ah, spring flowers – just the mere mention of spring flowers and my heart starts to race (I’m Canadian and our winters can be long). I have lily of the valley planted everywhere here on the farm and the ones by the doors and windows welcome visitors with their heady fragrance and graceful demeanor. Besides, they remind me that a fairy just might be lurking near by.

Metallic Print Pure White Lily Of The Valley Macro Photograph From TheOldBarnDoor

Metallic Print Pure White Lily Of The Valley Macro Photograph From TheOldBarnDoor

Nautico Creations from NauticoCreations says:

I have more Spring flowers in my shop than anything else. Spring is my favorite time of year after surviving long Minnesota winters. I spend time in the Spring assembling flower arrangements indoors while waiting for the temperature to warm up outside.

The yellow flowers in this arrangement are just so nice and sunny and are my partner’s favorite color. The lacy metal flower pot is my mom’s favorite. Ranunculus is my favorite flower so I’ve included one of those to dance with the tulips and daisies. And the butterfly, well, what could symbolize renewal of the seasons more than that?

Yellow Tulips And Daisies - Silk Flower Arrangement NauticoCreations

Yellow Tulips And Daisies – Silk Flower Arrangement NauticoCreations

Lia Russo from Ghirlandiamo says:

In my shop I’ve many items made by spring flowers!

I adore them: so many kinds and colors, from the delicate peach blossom to the strong colors of tulips, buttercups, irises and others.

Here in South Italy, although never too cold in winter, it’s really soon warm in spring. And when you look around, everywhere you can see flowered trees and smell pleasant scents!

The most exciting smell for me is that coming from orange blossoms and effectively in my shop I also have some wreaths with those flowers.

I generally prefer strong colors but, at the same time, I love those timid flowers, not easy to see: delicate pansies and tremulous lilies of the valley.

In this my last wreath I put them together, creating a pleasant color contrast between white and many shades of lilac.

Pansies And Lilies Of The Valley Wreath From Ghirlandiamo

Pansies And Lilies Of The Valley Wreath From Ghirlandiamo

Becky from BirdsOnATwig says:

Nice cheerful sunflower, and vintage no less! I purchased this many moons ago at a wonderful handmade craft fair show… all of it’s “cousins” have found homes, this is the last of the bunch!

Wooden Sunflower Sign From BirdsOnATwig

Wooden Sunflower Sign From BirdsOnATwig

Walter Silva from WalterSilva says:

Funny you ask, I have been decoupaging with a lot of floral patterns in anticipating Spring!

More to come!

Floral Patterned Cross stitch Desk Organizer From WalterSilva

Floral Patterned Cross stitch Desk Organizer From WalterSilva

Sue and Misty from shabbyshopgirls says:

Big, bright, beautiful daisies! Spring & Summer is just around the corner and daisies are the perfect flower to lighten and brighten your home decor! Daisies are so friendly aren’t they?!

Vintage Daisy Tablecloth   From shabbyshopgirls

Vintage Daisy Tablecloth From shabbyshopgirls

Angie Fitzpatrick from CraftyMom75 says:

I was so ready for spring craft shows and ready to make some different aprons for craft shows that are reflective of vendor’s attitude at Spring craft shows-ready to be back out, ready to start a new year and meet new people. Then, right in front of me in February appeared this fabulous floral print!

Spring Floral Pastel Apron From CraftyMom75

Spring Floral Pastel Apron From CraftyMom75

Kristen Sargent from KestrelCollection says:

I seem to work with flowers no matter the season.

My first listing of March is this triple strand bracelet using glass beads in shades of white with off white roses. I like how it’s crisp but not too formal. That’s sort of how I feel the season of Spring to be. Crisp and new, but too young and carefree to be too serious. This coloring of this bracelet plays as a neutral so you can wear it with just about everything.

Shades of White- Rose Multi Strand Bracelet From KestrelCollection

Shades of White- Rose Multi Strand Bracelet From KestrelCollection

Betty Travell from LadySnooks says:

Can’t wait to see some real spring flowers. But, I made this bracelet to fill the void until we get some real ones. I’ve used the Czech Glass Flowers in blue and added some bright green beads and garden charms.

Spring Blue Garden Charm And Bead Bracelet From LadySnooks

Spring Blue Garden Charm And Bead Bracelet From LadySnooks

Emma-Louise from LSBJewellery says:

I love to watch spring unfold as the leaves and flowers unfurl I know that winter is finally over and warmth will soon follow, I created this particular watch from a selection of glass flowers and leaves it reminds me of my garden as the new season starts.

Springtime Statement Bracelet Watch From LSBJewellery

Springtime Statement Bracelet Watch From LSBJewellery

Valerie Brown from FirepanJewellery says:

I love roses, and mine generally arrive in mid-spring. This year, however, we’ve had a long hard winter so I thought a little hand lift was in order (to encourage good green and pink thoughts!).

Spring Rose Necklace From FirepanJewellery

Spring Rose Necklace From FirepanJewellery

candy frizzell from TrueEarthDesigns says:

Having found this carved gemstone, I began to think how to make it into a pendant necklace. With the lovely color, I found these beautiful pastel gemstone beads, together I knew they would make for a great jewelry piece.

Spring Blue Agate Necklace And Earring Set TrueEarthDesigns

Spring Blue Agate Necklace And Earring Set TrueEarthDesigns

Becky from LollysCubbyHole says:

I have spring flowers… some are found in the boutonnieres below. I also have vintage hankies with blossoms, buds and vines that make me just want to sing of spring!

Men's Burlap Boutonniere From LollysCubbyHole

Men’s Burlap Boutonniere From LollysCubbyHole

Corkycrafts from Corkycrafts says:

I love to garden and my friends always ask for seeds when spring arrives of the many wildflowers that pop up here in Texas. After requests and requests I started selling them in my shop too. I love to share TX color with my friends who have moved away from Texas and also with people who love to garden. Once I started listing many more people were asking for other seeds so I branched into the seed listings during the spring and summer months so I can save up corks for my projects. Check out my shop of the variety of seeds I have available.

Texas Wildflower Seeds From Corkycrafts

Texas Wildflower Seeds From Corkycrafts

Making your Pins work for you on Pinterest

Hello there everyone – Jennifer here from Caffeinated Papercuts to share some tips & tricks for making your pins work for you on Pinterest.

In the world of social media, Pinterest is the the idea-gatherer. Virtual bulletin boards that are filled with recipes, DIY ideas, and pretty things to buy. Obviously we all want our products to be in that third category, but how to do it? I reached out to my CIJ teammates and they had some great ideas. Reading them over, there seems to be two categories – Promotion and Branding.

Pinterest is all about pinning your products and having followers who pay attention to your boards. But having nothing but a board full of your creations is, well, boring. Much like Facebook, Instagram, and even your blog you need to build an audience and keep them interested. For example; you sell jewelry. Setting up a board of your creations, one for techniques, one for craft show booths, one for supplies and one for designs/patterns will draw in many different viewers. To really blow your minds, I checked out my Pinterest totals: I currently have 107 boards, 4,330 pins, 418 followers and am following 206 boards. Checking my Etsy stats, Pinterest is my 5th largest traffic source so it pays to keep active.

The team had some great ideas as well:

B.K. Scriblz from ScriblzDesignStudio says

 What consistently works for me is to remember to post to Pinterest each and every time I list a new product; send it on to Pinterest. My stats tell me that Pinterest regularly brings in viewers/customers.

Yeah, it’s that “remembering to pin” part that can get me…but since Etsy has an integrated Pin it! button on our listing pages, once we publish it’s a quick & easy click to further promote our latest listings.

Amy Spock from BeadsandThreadsbyAmy says
Like B.K., I consistently have views from Pinterest. I completely enjoy curating my boards. Currently, I have boards on everything from Kitchen Decor to Pet Supplies to Hunting and Fishing. My Hunting and Fishing Board (which includes cabin decor) is one of my most popular boards. I fill my boards primarily with Etsy items from my shop and from the shops of Etsy Teams I belong to. I send a message to everyone with the link to their pin, and other sellers seem to like that.

I think what keeps my following on Pinterest is the varied posts I make. As I mentioned, I have several boards. Each board has items, vintage and handmade, that work with a variety of tastes, decor, and styles. I make sure I don’t post only my items, and I also make sure that proper links back to the origin of the pictures are maintained.

I receive traffic from Pinterest, and have had one customer who purchased an item mention she found the item on one of her friend’s Pinterest board. That item had been re-pinned from one of my boards, not directly from Etsy.

I work on Pinterest about once a week, finding my own items and items from other shops that belong on my boards. Each week, I have around 50 repins and likes on Pinterest, and steadily maintain about 50 views each week into my shop from Pinterest.

The new business tools Pinterest has integrated really helps keep track of what pins are really getting the love (now if only it was one from my shop…LOL). And don’t forget about hashtags! Oh yes, much like Instagram and Twitter those funny little tags get some Pinterest love, too. #forreal Be sure to include #cijetsy on your pins so we can find you!

Wendy Joy from wjoydesigns says
When I post my handmade goodies on Pinterest, I usually include a description of the piece and also note that the item is made by WJoyDesigns. If I am posting a treasury that includes one of my items, I include under the treasury, a thank you to the person or shop that made the treasury and a note also of the name or title of the item of mine that they included and that the item is made by WJoyDesigns!

Don’t forget about seasons and holidays! I know with Valentine’s Day right around the corner my feed has exploded with DIY ideas, so I made sure my pins had #valentine and my Love & Romance board was looking spiffy. Theme boards are also a great way to cross-promote your fellow teammates and sellers:

Robert Clough from SilverFoxAntiques says
Having several boards which are related helps for me. Like if you are promoting Christmas in July…I am going to have a Elf Food Entertaining board…full of ideas for the holidays…others as well all designed around the Christmas theme and will be promoting Etsy, I add items outside of Etsy so it looks balanced to pinners and not “advertising”, but the general idea is that it be appealing. I get a lot of sales from pinners, and it does drive business to my shop as well as others.

So now that we’ve got some visually appealing boards to work with, let’s talk about the next step – branding.

Having our listings pinned is one thing, but how will people know that it’s ours? I admit I hadn’t thought about this at all, but thankfully others have!

Patricia and Rebecca from northandsouthshabby says
We have tried to promote our brand on Pinterest in several ways.

We keep a separate account for our personal pins.

As we update our listings we have been adding our name to the first picture -however I do like the idea of adding our logo as well.

We try to pin only pins that have the shabby/nautical theme that we have in our shop.

We also have our “brand” on a majority of our boards by keeping the word “shabby” on them. Our boards, to name a few, are named Sea Shabby, Heart Shabby,Tweet n Shabby, Beach Wedding Shabby, etc -you get the idea! I think their names generate a bit of interest. Our stats show that we always get hits from Pinterest even when we haven’t recently pinned any of our own items, so our pins “by association” do lead other pinners to our shop.

Betty Travell from LadySnooks says
I have my logo next to the main picture.

I also have my Etsy shop address at the end of my profile. It isn’t a link, but it does give the address. Also, a hashtag can be used on your items with your shop name so that if someone pins your picture (and they will) they can click on that and see all your other items.

I hope we have your head swimming with new ideas on how to promote your items on Pinterest. Any questions or comments, be sure to post them here!

Mardi Gras – Christmas in July Style

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Mardi Gras is a wonderful festival of good times and even better food! It is a Holiday in many regions of the world, but in the United States it is only officially celebrated in Louisiana (New Orleans). It is celebrated February 17th!

I asked many CIJ members if they had any masks, costumes, hats or anything else to celebrate this festive holiday!

Noel of MinkCouture says:

This hand knitted fascinator not only features the Mardi Gras colors, but a crown and 3 hand-made tiny beaded necklaces!


Connie Lee of Bungalow42  states:

Laissez les bons temps rouler! (“Let the good times roll”)


Julie Siomacco of SouthernCharmWreaths:

Shows me her love of the holiday!


Sue and Misty of shabbyshopgirls tells me:

We have these things that are for Mardi Gras and New Orleans!!
Start your Mardi Gras celebrations with these wonderful items to kick off the festivities!


CottageCrafts of CottageCraftsOnline explains:

Here is a ribbon especially for Mardi Gras


Marjorie Scenna of mscenna said:

Wine is great for celebrating and this ornament features a recycled wine cork with beads and a fleur de lis charm, perfect for Mardi Gras!


Betty Travell of LadySnooks:

Lets me know of her love of the festive time!


Susan Fowler of SSFDesigns:

Shows me what a party frock looks like!


When Mardi Gras comes around you will be ready for it with all these festive goods!

Laissez les bons temps rouler!

Women And Jewelry Go Hand In Hand

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Jewelry and Women are just two of many categories you can search on Etsy to find that perfect item you cannot live without! Christmas in July team has outdone themselves with these spectacular and shiny finds! Whether your taste is vintage,boho,avant garde or classic…take a trip with me.

I am sure most of us have that one item that just makes our jaws drop to the floor in awe and wonder. It must be mine!

Rachel Palmer of 910woolgathering says:

This one of a kind shawl was made from hand dyed wool. I dyed it using natural golden rod flowers for the yellow. I then hand spun it into yarn and wove it on a triangle loom.


Shannon of SimplyTwitterpated let me know:

I make ecofriendly jewelry from fallen trees or recycled lumber. A fallen cedar branch in my yard got a new life when I created these wood slice stud earrings. They include the live edge, giving them a very natural look!


Patti of CrochetGiftsnThings said:

This is the reason I opened a shop on Etsy in the 1st place. I was low on money one Christmas so I made a pair for everyone in my family and they were a big hit. They are my best seller!!


msmadmax of madmaxshop explained:

Throughout the decades, New York City has been a melting pot of exceptional style and unique outfits. As a result, it has become one of the ultimate resources for the finest in vintage fashion and accessories. This enchanting button front lace teddy by FORMFIT was an original 5th Avenue showroom sample.


Nancy of jaysboutiquecrochet told me:

Basically half of my shop is targeted towards women (and the other half towards babies, so check out my “Women’s Slippers” section to see them all. Also, some gift sets for new moms that includes Mother/Daughter crochet slippers. Wonderful stocking stuffers or gifts for any time of the year!


Nicki of OodlesofBling says:

My shop is dedicated to women… probably 98% of my listings are for women.  In the Victorian era, women made jewelry for themselves from shells and paper. There are some very intricate designs still around today.


Amanda Sagarin of eclecticnesting stated:

It’s very hard to sell handmade jewelry here on Etsy because of all the wonderful selections folks have to choose from. I have a passion for making handmade earrings (I have many pairs I’ve made for myself and it brightens my day to wear them!) and would be so grateful and thrilled if a pair spoke to someone as a treat for themselves or a present….


Kelly of ColourscapeStudios shows me:

What women are made of!


Laura of PLANETDIGS2 shows me:

My fav boho, hippie vibe bracelet brings back memories of always being a gypsy for Halloween! I’ve don’e other similar bracelets. There must be many ‘gypsy at heart’ people like me.


Veddma of veddma tells me:

My love and I traveled across Ireland for our honeymoon. Embedded in a castle wall, at the Bunratty Castle, we discovered a black figure of a woman, opening herself up to the universe. We have learned that this figure is a Celtic fertility symbol, Sheela-na-gig, and her images are often found in the castles all over Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and England.

Just over a year later, I got pregnant with my first baby. I looked for images of Sheela-na-gig to make myself an amulet. She was the representation of female power, openness, fertility, freedom, and bounty of the universe to me. I drew her and made collages for my birth, and then I have found a lovely pewter charm design. This is how my Sheela-na-gig necklaces were born. Her image filled me with strength and helped me focus to bring my baby into being.

The necklace below is bright green, inspired by the green fields of Ireland that brought this wonderful symbol into my life.


Amy Spock of BeadsandThreadsbyAmy says:

As a plus size woman, I know how difficult it is for us to find larger bracelets that are fashionable and timeless. So, I set about creating this cuff. It fits a larger wrist beautifully, and looks great with blue jeans or evening gowns!


Betty Travell of Lady Snooks explains:

An Ammonite is a creature that lived in the seas between 240 – 65 million years ago and are now extinct. Fossils have always fascinated me, but this one was unusual. I had never seen an ammonite where the bottom portion is a deep red like this. The rest of the fossil is the usual shades of brown and rust.
I wanted to make it special, so I added some very small tourmaline beads along the one edge. I feel this makes it stand out.


Candy frizzell of TrueEarthDesigns states:

I love working with gemstones. I started around 8 years ago making jewelry. I now search for unique, patterns, character stones for my pieces. Like today, I received my order of gemstones and started putting colors and designs together. Beautiful Tigers Eye has so much movement (chatoyancy). All I can say is fun. Here are some of my newest design sets.


I hope you enjoyed this stroll and found something you must have,whether it be for you or someone else!

#CIJParty – Dazzling Blue – Pantone Fashion Color For Spring 2014

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Earlier today I shared my thoughts about trends with you.

Color trends are a wonderful way to celebrate the seasons! According to Pantone one of the top colors for Spring 2014 is Dazzling Blue.

Dazzling Blue is a scintillating polar opposite of Placid Blue.


Earlier this year we featured Placid Blue items from the EtsyChristmasinJuly Team here on the CIJ blog.

Members of the EtsyChristmasinJuly Team have many Dazzling Blue items in their shops! Here are a few!

At the end of this post is a big reveal!

Amy from BeadsandThreadsbyAmy makes a gift every year for her students who work for her during one hour a day as her Teacher’s Aide. They help grade daily assignments, pass back papers, keep her organized, and that type of thing. This year, she created monogrammed purses for all of them. The young lady who received this one exclaimed, “You should sell these!” Amy held in the giggle, but absolutely loves these little pouch bags.

Dazzling Blue Women's Purse Monogrammed From BeadsandThreadsbyAmy

Dazzling Blue Women’s Purse Monogrammed From BeadsandThreadsbyAmy

Majorie from mscenna came upon these vintage chunky pearl beads and couldn’t quite decide what to make but had a necklace in mind. When Majorie found the blue vintage beads and all she could think of was “something borrowed and something blue”.  She put them together in hopes of finding a bride who wanted a vintage inspired necklace!

Dazzling Blue Necklace From mscenna

Dazzling Blue Necklace From mscenna

Kelly from ColourscapeStudios loves this quote… it suits Kelly perfectly as she has always been surrounded by a good set of friends who she is  blessed to have whether she 5 minutes or 5 days away from!

In Life, It's Not Where You travel, It's Who You Travel With - Inspirational Print From ColourscapeStudios

In Life, It’s Not Where You travel, It’s Who You Travel With – Inspirational Print From ColourscapeStudios

Elizabeth from ElizabethLovesGlass found a pair of dazzling blue buttons in a thrift store and fell in love with them. Elizabeth knew she had to add them to a project. Then she found blue roving wool that was a perfect match. The inspiration to make a felted collar was all in place. Elizabeth loves adding collars to simple outfits to add a bit of warmth and change the look. This collar is reversible, so it’s two looks in one.

Dazzling Blue Peter Pan Collar Scarflette From ElizabethLovesGlass

Dazzling Blue Peter Pan Collar Scarflette From ElizabethLovesGlass

Betty Travell from LadySnooks shares that this piece is one of the few remaining pieces of dichroic glass she has that her brother made. He hasn’t made any for some time due to health issues. Betty loves the center which looks almost like a window into the heart of the pendant. The blues are some of the most striking colors she has seen in glass.

Dazzling Blue Dichroic Glass Wire Wrapped Pendant From LadySnooks

Dazzling Blue Dichroic Glass Wire Wrapped Pendant From LadySnooks

Kazaa from TangerineToes  saw this little piece of the ’80s it was love at first sight – colourful, fun and oh so quirky.

Dazzling Blue Muppets Tea Towel  From TangerineToes

Dazzling Blue Muppets Tea Towel From TangerineToes

CartoCreative shares that Paris is one of the most interesting cities she has ever been to. Along with her boyfriend (the other half of CartoCreative) she went backpacking through Europe for several months after university and Paris was an amazing way to start and end to their trip. The beginning of their trip was a little rocky. When they arrived in Paris, her backpack did not, so all she had was the dress and heels she wore on the plane while they stayed at a hostel in one of the sketchiest neighborhoods in the city. Since she had to replace all of her things, they wound up exploring more native Parisian areas that they may not have seen otherwise. Ending the trip in the same city it started allowed them to do things they missed during the first week and was a perfect way to conclude their holiday. Their Paris map was a slightly later addition to their shop, but not for a lack of trying. Paris was one of the first maps they started working on, as it was one of the places they had spent the most time in, but Paris is enormous, so they had to put the map aside for a few months. After many, many requests, they finished this first version of the map and it became one of their most popular sellers, in no doubt due to the memories that city helps create.

Paris Map Print From CartoCreative

Paris Map Print From CartoCreative

Alicia from AliciasFindings bought this butterfly pendant from a fellow Etsian, because of her love of nature and butterflies. From there she searched for a blue bead to match and silver accent beads. Alicia feels this is a beautiful piece for anyone, who like her, loves butterflies.

Dazzling Blue Butterfly Pendant And Bracelet Set From AliciasFindings

Dazzling Blue Butterfly Pendant And Bracelet Set From AliciasFindings

Lisa from  InsomniacTreasures was enjoying the beautiful weather at the small town art walk she took part in recently. Lisa was stationed next to an artist who had recently been to Tahiti and was working on a bright tropical scenery painting. She decided to sit on the bench next to her booth and do a little creating of her own. This piece just came out – dazzling turquoise blue and a shell found at a local beach. Guess they were in sync.

Dazzling Blue Copper Wire Wrapped Necklace From InsomniacTreasures

Dazzling Blue Copper Wire Wrapped Necklace From InsomniacTreasures

Patricia and Rebecca from northandsouthshabby share that as always, when “on the hunt” for treasures, their hearts always beats a bit faster when they  spy something they know will compliment their shop’s items. So it was when they spied this beautiful “dazzling blue” delft mug. The color was perfect, and the whaling ship, representing an industry so intricately embedded in the history of southern New England where Patricia resides, made it a perfect find!

Dazzling Blue Delft Mug From northandsouthshabby

Dazzling Blue Delft Mug From northandsouthshabby

Linda from umeone  has a vintage mixing bowl that is a beautiful Dazzling Blue. There is nothing better to whip up a batch of pancakes to coleslaw, than a heavy glazed ceramic bowl, perfect for serving and easy clean up.

Dazzling Blue Vintage Ceramic Pottery Mixing Bowl From umeone

Dazzling Blue Vintage Ceramic Pottery Mixing Bowl From umeone

Linda from ThingsUpcycled tells us that her washer pendants happened by accident. Linda loves vibrant colors and when she first started doing washer jewelry she didn’t put embellishments on them. One day she happened to have some laying on the table where she was working and one dropped out of the bag and fell on a washer. It landed in the perfect spot and she looked at it and a light bulb went off in her head. So this is how her creations came to be. Linda loves working with ink and the colors they create. What can she say except she’s always looking for other inspirations that include ink.

Dazzling Blue Flower Washer Necklace From ThingsUpcycled

Dazzling Blue Flower Washer Necklace From ThingsUpcycled

Shelia from hollyhillwreaths loves birdhouses. When she saw this birdhouse, she thought she could incorporate it into a patriotic hand made wreath. Sheila likes bright colors for summer and she thought the bright blues and reds were ideal for an American patriotic wreath.

Dazzling Blue Wreath From hollyhillwreaths

Dazzling Blue Wreath From hollyhillwreaths

Ingrida from feltinga wants to let your feet feel cozy and…. dazzling.

Dazzling Blue Hand Knitted Womens Socks From feltinga

Dazzling Blue Hand Knitted Womens Socks From feltinga

Ingrida from  LivePastVintage shares this Turtle, a hero of popular Soviet movie and book “Buratino” (“Pinocchio”).

Dazzling BlueTurtle Soviet Kid Toy From LivePastVintage

Dazzling BlueTurtle Soviet Kid Toy From LivePastVintage

Evelyn and Lucy from  artsyEVE wants us to know that Dazzling Blue isn’t just for adults. This baby quilt features hand-embroidered hearts on the solid white, with accents of a fabric that is a swirled combination of dazzling blues. Whether the blues remind you of water or sky, it’s a beautiful baby quilt–handmade by Mom.

Dazzling Blue Infant Quilt From artsyEVE

Dazzling Blue Infant Quilt From artsyEVE

Boriana from GermanistikArt has this wall clock that is for all who love flowers and have green thumbs. It was her first quilling clock. Blue is Boriana’s  favorite colour because it symbolizes freedom.

Dazzling Blue Quilled Flower Clock From GermanistikArt

Dazzling Blue Quilled Flower Clock From GermanistikArt

Jude from JudesTinyArt created this Dazzling Blue dolphin refrigerator magnet. Jude wanted a beach theme on her dolphin. She used the seagull for the eye of the dolphin. By the tail is a little island with palm trees. This little dolphin has a strong magnet to hold your important papers or display your children’s artwork with.

Dazzling Blue Dolphin Magnet From JudesTinyArt

Dazzling Blue Dolphin Magnet From JudesTinyArt

Wendy CN from CardNotions offers this 3D Butterfly card that depicts the red-spotted purple butterfly. The beautiful iridescent, dazzling blue color was imprinted in my mind many years ago when she saw one alight on one of their backpacks. Amazingly, the underside of the wings is a very different contrasting color, but just as beautiful, making this the perfect butterfly to apply her double sided printing and pop-up technique. There is also an original poem that was written specifically for this card, for Mothers Day: “Thank you for wonder, color, and light; For new beginnings and gentle touches; For wings that ride the morning air, and send my thoughts alight.”

3D Blue Butterfly pop-up Card From CardNotions

3D Blue Butterfly pop-up Card From CardNotions

Wendy Tyler from Windychimes made these beautiful earrings when a customer requested a pair of Blue Zircon post earrings, they sparkle in the sun and are a Dazzling Blue!

Dazzling Blue 14K Stud Earrings From Windychimes

Dazzling Blue 14K Stud Earrings From Windychimes

Sarah from LittleStickCreations made this scarf because she lives near the sea, and wanted to dye some yarn that was the same colour as the sea on a sunny day. The pattern was knitted to replicate the way that waves move towards the shore.

Dazzling Blue Scarf From LittleStickCreations

Dazzling Blue Scarf From LittleStickCreations

CarriageOnCherry shares that the saying on this box makes her smile. It describes a love that is almost endless, a love that goes beyond a day or a week. Perhaps the love between a mother and her child, a spouse or perhaps really good friends. The sayings we paint on our upcycled boxes, signs and trays come from our heart or an inspiration in our lives. This box is dedicated to their son. Hope this little box makes others smile as it does here in their  corner of the world at The Carriage House on Cherry!

Love You To The Moon And Back Box From CarriageOnCherry

Love You To The Moon And Back Box From CarriageOnCherry

Faith from QuinnsBin loves to create soft and cuddly blankets for little ones and their moms. Faith makes them on the large side to be versatile.

Dazzling Blue Large Receiving Blanket From QuinnsBin

Dazzling Blue Large Receiving Blanket From QuinnsBin

Susan from SUSIESSSUITCASE says that her favorite part of the process of making her tutus is coming up with pretty combinations of colors. They don’t usually like to do all one color. They want the little girl wearing it to be fun and colorful, the brighter, the better.

Dazzling Blue Tutu And Wand From SUSIESSUITCASE

Dazzling Blue Tutu And Wand From SUSIESSUITCASE

Jenni from DayDreamsSunshine created this gorgeous bag made from fabric reclaimed from a charity shop and the print reminds her of gorgeous sunny days wandering by the beach, discovering little markets and stopping for tea and cake. Jenni was inspired to make this bag big enough to carry all those essentials for a summers day!

Dazzling Blue Floral Tote Bag From DayDreamsSunshine

Dazzling Blue Floral Tote Bag From DayDreamsSunshine

Ken and Donna from WowWeeCreations share that this dazzling blue arrowhead pendant was knapped by Ken. Ken enjoys looking at old bottles to see what he can make from them. Glass is quite a challenge to make into an arrowhead. He always liked looking for arrowheads when he was a kid, so the arrowhead pendant was a fun and interesting piece to make. They think it turned out rather lovely and they hope you think so too!

Small Dazzling Blue Arrowhead Necklace From WowWeeCreations

Small Dazzling Blue Arrowhead Necklace From WowWeeCreations

Muttix asks the question what do you get when you make a hair accessory inspired by wildlife in the state of Texas? A BIG dazzling blue butterfly hair tie, of course! Everything IS bigger in Texas! She has been on a roll lately making butterfly hair ties for her shop. This dazzling blue addition is the latest in the line. The deep, navy blue center reminds her of a deep diving pool where hot summer days are passed hanging out and trying to cool off. The dazzling blue outer edge of the wings is the color of a clear blue Texas sky. All in all, something that captures the essence of the warmer months here in the heart of Texas!

Dazzling Blue Butterfly Hair Tie From muttix

Dazzling Blue Butterfly Hair Tie From muttix

Jeanne from TheSandlapperShop feels that vintage items are so unique and this item has become a piece of collectible costume jewelry. Made by Coro, this item of vintage jewelry in her shop is from her family so she knows it’s truly vintage. Jeanne can remember my mother wearing it. She loves this shade of blue!

Dazzling Blue Moonstone Coro Brooch And Earrings From TheSandlapperShop

Dazzling Blue Moonstone Coro Brooch And Earrings From TheSandlapperShop

Mary from HodgePodgeBowtique loves the Dazzling Blue in these patriotic embellished military style dog tag necklaces.

Dazzling Blue Bling Embellished Necklace From HodgePodgeBowtique

Dazzling Blue Bling Embellished Necklace From HodgePodgeBowtique

Lilia from LiliaLy loves very much the nature and especially the details. This pendant is a close up view of a butterfly wing which is lovely to her and Dazzling Blue.

Dazzling Blue butterfly Wing Pendant Necklace From LiliaLy

Dazzling Blue butterfly Wing Pendant Necklace From LiliaLy

Wendy from WoodNotions loves colorful art glass, so for this wood-cut and stained glass piece, she started with the beautiful glass and designed the woodcut around it. The dazzling blue as well as other shades of blue makes the Sea Otter look so much at home, partially submerged in the sea of blue glass.

Dazzling Blue Sea Otter woodcut And Stained Glass Decoration From WoodNotions

Dazzling Blue Sea Otter woodcut And Stained Glass Decoration From WoodNotions

DeserDabbler tells us that these dazzling blue earrings are made from sodalite, a natural stone, and Czech glass. Her jewelry is inspired by nature and usually is made of only natural stones. However, these earrings combine the best of both natural stones and dazzling blue glass.

Dazzling Blue Wire Wrapped Dangle Earrings From DesertDabbler

Dazzling Blue Wire Wrapped Dangle Earrings From DesertDabbler

The Pantone fashion colors for fall 2014 have been revealed!

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