Photo Booth – #CIJParty 2018

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Good morning everyone! Once again this year we kick off our Etsy Christmas In July Party this year with a photo! What is a party the opportunity to take goofy photos in a booth?

I invited members of the Etsy Christmas In July team to share their Christmas Inspired photo booth items.

Gina from ArigigiPixel says: 

This is a red, green and white MERRY CHRISTMAS party banner – DIY flag garland. This digital product is perfect for your holiday party! See additional details in Gina’s shop!


Judith Messenger from FabriArts says:

I started making little knitted socks and mitten ornaments when a friend gave the patterns she had developed. I used the leftover yarn from the socks that my Mom knits for the whole family. At first they were just for gifts for my friends and family, but they are fun to knit out of self-striping yarn, so I kept going, eventually selling them at local craft fairs and here on Etsy. Soon, the ends that Mom supplied weren’t enough, so I started haunting the yarn stores for more colours of wool (my yarn stash is growing now to rival my stash of quilting fabric)! Then I started knitting more little mitts and socks and stringing them in a row to make a garland.

When I make pairs of socks or mitts, I like to make sure that they match. The self-patterning yarn usually has a “repeat”….once I’ve knit 3 or 4 socks/mitts, I get back to the same place so I can knit the matching sock or mitten. Occasionally, the repeat is very hard to find, or there’s not enough yarn to make another, and I end up with a sock or mitt that doesn’t have a match. That’s when I came up with concept of the mis-matched garlands. It reminds me of the times when my kids always lost just one of their mittens and didn’t have a match…..or the “sock monster” ate one of a pair in the dryer (do the socks ever go missing in pairs?).

Now I have a stash of little single socks and single mitts ready to be strung on a garland when I get enough that I think coordinate.

I also make garlands of socks or mitts that all coordinate – a single colour or from a single ball of yarn. More of those will be available in my FabriArts shop in the fall.