International Day of Literacy – September 8th

International Day of Literacy – September 8th

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns

International Day of Literacy is September 8th so I asked fellow team mates if they had products in their shops that reflect the theme of literacy? Books, paper, pencils, bookmarks, book lights – and more.

Here’s what they had to share

Debbie Gilbert from License2Craft says

In this “day & age” of technology, school children are using computers and the internet even more. Most of us as adults rely on it every day for business, social or learning. Internet and Kindles have become the “new” way to read books. Making it important to be mindful of posture, and ergonomic support is essential.
These Flax-seed & Rice filled Keyboard & Mouse pillows will do just that. They are wonderful for everyday support or for added comfort just heat in the microwave or placed in the freezer for cold relief. The Keyboard rest has the added benefit of being able to substitute as a neck & shoulder relief pack for stressed out neck and shoulders.
Available in many patterns… and special orders are always welcome!


I learned to read in a one room country school with Dick, Jane and Sally readers. I went on to become a public school teacher. My daughter and son-in-law are both public school teachers ready to head back to the classroom. The motto in our family has always been…Spend money and resources on education and experiences not things! These Dick, Jane and Sally mug rugs remind me of what’s really important in life.


I learned to read when my mother needed ways to keep me busy when I was 4 years old. She pulled out the newspaper or magazines and told me to circle all of one word through the whole thing – to find all the “and” words for example.
It was actually fun and rewarding and lead to me reading long books way above my age and skipping a few grades of English! Books were everywhere handy for us as children, and to this day I borrow (and return!) books from my mothers’ ever changing and full shelves. My children learned before they knew how to speak that Dr. Seuss was fun time! I believe that we need to keep the strength in providing kids with positive and fun things to read and encourage them young. My daughter is a book nut and states that she will have her children learn from books even if there were no libraries!
We plan to carry other things in the future – but for now we have plates and other vintage things with poetry or sayings on them. I carry charms with positive words on them like “miracles”, “family”, and more. Words have power – they can hurt, yes, but they can also lift ones’ spirits and heal. I have been working on making “healing stones” in that they are inscribed with positive words and am also working on wood burning and engraving positive quotes that I have begun to collect over the years.


Cyndi DragonflyzDreams from frstyfrolk says

Book HC Animal Clothing 1969 Variety Species Hair Feathers Skin Armor Insect Seasonal Colors Children Vintage Adult Home School
I loved reading this book, there is so much interesting information on the outer coat of many kinds of species of animals.
It is very informative about their outer coats, how they are made, and what they are made of. Several species are discussed such as Birds, Fox, Bear, Lady Bugs, Lions, Worms, Butterflies, Spiders, Skunks, Turtles, Owl, Crab, Chicken, Beaver, Rabbit, Moose, Peacock, Porpoise, Toad, Dog, Cat, Elephant, Caterpillar, Alligator, Snake, Armadillo, Egret, Shark, Hummingbird and many more.

It also discusses their color changes and living habits during the seasons.
It Indexes:

Hair, Feathers, Skin, Armor, and Insect Clothing
94 pages, Measures 8 x 5 x 3/4 inches


Our all-purpose bags are perfect for storing writing utensils needed for that next masterpiece. The images for our GRAFFITI HANDPRINT pencil pouch were taken from photographs that we captured in Berlin, Germany while strolling along Mühlenstrasse near the city center. The urban art-filled remnants of the Berlin Wall make up what is now the East Side Gallery, the largest outdoor art gallery in the world. Much of the art conveys powerful statements about freedom in words and images.


I have these School House buttons… Schooling is a big part of our Literacy and the School House is a great symbol for Literacy…


WOW!! What a great range of products related to literacy – reading and writing is so important, as all of us here on Etsy knows – we need to write our product descriptions, and read and understand customer enquiries and so much more! It’s great to be able to promote this important educational need.

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