New Team Members: June

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Please join us in welcoming the new Etsy Christmas In July team members who joined in June! Take a moment to check out their shops, and share on social media using the hashtag #EtsyCIJ! Thank you!

Cindy Witt from Bowsbaublesandbeads says:

Hi Everyone! My name is Cindy Witt. I live in the sunshine state where even at Christmas it’s July! I have been crafting for as long as I can remember. Several years ago I fell in love with making tutus. They put a smile on everyone’s face! I put my fun tutus on everything from nail polish to mason jars! Then a Christmas I decided to put a tutu on my Christmas tree. From there my tree skirts were born.

I custom make them to match the customers tree and so far they have been a big hit.


judy mullins from vintagetochic says:

Hello everyone, my name is Judy Mullins and I live in the great smoky mountains, Piegon Forge and Gatlinburg area which is the craft capital of the east coast and so many Christmas shops it is Christmas all year around. My love of decorative art begin over 35 years ago and has been a great full time business for me. Holiday items have always been my favorite to create and my best sellers. Sharing one of our recycled glass jugs with you today decorated for Christmas and lighted. My hubby is my partner and does most all my prep work. Come visit, happy to chat.


June – National Ocean Month

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Around the world June is celebrated as Ocean Month. Since Oceans make up approximately 70% of the Earth, is it any wonder that we celebrate it? There are many ways to participate in this holiday, including using the Sea as inspiration.

I wondered ” How do we in Christmas in July Team take inspiration from the Ocean, Sea Life and other such creatures?”

Wendy Joy of wjoydesigns said:

I grew up by the ocean in California.When I am homesick and missing the smell of salt air, the sound of waves gently rolling onto the sand and the call of the seagulls in the wind. I am inspired to make pieces that remind me of these feelings. I use blues and whites. I use things that are natural and the color of sand. Occasionally I will use found items from my many visits to the beach through my childhood, such as sea glass and shells from my personal collection!


Lin Collette of rhodyart states:

I don’t have much occasion to incorporate the sea in my work, though I’ve done larger pieces that refer to the ocean and the life that thrives in it. The only real connection the items I sell in my shop have to the ocean is if they’re pirate themed, and thus I present one of those here.

Pirate themes are a tribute to my brother, Will, who has changed his birthday celebrations to Talk Like a Pirate Day on September 19.

il_170x135.650088836_ibt2 (1)

Lia Russo of Ghirlandiamo says:

My town, Salerno, is on Mediterranean Sea, part of Atlantic Ocean. All my crafts are strongly influenced by this, as you can see from the colors l use. What l love living on the sea is that my view, at least in one direction, has no limits.

Furthermore, even in hot summer, the temperature is more bearable, because of the sea breeze. I think l couldn’t live anywhere else without sea.

This is my most recent item and I think it confirms all l said here.


Dawn Whitehand of DeeDeeDeesigns states:

Currently I live  in a rural central Victoria about four hours from the ocean – which is a lot for me.

As a child I grew up on the coast in a sleepy country town, which is now a tourist metropolis!

This early influence, I think, influences a lot of the color choices I make in the glazes I apply to my works such as the blue on this ceramic bowl.

Kelly of ColourscapeStudios explains:
I adore the beach, it’s my go to place when I need a wander, a pick me up or a fun time! It features often in my work, my photography work seems to center around it often. Sunset at the beach brings me back to my inner self, it relaxes and enchants me with the colors, the sights and the sounds.
Connie Lee of Bungalow42 tells me:
Growing up in Texas I spent a lot of time on Galveston Island as a child.
As a teenager I visited beaches all along the gulf coast. My high school boyfriend was an avid surfer who tried (in vain) to teach me to surf. I was generally happier walking the shoreline looking for shells, dashing in and out of the surf or napping on the sand.
As an adult I have been fortunate to live on both the east and west coast. The ocean continues to be a significant influence in my life and my work.
Annie of DesignedbyAnneliese said:
I live in Australia and it takes at least 1.5 hours to get to the beach! When I was little we used it go on family holidays every year over Christmas (when it is summer holidays) and stay right near the beach. I loved it! While these gift tags do not feature anything from the ocean, the colors remind me of how lovely the sea and the beach are.
 Katrina of BygoneAllure states:

I live in Hobart, Tasmania and a short distance from spectacular family friendly beaches. I get my exercise, breathe in the salt air, cleanse my senses and get direction and clarity by being close to the ocean. The ocean and nature oxygenate me. I feel so lucky to have this access to Nature.

The beauty of nature inspires me in my whole outlook. I love to beach comb and collect beautiful items like shells and driftwood. My favorite colors are Green and Blue which for me represent air, nature, earth. One of my favorite materials is Paua Shell / Abalone and I seek out fine Vintage Jewelry pieces with this natural material.


Iefrenchgem told me:

I live less than a mile from the beach in Fort Myers Beach, FL in the winter, and SW France in the summer. I go for long walks on the beach here in France collecting sea glass for my one of a kind pieces that I sell at shows, and I find the most wonderful photo props right on the beach (like the driftwood props in the photos below). Even the crystals that I use remind me of the light dancing on the waters surface. I can’t imagine not living near the ocean. I am constantly in awe of it’s beauty and magnificence.

Pauls and Daiga of ThreadsandPaintStudio states:
We live in Latvia, far, far away from Ocean, but very near to Baltic sea. I couldn’t imagine live without possibility to get into car and drive to beach. Many of our works are inspired from water theme. We tray to show our landscapes with sandy beach, but it could also be ocean view, sea view, lake view.
Inga of FaufulisFashion explains:
I live in Latvia near to the sea. My all time favorite place to be is the beach!

I would say that the water,especially the Ocean inspires many of us to create. It could be because of our love, awe or wonder at what it’s depths hold.

Get up, get out and let the water near you inspire your creations!

June – Great Outdoors Month

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

“Great Outdoors Month is a time for all to share in the natural splendor of which we are all proud inheritors. Whether camping, fishing, rock climbing, or playing in a neighborhood park, nature offers each of us the opportunity to get active, explore, and strengthen our bonds with family and friends. This month, let us celebrate our natural heritage by experiencing it together.”

Carrie of madcapz says:

I’m getting ready to do some amazing hiking with my family!


Wendy Joy of wjoydesigns states:

In June, our family begins to celebrate nature by going on many camping trips! This is where I get a lot of my inspiration for my creations and sometimes even items from our mother Earth to make them with! I look for unique stones along the rivers and lakes to use in my designs and pick flowers to press and use later on when they are dried. While camping, I have the time to slow down and connect with my inner voice. I bring my craft supplies with me in case I am inspired to create while in beautiful surroundings! I believe that this adds peaceful energy to my works and that those feelings can be passed to the wearer of my pieces


Lin Collette of rhodyart said:

Gosh, I’m a dedicated city girl, I hate bugs, hate camping, and can’t build a campfire to save my life. I even hate S’mores. That said, when I have the chance to walk with my brother through Ninigret Park in Charlestown, Rhode Island – its nature preserve – I am in awe at what I see, the wildflowers, the trees in fantastical shapes because they’re in a salt marsh and affected by the salt in some way, and so on. I love flowers and am always taking photos of flowers on my camera. I admire those who garden and those who go trekking.

Just don’t ask me to go along. This item is inspired by Downton Abbey’s Mr. Bates and Anna. I imagine that they love to go on long walks, in spite of Mr. Bates’ leg injury, and I would love to think they’re long romantic walks.


Melissa R of missy69 discusses:

It starts getting really hot here in June, in Florida. We are in a heat advisory, already, for this weekend. We do have a pool, but we love to visit our local springs and ocean beaches. One of my favorite things is to turn pictures we take into paintings.


Kelly of ColourscapeStudios says:

We go into winter here in Australia, so for me it means wrapping myself up in several layers and heading out with my camera before dawn to one of my favorite photography spots to enjoy the sunrise. Watching the fog lift off the lake is a wonderful sight and I love capturing it every possible chance.


Dawn Whitehand of DeeDeeDeesigns discussed:

I used to do a lot of camping many years ago – but these days like the comfort of my own bed!!

However, I have maintained an appreciation of the outdoors, especially while living on 10 acres in a rural part of Australia.

Many of my original art gift cards are inspired by the great outdoors, such as this one!


Not only is there a lot of nature and beauty in our crafts, but there is so much more in the Great Outdoors!

Get up, get out and enjoy your time outdoors.

June – New Arrivals

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Join the Christmas In July team as we celebrate June – New Arrivals.

Amanda Jaeger from AlphabetArtPrints:

Kiss The Cook…even when the food is sub par, because being in the kitchen is hard!

I love creating alphabets from familiar items. This particular alphabet was created using items in my very own kitchen. This is one of my favorites I’ve done because the black and white kitchen themed photos can seriously go with pretty much any decor. “Kiss the Cook” speaks to me as I love being able to cook for my family, but darn it, sometimes getting a good meal on the table is just plain hard!



Katie from KLStudioArt:

I actually painted this piece in a class that was for enjoying a glass of wine while painting a specific piece of artwork. I decided to deviate from the painting that the class was doing and got caught up in this magical world I had begun creating. It was so fun and inspiring to be able to start this painting the same as many other people in this class, and then turn it into something different, new and beautiful!



Beth Stephens from BethStephensArt:

She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not… was inspired by childhood memories picking daisy petals. I painted this with gouache and a little imagination.



Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio:

New minimalist black and red cards in the shop.

I have but one request: KISS ME NOW

So romantic and fun! A card filled with passion. I had fun gathering inspiration from my husband.



Cindy from GraceNotesbyCindy:

Red geraniums are my favorite summer flower. I always have several pots of them on my porch. I love using this rubber stamp to make cards and coloring the design with watercolor pens.



Annie from DesignedbyAnneliese:

This is my newest listing. It is a handmade butterfly card for the ladies! It can be used for various occasions such as a birthday card, a thank you card, a get well soon card or a thinking of you card! I love using stickers on cards, especially butterfly ones. I particularly liked using this butterfly sticker as it is 3D and the butterfly is raised.



Sarah Johnson from BellaBoutique23:

I recently added decorative notebooks in my shop. I was at a birthday party and someone was writing down the gifts for thank you notes later, I thought it would be nice to have already decorated notebook for a bridal shower for the maid of honor to use to write down the gifts.



Kristen Sargent from KestrelCollection:

This is one of my newest items. I’ve loved wishing on dandelion seeds since I was very little and wanted to make a good luck pendant to share. The birthstone charm is an added touch of personalization.



Kristy Jo from KrystalKlarityBeads:

After surviving Lung Cancer, my priorities have changed. I am sadly aware of the need for research for cancers, and the one that reaches the deepest in my heart is childrens’ cancer – so I try to raise awareness, give a message of faith and hope, and maybe a smile. (I do any color).



lefrenchgem from lefrenchgem:

Inspired by the myriad of blues that I see in the oceans where I live in Florida and France. I wanted an elegant looking ear wire to showcase these brilliant Swarovski crystals, so I created an original Le French Gem design. I imagine my customers wearing them as they browse the seaside shops and feel amazing when they wear them out to dinner with friends and loved ones.



Linda Baze from GirlieGals:

These bright red, yellow, green and orange lampwork beads remind me of the swirling and twirling mexican style skirts at Fiesta’s and celebrations. Fun and colorful with lots of motion.



Kaycee from ParadiseJewelryofCP:

This is one of my newest items. Need help getting your little one ready to celebrate America’s Birthday! I have many great items in my shop!



be Woolen from beWoolen:

I found this red super soft merino wool yarn last week and as I touched it I knew I had to knit something loose and warm, easy to wear.



Wendy Joy from wjoydesigns:

I was inspired to make this out of love for the free spirit in each of us!
Pink is the most attracting of all the colors. Pink attracts attention and interest and allows the viewer of the color to feel warmth and comfort. Because of this,potential lovers will feel comfortable and confident enough to approach you and will not fear refusal. Wear these feathers in pink if you want to attract a potential love partner. Or just wear it when you are in need of de-stressing and are seeking calm.
Pink, along with the colour green, is linked with the Heart Chakra, and concerns higher consciousness and love. The Heart Chakra bridges the gap between the physical and spiritual worlds.
Pink promotes a feeling of gentle warmth and nurturing. It lessens feelings of anger and irritability, surrounding us with a sense of love and protection. It also helps with feelings of loneliness, unhappiness, over sensitivity, and vulnerability.
Purple or violet assists those who seek the meaning of life and spiritual fulfillment – it expands our awareness, connecting us to a higher consciousness. For this reason it is associated with transformation of the soul and the philosophers of the world are often attracted to it.In the meaning of colors, purple and violet represent the future, the imagination and dreams, while spiritually calming the emotions. They inspire and enhance psychic ability and spiritual enlightenment, while, at the same time, keeping us grounded.



Juliette A-B. from LeTanuki:

When New Year comes in Japan, you see everywhere bouquets and pictures of pine, bamboo and plum blossoms. Those are 3 auspicious plantswhich bring hope and good luck. Nowadays, those “3 friends of winter” are also seen during weddings or graduations – they truly are of good omen!



Ildi Garay from PitzicatVintage:

Just listed a very cute little girl in blue with a jug!
Part of a larger collection I inherited. I love these collectible pieces but now I have so many.
This is a Zsolnay piece Made in Hungary in the 40-50s.
Just reminds me of summer somehow.



I saw this fabric and just love owl items, so it ties in well with the other ones I have.



I listed this new item, because it is so natural, I love the color and presents my shop for this affection for the nature. It remembers me of peaches, summer and long evenings outside in the nature!



Corkycrafts from Corkycrafts:

Just listed! I wanted to add some sunshine to my garden and the medallion reminded me of a sunny sunflower and I knew I had to add it to my bird house and while it was drying in the sun the birds were checking it out.



Susan Burton from SusieBDesigns:

I have a tremendous love for the beauty of nature and am especially drawn to the beach and the sea. I have collected seashells for years and so decided to incorporate them into my craft. My hope is that my Seashell Pillows will instill a sense of peace and beauty and become a treasured addition in the home.



Ana Rabiller from Quilterbell:

This is my new listing, I am just falling in love with charcoal colour at the moment, I just love the way allow colours to pop. Warning: you might see quite a few of this colour in my shop for the next few months!



Treasury Challenge Winner June – ShopOfCraftsByMyrna

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

On Etsy many shop owners curate treasuries. A treasury is a curated shop gallery comprised  of 16 items from any shop.  Most of the time they are done by theme, color or anything you can imagine.

The Christmas in July team has challenges to create treasuries centered on themes of our choosing. We then pick a winner based on views, creativity and the like.

The June winner is Myrna of ShopsOfCraftsByMyrna.

Myrna has a love of Garden markers, pillows and other such crafts.

What made you decide to open your shop?

I went through a very rough time in my life when my parents passed away. My mother passed from a medical accident and my dad from a stroke, I do believe his heart was broken. They both were so much a part of my life. We were so close and I missed them horribly and I still do. I sat for a year just sad, going to work and just reliving all that had changed. My daughter and my husband did what they could but I was so depressed. I had a sewing room full of material and crafts from years when I did create and make things.
One day it hit me……I wanted to get in that room and start doing what I had done from the age of 7 when I got my first sewing machine. My mom & dad always complimented my creations and encouraged me to make more. I loved sewing and creating and that is what I whated to do again! Once I started I could not stop. I had came out of the depression full of ideas. I decided to open my Etsy shop after I had made many items and I could not find anywhere that I felt comfortable selling them. I could not find a way to promote what I had, so I was not selling much at all. My house was beginning to fill up (I call myself a sophisticated hoarder) I never throw material or buttons away. I also enjoyed the relaxation of making things again like I used to when I was younger. Working a full time stressful job and being having a lot a spare time (my daughter got married and my husband travels) I needed to do something that I loved and creating was it.


What got you into making pillows and other crafts?

When I first starting sewing as a little girl I made pillows and dolls. My Grandma Wilson taught me how to make patterns from newspapers creating whatever designs I wanted. The dolls were simple made out of white cotton (my mother could not keep white pillow cases in the house…they would disappear) and yarn hair. As I look back they were not very pretty but I was so proud of them…I feel bad for the cousins and friends that I gave those little dolls to.
I love all types of pillows. They can brighten or enhance any room. I love making them and making each side contrasting in design or color.


What is your favorite thing about etsy?

I love Etsy because I was able to go into it selling my things. Etsy’s directions on setting up my shop was so simple. I was able to display everything that I make or want to sell in a wonderful format that people all over the world have an opportunity to see. One great feature was that Etsy notifies me of my sales, take care of collecting the funds for what I was sell and sending it to my bank…What could be easier!
Another great feature is all the wonderful friends I have made on Etsy. I have met so many great people on the teams that I have joined. We help promote each other and appreciate what each of us are doing.

What do you love about summer most?

I believe I love summer because of all the beautiful colors from the grass to the sky. I love the just sitting and looking at the clouds, stars, moon and of course the warm sunshine. I love all the fresh fruits and vegetables and most of all the summer thunderstorm, the smell of the rain.


What is your advice to a new shop owner?

My advice is to not give up…Most people I have met have had to work at what they have accomplished with Etsy. I have spent many many days promoting team members items because I was obligated to instead of promoting my own. Keep up on your promises with your Etsy friends. The hard work will pay off. Take a little time each day to promote yourself too. Make quality items to sell. Most of all enjoy yourself. Do not go into it thinking you will make tons of money quickly…It takes time and it takes “you” enjoying what you are doing.

Myrna has an eclectic mix of home decor and other such home crafts. If you are looking for something to refresh your home, check out her shop!

June – Wedding Traditions

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Weddings have evolved over the years,just as the culture has. This year it may be that shabby chic decor is in,but one thing remains the same-Traditions and what remembrances we have of them.

Elizabeth Wellburn of ElizabethLovesGlass says:

The old rhyme is one of my favorites…
“Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…. and a tuppence in her shoe!”


Sarah Johnson of  BellaBoutique23  lets me know:

My husband and I celebrated our 10 year anniversary recently. I still look back on our wedding and picture the day as the perfect wedding. My favorite planning of the wedding was picking out the music since music is such a huge part of my life it was so much fun to find unique beautiful music for our special day. I still remember the emotional joy of the music as I walked down the aisle. Although the music was a huge part I think the most precious part of our wedding was at the beginning Aaron and I had both our parents come up as he and I knelt at the alter and the pastor and our parents prayed over us. Having God in the middle of our marriage was what he and I believed would make for a lasting marriage. Headed toward the 11 years and praying many more years to come!


Megha Silvano of  byTheArtBug says:

One of the Wedding traditions that I love is “Throwing the Bouquet”, where the bride throws the bouquet over her shoulder to a group of single female guests, the one who catches is believed to be the next in line to get married. It is interesting to sometimes see them fight over it.

Well at my wedding I didn’t throw my own bouquet but, I threw a “toss bouquet” that was meant for throwing only.

I researched about it a bit and found an interesting origin of this tradition:
In Medieval times, brides typically were not expected to wear their wedding dress again, so the single women used to tear off the brides dress and collect as good fortune or lucky charm. But as time passed and dresses became more expensive, brides started throwing other inexpensive things like bouquet to keep the tradition going.


Ingrida of feltinga taught me:

In old times in Lithuania a young lady in order to show that she is great and diligent hostess and will be a perfect wife, had to load full dowry chest with her handmade beauties. The most popular and pure Lithuanian fibers were linen (flax) and wool. So young girls had to spin, weave, crochet, knit, felt linen and wool items and place them into her chest, which was being carried to her and her husband’s house. The amber was most popular and pure Lithuanian gem. Amber jewelry was pride of Lithuanian women and was forwarded from generation to generation. It had a special place in the dowry chest. I think, that the items from my both shops – vintage and handmade – would look nicely in the dowry chest of modern girl too…


Sheila and Shannon of BeadyEyeBird explains:

I would want a non-traditional, exotic wedding – preferably in an exotic locale like Africa! If I could have that, I would want to wear these wonderful beads. Here they are, plus their story.This is a special African wedding necklace called “Don Don Sole”, and the tradition is to present it to Mali brides for their wedding day. Like many African Trade Beads, these multicolored, bulb shaped, glass beads were originally made in Czechoslovakia and later traded to Africa.


Kelly of ColourscapeStudios states:

Our personalised heart print is the only one of it’s kind on Etsy and we get requests often for it to be blown up and used as a guestbook alternative. I love that people can get it signed by all their loved ones and then framed and up on their wall!


Patricia of RitzyandGlitzy tells me:

One of my customers is getting married in August and requested I make her a pearl necklace with a swallow on it. It came out beautiful! I thought it had a special meaning only to her, but when I looked it up I found out that the swallow symbolizes “hope for a new beginning.” I thought that was such a lovely meaning especially for a bride on her wedding day. So, I decided to add this item to my shop.


Sophie and Paul Habberjam of TheWitchChandlery discusses:

We are pagan and our wedding ceremonies are called ‘Handfastings’ where the couples hands are symbolically tied together with decorative cords or ribbons. These are then kept safely by the couple to symbolise their union and are only cut if the partnership breaks down. The colour of the cords or ribbons are symbolic too and can be plaited or twisted together and decorated with charms, flowers or other symbols that have meaning to the couple.


Jean Harbot of LittleMeBling says:

I love watching the little flower girls and ring bearers during the ceremony and while they party it up afterwards!


Anna White of 2DayIChoose shares:

I paint custom portraits, and get many requests to paint these as wedding and anniversary gifts. Here’s an example of a portrait with a custom background. I’m working on one right now where the background is the lyrics of their wedding song and the portrait is a photo of the couple from their wedding.










I hope you learned about a new tradition or at least had fun reading these CIJ members stories. Weddings are a wonderful experience, especially the traditions.