Inspire Your Heart With Art Day

Contributor  Opal from ApronStringsOwlLady

A holiday always observed on January 31st of each year, Inspire Your Heart With Art Day is set aside for us to explore our own feelings, and how art of any medium affects our heart-strings – and heart.

Art of all types is embraced and appreciated for a variety of reasons – the beauty, the message, the technique – what does your heart tell you?

According to the website set aside for this day, “Of the broad spectrum of art created in the world, the pieces that move us to tears or cause us to burst out in joyous laughter remain with us for a life time. Whether we are touched through music or see into an artist soul through their work, art has the power to change us, to inspire our hearts.”

The day encourages all of us to get Inspired about art while exploring the many genres of art that inspire us individually. How will you celebrate this day – Perhaps by a visit to an art gallery, reading a good book, music appreciation, Ballet and theatrical arts, starting that masterpiece you’ve been putting off – or what we do everyday – Share our art with others here on Etsy?

Looking forward to your thoughts and comments.

Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says

I will probably celebrate this day with a good novel followed by – ideally – an art house film…. and these can only be enjoyed with a good handmade cup filled with quality fair trade coffee or tea!
Coffee Cup Soup Mug Ceramic Handmade Pottery Matte Black Neutral Tones Tea or Hot Chocolate Cup with Generous Handle by Dawn Whitehand

Coffee Cup Soup Mug

I definitely will be reading a good book – which could be one of the many beautiful coffee table books I have on my favorite artists! I am continually inspired by great artists use of color, and strive to use color well in my enamel work. This brooch was inspired by a photo of an artist friend of mine!

Stormy day brooch, champleve enamel, sterling silver, fine silver, kiln fired enamel, seaside bay, stormy sky, tropical, ooak, handmade

Stormy Day Brooch

Well, this day happens to be our wedding anniversary, so I like to make a hand-made card for my husband. This card is fitting in so many ways. Mixed-media hand cut candles and flames add warmth to a dark winter day. This signifies the steadfast light and love in our marriage. Making a wish and blowing out the candles so many years ago has produced my dream come true.

Valentine Card, Romantic Candle card, Valentine Card for boyfriend girlfriend Made a Wish you appeared, engagement anniversary wedding card

Romantic Candle Card

I will make a trip to my local art museum. I love wandering around the contemporary art section; it’s such a constant source of inspiration. Hopefully, some of that inspiration will then be funneled into some new work of my own.

Original Mixed Media Painting, Mixed Media Art, Girl Art, Warrior, Home Decor, Wall Art, Gift for Women, Feminist Art

Mixed Media Art

Sue and Misty from shabbyshopgirls says

Before tv, internet, cell phones and Twitter, people used to fill their evenings with mixed arts such music, painting, writing, or sewing – these were the Arts. This gorgeous hand embroidered double hearts pillowcase is a fine example of an art that is often overlooked today. We love to surround ourselves, and our shop, in these beautiful hand crafted linens.
Vintage Embroidered Pillowcase - Single - Pink Daisy Hearts - Love Valentines Day Sweethearts - Vintage Bedding Sheets Linens - Collectible

Vintage Embroidered Pillow case

Jerry and Opal from ApronStringsOwlLady says

Hello friends, thank you for your submissions. Love all the creative and artful ideas to celebrate Inspire Your Heart with Art Day.

I am inspired everyday by the colors of my palette and will most likely enjoy this day by painting an artistic owl.

Owl Paper Towel Holder, Wooden Owl Kitchen Decor, Owl Kitchen, Owl Gifts, Owl Decorations, Custom Owl Gifts, Cute Owl, Hand painted Owl

Wooden Owl Paper Towel Holder

Thank you all this time around! Please watch for more #EtsyCIJ threads to share you thoughts and items.

Inspire your Heart with Art Day

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

This day is one where you ponder the effect of art on your heart.
How does art make you feel? How has it moved you?

Here at Christmas in July Team we wanted to know how you would celebrate this day?

Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio says I would love to celebrate this day by visiting the Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) in NYC. I know I will make it some day, but not this month.

What I love about art is that it can be both a private and public experience. No one can tell me how I am supposed to feel about art, that is my privilege. But I do love that we can all share our stories through art, about a time, a place, a person.

On Jan 31st, I know I will be doing 2 things:
1: Dance. With a dancer in the family, that is an integral part of life. I love watching my daughter dance, listening to her passionate descriptions of what she does, and seeing her progress.

2. Since it is my anniversary, I will be spending the day with my hubby, my favorite work of art

Valentine Mirror Card

Evelyn and Lucy from artsyEVE states I will celebrate this day with my granddaughter who loves to paint and sew and create pottery…and simply loves to be involved with all the arts!
Her love of the arts fills my heart with love! I made this for her.

Flannel doll quilt and pillow

Richard and Tatiana from DesignsTheLimit discussed that we like to think that we celebrate our love for art everyday, but we have a special project that we are planning for this weekend to make a new Valentine’s Day wreath for our front door. We have already gathered the materials and made some preparations, but will be letting our daughters do most of the assembly with supervision. The only thing better than creating art is when you can do it together while spending time with the ones you love.

In addition to the personalized gifts we list in our Etsy shop, we also take commissions for sandblasted glass artwork for any application. We have performed sandblasted glass art projects for local businesses and military applications. Although we typically perform these jobs for local contractors in Hampton Roads, we have decided to list these products and services in our Etsy shop and have received a few enquiries. Message us on Etsy or give us a call to discuss any of the products or services we provide.

Custom Artwork

Kelly from ColourscapeStudios says I would love to be able to gather up all my dear maker friends from around the country, and sit down together chatting and watching each other work and create. The beauty of art is that everyone sees something a little differently to the next, and there is art in the creative process from start to finish!

Inspirational print

Gwen Jones from GwensHomemadeGifts states I love the process of making bath and body products, from gathering the skin loving ingredients to mixing them together like some kind of mad scientist or something. It’s a rush, let me tell you! Especially fun is soap making! There are so many pretty molds and soap just acts so alive! It sometimes has a mind of it’s own as it sets up maybe before you want it to. There is a skill, an art to getting it just right. And it’s a fun craft to share with others too. When I’m making my pretty smelling things at my home, my heart and mind are soothed and restored. I think it’s that way with anyone who has found a way to express the creativity within themselves.

Honey Facial Bar Soap