Show Us Your Workspace: EmmaKayInks

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns

Today we visit the workspace of Michelle Emma Kay from EmmaKayInks who creates hand drawn original ink artwork. Please visit her shop and favourite some items, maybe even buy something!!

Here’s what Michelle has to say about her workspace:

I dreamed of having an art studio ever since I was a child. True story. I used to love hanging out and making things in my Nanna’s small but separate and comfy studio shed that overlooked the beautiful Tuggerah Lakes of Australia.

I used to work in my bedroom and had to unpack it and then pack it away every time I made something.

Now I’m grateful every day that I have a home studio of my very own.


Who’s afraid of a blank canvas? Not me. Ok, maybe it is a little daunting. But I find the best thing to do is just jump right and get started.

I truly believe, like Viginia Woolf, that we need a room of one’s own. You can make it work in a smaller space, but having a studio just makes things that much better. I can leave things out to dry. I can spread things out and move them around and see how they look in different combinations. I can dedicate a particular space for photography.

Having more space physically allows more space creatively!

I don’t mind making do with an old bed sheet as a curtain. I’m just happy to have a whole room, just for my own creativity!”