Warm Taupe And Dusty Cedar – Pantone Fashion Colors For Fall 2016

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Color trends are a wonderful way to celebrate the seasons!

According to Pantone two of the top colors for Fall 2016 are Warm Taupe and Dusty Cedar.


PANTONE 16-1318 Warm Taupe is a hearty, pleasing and approachable neutral that pairs well with each of the top 10 shades of the Fall 2016 season.

  • Suggests reassurance and stability
  • Trusted, organic and grounded
  • Departs slightly from the foundations of the Fall 2016 palette
  • Timeless

Leatrice EisemanExecutive Director, Pantone Color Institute

Etsy Christmas In July Pinterest Board Fall 2016 Pantone Color: Warm Taupe

Etsy Christmas In July Pinterest Board
Fall 2016 Pantone Color: Warm Taupe

Members of the Etsy ChristmasInJuly Team have been inspired by the colors Warm Taupe and Dusty Cedar! They have created items in their shops reflecting this inspiration! Here are a few!

GypsyGeneralStore from GypsyGeneralStore says

I love old bottles and lace…when blended together, they tell a story.
Warm Taupe Altered Glass Bottle

Warm Taupe Altered Glass Bottle

Valerie Brown from FirepanJewellery says:

I love color and always await the Pantone annual color report with interest. I also enjoy combining enamel and gemstones together. This year, I designed and made earrings based on the 2016 colors. These earrings are a nice neutral to add to any wardrobe!


Linda Yunker from LazyYCrochet says:

The yarn was a gorgeous, a chunky multi-shaded brown wool blend that I just couldn’t resist. I could just imagine how warm and pretty this yarn would be in one of my hat and scarf sets. So, here it is in all its warm glory.



The simplicity and beauty of nature have always inspired me as an artist and as a human being, and I believe that this baby deer wall art embody those moral values. The baby deer was hand burned onto a bass wood plaque, which was left in its natural state, to show off the beauty of the wood and the wood burning arts.



Sue from ZozannaCeramics says:

Warm Taupe is a gorgeous warm neutral colour. I haven’t looked at the Pantone colours since I worked in graphics years ago. Thanks for re-introducing me. I think this pendant fits.


Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says:

Neutral colours are great because they are so versatile, and can, therefore, be called upon in any wardrobe emergency!! And I love rings!



Heather from ArabellaBlossoms says:

I am fond of using neutrals for decor and sewing because they are timeless.

This apron I have designed and made using classic chintz cotton has a background of Warm Taupe that highlights the dainty floral posies. It combines my love of cooking with gardening and nature-even to photographing the apron in the outdoors!




Like Airy Blue, PANTONE 18-1630 Dusty Cedar gives a nod to the PANTONE Color of the Year 2016, Rose Quartz.

  • A fall and winter version of the Pinks we’re used to seeing in spring
  • Dustier rose-toned Pink shade with some complexity
  • Exudes warmth and welcome

Leatrice EisemanExecutive Director, Pantone Color Institute

Etsy Christmas In July Pinterest Board Fall 2016 Pantone Color: Dusty Cedar

Etsy Christmas In July Pinterest Board
Fall 2016 Pantone Color: Dusty Cedar

Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio says:

Love this Pantone Color – it seems like a lighter version of Pantone’s Marsala. Still nice and warm and velvety for the fall. I see myself sitting by a fire with a cup of warmth and a bit of chocolate.


Julie Herbert from EveryoneLovesGifts0 says:

Hi everyone-

I have a piece of jewellery with ‘some’ Dusty Cedar in it.

The inspiration for this piece is Morse Code. I see so many Morse Code items that I fell in love straight away and wanted to make my version with pearls and silver beads. Morse Code can have such a meaning to the person buying the item that they can personalise it in anyway they want, the item has great meaning to them and memorable to the person who wears it. Perfect for all occasions and ages.



Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says:

This is such a warm comforting colour! This set of salt & pepper dishes are equally comforting when it comes to sharing food with family and friends!

The dishes are a soft dappled dusty cedar & mint green – opposite colours on the colour wheel and a natural outcome of the ceramic firing process!



Tami Wooliver from HannaHerbals says:

This is one of my favorite soaps. I love the splash of dusty warm pink in the whiteness of the soap. The dusty pink was created by using Australian pink clay, which is so good for your skin. It is a castille brine soap, Castille Brine soap has traditionally been made in France. This is not a traditional castille brine, because we did add red clay and french lavender eo to the soap. We use only certified organic oils and salts in this soap.



Melissa R from missy69 says:

I guess my inspiration for all my jewelry, is that I love jewelry. I started collecting gemstones for a few years, and then taught myself how to set them in castings and semi mounts. The semi mount was purchased from a jewelry supplier, and then I set one of my lovely Rhodolite Garnets into the setting. It is a size 6, and will match all your Dusty Cedar outfits.



Lisajoy Sachs from saxdsign says:

There are certainly a lot of natural gemstones out there in this amazing world we live in. Finding a Dusty Cedar colored stone was a challenge but I think I found one in Thulite.

Thulite was first discovered at a place called Sauland in Telemark, Norway in 1820. It is named after the mythical island of Thule in the belief that the island is Norway.

Thulite is also sometimes called rosaline it is an opaque, massive pink manganese-bearing variety of the mineral zoisite. Thulite is often mottled with white calcite and occurs as veins and fracture fillings transecting many types of rock. In mineralogical literature, thulite may sometimes refer to any pink zoisite.



rosenthorn2001 from CrochetArtETC says:

When I saw the Dusty Cedar color featured, I had to share my Fluted White doily in which this color stands out amid a multicolored pattern on white. The unique design was crocheted by me and is one of my favorites. The doily is crafted with size 10 cotton thread into varied texture stitches. It is 14″ Round and the contemporary Dusty Cedar color blended with the other colors in the doily’s palette makes this piece ideal for many decors. Even though creating fiber art is my joy, I especially loved working this stunning color palette into this most interesting pattern design.




Contributor post by Opal from ApronStringsOwlLady

It’s been showcased in many forms – printed on pillows, made into wall murals and in 2016 is a very trendy word –

Wan·der·lust (Websters Dictionary)
a strong desire to travel.
“a man consumed by wanderlust”

I’d love to see your Wanderlust items and I hope this proves to be a very adventurous thread! Thank you in advance for your thoughts and listings.

Wanderlust Desire –   Jackie Irvin from TombigeeRiverVintage

My wanderlust desire for today is to feel the breeze from the mountain tops. Relaxing with a nice dinner for two.


Wallace China Country Kitchen Vintage Kitchen China Plate Grandmas Kitchen Porcelain dish Green plate Restaurantware

Vintage Dinner Plates

Wanderlust Desire – Linda from LazyYVintage

I dream of going to Napa Valley. To visit the beautiful wineries and learn about the soil, grapes,history and traditions of this beautiful place. And, of course to drink wine. Mondavi, Murphy Goode, 14 Hands, J. Lohr, are just a few on my list to visit.

Etched Champagne Glasses Libbey's Rock Sharpe Art Deco Wine Glasses Flowers and Lines Set of Five (5)

Crystal Glasses

Wanderlust Desire – Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio

Gosh, just one submission – no fair!

Wanderlust is what SLS is all about! My daughters and I love to wander and our shop shows it. Our studies and jobs have taken us all over Europe, parts of Asia and the United States. This ‘wanderlust’ printable aptly reflects our love for travel and hiking. I remember the day we hiked through this lush forest in the Belgian Ardennes. I felt like I was engulfed in ferns and could get lost in them forever. Our photography shop, Stock Lane Photography, offers lots of fine art travel photography as well.

Capture your wanderlust!


Digital Wanderlust typography art, 8x10 Printable green woodland picture, travel dorm decor, 11x14 teen room Belgian Forest jpg jpeg png pdf

Wanderlust Printable

Wanderlust Desire – GypsyGeneralStore from GypsyGeneralStore

My wanderlust desire for today is to get out the map, close my eyes and put my finger down… I will leave my final destination to fate and enjoy the journey!

Miniature mixed media OOAK altered art canvas with easel stand burlap cottage shabby car wanderlust map road trip enjoy the journey travel

Miniature mixed media OOAK art canvas

Wanderlust Desire – willowvalleyvintage from WillowValleyVintage

Vintage Wanderlust:


Ford Ad with Babies 1948 Retro Art Print "There's a Ford in your Future" Advertisement Collectible Classic Car Blue Sedan Car of the Year

Vintage Ford Ad


This takes me back to a simpler time—road trips with the family! Remembering the excitement of visiting new places or staying with distant relatives.


Wanderlust Desire – Gari Anne from beadloverskorner

My wanderlust desire has always been to go to Egypt!!


Egyptian Necklace Scarab Pendant Carnelian Lapis Lazuli

Vintage Egyptian Necklace


Wanderlust Desire – Nancy Duncan Fellowship from EponasCrystals

I’ve always wanted to wander among the moon and stars!


Vintage Southwestern Inlaid Pendant Sterling Silver


Wanderlust Desire – pam colangelo from PearlsVintagebyPam

Hawaii, A Special Place to Visit. We now have our passports!! I’d like to see a Volcano.

Men's Hawaiian Button Down Shirt, Size Small, Made in Hawaii by Ui-Maikai, Island Theme with Flowers, Fish, Boats, Island Names, Vtg 1970's

Men’s Vintage Hawaiian Shirt

Wanderlust Desire –  Robyn Campbell from RobynFayeDesigns

I dream of travelling around the coastline of Australia in a camper and swimming at beautiful beaches!

Surfboard camper coaster, Makeforgood, Beach house decor, rainbow coaster, hippie decor, fabric wall picture, camper van coaster, kombi

Surfboard Camper Coaster

Wanderlust Desire –Valerie Brown from FirepanJewellery

I have incurable wanderlust – ha,ha – I just need the budget to go with it!

This necklace is actually the result of my husband and I fulfilling a wanderlust dream and going to Paris! It was fantastic of course. The only ‘souvenir’ I brought back home was beads from a bead store in Paris.

Citrine necklace

Citrine necklace


Wanderlust Desire – Opal from  ApronStringsOwlLady

My wanderlust desire and dream today is to sail the seven seas –
But I will settle for a cool meadow by a bubbly brook
Amidst the falling autumn leaves!

Owl Decoration, Beautiful Owl floral Wreath, Owl Fall Decor, Autumn Decor Owl, Autumn Harvest Owl Wreath, Owl Wreath

Autumn Owl Wreath

Thank you Wanderlust seekers! Dear Blog contributors, I loved reading your melancholy wanderlust thoughts and seeing the wonderful items from your Etsy Shops. Thank you again for sharing.

Reclaimed Materials – A Gateway To Creativity

Contributor post by Catherine of DesignsByCnC

Over Labor Day weekend, I attended our area’s largest flea market.  As a handmade artist, I enjoy going from booth to booth to see the beautiful home decor pieces, furniture and outdoor sculptures all created using reclaimed materials.

The booths with the pallet art and furniture were extremely popular, with pieces ranging from decorative wall art to dining room tables, as well as outdoor furniture. We discovered a unique bench handcrafted using pallets and a tailgate from an old Chevrolet pickup truck.   With our focus turning to autumn decor, I found myself drawn to the vintage framed screens hand painted with colorful scarecrows and pumpkins.  One of my favorite booths is that of an artist that reclaims framed windows from old homes and paints beautiful landscape scenes on the glass with stunning results.

Products handcrafted using reclaimed materials are unique, artful and more sustainable than many of today’s mass produced items.

As I admired the creativity, I was reminded of the idiom “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”.  Each year small businesses reclaim and salvage a significant amount of materials.  This not only helps eliminate landfill waste but also preserves part of our past.

I posed the question, Does your business upcycle or use reclaimed, salvaged materials? to the members of the Etsy Christmas In July Team.


GypsyGeneralStore from GypsyGeneralStore answered:

“They don’t make ’em like they used to”…. I grew up listening to my Dad make that statement time and time again and it’s true! I would rather repair, recycle or reuse something “old” than buy something new. I love to salvage bits and bobs, odds and ends – I have a stash of “trash” just waiting for a new purpose! This time of year, I love to give rusty old tart tins a new lease on life:

Christmas Star Ornament Tart Tin

Christmas Star Ornament Tart Tin


spoiledfelines1 from SpoiledFelinesArt had this response:

I grew up in Southeast Louisiana. When I was a young girl, my father taught me to respect nature as it is a finite part of our environment. We would go for walks along the waterways just talking about life and taking in the beauty of the sun setting over the marshlands. Sometimes we would come upon a unique piece of driftwood, which would end up in his workshop waiting for the perfect wood carving project to showcase its beauty.

Most of the items in my shop are made from reclaimed wood. I chose to feature my father’s hand carved woodpecker bird because I love its overall appearance, particularly the bird’s beautiful red head and its unique cypress driftwood perch!

Red Headed Woodpecker Bird Carving

Red Headed Woodpecker Bird Carving


Heather Barber from MooseintheMint shared:

I use a variety of games pieces to make a selection of items, from magnets to jewelry, scrapbooks to decorations. One box with an incomplete game can make a scrapbook or a clock with the board, a variety of cards and magnets from the cards, and some fun jewelry or key rings from the game’s pieces.

Scrapbook From Upcycled London Monopoly Board

Scrapbook From Upcycled London Monopoly Board


Bevan Blackshaw from TimberDimensions commented:

As a furniture maker, I have a deep and enduring respect, as well as appreciation, for the materials I work with. I despise waste and do whatever I can to reduce, reuse, upcycle, repurpose the offcuts I generate. I make bangles, pendants, earrings, brooches, and finger rings regularly. The one item I most enjoy is my Book Bird. A practical, functional item that I really do enjoy making. I love what I do!!

Book Bird Page Holder

Book Bird Page Holder


Corkycrafts from Corkycrafts added:

I repurpose wine corks in my shop. Hence the name Corky crafts. Guess what I promote wine drinking… HA HA HA….uh well least we have fun in our craft room.

My friends & family donate their corks and every cork creation gives life to a little cork that kept wine fresh. Speaking of fresh here is a new fresh item in our shop just in time for your Christmas planning….

Wine Cork Snowman Ornament


Melissa R from missy69 stated:

I love this subject! I love to take garbage and turn it into something beautiful, or something old new again. I love glass, wood, and old or broken jewelry to reclaim/recycle/upcycle any of those terms work great. Below is a ring created from a broken pendant, and a broken ring that was just left as a band. I used wire to wire wrap them, and the result is beautiful and affordable. Nice small size to fit a small hand or pinky ring.


Upcycled Blue Topaz Marquise Silver and Gold Wire Wrapped Ring

Upcycled Blue Topaz Marquise Silver and Gold Wire Wrapped Ring


Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns remarked:

My shop is mainly ceramic homewares and jewellery, but I do love using repurposed materials to create some different jewellery pieces.
One of the materials I use are marbles – yes, my kids old marbles! The colours and patterns in them are truly beautiful and they are lightweight and lend themselves to necklaces, earrings, bracelets, pretty much anything!

Upcycled Marble Earrings

Upcycled Marble Earrings


Lisajoy Sachs from saxdsign had this response:

This is great! Using reclaimed, salvaged materials is a perfect way to help save the environment. We offer recycled aluminum Nespresso capsule pods to crafters to make items out of. Interestingly enough, most of these get shipped overseas from the US. It is a great way to recycle and not let these go into the landfills. And the art and jewelry made out of them is really cool.

Nespresso Pod Empties

Nespresso Pod Empties


Chris Preiser from CreativeChris000 responded with:

I love to re-purpose and recycle items into my handmade creations, but was getting tired of using the same old bottles, bottle caps, etc as my materials and wanted something new to work with. About 2 years ago I realized the possibility of re-purposing soda cans and quickly began making lots of ornaments and decorations with them. Today, the majority of my creations have some sort of ‘soda can ornament’ incorporated into them, and people are always shocked to find out that the item they are purchasing was made with a soda can!



Upcycled Aluminum Butterfly and Flower Set


Maryann from gojjell said:

My husband does wood turning as a hobby and I am frequently salvaging different types of timber off cuts or ‘non usable bits’! left on the workshop floor. From such finds, I weave my magic and create one of a kind jewellery, usually pendants or necklaces, featuring these re-purposed timber off cuts.
The necklace below features a fine silver heart and two round Tasmanian Oak beads prepared by me and incorporated into this creation.

Fine silver heart necklace

Fine silver heart necklace


The Tradition Of The Halloween Costume

Contributor post by Catherine of DesignsByCnC

Every year kids and some adults dress up in costume for a night of trick-or-treating and revelry.  We accept this as a normal behavior, but how did this tradition come to be?

Halloween dates back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain. Two thousand years ago, the Celts, who lived in the area that is now Ireland, the United Kingdom and northern France, celebrated their new year on November 1.   On October 31, they celebrated Samhain, the summer’s end, a day of celebration before the long cold days of winter, which brought the death of nature, life and the harvest.

During the 16th century, this festival included mumming and guising, in which people would go door-to-door dressed in costume and perform a song or recite a poem in exchange for food.  It is often thought that this tradition originally began with people impersonating the souls of the dead and received the offerings on their behalf.  It was believed that wearing a costume would offer protection from these dead souls.  It was thought that the mummers and guisers were the old spirits of winter and would give good fortune in exchange for a reward.

The first recorded incident of children trick-or-treating in North America occurred in 1911.  In order to conform to Victorian era morality, Halloween became more of a private holiday and only children celebrated the festival.  Halloween was considered to be a rather dark and gothic holiday with costumes made at home.  As trick-or-treating gained in popularity during the 1930’s the first mass-produced costumes became available.

Most often, Halloween costumes depict a scary monsters such as vampires, ghosts or witches.  Extremely popular are superhero characters and pop culture figures.  Another costume trend are characters from our favorite movie or television show.

My most memorable Halloween costume is Pammy Panda.  My oldest daughter absolutely loved the animated series “Shirt Tales”, which aired during the early 1980’s.  She simply just had to be Pammy Panda.  I was unable to find this costume in any store, and was only able to come up with a sewing pattern.  My skills as a seamstress have always been rather limited, but I gave it the old college try.  It was the most complicated sewing project and Halloween costume that I have ever encountered.  Lots of fake fur-lined with lined with silk for a head, shirt, pants, spats and mittens.  It turned out adorable and my daughter loved it.  She wore it every Halloween until she out grew it and still has it packed away.  Every Halloween we smile and reminisce about our sweet little Pammy Panda.

I asked the members of the Etsy Christmas In July Team to share stories about their most memorable Halloween costume and feature a costume or accessory from their shop.

Lelia Valois from ValoisFelts shared:

Halloween is my favourite holiday!

My favourite costume was a simple one – the Wicked Witch, but it meant my last little dog, Taz, got to be my Toto and went trick or treating with me.

I love making Halloween creations too. It’s hard to pick a favourite but I had great fun making these shrunken heads. They can be worn around your neck – great for any cannibals, warlocks or evil spirits.


Cyclops Shrunken Halloween Decoration


willowvalleyvintage from WillowValleyVintage said:

When I was eight years old, I dressed as Raggedy Ann in a red checked dress and white pinafore. We purchased the outfit at a Hudson’s department store, near Detroit. It came with a matching doll that we recently sold in our Shop!

I’ve always loved the novelty candles made by Gurley. We found this fun Witch Candle at a recent antique show:


1960’s Gurley Halloween Witch Candle


From Nancy Duncan Fellowship at EponasCrystals:

My favorite costume was last year when I dressed up as Janis Joplin. Well, it was an aging Janis Joplin! LOL Bell bottoms, beads. fur vest, huge round sun glasses, and a long streaming head band. Got lots of comments!

These are perfect for a gothic look on Halloween. Earrings with gold tone webs with a black widow spider in the center.

Golden Black Widow Spider Earrings


GypsyGeneralStore from GypsyGeneralStore answered:

I love dressing up every year… but my favorite costume of all time had to be one that my beloved mother made for me when I was in the 3rd grade! My mom made a Raggedy Ann and Andy costume for me and my best friend to wear and we won first prize at school. Our “hair” was made out of red crepe paper that my mom had stitched into a wig. Later that night when we went out to do our trick or treating, it began to rain and the dye from the red crepe paper went streaming down our cheeks… the end result was a rather scary sight – we looked like we had blood running down our faces!

Halloween Witch Charm Necklace


spoiledfelines1 from SpoiledFelinesArt commented:

As long as I can remember, I’ve always loved Halloween. I grew up along the bayou of Southeast Louisiana. When I was young, my family would celebrate Halloween with a bonfire. We would congregate by the bayou, dressed in our costumes, and light the bonfire. Then, we would spend the night eating, drinking and telling creepy tales. Looking back, I believe my favorite costume was my black cat outfit that my Mom had made for me. As you can see by my shop name and avatar, I love cats.

I chose to include this poetry art print because the cat is actually my cat/avatar and part of my family. And also she reminds me of my black cat costume.

Cat Art Poetry Print


Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio says:

My most memorable Halloween by far was when I was about 10. I had made my own green alien costume out of my older sister’s old Jazz dance costume. We had a Halloween party with lots of friends and had a blast complete with apple bobbing and pumpkin carving and costume contests and spooky decorations like a skeleton candle. Since there are 7 kids in our family and we all invited lots of friends, the place was pretty noisy and festive. At one point we forgot about that darn skeleton candle and the wooden dining room table caught on fire. The fire department came and quickly put it out while we were all standing outside. Which made it the most exciting Halloween party ever for all us kids and our friends, much to my mother’s dismay. It was interesting though how the skirt on my oldest teenage sister’s costume managed to get a little shorter when the fire department arrived.

Trick or Treat Halloween Printable Decor

Trick or Treat Halloween Printable Decor


Corkycrafts from Corkycrafts added:

My parents bought a new refrigerator when I was 9, well guess what my costume that year ? I was a computer, I painted the box and gave out printed thank yous when candy was dropped into the slot. It was hard to see thru the holes I got tangled into tree limbs because the box was so tall. My parents love telling me that story of not losing sight of me because of a giant box walking down the street.

Every year our acreage becomes the haunted forest, and we don our headless horseman costume & ride the horses to greet our trick or treaters and the kids love it. It’s annual haunted festival. Each year I create mummy heads for my ghosts and goblin (nieces & nephews) when they come to visit – and now offer them in my shop. How can anybody refuse 1 night a year to be a kid again in costume?

Mummy Heads Bowl Filler - Set of 3

Mummy Heads Bowl Filler – Set of 3

Welcome New Members for August

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns
Please join us in welcoming our new members for August to our fantastic team! Visit their shop, fave some items, maybe even share some shops/items on your social media channels!!
Wojciech Stanisław Skowronek from MURUCeramics says
Hi all my name is Wojtek I specialise in porcelain and ceramics. I am originally from Poland and I like most of my creations to be slightly unusual or quirky. Pictured below is one of my lanterns, its special to me as it was one of the first items that I created for Christmas last year.

LED lantern

Hi Teamies! My name is Brenda and my best seller is a fireplace blowpipe that makes starting your fire in the fireplace, wood stove, fire pit or camp fire a snap. It’s fun to use! Trust me on this one, everyone will want a turn trying it! It works amazingly well the next morning when restarting your fire that has a few leftover embers too. I named this tool a BetterThanBellows.
In addition, I make Christmas wreaths and Mistletoe Kissing Ball ornaments out of up cycled pickle balls, tennis balls and golf balls. www.etsy.com/listing/259090222
Thanks for looking and good luck and blessings to all!

Fire Pit, Fireplace bellows, Fireplace tools

Aloha from Manila Extract, home of “Hawaii’s Fashionable Coffee Bags”! My name is Tanya and I make handbags from Hawaii’s coffee sacks, proudly promoting the only coffee commercially grown in the USA. My hobo bag made from a Honolulu Coffee Company sack is one of my best sellers. Customers love the beautiful screen print featuring an island girl framed by Hawaii flora.

Custom Island girl burlap purse

Hi, I’m new to the group and wanted to share this festive altered cigar box!
I love gathering bits & bobs, odds & ends… then bringing them all together to create something unique! It’s a challenge and a treasure hunt – and a lot of fun! Hope you enjoy the end result of this recent project:

Christmas boy shadow box

Hello everyone,
I’m new to the group too and wanted to share this little angel with you! I am a french photographer and my favorite subjects are sculpture and architecture.
Thanks for looking and greetings from France .

Angel photography art

Member Feature: GypsyGeneralStore

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Please join us in welcoming Joni of GypsyGeneralStore, our featured member!



Tell us about yourself.

I was an “oops” baby in our family; born several years after my three older sisters.  As a result, I was the recipient of all of their “hand me downs” – from their clothes to their record albums.  When everyone else was listening to Duran Duran and the Bangles, I was rocking out to Janis Joplin and the Doors.  To this day, I have a deep appreciation for ‘old’ things, passed down from generation to generation.  Maybe my “hand me down” childhood experience is the reason for that or maybe it’s simply because I love anything with a story.

When did you open your business and what make you decide to do so?

The Gypsy General Store was officially open for business in 2010 and is the result of my roaming free spirit and the “road less traveled”… I’m always up for an adventure!  I enjoy treasure hunting at thrifts and estate sales to find new pieces.  I love to discover exciting new crafts, meet interesting people and to add fabulous new items to my “gypsy wagon” inventory.gypsygeneralstore

Tell us a bit about your products.

A passionate collector and enthusiastic crafter, the Gypsy General Store is a stockpile of my wanderlust creations, homespun treasures and vintage keepsakes.   I’ve recently been adding some of my original artwork to my inventory.  That’s been a slow process for me, but I’m coming along.

What inspires your work?

My desire to create is probably my biggest inspiration.  I just love the creative process – regardless of the final outcome.  I have many pieces that no one will probably ever see because it wasn’t about the end result, it was about the creative journey.

What are your future goals for the business this year? What is your dream for this business?

I want to continue to learn.  If I’m learning, I’m succeeding.  I want to grow my business and start incorporating more of my artwork into my retail inventory.  So much of “me” goes into some of my pieces… it’s hard to put it out to the universe –  let alone put a price tag on it and hope someone will appreciate it enough to buy it.  I admire those who can do that and do it successfully.  That takes courage and I’m working on that.gypsygeneralstore1

What makes your business stand out from businesses that sell similar products?

Each item has a story that I am happy to share and tell.  I enjoy hearing about what my customers plan to do with the items they purchase from the Gypsy General Store – if it’s a gift for someone else or simply something they had to have for themselves because it “spoke” to them.  When I find vintage treasures, I know there is someone out there looking for that very item – it’s wonderful to find homes for orphaned keepsakes from the past.  When I create something to sell, I know there is someone out there that will find meaning in my efforts – creativity can mingle souls.  I love to connect with my customers on a personal level.  Every customer receives a hand-crafted, hand-written thank you note from me… their business is appreciated and I want them to know that!

Tell us a bit about your work space. Do you have a separate studio?

My work space and my creations evolve from my home-based studio, affectionately named the “Hyacinth House” – it a magical place that inspires me every day!  Despite my studio space, there is often traces of my gypsy endeavors around the house.  The dining room table is often the location for my “spill over” projects and I tend to leave a trail of glitter wherever I go.

What have you learned since opening your business that you wish you had known before hand?

Everything has a season… life ebbs and flows… but never lose sight of your passion.  A friend recently asked me, “What would you do even if you knew you would fail?”  The answer came easily, “CREATE!,” was my rapid response.   Staying true to your passion and keeping your focus is so important.  It’s easy to be get frustrated.  Disappointments will happen, but you will learn from them.  But, be open to failure – it’s a great teacher.gypsygeneralstore4

Any advice for those thinking about selling on Etsy?

DO IT!  Etsy is a great community of supportive people who are willing to share their ideas, advice, experiences and offer feedback.  Be sure to join some teams and network.  I have made some wonderful friendships through Etsy!

When you’re not working, what do you like to do to unwind and have fun? Do you have any hobbies?

I love to garden – there’s magic in the dirt!  Gardening gives me a chance to reconnect with nature and the beauty of creation.  I never get tired of seeing a seed sprout out of the ground, having a conversation with a crow or watching a butterfly drift from flower to flower.

Dirt therapy is great – the fresh flowers and veggies are an added bonus, too!gypsygeneralstore3

What is your favorite quote?

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Bohemian Style

Contributor post by Sheila of BeadyEyedBird

Bohemian, Gypsy, Boho, Ethnic, Hippie — whatever you choose to call it, it’s FUN!

In modern usage, the term “Bohemian” is applied to people who live unconventional, usually artistic, lives. The original “Bohemians” were travelers or refugees from central Europe (hence, the French bohémien, for “gypsy”).

At the beginning of the Bohemian ‘movement’, it was said that gypsy girls themselves “… are sexy and delightful precisely because they do not give a hoot for fashion.”

When the style was first identified, it was the early 20th century. Fast forward to the 60’s & 70’s when major designers started to routinely promote the “peasant look” and selling a range of “uniquely eccentric clothes”. (How many of you still have some of those in the back of your closet, like me??)

Fast forward again to the late 1980s, when variants of the short and fundamentally un-Bohemian rah-rah skirt (which originated with cheerleaders) were combined with leather or denim to create a look with some Bohemian or even gothic features. New names emerged, like ‘hippie chic’ and ‘boho-chic’. Similar styles were sometimes referred to as “bobo” or “ashcan chic” or “luxe grunge” — with leading proponents including actresses Mary-Kate Olsen and Zooey Deschanel.

Whatever it’s called, and whatever the iteration/era, we L.O.V.E. it. We asked our CIJ teamies to tell us their stories about their favorite ‘boho’ style (or its cousin) — and share an item from their shop that represents it. Here’s the cool stuff we got.

Robyn Campbell from RobynFayeDesigns says:

 To me, bohemian means freedom or freestyle, lots of colour and textures. I would love to have my own little caravan and travel like a gypsy following the warm weather. When I was 18 I lived with my boyfriend in a transit van for two months then graduated to a small caravan and traveled up and down the east coast of Australia for 6 months. It was fun but difficult to get work with no fixed address.  Maybe when we retire I can convince hubby to travel! Until then I’ll stick to making caravan coasters and dreaming!
Gypsy caravan coasters, funky mug rugs, floral colourful coasters, retirement gift, house warming gift, boho decor, boho gift

Gypsy Caravan Coasters


Arlene from ThisandThatCrafter says:

 I was pretty young during the 60’s but did love the hippy flower power style… still have a side of me that loves the flowers from the 60’s.  Here is a ribbon I carry in my shop that reminds me of the hippy flower power days…
Flower Print Wire Ribbon... 1.5" X 12 Feet

Flower print wire ribbon


Annie from DesignedbyAnneliese says:

When I hear the term Boho I think of bright colours, funky patterns and flowers! I especially love flowers and i love the idea of wearing flowers in one’s hair!
I made these flower cards using boho paper.
Bohemian card set, stationery set, card box, gift cards, mini cards, flower cards, boho style, gift idea, graphic 45

Bohemian card set


Nancy Duncan  from EponasCrystals says:

When I was growing up in the seventies, it was all about bell bottoms and peace signs, beaded necklace, clog shoes, and wild head bands. We called it hippie, but now it’s “hippie-chic”. Here is my modern version of the “hippie chic” style.
Peace - Turquoise Leather Necklace Bohemian Tribal Jewelry

Peace Turquoise Leather Necklace- Bohemian Tribal


GypsyGeneralStore from GypsyGeneralStore says:

 I was an “oops” in my family; born several years after my older sisters. I was the recipient of all of their “hand me downs” – from clothes to record albums… when everyone else was listening to New Kids on the Block, I was rocking out to Led Zeppelin and the Doors. To this day, I have a deep appreciation for old things – passed down from generation to generation and I think it’s largely due to my “hand me down” childhood experience. I love anything with a story…


Sugar Skulls Day of the Dead Christmas Dia de los Muertos tart tin set of 3 mexico skull altered art ornament exchange boho mexican decor

Sugar skulls Day of the Dead tart tins set

thedelhistore from theDelhiStore says:

For me Boho means free-spirited. I consider myself one and am proud to raise my daughter who is 12 years old as a free-spirited young soul. We both love to dress up in bright colors.

Boho Gypsy Tribal Kutchi hand embroidered fabric

Boho Gypsy Tribal Kutchi hand embroidered fabric

We had lots of fun with this one, and we appreciate everyone who contributed!

Until Next Time,