#CIJPopUpMarket #3 – BellaBoutique23

Contributor post by Catherine of DesignsByCnC

#CIJPopUpMarket #3 Shop – Sarah Johnson from BellaBoutique23



1. What is name of your shop and what is unique about your shop?

The name of my shop is BellaBoutique23 and I named my shop after my sweet Golden Retriever Bella. I have unique scrapbooks, greeting cards, scripture cards in my shop and what makes my items unique is the special attention to detail. I love to make my items intricate and put lovely details in the designs and I love to please my customers by putting love and as much perfection as I can in my products.

2. What is your favorite July activity where you live?

My favorite activity in July is getting together with family. This is the month that I see nieces and nephews, have barbeques with family, go to the family cabin and enjoy the lakes and walks in the wilderness listening to the birds and seeing other wildlife. It brings joy and peace!

3. If you could travel anywhere, where would you go and why?

I have always wanted to travel to Africa! I would absolutely love to go on an African safari. Animals bring me great joy and I find them amazing, they are such a wonderful creation.

4. Who do you most admire in life?

I most admire my parents. They adopted me and have shown me such unconditional love and support. They have given so much and showed me God’s love in so many ways through their selfless giving.

5. What is a skill you’d like to learn and why?

The skill I have always wanted to learn is to play the violin or the cello. I love the sound of string instruments when I go and listen to a symphony I find them so beautiful and would love to be good enough to play in a symphony someday!

6. What are your social media sites?

Twitter: twitter.com/praise232
Facebook: www.facebook.com/pages/BellaBoutique23/303936406444684
Pinterest: www.pinterest.com/humprey232/bellaboutique23
Instagram: www.instagram.com/sarahsbellaboutique23/


Ghost Tours

This week I’m talking about houses and the things that haunt them. Some are friendly, some aren’t. So oil those door hinges and check beneath your bed before you go to sleep at night. You never know what will go bump in the night!

In the spirit of Halloween, Sue of Holiday Time Decor brings us a traditional haunted house complete with a spiked fence, creaking windows, and wavy ghosts floating around the property, haunting the brave trick-or-treaters that dare open up the rusy gate in hopes of a bit of candy.

Or Adventure.

Even though the doorbell sounds like a shriek, and two black cats are staring, unblinking, from the porch rail, the old woman who comes to the door has a basket of treat bags. With a nervous glance between your friends, you lift your gloved hand to the basket, and lift one out, depositing it into your candy bag.

Is it a poison apple inside?

After you’ve mumbled an apprehensive “thank you”, the woman holds up a crooked finger, then disappears. When she returns, she hands you a greeting card.

“Please give this to your mother,” she croaks, before smiling and exposing the creases her other wrinkles had hidden, “you kids are getting so big.”

Closing the gate behind you, you shrug and grin. Maybe haunted houses aren’t so bad after all.

Happy Haunting!