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Contributor post by Megha of byTheArtBug

Virtual Art Gallery – Helen from hjmArtGallery

1. What is your work of art?
The artwork I’m sharing is a giclee print, a reproduction from my sold original painting “Three Wishes”.



2. Please share your inspiration for this piece.
The artwork is inspired by the Tree of Life concept, the idea that all life on earth is interconnected. In essence, “Tree of Life” symbolizes life itself, with it’s branches reaching for the Heavens and it’s roots firmly grounded in “Mother Earth”.

3. What keywords describe your work?
whimsical art, tree of life art, curly tree, abstract landscape, turquoise tree, inspirational art, giclee print, tree print

4. Is this your favorite medium? Do you work in other mediums?
My favorite medium is acrylic on canvas. Most of my original paintings are created on a back stapled gallery wrapped canvas using my unique acrylic painting technique. I also like to experiment with mixed media and painting on wood.

5. What fascinates you?
Nature. My art is inspired by nature. I am always in awe with nature’s extraordinary creative force, spirituality and beauty!

6. What are your social media sites?