Thank You Michelle

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

Thank you Michelle.

The CIJ team was started out of a love for all things Christmas in 2012. It then switched leadership to our very own Michelle in 2013. Michelle started off by building the team from a once a year event to a year round team. Michelle saw a need for the team to have a social media presence and she put the team into the big leagues when she created the blog, so all our articles and events were promoted there as well. There have been many changes along the way, but the team has been a constant with her at the helm.

Michelle has become a friend and a mentor for so many in this team. We imagine many will be sad to no longer have her as captain, but she always has a place on this team and in our hearts.

We want you to feel free to express your thanks and well wishes to her thru the link below!

You will be missed!!!!!!!!!