Half Baked

One of the most loved activities of the cold weather season is baking. Everywhere you go there are warm baked goods to be had, new recipes to try, or the story of a kitchen mishap from the mixer that was on just a wee bit too high (good luck getting the flour off that popcorn ceiling!). Whether you’re making or enjoying, autumn offers some of the greatest comfort pastries known to man.

A staple in most baked goods, there’s a debate in every household over how to crack one of these bad boys open. Personally I use a flat service to avoid shells falling into the mix, but some swear by rapping it against the rim of the bowl. Want to forgo any egg troubles at all? Use applesauce!

Because it is such a festive time, we mustn’t have naked pastries. Whether it be a sprinkling of confectioner’s sugar, or something more fancy, such as a themed fondant topper over a mountain of frosting, your sweets will be the talk of the town. Or at least my tummy.

If we are going to be having a fancy gathering with fancy sweets and fancy toppings, one can not simply¬†reach for a pastry. Nay, fancy serving tongs are required. I do hope you’ve room on your plate for the pumpkin roll. I hear it is fantastic this year.

Thanks for viewing this week! Stay hungry!