Art Is A Treasured Part Of Home And Living

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Etsy has many categories from which to search for that perfect item! The two I am going to focus on now are: Home and Living and Art. The team is full of artists of all types,  but these categories are just breathtaking and unique!

Come take a journey with me!

Rachel Palmer of 910woolgathering states:

My grand mother used to crochet pot holders. Hers were unfortunately made from acrylic yarn and sadly melted. I create mine from wool yarns, which will not melt or flame up. The are also machine washable on cold, lay flat to dry, so are easy to care for, and will be long lasting.


Barbara of SalentoFeltShop explains:

Cartapesta Leccese is the ancient art used in Salento (last land of Italy) to make religious statues, but not only. I love to make wonderful roses with this simple material! Every detail is hand cut and molded with passion and care!


Kelly of ColourscapeStudios says:

A homely touch for the walls, our home doesn’t run unless we’re fueled up in the morning with the sweet taste of coffee!


Lia Russo of Ghirlandiamo mentions:

I do love magnolia leaves (either fresh and dried ones), so I often use them for my creations.
Even leaves are already dried, they go on slightly modifying, as time goes by and they constantly take new shapes.
So you have a “living” decor at your home!


Hopefully you learned something new or found something you must have for your Home!

Witching Hour

With Halloween quickly approaching, chills are in the air, blustery winds are sweeping up the leaves left on the ground and swirling them around midair, before carrying them off to a place no one knows. Things creep in the bushes at night and a thick fog lays itself on the field behind the old farmhouse up the lane.

The Witching Hour approaches.

First you catch the aroma in the air, the scent of the witch. A rich pumpkin lager mixed with a sultry rum and exotic spices hangs thick in the air as women clad in black hang by the potion shops before seemingly disappearing before your eyes.

The moon is high in the sky as nightfall approaches. It is full and bright. Shadows fly across it and you blink. Was that a broom? No, your eyes must be playing tricks on you. It was a cloud. Moving so quickly? Couldn’t be. Perhaps they were just some bats.

Weren’t they?

It’s probably best to be heading home now. It’s been dark a while, the air is thick with mystery, and the animals are on the prowl. You flip up the collar of your black wool coat to keep the wind out and your boots click down the sidewalk. Thoughts of witches are tossed from your mind with the flick of your head. Nonsense. Waiting for you on the stoop, however, a slinking black cat.

You don’t own a cat.

Happy Hocus Pocus!


Ghost Tours

This week I’m talking about houses and the things that haunt them. Some are friendly, some aren’t. So oil those door hinges and check beneath your bed before you go to sleep at night. You never know what will go bump in the night!

In the spirit of Halloween, Sue of Holiday Time Decor brings us a traditional haunted house complete with a spiked fence, creaking windows, and wavy ghosts floating around the property, haunting the brave trick-or-treaters that dare open up the rusy gate in hopes of a bit of candy.

Or Adventure.

Even though the doorbell sounds like a shriek, and two black cats are staring, unblinking, from the porch rail, the old woman who comes to the door has a basket of treat bags. With a nervous glance between your friends, you lift your gloved hand to the basket, and lift one out, depositing it into your candy bag.

Is it a poison apple inside?

After you’ve mumbled an apprehensive “thank you”, the woman holds up a crooked finger, then disappears. When she returns, she hands you a greeting card.

“Please give this to your mother,” she croaks, before smiling and exposing the creases her other wrinkles had hidden, “you kids are getting so big.”

Closing the gate behind you, you shrug and grin. Maybe haunted houses aren’t so bad after all.

Happy Haunting!


Hey Pumpkin!

Autumn is upon us and I think it’s safe to say the majority of people start thinking right away of one thing: pumpkins. Pumpkin bread, pumpkin pie, pumpkin carving, pumpkin seeds, and of course, pumpkin spiced lattes. So what better way to kick off October than with a whole post dedicated to pumpkins?

Happy Halloween Smiling Pumpkin Potholders from helenasnest

Happy Halloween Smiling Pumpkin Potholders from helenasnest

Decorating for the fall is always fun because there is so much that can be done. Why not go the extra step and snazz up your kitchen table or counter with cute festive potholders? Or maybe you do what I do and hang them against your backsplash and forget to take them down until the 4th of July.

Pumpkin Spice Soap Handmade Soap from Comfort and Joy Soap Co.

Pumpkin Spice Soap Handmade Soap from Comfort and Joy Soap Co.

Have  you ever loved something so much you wanted to bathe in it? That’s how I feel about pumpkin spice and I know I’m not alone. Luckily for us, we can! Quite literally, with pumpkin spice soap, you can smell like your fall favourite all day long. Not a pumpkin fan? Lisa has a vast array of other soaps for you to lather up with!

Stacked Pumpkin Thanksgiving Decoration  from PumpkinTreeLane

Stacked Pumpkin Thanksgiving Decoration from PumpkinTreeLane

While searching for pumpkin themed items, how can I pass up a shop called Pumpkin Tree Lane? These mini stacked pumpkins stand just under 2 inches when stacked together, but display individually as well. Perfect for someone decorating a small space, or those like me who simply enjoy tiny tiny things.

Happy October and Stay Inspired!