Tutorial: Photo Block Puzzle – #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty 2016

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

“Tutorial: How To Make A Photo Block Puzzle” by Catherine from DesignsByCnCPhotoBlockPuzzleI

What Color(s) Inspired This Tutorial? Please Share Your Advice For Creating Stunning Color Combinations.

I was inspired by the color blue for this project. When selecting the colors for the project, I chose a color that is in the photograph, as in the blue shirt. Then I added additional colors to coordinate keeping in mind that this puzzle was a gift for a little boy. Therefore I used more earth toned and masculine colors.


One of the things that I enjoy most is creating handmade gifts for family and friends.  I take a lot of photographs throughout the year, and this project is a fun way to feature some of them.  It was very easy to create and also inexpensive.

Materials UsedPhotoBlockPuzzleII

Wooden blocks 1.5 inches. I used 9 of them.
Glossy photo paper.
Mod Podge.
Acrylic craft paint.  I used 4 different colors that I happened to have on hand that were suitable for a little boy.
Ink jet printer.
Foam brushes.
Sand paper, pencil and paper cutter.

Tutorial DirectionsPhotoBlockPuzzleIIITo begin this project, I numbered the sides of the blocks.  I placed a number 1 on the side that would feature the first photo.  Then I turned the blocks over and placed a number 2 to allow for the second photo.  This helped me to keep track of where the photographs would be placed so that I would remember to leave these areas unpainted.  Next, I painted each side a different color.

While the paint dried, I edited my pictures and cropped them to 4.5 x 4.5 inches, using my Corel Paint Shop Pro program.  These are the dimensions of the block shape with the 9 blocks put together. I printed the photos onto the glossy paper.  I placed the picture face side down along the bottom edge of the wooden blocks and marked where the edges of the blocks are located.PhotoBlockPuzzleIVNext, I placed  the picture face down along the right side of the blocks and marked the edges.  Then I lined the photograph up on my paper cutter and cut along the marked lines.PhotoBlockPuzzleVApply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the unpainted side of the block and add the photograph piece.  Repeat this step for all of the other 8 blocks.  Let this dry completely.  I let mine sit overnight.  With a piece of fine sand paper, carefully sand the edges of the blocks.  Be sure to sand in a side to side direction.  This will remove the excessive paper from the edges and also give the blocks a slightly distressed look. I wiped each block off to remove the sanding dust being careful not to damage the photo.  Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the photo to protect and seal it.PhotoBlockPuzzleVIRepeat this entire process for placement of the second photograph.


A wonderful way to preserve memories with your very own Photo Block Puzzle!

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Tutorial: Cork Napkin Rings – #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty 2016

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

“Tutorial: How To Make Napkin Rings With Wine Cork Stoppers, Wire And Beads” by Tanya from socksandmittensNRI

What Color(s) Inspired This Tutorial? Please Share Your Advice For Creating Stunning Color Combinations.

This project is absolutely great. It includes a recycling idea since we are using the used wine bottle corks. I had a Thanksgiving in mind when we made these so I choose lovely orange and brown beads. They goes great with copper wire and natural cork.


You can make them for any holiday dinner party and they are inexpensive. Albina (albinasjewelry) and I made this project together during one of our creative get-together gathering

Materials And Tools Used

Pre-drilled wine corks
Wire 26ga and 20 ga
Beads of your choice
Mandrel, 1” diameter
Round nose pliers


Tutorial Directions

1. Cut piece of 20 a wire, 2 ft long. Slide the wire through the cork’s hole, center the cork. Place a cork against a mandrel and start wrapping the wire ends around the mandrel, feeding the wire ends through the cork’s hole.NRIII

2. Wrap the wire until you have 2” of wire ends coming out the cork. Using round nose pliers and chain nose (or flat nose) pliers, make spirals. Place the spiral so it is covering the hole.NRIV

3. Attach 26ga wire; wrap the ring, adding beads.NRV



Aren’t they lovely? Have fun crafting!NRVII

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Tutorial: DIY Tassel Cutter – #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty 2016

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

“Tutorial: How To Make A DIY Tassel Cutter” by Rina from Rinarts


What Color(s) Inspired This Tutorial? Please Share Your Advice For Creating Stunning Color Combinations.

I like to make tassels in different color combinations and combinations of different kinds of leather. Small accessories like tassels for bag charms and key chains are perfect for experimenting. It’s a great and creative way to use all of the small pieces of leather that remain after making leather bags. Every tassel can be made differently, not only in color of leather or in size, but also in shape. You can combine different kinds of leather, but cutting the fringes is a precise work and can take a lot of the time to create a tassel.


Last year I accepted a few orders for different kinds of tassel key rings in larger quantities. You can see the results of one of those orders in the photo above. One day, after cutting tassels, I was wondering whether I could get some kind of a tool to make the cutting easier I asked my husband to help me out. I showed him how to cut tassels by hand and he went to work.

Materials Used


Since I already had a “knee lever press” to cut out my leather hearts, this press could also be of use to cut out tassels. My husband made a cutter out of single blades and aluminum to hold the knives at the desired distance.


Tutorial Directions


The hand-made cutter worked surprisingly well. The only puzzle was how to reposition the cutter each time (with 12 blades; only 6 cm in width) and for a tassel I need pieces with fringes of 20-25 cm. So after each press, we had to reposition the cutter for a new series of cuts. After a few attempts, we finally figured out the right distance and marked this on the cutter. After that it was easy to place the following series of cuts in the right place. You can still see the little marks I made on the leather.


After the cutting the fringes with the tassel cutter, I cut the closed bottom part of the leather and I now have a perfect piece of leather with a beautiful evenly cut fringe.




With the tassel cutter, creating tassels is even more fun than before. The fringe is more
evenly cut and beautifully straight. This inspires me to experiment with new tassels in
other shapes and even painting the fringes in different color.


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Tutorial: Paint Chip Scalloped Wall Art- #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty 2016

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

“Tutorial: How To Make A Paint Chip Scalloped Wall Art” by Kelly from ColourscapeStudios


What Color(s) Inspired This Tutorial? Please Share Your Advice For Creating Stunning Color Combinations.

This tutorial was inspired by the rainbow of colours on my daughters new quilt cover. I think the best colour combo’s come from the unexpected; experiment and play with colours until you find the combo you adore and run with it!


I’m a big fan of Pinterest, and I found this awesome idea recycling paint chips while looking for fun craft things to do with my young daughter. We’ve got a bit of a collection of them as my little one loves grabbing one or two each time we’re at the home improvement stores, so I decided it was time to do something with them. I’ve made mine a smaller piece at 5 x 7″ (13 x 18cm) but it’s easy to scale up, just punch more circles.

Materials Used

* Paint Chips – approximately 30-40 for a 5 x 7″ piece

* Circle punch (mine is a 2 in, but I’ve seen 1 in and they work well too)

* 5 x 7″ sheet of thin card-stock

* Double sided glue roller or glue stick

* Ruler

* Knife/Cutter/Scissors

* Frame to put completed piece in


Tutorial Directions

Using your circle punch, punch out a range of colours from your paint chips. Don’t worry if there are letters slightly visible on the circles, they will disappear under the row above as you work up the card stock.


Starting from the bottom of your card, run a line of glue along the bottom, and then approximately .25″ up, and at 1″ from the bottom. Place your first row of circles from left to right, making sure to overlap the sides of the card, and the circle before it.


Continue working up the page, run one layer of glue over the top of the circles below, and another approximately .75″ up from the top of the circles below until you reach the top of the page. Ensure that the top row goes over the card stock’s edge.

CIJ Scales Tutorial - Colourscape Studios 4

Once you’ve finished adding circles, take your knife/scissors and cut the excess edges of the paint chips off the card-stock. Place artwork in frame and enjoy!

Christmas in July’s Etsy Craft Party – Coming Friday June 17th!

Contributor post by Catherine from DesignsbyCnC

Come and join the Christmas In July team for Etsy’s Annual Craft Party event, a global celebration of meeting and making.  Our party is online so you can join in from anywhere in the world, how exciting is that?!

Christmas In July’s Etsy Craft Party – June 17th Fri: 9:00 am–5:00 pm EST

Number of Guests – Unlimited!

The official tag is : #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty

Free tickets here:

Christmas In July’s Etsy Craft Party


The theme for Christmas In July’s Online #EtsyCraftParty 2016 is Color Inspiration.  During the party, there will be lots of Tutorials, Swag Bags and Prizes!

Here’s a sneak peek of Personalized Stemless Champagne Flutes that Richard and Tatiana of DesignsTheLimit have donated.



So come join the fun, invite your friends and family!

Christmas In July’s Etsy Craft Party – One Week to go!!

Contributor post by Dawn of DeeDeeDeesigns

We are getting excited about our 3rd Annual Etsy Craft Party! Since the Christmas In July team is worldwide we are again going to hold a virtual #EtsyCraftParty right here on our blog!

The Christmas In July team was recognized for our event last year! How to Throw a Great Event was featured in the Etsy Seller Handbook!

Register here for FREE tickets to the Christmas In July’s #EtsyCraftParty!
Christmas In July’s #EtsyCraftParty 2016

Friday – June 17th 2016 – please join us here on the CIJ blog for tutorials, swag bags and prizes during the day!

The official tag is : #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty

As a member of the CIJ team there are several ways for you to get involved today before the fun begins one week from now. Please visit the CIJ forums where you will find a thread that explains all the specifics! We want to include as many of our talented team members as possible! Or just click HERE to find the thread.

If you are not a member of the team please feel free to join the team today! Otherwise you will have to wait to see what we have planned!

Etsy Christmas in July Craft Party

We’ll have virtual classes and so much more all day long. A schedule of the tutorials and special features will be available on Friday morning. There will also be swag bags for attendees and giveaways throughout the day.

Want a sneak peek of one of the tutorials? Here’s one from Rina from RinartsAtelierA big thank you to Rina!

IMG_5362_zps4c6cqson (1)

So mark your calendars, invite your friends, and get ready to party Christmas In July’s #EtsyCraftParty style!

Christmas In July’s Etsy Craft Party – In Just 3 Weeks!

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

Come and join the Christmas In July Team for Etsy’s Annual Craft Party event, a global celebration of meeting and making.


Since our party is online it doesn’t matter where you are based just sign up here to join the fun!

Christmas In July’s Etsy Craft Party

In 2015, more than 8,500 people took part in Etsy’s Annual Craft Party, including hundreds of party hosts.

See all the fun from last year’s party over the world!

Etsy Craft Party Gallery

Click here for a look at the #EtsyCIJ Craft Party 2015

Christmas In July Craft Party 2015

Christmas In July’s virtual Etsy Craft Party 2016 is taking place on June 17th there will be lots of Tutorials, Swag Bags and Prizes!

This year the Etsy Craft Party theme was left up to each individual host and #EtsyCIJ decided on Color Inspiration.

We do need our members help to make this a wonderful event for all, so if you would like to submit a tutorial, submit a printable for swag bags, or submit a prize do so here:

Craft Party 2016: Submit a Tutorial