Top Ten Easter Gifts for Kids

Contributor post by Amy of BeadsAndThreadsbyAmy

Hello, and welcome to Easter!  The bunnies are hopping, the eggs are popping, and the flowers are blooming!  Read on to find out the Top Ten Gifts on the Easter Bunny’s List this year, all from the Christmas in July Team on Etsy.

10) Cookie Cutters

The kids will love making Easter Cookies with these fun Easter Cookie Cutters! Decorate them up with all sorts of fun colors and embellishments for a sweet little treat, AND/OR, use them for fun creative arts & crafts projects for Easter decorating!  –Sue and Misty from shabbyshopgirls 
Adorable cookie cutters give the kids something yummy and create warm family memories.

Adorable cookie cutters give the kids something yummy and create warm family memories.

9) Easter Bunny Plush Animals

Hello, I have a bunny softie sewing pattern that comes with a lop-eared version too.  These make a great, memorable and lasting Easter gift for kids. –Lucy from MyFunnyBuddy

Adorable, easy to sew pattern for Easter Bunny Plush Animals.

Adorable, easy to sew pattern for Easter Bunny Plush Animals.

8) Tote Bags

This delightful little tote can be used for more than just a tote–it can be a reusuable Easter “basket.” Just add colorful “green grass” and lots of Easter eggs!  –Evelyn and Lucy from artsyEVE

Soft, lovely tote made with Easter in mind.

Soft, lovely tote made with Easter in mind.

7) Pillows

What little girl, or boy for that matter, doesn’t want their very own bunny.

Well, with this bunny soft velveteen pillow cover they can have their own cuddly soft snuggly bunny with no clean up required, vet bills, feeding or mess. –Patricia from TheOldBarnDoor

Soft, cuddly bunny without the mess!

Soft, cuddly bunny without the mess!

6) Baskets

If you want to give an Easter basket to a kid or a kid at heart, this floral Easter basket is just the ticket. It will last longer and will welcome Spring without adding calories or sugar. Inspired by old fashioned Easter baskets, faux flowers add a special twist and bring back memories to adults who haven’t been given an Easter basket for a long time. It includes a bunny and a couple of butterflies for a special touch. –Nautico Creations from NauticoCreations

Adorable bunny on a basket!

Adorable bunny on a basket!

5) Artwork

He’s a cute Schnauzer Easter bunny & he has plenty of colorful Easter eggs in a basket. For the kid who shares a home with a schnauzer or any adorable four legged friend! Inspired by my love of dogs and Easter. –Angie Ketelhut from petartbyangie

Original artwork...the gift that becomes a family heirloom.

Original artwork…the gift that becomes a family heirloom.

4) Choco-bunny

A chocolate bunny for people who can’t have (or hate-do they exist?) chocolate! This cute bunny also comes in many other colors (pink, blue, yellow) in my store.

A felt bunny pin ready for adoption with hand embroidered embellishments. A welcome addition to any Easter basket or spring outfit. –Noel from MinkCouture

Adorable chocolate bunny even if you're watching those calories!!!

Adorable chocolate bunny pin…works even if you’re watching those calories!!!

3) Personalized Candy Gifts

Check out our Easter personalized candy bar wrappers.

These make great favors for any Easter event. Great chocolate gifts for handing out at school or sticking in your child’s Easter basket. They can also be used as cards. Why send a regular card when you can send chocolate!

The Wrapper Press from TheWrapperPress

Add an Easter theme to regular candy bars…adorable!

Add an Easter theme to regular candy bars…adorable!


2) A bunny and an egg

Bunnies are a great addition to any Easter Basket! Or hide them for an Egg Hunt! Put goodies inside a plastic egg and put the plastic egg inside the tummy of the bunny (instead of an ice cube)! Boo-boo bunnies are great fun!
These are great for teenagers, too. I sent my kids on a scavenger hunt for the bunnies, each giving a clue to the next bunny. The final bunny had money inside. What a great surprise!

Have fun with Lots of Colored Easter Bunnies! –Jul from JulsSewCrazy

Adorable egg hidden inside a bunny...what says Easter more than this adorable little gift?

Adorable egg hidden inside a bunny…what says Easter more than this adorable little gift?

1) Cards

Here’s an Easter idea for a child that will bridge the distance; it folds into an envelop, can be mailed anywhere, and when opened to 180 degrees displays a 3D Green and Yellow Easter basket with two cute bunnies. I think adults would love this also! –Wendy CN from CardNotions

For the kiddos far away, the Easter Bunny uses the USPS!

For the kiddos far away, the Easter Bunny uses the USPS!

A final little poem to light up your Easter this year:

Even as the Earth turns into Spring,
Angling its torso towards the sun,
So like birds our hearts begin to sing,
Touched by time as tides by moonlight run,
Ebbing as faith faces the long night,
Returning with the laughter and the light.

-By Dimitri Shostakovich.

Easter Traditions and Crafts go hand in hand

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

With Easter coming up this weekend, I thought why not do a piece on the holiday, the traditions of our families and our crafts.

The stories reminded me of my childhood, as I believe they will for you.

Sarah Johnson of BellaBoutique23 says:

I remember dying Easter eggs the night before. The morning of Easter, my mom would hide big baskets full of goodies that we would search for and I remember one of the times that mine was hidden in the laundry closet! She was such an amazing gift giver. We would go to church that morning and after get together with family. It was so nice living so close to my grandparents and all the cousins would get together at my grandparents house and we would have a big Easter egg hunt. Lots of fun memories! 


Karen Crisp of AParadisePaper told me about:

I remember spending Easter with my Grandmother (when I was very small, probably about 5 years old). She give them to my sister and I to draw patterns on with a candle. When we were done, they were boiled in water with food coloring and they came out pastel colors with white patterns. Just like the eggs on this treat box well, okay, not quite as pretty as these, but we liked them anyway!


Carola Bartz of CarolaBartz explained her memories:

I lived in Germany for 40 years, and on Easter night (Saturday->Sunday, in some regions Sunday->Monday) it is a tradition to have a huge Easter fire. The wood for the fire would have been collected over several weeks and piled up high. On Easter night after dark, people would come together around the pile and the fire would be started. We watched and sang and just felt the magic of this special night. When Easter was early in the year, it was pretty cold!

I don’t have any special Easter items in my store, except for a few Easter cards.


Kathy of KomebackKitsch lets me know:

I remember Sunrise service at church, my Mom being in the choir and my Dad taking on getting 4 little girls dressed in Easter finery and to church by 6am….quite a feat. Breakfast at the church, two services and a Sunday school, then home for the dreaded “Easter picture” – bonnets, corsages – the works. Finally, after the Easter picture, we could change into our play clothes, have lunch, an Easter egg hunt and dig into the candy in the Easter baskets! We always had one “special” egg which contained a $2 bill that my Uncle would provide. 

One later Easter, when I was about 12, on a whim, we all travelled to my Grandparents a couple hours south to spend Easter with them topped off with a fireworks show – of all things – in the evening. That whim turned out to be my last memory of my Grandpa, as he died in an accident before we could see him again, so we were all so glad that whim was acted upon.


I hope you all have an amazingly blessed Easter surrounded by your friends, family and your craft.