Quetzal Green – Pantone Fashion Color For Fall/Winter 2018

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

Color trends are a wonderful way to celebrate the seasons!

According to Pantone one of the top colors for Fall 2018 is Quetzal Green.

PANTONE #18-5025
Quetzal Green
A deep elegant blue-green hue suggestive of rich plumage.

Members of the Etsy Christmas In July Team have been inspired by the color Quetzal Green! They have created items in their shops reflecting this inspiration! Here are a few!

mistycat1234 from carolinagirlz2 says this Creative Cuts Tote Kit features the color Quetzal Green.


Frances from supplysideeconomics said here are vintage buttons in Quetzal Green.


Margie from ZenCatPottery states the vintage African trade beads in this earring are fabulous Quetzal Green (which I would call teal)! I had 2 of these FABULOUS authentic African trade beads left and I wanted to make earrings that were a bit “ethnic” looking but that also had great sway and movement. I think earrings should move when you walk, don’t you?!?

I love true vintage trade beads because of their history. Between the 15th and 20th centuries, as new trade routes were established between Africa and Europe, trade beads were used as currency. Most were glass and made in Italy. 1,000s of trade beads would act as a ballast for ships on their way to Africa, and the African goods did the same on the return trip!



Karen from timetalentjewels says when I made this necklace I already knew the name because of the beads “Quetzal Green”. Beautiful beads of Moss Agate, New Jade, Blue Calsilica Jasper, Teal Lava Rocks just whispered the name. Such an interesting array of colors.


Nancy from EponasCrystals said apatite and teal agate both mimic the colors of Quetzal Green. Matte Pacific Blue Apatite, aqua glass beads and teal banded agate beads are hand strung and knotted. The silk tassel is a luscious ocean blue color. Guess you can tell what my favorite color is!


If you’re on Pinterest here is the Quetzal Green board!

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