New Team Members: October 2018

Contributor post by Mairi from mairidesign

Please join us in welcoming the new Etsy Christmas In July team members who recently joined! Take a moment to check out their shops, and share on social media using the hashtag #EtsyCIJ! Thank you!

Gytautė from Baggagehouse says

Creating leather bags has been my hobby for almost 5 years but, only one year ago, I decided to open the shop and offer my bags to a wider audience. Travelling is my other hobby, so my brand name is very closely related to it. Most of my bags were created by thinking about how would they fit for travelling, other ones by thinking about how to make life more convenient or stylish. If possible, I like to create adjustable items that could be worn in a few different ways and be practical. I am very grateful for your accepting me to your team.

Brown Leather Belt Bag

lilibet design from lilibetdesign says

My specialty is vintage Christmas ornaments and decor! I’ve come to love it over the years and my area of focus is German and Scandinavian. This Swedish piece isn’t necessarily Christmas, but these little Swedish figures look great with Christmas decor.

Vintage Swedish Pine Cone Ornament

Gabrielle BARBIER from frenchjewelryvintage says

I create unique handmade model jewelry at home on my dining table. I started with pearl necklaces, then I wanted to do special things according to my feelings and I’m constantly moving in my head, so my creations follow my ideas. I love to make big breastplates, a unique model of a design that will never be redone identically but in the spirit. I am passionate about Greek or Roman mythology as well as ancient Egypt. When I go into the Native American phase I make crazy jewelry that can take almost a month but I love!

I love the mysterious steampunk, romantic gothic, Victorian, retro and vintage universes as I incorporate vintage supplies into my creations whenever I can. I love fairies, unicorns, the Renaissance, cities and everything that inspires me.

I have a tricolor Collie dog who sleeps with us in my arms and I hope to have a baby kitten again next year. I love nature, lace and everything that makes you dream. I registered in Christmas in July several years ago but I was afraid to start, that’s done and thank you for accepting me.

I present you a jewel that I love and that asked a lot of time of me to realize.


Native American Necklace

My Etsy shop is DianeDCrochet. You can find crocheted items like Afghans, hats, scarves, bags and shawls.
As we are heading into the winter months (at least in my neck of the woods), scarves and hats will be needed to help keep us warm. Shawls are great to wear in cool evenings.

My crocheted bags are good for the Farmer’s Market, the beach, the pool, or storage. If you are taking a winter vacation to someplace warm, the bags are packable and don’t take up a lot of space in your luggage.

I also do crafts fairs in November and early December.


Crochet Triangle Shawl

I’m Anrusa, a digital artist, photographer and designer based in France. My store is FairyMagicChest and is inspired by fairy tales, adventures and also in old and charming times. I love my work because I think it makes people happy , mostly children, and this is so beautiful!

In the store, you can find digital backgrounds and overlays to create art from your own photographs, especially for children. These final creations can become magical prints, you can get from them fine wall art, greeting cards or just photographs to save as a treasures for a lifetime.

I am also introducing photographs that I take from charming places in Paris and other places from France.

I love all my items, but I chose this one because is about Christmas, like the team’s name!


Christmas Digital Background

My shop is Joanna’s Scented Soaps, where you can find handmade Soap Art!
This means
– One-of-A-Kind Soap Cake as home décor,
– Soaps gift set ties with a jewelry, a charm for Good Luck, a Christmas decorative ornament, a glass decorative, a scarf, a keyring – a gift for everyone, any occasion on every budget!
– Seasonal items for holidays and all occasions – especially for Festive Table Decoration.

This holiday season, I propose that you to decorate and style up your dining table with something different – a small gift box to show your guests you care, to surprise them and say “We’re glad you were here!.

Each very beautifully packed box contains a luxury scented soap, organza cloth, ribbons matching the soap’s color, and a small festive decorative.


Luxury Decorative Soap

I am a lover of the jewels of the theater, it is with my art that I create sacred ornaments, such as votive hearts, relics, crosses.

I like to immerse myself in the distant past, imagining the jewels of those times that we read in history books. My true love is the painting and restoration of old furniture, but not having much space at home, I found another way to occupy my hands with tools, which is silverware in jewelry.

I create the past of jewels from nothing, with elements that I find in flea markets.

And, living in Italy, there is a world yet to be discovered of old things with stories to tell.

I have such a great passion for markets and stuff from the past, that my house has become a museum, so, along with my pets and my husband, we are looking for a bigger house, maybe near the sea, which is another element that makes me feel good.

I like to represent, in each creation, an emblem of myself: there’s so much of me in the past.

I am very grateful for your accepting me into your team. Here is one of my most recent articles.


Sacred Heart necklace with Byzantine cross

I’m Bianca and I live in the countryside, the beautiful “Westerwald” in Germany. I studied architecture and design and absolutely love design “with humor”. So I try to create playful and humorous products which are able to raise a smile.
In the beginning, I started making gifts for my family and friends. In 2009, I decided to try to share my work with more people and thus the brand “blanc” was born. Since then, I sell, under this name, cute bookmarks, magnets, key chains and other things for a beautiful home.

Thank you so much for accepting me into your team!

Here’s one of my bookmarks.


Elephant Bookmark

It’s All In Black And White

Contributor Post by Mairi from mairidesign

It’s All In Black and White – so perfectly opposite. As a monochrome form of visual arts, B&W images can be starkly contrasted black and white or combine black and white in a continuum producing a range of shades of grey called greyscale. The CIJ Team are delighted to share their B&W and Greyscale works of art, home decor and accessories.

Graphite pencil drawings. I usually present here my portraits of animals, but today I have something very special. Original illustrations that were presented in my exhibition of fairy tale illustrations. Drawings are framed in a beautiful wooden frame and passepartout. I attach a catalog from the exhibition to the purchased drawing.


Spring Weed Fancy Botanical Illustration

Amanda Jayne Andrews from KNITANDPROMISECRAFTS says:

I was originally commissioned to create this tea cosy as a thank you gift as they had a beautiful black and white kitchen, I added the pom poms as an extra special detail.


Stripey Knitted Tea-Cosy

Here is one of my many Classic Black and White gift tag sets. The Butterfly set is one of my favorites.


Black and White Gift Tag Sets

I think these black and white hand painted by ME stemware glasses are so much fun…a great addition to anyone’s bar decor or saved for a special occasion. Here’s to YOU!


Martini Glasses Hand Painted

I love the graphic appeal of black and white! This clutch is fun and easy to carry! In a cotton print that I call foam and bubble with white background and black dots. It’s a nice little clutch for necessities on the go. Padded and with a wrap around strap that can go on a belt or slip over your wrist.


Bridesmaid Gift Clutch Envelope

I love working with black color. The contrast on a white background is fantastic. Simple yet effective. This stippled phalaenopsis is delicate and will fit in perfectly in any home design.


Phalaenopsis Art Print Orchid

This stylish cushion cover set will complete your black and white home interior design. Elephant cushion covers are made from black and white pattern cotton fabrics.One of them has black and white animal print, the other is made from black and white pattern cotton fabric blocks and has a white cotton block in a middle with beautiful oriental elephant embroidery.


Elephant Cushion Cover Set

This black and white chalkboard print fabric with words describing God was the perfect fit for my Bible tote bag. The fabric is so beautiful and a great conversation starter as it will have old and new Christians either asking questions or being reminded of the many names our God can be called by.


Bible tote bag and key chain

I think I created this because I think black is elegant and chic – and I didn’t really have anything in my shop with that precise touch of class.


Black and White Digital Paper

Connie Lee from Bungalow42 says:

What’s black and white and fabulous?

My love of film noir surfaced once again with these black and white curvaceous earrings. These uniquely shaped hoops are vintage black aluminum stamped with a snake skin pattern. The center cut out has an equally unusual shape. Inside each cut out is a gorgeous round white dangling freshwater pearl.


Vintage Black Aluminum Snake Skin Hoop Earrings

Barbara from MermaidsHatbox says:

This black and white infinity scarf is ideal for the summer. The scarf is made of two fabrics. One side is white with little black Polka dots, the other side is black, embroidered with flowers and embellished with flowers in different black and white patterns.


Infinity Scarf

Solveiga from Knitwoolsocks says:

Crochet yoga socks, yin yang gift. According to Taoist principles, the forces of everything in the universe are in constant motion. As the movement continues, each of the forces of energy gradually changes into the other, yin to yang and yang to yin. This is the cycle of all energy. When these opposite energies work in unison the way nature dictates, there is a perfect balance. The yin yang symbol of equal halves, one dark and one light, but also opposing forces come together to create and generate energy – life. Yin creates the form and grows it while the yang generates action energy and expands it. This is the bringing together of two halves to make a complete whole.


Crochet yoga socks yin yang

Elisabeth Perez from LizPOriginals says:

Black and white are great shades and they go with anything. For your special table décor on mantles and candles
this candle bling will make wonderful statement. Gift it with a candle to Friends and family or charming housewarming / hostess gift.

Black Affair Candle Ring

Welcome New Members for October

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns
Please join us in welcoming our new members for October to our fantastic team! Visit their shop, fave some items, maybe even share some shops/items on your social media channels!!

My name is Rose Rombough. I believe I may have joined the team around the beginning of the month or the end of September but since I am still learning the ins and outs of Etsy and the various apps, I have been slow to participate. However, I am very enthusiastic to become an active participant.

Have a gift exchange on your gift list? This special Pan Holder is ideal!!


White open basket potholder

We are couple that loves creating and exploring new things. Most of our inspiration comes from nature: Wild forests, beaches, rivers, ancient myths and magic. We use different techniques and materials to make our products. Most of our goods are collected from sandy beaches of Baltic sea, deep and dark forests in Lithuania, or recycled from other things to give them second life.
Items we make is unique and there will be no same item in the world, our shop is small and it is because we do not make huge amount of things. Each little piece first created in head, then drafted on paper and finally made by hands using lots of love and skills, such as pyrography, carving wood, engraving stone, leather working, flint knapping and more.

These three nalbinding needles are made from very special oak tree that has been hit by the lighting but still grows in biggest lake island in Lithuania called Astravos island. Oak is one of the sacred Baltic three.
Oak is associated with spells for protection, strength, success and stability, healing, fertility, health, money, potency, and good luck. Oak has been considered sacred by just about every culture that has encountered the tree, but it was held in particular esteem by the Indo-Europeans, Norse and Celts because of its size, longevity, and nutritious acorns.


Wooden needles for nailbinding

I’m new member to this team.
My name is Gülden Köylü. I joined in ETSY in 2012. I’m making handmade jewelry for women using all types of materials. I’ve been designing and producing handmade necklaces, bracelets, earrings and rings using materials such as miyuki beads, handmade glass beads, leather, various fabrics, ribbons, semi-precious natural stones, gold and silver-plated metal, chains etc. I love and prefer Bohemian style for my designs. I’d love to show you one of my popular bracelets in Etsy as an example which is made of miyuki beads by peyote technique. An ideal boho style bracelet as a gift or for you.


Tribal boho bracelet

DEMET from DEMET says

Hello everyone,
My name is Demet, I knit and crochet, I like working with yarns and fine threads, mostly make doilies, table covers, snow flakes small objects, also make wearable things with yarns.
Glad to be here !


Crochet doily wild floral

Chaton Noir, is an accessory brand looking to express the love for animals in each and every one of their products.
Chaton was born out of my love for Mafalda, my cat.
Our designs come from here on and throughout the exploration of the pet universe, their mischief’s, gestures, games, elegance and all the feelings they generate in us.
All our pieces are carefully handcrafted, with the same love we profess to our little animals. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, purses and bags, all invite us to communicate that special bond.
Chaton Noir is therefore a different and delightful option in the accessories market, adapting and highlighting any look. It’s ideal for the laid back, audacious woman who is conscious of every detail and has her own style.


Cat lovers long wallet and cosmetic bag

Welcome new members!

World Wide Knit in Public Day

kip4Guest post by Beverly of designbcb

Later this week, knitters across the globes will emerge from their nests and hives and go proudly into parks, malls and any other place where they can spread their yarn and knit in public.

While this may not be as controversial as breast-feeding in public, knitting in public has been known to cause more than just a discussion on which came first, purl one or knit two.

World Wide Knit in Public Day is June 18th and is part of World Wide Knit in Public Week because one day isn’t enough when yarn is your passion. yarnbombThe week will be filled with a variety of different knitting events: knitting in public is the main thing but there will also be yarn bombings – where a section of a town is covered with yarn graffiti. There will be free lessons to teach folks how to knit (or crochet) and there will be plenty of laughter and fun. (And food. Because knitters have made an art form out of eating and knitting.)

Though WWKIP is an organized event, each individual town or group organizes their own event(s). The magic comes with knowing there will be people all over the world knitting at the same time at least at some point during the 24 hours of the day.

kip3World Wide Knit in Public started way back in 2005 as a way to take a solitary hobby and make it more connective. Knit groups abound around the country and they got a big boost thanks to bringing knitting out of the house and putting it on a park bench or museum steps.

Believe it or not, there are some who do have a problem with people knitting in public. I take my knitting everywhere I go, even before it was my job. I’ve been known to knit in restaurants like Panera Bread where people have noted that I am taking up room where people could be having their lunch before going back to work. I’ve stitched during concerts – where people thought I was being disrespectful to the artist because I wasn’t paying attention to them. That conversation soon ended when I pointed out that my quiet knitting could not possibly be more rude than their talking to me about it during said concert.

The vast majority of conversations are positive and there are lots of stories about how someone’s mother, aunt, great-grandmother or second cousin twice removed on their father’s side, knit and crocheted marvelous things and if only they had learned or could learn, the tradition would live on. Knitting in public is a true ice breaker and invites people to connect and talk with each other.

Even if you aren’t a knitter, finding where the KIP events are going on in your area and attending one can make for a fun time. Depending on how passionate the local knitting community is, there’s more to it than just sticks and string. Where I will be attending will have a petting zoo, yarn related games and is in the courtyard of a library where there will be children’s time.

It’s also a great time to get a lesson or two as many events will have free lessons included on the day. kip2The more the merrier, you know. You want to be on the right side of things when knitters take over the world. The world will be happier. And in the end you get a hat.


Treasury Challenge Winner May – Ankleknits

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

On Etsy many shop owners curate treasuries. A treasury is a curated shop gallery comprised  of 16 items from any shop.  Most of the time they are done by theme, color or anything you can imagine.

The Christmas in July team has challenges to create treasuries centered on themes of our choosing. We then pick a winner based on views, creativity and the like.

The May winner is Ankleknits who loves knitting and crocheting everything from cowls to gloves.

1. What made you start your shop?

I started my shop “Ankleknits” as a hobby for crochet and knit. I’ve been knitting for years for my self, for friends, neighbors and my family.


2. What got you into crochet?

My Grandma thought basics of knitting and crochet skills when I was about 6 years old. And I’ve been improving those skills since then in school and in craft classes.

I grew up in country where we didn’t have a big choice of clothing and much money either. So every girl should had skills to knit, crochet, sow, cook and also garden.


3. What do you like to do outdoors and the ocean?

And gardening is still one of my favorite thing to do. I planted and harvested strawberries, tomatoes, cucumbers and flowers. I think it’s a great experience for my children also, because they know where food comes from, how it tastes, and how to make delicious food from their own vegetables.

My family and I always take vacation once a year where we go as a family to ocean to relax or to mountains for hiking and biking together. It’s always so much fun.

I am getting inspired for new design ideas or for my next project from these trips because I observe what people like to wear or what they use for every day. Like ladies love wearing headbands in cold weather or they like to use cup or cold can sleeve in Summer.


4. Are you ready for Christmas in July? Are you doing a coupon code, etc?

This is going to be my first year of doing CIJ (Christmas In July), I’m so excited about it!

I will be making a special coupon code for this event: CIJ10

This code will only be valid for this event (July 1st – July 12th).

I will gladly accept custom orders as well.


5. What are your social media sites:



Treasury Challenge Winner August – UnexpectedTreasure

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

On Etsy many shop owners curate treasuries. A treasury is a curated shop gallery comprised  of 16 items from any shop.  Most of the time they are done by theme, color or anything you can imagine.

The Christmas in July team has challenges to create treasuries centered on themes of our choosing. We then pick a winner based on views, creativity and the like.

The August winner is UnexpectedTreasure who loves sewing,crocheting and anything crafty.

What got you started on etsy?

Family and friends had been telling me for years that I should be selling online. I’d been selling locally for about ten years. In the November of 2009 I saw a Martha Stewart segment featuring an Etsy seller who had the cutest onesies. It was the first time I had ever heard of Etsy but I decided I had nothing to lose. So I spent two months whipping up some inventory and opened my shop, Unexpected Treasure, in January 2010.


What do you love about fall/autumn?

I love just about everything about autumn; the brilliant colors of the changing leaves, apple and pumpkin picking then baking delicious pies with them, hay rides, corn mazes, etc. The only thing I don’t like about autumn is that winter comes right on its heels. LOL


Do you plan to use the holiday trends of 2014 in your shop and if so how?

I’m not really a trend follower. However, there are two trends I was reading about recently and I plan to follow them. The first: According to Money magazine, people will shop online earlier to avoid last year’s shipping nightmare. The second kind of goes right along with the first: According to e-commerce intelligence, the trend for the past two years has been for shoppers to spend more online during the holiday season. So I plan to list as much new inventory as possible by October 31st so buyers will have lots of delightful gifts to choose from and also to allow plenty of time for shipping and, hopefully, on time delivery.

What do you enjoy about team CIJ?

I love that it’s a year-round team instead of just a seasonal one.


How and what are your plans for this holiday season? Shop wise and home wise (only if you wish to tell us about family part).

My plans for the holiday season shop-wise were probably best answered by question #3. But to add to that I’ve already stocked up on plenty of shipping supplies and plan to offer lots of priority mail shipping, especially using the regional rate boxes whenever possible.
My family plans for the holiday include lots of sewing gifts, cookie baking, eggnog drinking, playing Christmas carols beginning on Thanksgiving day, and generally just taking the time to savor the spirit of the holiday.

This shop is filled with a mix of crochet, sewing and so much other unexpected treasure.

#CIJRoadTrip – Turkey: Istanbul

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Let’s travel to Turkey – Istanbul with Zeynep from BloomedFlower

1. What city do you live in? What makes it special?

Türkiye, İstanbul.

I’m in a wonderful city. Istanbul Strait, one of the world’s unique beauty.

Worth seeing Istanbul Bosphorus.

Istanbul - Türkiye

Istanbul – Türkiye

2. What are several places everyone visiting your country should see?

Türkiye is a beautiful old country with an ancient history.

It is a country that is lush – celebrating 4 seasons.

Türkiye is a rapidly developing and modern country.

Also depends on tradition and is historic.

My country, the Black Sea, Mediterranean, Marmara and the Aegean Sea coast there are several.

Black Sea

Black Sea

Aegean Sea

Aegean Sea

3.  How have the customs, traditions, geography, nature etc. inspired the items you create?

All yarns and fabrics that I use in my products, my country is produced.

I am inspired by the vivid colors of my country. I love the authentic and modern design

4. What are you doing this fall to drive your business in your community? Are you doing a festival or show? How do you reach out to your community?

This fall I’m new to crochet and knitting products. New scarves and neck warmers made products and doing various gloves.

In my country there is a very nice fall, I miss the smell of rain!

Mint Hand Crocheted Headband From BloomedFlower

Mint Hand Crocheted Headband From BloomedFlower

Handmade Wool Gloves From BloomedFlower

Handmade Wool Gloves From BloomedFlower

5. What are your social media sites?