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Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

Spring is in full swing, which means summer is on its way! No one is in a hurry to skip past the beautiful spring pastels, but neither will anyone complain when it is time to break out the bright summer color scheme either! Colorful creations are appropriate any time of the year, but especially so as we are breaking out the popsicles for kids and the fireworks for 4th of July. Summer is all about colors!

With that in mind, I asked our Christmas in July team for the most colorful creations in their shops. So here are some of the best of the best in terms of colorful Etsy items!

Karen from TimeTalentJewels shared this absolutely stunning crochet wire necklace, fraught with summer colors! I just love the shapes and sizes of these beads, as well. Don’t they remind you of summer fruits or flourishing gardens? PLUS this listing includes both the necklace and an earrings set! Karen says: “What got me started on this particular Wire Crochet Necklace was a very small bead by the name of “”Dyed Jade”. The colors were just beautiful within that tiny bead and what colors popped out were Corals, Yellows, Aqua, and Chartreuse. I had a lot of fun trying to get the exact colors for this necklace and it finally all came together. There are even little yellow butterflies in the necklace which gives me hope that summer is approaching with the warmer weather that I absolutely love.”

(Pro tip: check out the rest of Karen’s shop! It is filled with equally beautiful and colorful pieces of jewelry!)


Now here is a piece that everyone who wears sunglasses needs – and who doesn’t wear sunglasses in the sunny summer months?! I just love the bright colors and designs on the fabric, and I envision these being a perfect gift this summer season! Here is what Diana, owner of JolieFemme, says:

“My shop is always filled with colorful items. I love color and fun prints! I chose this fabric because the flowers are so bright against the white background and it has little skulls too. This item is easy to find in your bag and keeps your glasses safe and scratchfree. #colorfulisfun Bright color is great to bring a smile and good for any time of the year! #happycolor”.


And now, an item that is rather unique for what you might expect on Etsy – but we love unique here! CorkyCrafts offers an array of seeds for flowers so that your garden can flourish this summer. The owner says:

“What is summer without sunflowers? A garden should make you smile, plus it is a great teaching tool with children too. In Texas sunflowers are king during the hot Texas summer months. We enjoy sharing our TX size flowers with our clients. My shop is filled with cork crafts and when I’m saving up corks for projects during the spring and summer we also offer our flower seeds to help spread a wide array of color in flowers to our customers to enjoy gardening to


Cindy Humphrey from Cynhumphrey says:

At the time I created this, we were living in our first house we purchased. My husband loves to spend time outdoors in the summer so we built a huge deck on the back of the house and put in a koi pond right on the side of the deck. I love to take objects and turn them into something entirely different so when I came across these designer koi shoes I just had to make a ring or earring stud organizer out of them. They are also perfect for craft show displays!


Any new moms out there? We’ve got you covered with this uber-cute diaper clutch! No longer does changing diapers have to be a dreaded task, because this colorful creation from artsyEVE is there to brighten up the task. Here is what the owners, Evelyn and Lucy, have to say:

“This little diaper clutch is the perfect little bag for taking a diaper, a small wipe and perhaps a pacifier with you–when you don’t want to carry a large diaper bag! Colorful and fun!”


Georgie from littlecrowdesign says:

When Pantone announced the 2017 colour of the year was ‘Greenery’ it was no surprise to me! Green has always been my favourite colour – it can be bright and cheerful, or serene and calming. This original print features another favourite of mine – succulents! The combination of colour and design makes this pillow cover a special one.


Izabela Gveroska from Gavriila says:

Love this necklace,it is so colorful,I enjoyed making it, I started to make it as a bib necklace,but I ended up as a crochet pendant. It is unique,only one piece, it was so complicated during the process of knitting, so it is impossible to repeat it once again.


Sherri from ButterflyFeetDigital says:

This is a confetti clip art oval frame set. Photography transparent overlay or solid white background are both included in this set. I used my favorite colors to make the confetti sprinkles – starting with purple! Then on to pink. Couldn’t leave out blue. Blue and orange is a favorite combination. I really love pink and green. So many reasons to love this colorful clipart!


Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says:

This charm bracelet is part of the ‘stripe delight’ range created specifically for the vibrant colours of Spring! The range also has earrings and a necklace available in my shop!

The beads are individually handmade made from colourful paper joined together by hand formed findings.


Victoria Evrard from StarryNightTrees says:

I love mixing lots of different colors together. This is my Celebration tree and I use every bead color I have access to. This is my favorite tree and I have mine out all year and use it as a night light.


Nancy Duncan from EponasCrystals says:

Multi colored beads and gorgeous carved rainbow fluorite pendant depicting the goddess Kwan Yin. The necklace is beaded with turquoise beads, rainbow fluorite beads, purple river stone, turquoise quartz, orange bone beads, pink, blue and turquoise seed beads, and silver plated pewter spacer beads.


And last but not least…another stunning necklace! I hesitated to include two pieces of jewelry in the same post, but let’s be honest, we can never have too many necklaces – especially when they are as bright, colorful, and unique as this beauty from Bungalow42. Connie Lee, owner of this shop, shared the backstory behind this piece:

“There is a folk art vibe to these hand painted fish. Their history is a bit of a mystery. The original statement necklace was a vintage piece that belonged to a family member but no one seems to know its origins. Happy to report that all of the fish are in good vintage condition. It is obvious that they were handmade and hand painted with love. This was the first time that I got to deconstruct a vintage piece for new designs. It was big fun. #happycolor #fishjewelry”.


If these colors didn’t remind you that life should be filled with color and joy, I don’t know what else could! Be sure to share your brightest pieces in the comments below. Let’s spread some color love throughout this Etsy community!

Tutorial: Photo Block Puzzle – #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty 2016

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

“Tutorial: How To Make A Photo Block Puzzle” by Catherine from DesignsByCnCPhotoBlockPuzzleI

What Color(s) Inspired This Tutorial? Please Share Your Advice For Creating Stunning Color Combinations.

I was inspired by the color blue for this project. When selecting the colors for the project, I chose a color that is in the photograph, as in the blue shirt. Then I added additional colors to coordinate keeping in mind that this puzzle was a gift for a little boy. Therefore I used more earth toned and masculine colors.


One of the things that I enjoy most is creating handmade gifts for family and friends.  I take a lot of photographs throughout the year, and this project is a fun way to feature some of them.  It was very easy to create and also inexpensive.

Materials UsedPhotoBlockPuzzleII

Wooden blocks 1.5 inches. I used 9 of them.
Glossy photo paper.
Mod Podge.
Acrylic craft paint.  I used 4 different colors that I happened to have on hand that were suitable for a little boy.
Ink jet printer.
Foam brushes.
Sand paper, pencil and paper cutter.

Tutorial DirectionsPhotoBlockPuzzleIIITo begin this project, I numbered the sides of the blocks.  I placed a number 1 on the side that would feature the first photo.  Then I turned the blocks over and placed a number 2 to allow for the second photo.  This helped me to keep track of where the photographs would be placed so that I would remember to leave these areas unpainted.  Next, I painted each side a different color.

While the paint dried, I edited my pictures and cropped them to 4.5 x 4.5 inches, using my Corel Paint Shop Pro program.  These are the dimensions of the block shape with the 9 blocks put together. I printed the photos onto the glossy paper.  I placed the picture face side down along the bottom edge of the wooden blocks and marked where the edges of the blocks are located.PhotoBlockPuzzleIVNext, I placed  the picture face down along the right side of the blocks and marked the edges.  Then I lined the photograph up on my paper cutter and cut along the marked lines.PhotoBlockPuzzleVApply a thin coat of Mod Podge to the unpainted side of the block and add the photograph piece.  Repeat this step for all of the other 8 blocks.  Let this dry completely.  I let mine sit overnight.  With a piece of fine sand paper, carefully sand the edges of the blocks.  Be sure to sand in a side to side direction.  This will remove the excessive paper from the edges and also give the blocks a slightly distressed look. I wiped each block off to remove the sanding dust being careful not to damage the photo.  Apply a thin layer of Mod Podge over the photo to protect and seal it.PhotoBlockPuzzleVIRepeat this entire process for placement of the second photograph.


A wonderful way to preserve memories with your very own Photo Block Puzzle!

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Tutorial: Cork Napkin Rings – #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty 2016

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

“Tutorial: How To Make Napkin Rings With Wine Cork Stoppers, Wire And Beads” by Tanya from socksandmittensNRI

What Color(s) Inspired This Tutorial? Please Share Your Advice For Creating Stunning Color Combinations.

This project is absolutely great. It includes a recycling idea since we are using the used wine bottle corks. I had a Thanksgiving in mind when we made these so I choose lovely orange and brown beads. They goes great with copper wire and natural cork.


You can make them for any holiday dinner party and they are inexpensive. Albina (albinasjewelry) and I made this project together during one of our creative get-together gathering

Materials And Tools Used

Pre-drilled wine corks
Wire 26ga and 20 ga
Beads of your choice
Mandrel, 1” diameter
Round nose pliers


Tutorial Directions

1. Cut piece of 20 a wire, 2 ft long. Slide the wire through the cork’s hole, center the cork. Place a cork against a mandrel and start wrapping the wire ends around the mandrel, feeding the wire ends through the cork’s hole.NRIII

2. Wrap the wire until you have 2” of wire ends coming out the cork. Using round nose pliers and chain nose (or flat nose) pliers, make spirals. Place the spiral so it is covering the hole.NRIV

3. Attach 26ga wire; wrap the ring, adding beads.NRV



Aren’t they lovely? Have fun crafting!NRVII

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Tutorial: No Scrap of Wood Left Behind – #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty 2016

Contributor post by Catherine from DesignsbyCnC

“Tutorial:  How to make a Valentine’s Day Primitive Hanger” by Barb from barbsheartstrokes



“What Color(s) Inspired This Tutorial? Please Share Your Advice For Creating Stunning Color Combinations.”

“When it is January and grey and 7 degrees outside I start looking for some color in my world! Good thing Valentine’s Day is around the corner. RED is one of my favorite colors and makes me smile!

I started with RED, then thought this color would look good on pink. Since this little hanger has a primitive look I wanted the color to POP out and give a hint of fun.

I have added brighter colors to some of my primitive pieces and I am loving the look! Never be afraid to add/mix and play with colors!”


Having been raised by parents who were raised during the end of the Great Depression and then WWII I was taught nothing should go to waste. So no scrap of wood can be left behind after my Dad drops off a truck load of scrap lumber. I have all these different sizes and thickness of wood so I tried to put my frozen brain to work and come up with an idea for these 2 x 3 inch pieces of wood. Here it goes. Sand the wood out in the garage with the temp at 7 degrees at noon one day. (I did not last long out there.) Tack cloth the wood free from frost and saw dust. Paint the wood with Burnt Umber acrylic paint. Let dry.



Tutorial Directions


Paint roughly with Decoart Melon color or a pinkish color of your choice leaving the edges paint free giving it a primitive look. You could also paint the wood first and then sand the edges and stain with an oil base stain but that meant going back out to the garage. I did the simpler version avoiding the outside.


Now with Decoart Country Red stencil some hearts here and there on the wood.


I just wrote on the wood with a #2 pencil “Be Mine” and a heart to dot the letter I. Now you can paint this black with a 10/0 liner brush or use a Sharpie Marker to do the lettering.


Inside the house, using the Dremel, I drilled two holes at the top and then added rusty wire for a hanger. I have all these fun keys so I used white organza ribbon to attach the key to the wire on this one.


Here is one with red organza ribbon with a different key attached. I sprayed these with a clear coat finish and are now ready to give as a small gift. I may even add these to my Etsy shop.


Not sure how creative these are when you are freezing but I needed to paint and start using my brain for some creativity. Hope you enjoy!

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Tutorial: DIY Tassel Cutter – #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty 2016

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

“Tutorial: How To Make A DIY Tassel Cutter” by Rina from Rinarts


What Color(s) Inspired This Tutorial? Please Share Your Advice For Creating Stunning Color Combinations.

I like to make tassels in different color combinations and combinations of different kinds of leather. Small accessories like tassels for bag charms and key chains are perfect for experimenting. It’s a great and creative way to use all of the small pieces of leather that remain after making leather bags. Every tassel can be made differently, not only in color of leather or in size, but also in shape. You can combine different kinds of leather, but cutting the fringes is a precise work and can take a lot of the time to create a tassel.


Last year I accepted a few orders for different kinds of tassel key rings in larger quantities. You can see the results of one of those orders in the photo above. One day, after cutting tassels, I was wondering whether I could get some kind of a tool to make the cutting easier I asked my husband to help me out. I showed him how to cut tassels by hand and he went to work.

Materials Used


Since I already had a “knee lever press” to cut out my leather hearts, this press could also be of use to cut out tassels. My husband made a cutter out of single blades and aluminum to hold the knives at the desired distance.


Tutorial Directions


The hand-made cutter worked surprisingly well. The only puzzle was how to reposition the cutter each time (with 12 blades; only 6 cm in width) and for a tassel I need pieces with fringes of 20-25 cm. So after each press, we had to reposition the cutter for a new series of cuts. After a few attempts, we finally figured out the right distance and marked this on the cutter. After that it was easy to place the following series of cuts in the right place. You can still see the little marks I made on the leather.


After the cutting the fringes with the tassel cutter, I cut the closed bottom part of the leather and I now have a perfect piece of leather with a beautiful evenly cut fringe.




With the tassel cutter, creating tassels is even more fun than before. The fringe is more
evenly cut and beautifully straight. This inspires me to experiment with new tassels in
other shapes and even painting the fringes in different color.


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Tutorial: UTENSILO – #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty2016

Contributor post by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns

“Tutorial: How To Make A DIY  Utensilo” by Barbara from Mermaids HatBox


What Colour(s) Inspired This Tutorial?

Green and red burlap.


UTENSILO – Simple and fast to sew! This is a tutorial for a very simple but nice Utensilo. I sew it from the material of an old Coffee Bean Bag. You can use every other fabrics.


Materials Used

2 fabrics
4 buttons (I use hearts from birch bark that I have from my autumn decorations)
**I use 3 fabrics, because the burlap is very unstable. I cut out a piece of cotton and sew it on the back side of the burlap.
*** If you use only lightweight fabrics, stabilize with Bondaweb- Vliseline


Tutorial Directions

Cut out squares of fabrics. I cut out a 30x30cm square. But you can cut any size as long as they are all the same size.


Sew: I sew the light cotton on the back side of the burlap. Then lay the burlap and the checkered fabric right side on right side. Sew around, but don’t forget to let a piece of 5 cm open. Cut off a triangle on the four corners. Turn the inside through the opening . Fold the fabric on the open side carefully inwards. Iron the square. Sew around with a distance of ca 0,75 cm.








Folding: Mark the middle of each side Then from the middle 6 cm on each side. Take the top and add the two 6cm markings on the corner inward together. Sew this point together. Do this on the four corners. Take the corner and pull it outside over the edge. Fasten the corner with a button. Ready!!!!









This tutorial can also be seen on Barabara’s BLOG HERE

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Tutorial: Colorful Plastic Beads from Plastic Bottles – #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty 2016

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

“Tutorial: How To Make A Colorful Bead from Plastic Bottles” by Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns


What Color(s) Inspired This Tutorial? Please Share Your Advice For Creating Stunning Color Combinations.

I love the colour combination of purple and orange. As well as them being my two favourite colours, I think one of the reasons they work well together is because they are on opposite sides of the colour wheel. So my advise for creating great colour combinations is to use the good old-fashioned colour wheel for inspiration.


Although the main medium in my Etsy shop is clay I also love to upcycle and re-purpose materials in both my shop and in my overall life. I do this because I find it a great creative outlet, but also for the ethical reasons of preserving the planet and countering, in my own small way, the effects of climate change. This tutorial uses plastic drink bottles and turns them into beautiful light weight beads suitable for jewellery and any other craft projects you may be creating.

Materials Used

The first step is to gather together the materials you need:

Empty drink bottle

Craft knife


Coloured markers

Needle nose pliers

Hair dryer or heat gun


Tutorial Directions

Using your craft knife cut your drink bottle into three sections. We will be using the middle section which is all the same thickness.


Next cut the center piece of the bottle down the middle so that you have a flat sheet of plastic.


Now begin cutting this sheet into strips. The width of your strips will determine the size of your beads.


Now for the fun bit – adding colour. As you can see I randomly coloured my strips of plastic, but you can also draw a more formal design, add stripes, polka dots, anything you like.


Colour all your plastic strips so you have a nice collection to work with….


Now we need the needle nosed pliers. Grip the end of the plastic strip firmly between
the pliers and begin tightly winding the plastic – coloured side facing inward – around
the plier nose.


When fully wound firmly hold the bead in place and remove from the pliers. Now insert one nose of the pliers inside the bead and place the other nose over the end of the wound bead to prevent it unraveling. Turn on your hair dryer or heat gun and begin applying heat to the bead. Rotate the bead so that heat is distributed evenly. The amount of time this takes depends on the strength of your heat source, but you will see the plastic beginning to shrink. Once it cools it becomes a hard and durable bead.



Remove the bead from the pliers and allow to cool. Do not burn yourself on the hot pliers! Repeat with all your plastic strips till you have a gorgeous collection of unique colourful handmade beads.


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Tutorial: DIY Fabric Belts – #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty 2016

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

“Tutorial: How To Make A DIY  Fabric Belt” by Megha from byTheArtBug


What Color(s) Inspired This Tutorial? Please Share Your Advice For Creating Stunning Color Combinations.

This project is inspired by both neutral and bright colors! I have used neutral brown and creamy white with bold patterned blue. The best thing about neutral colors is that they go well with everything and can be worn at any occasion. With their soft touch you can use these colors without any fear of fashion faux pas! As with the bright color, you can always wear that for a fun mood especially in the summer season. The bold blue with patterns is a perfect choice for any one who loves to add a little thrill to their outfit. It can also be combined with other bright colors like pink, yellow or orange! Or if that is too much for you mix it with white or any other shade of blue.


Make these stylish & fun fabric belts with this easy DIY! It will cost you less than $5! They can be worn on Jeans or Dresses! Adjustable and sleek!


Materials Used

Thick Cotton Webbing (Width of your Choice) (Available at any fabric shop) (Usually $2 solid to $4 Pattern Per Meter)

Bag Buckle (for adjustable Straps – Size according to the webbing) (Available at any hobby shop $1-$2 for one or two)

Fabric Glue Thread –

Thick  Needle – Medium Sized

Medium Sized Scissors



Tutorial Directions

Cut the webbing in desired size, I have used slightly longer as I intend to use the belt on both jeans and on dresses. If you want to make it for jeans measure the waist of jeans and for dresses measure your upper waist. Take a few inches extra (take at least 7-8 inches extra). Next, apply fabric glue to one end of the webbing to prevent it from fraying. Let it dry.



On the other end sew the webbing on the middle part of the buckle. Follow the pictures. Make sure that your thread is strong.


Sew at back,


Insert the needle on upper part like this to hide the knot.


Hand Sew using back-stitch so that your stitch stays strong.


Finish the stitch and cut the thread.



That’s all, your belt is ready!


Put in the other side to tie and pull to adjust.

IMG_2535.JPG     IMG_2536.JPG



You can use double sided webbing for two different patterns, It can be worn on both sides!


Make as many as you like! Happy Sewing!


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Peach Echo And Snorkle Blue – Pantone Fashion Colors For Spring 2016

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

Color Inspiration is the theme of Christmas In July’s #EtsyCraftParty 2016!

Color trends are a wonderful way to celebrate the seasons!

According to Pantone two of the top colors for Spring 2016 are Peach Echo and Snorkle Blue.

The fashion and design communities, and consequently, consumers, have been in love with orange for several seasons. Coming to the fore this Spring is PANTONE 16-1548, Peach Echo, a shade that emanates friendlier qualities, evoking warmth and accessibility. It is an all-encompassing, tempered companion in the playful orange family.
Leatrice Eiseman
Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute™

A maritime -inspired blue, PANTONE 19-4049 Snorkel Blue plays in the navy family, but with a happier, more energetic context. The name alone implies a relaxing vacation and encourages escape. It is striking yet still, with lots of activity bursting from its undertones.
Leatrice Eiseman
Executive Director, Pantone Color Institute™

Members of the Etsy ChristmasInJuly Team have been inspired by the colors Peach Echo and Snorkle Blue! They have created items in their shops reflecting this inspiration! Here are a few!

Mary Avelis from LilFoxDesigns says:

Kitchen accent peach pot holders, are created with the home cook in mind. casual or serious cooks will love these high quality pot holders. Our juicy peach hot pads are certain to please all year around.

Each hot pad fits your hand and allows you to hold your item safely. Measures approximately 7 1/2 inches square. Each peach and green potholder is top stitched and quilted for durability. We used a heat resistant material, with 100% cotton batting. As well as high quality cotton fabric for durability.

As if the features for our peach pot holders weren’t enough; I am proud to say they are made in a smoke-free and pet-free studio; and is extremely easy to care for!

All you need to do to keep your hot pads clean, wash cold, tumble dry low.



Dana Hamant from LilybeanzBowtique says:

My best friend recently had boy/girl twins. I focus on items for girls, but really wanted to make something for her son, too. I decided on making a fabric mobile for their nursery that incorporated colors to go along with the jungle theme she picked. After completing her mobile, I wanted to make more to add to my shop. They are such a fun way to add color and texture to a room, and can transition to a great decor piece as the child grows. When looking for fabrics to create a new piece for my shop, I found these that had peach, mint, and grey and absolutely fell in love.



friedasophie from friedasophie says:

Peach always reminds me of summer, I got inspired in the wintertime, missing beach times when i came across this pretty stone.



Valerie Brown from FirepanJewellery says:

I grew up on the Canadian West Coast, and blue water surrounded the island! Just thinking about the ocean makes me happy! These pendants were inspired by the word ‘content’. To me being content is being by the water’s edge – the greenery behind you and your toes in the blue water!



Tanya Hardman from TheWoollyTangle says:

The variety of blues in sodalite reminds me of all the colours of the sea – perfect for sunny summer days.



Nancy Duncan from EponasCrystals says:

Beautiful paua shell statement ring in a beachy snorkel blue shade. Sure to get lots of compliments!



Jessica and Bryan King from FeathandKee says:

I love all shades of blue. This pair of earrings were made from reclaimed wood. They are simple squares, and I wanted a restful color for them.




Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says:

I love the colour blue – summer skies, Mediterranean seas – I guess that is why the Pantone Color Institute link the colour to a relaxing vacation and escape!

I also link relaxing and vacationing with good food, and good food deserves to be served in unique handmade bowls!



Annie from DesignedbyAnneliese says:

The colour blue is one of my favourites. My husband and I have a lot of blue in the house which we find relaxing!

I made this felt star blue for that reason. I made it with Christmas in mind, to be used as a Christmas tree decoration. Saying that, it could look nice hanging from a hook or door any time of the year!




Christmas In July’s Etsy Craft Party – One Day To Go

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

The last couple of weeks Alicia from AliciasFindings, Catherine from DesignsbyCnC and Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns have been working behind the scenes for the Christmas In July version of the Etsy Craft Party! Since the Christmas In July team is worldwide we thought it would be fun to hold a virtual #EtsyCraftParty!

Tomorrow – June 17th 2016 – you will be able to join them  here on the Christmas In July blog for tutorials, swag bags and prizes all day long!

To join in the fun get your FREE ticket at our Craft Party event page! You can also stop in throughout the day and see what is happening!

Be sure to use #EtsyCIJ #EtsyCraftParty on social media! We appreciate your shout outs!


This years theme is Color Inspiration! The Christmas In July team will have virtual classes all day long centered around the Color Inspiration theme. We have step-by-step color inspired tutorials…it’s going to be a blast. Let’s not forget the sweet swag bags for attending and the prizes throughout the day.

Want a sneak peek? Megha from byTheArtBug is doing a tutorial!