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Please join us for the Christmas In July Social Media Month! Since the CIJ team is worldwide we are going to celebrate the month of May with a virtual #CIJSocialMediaMonth event right here on our blog!

This week our Instagram leaders Dawn and Alicia share with you the value of social media, how to develop a social media plan, how to interact with others on social media and so much more!

Follow Us On Instagram

Follow Us On Instagram

Please introduce yourself and the other team leaders who are part of your respective social media site.      

Our names are Dawn from DeeDeeDeesigns, and Alicia from Alicia’s Findings.

What social media site are you team leaders for?

We manage the team Instagram account.

What is the CIJ Instagram site and handle?        

You can find the team on Instagram by searching EtsyChristmasinJuly.

EtsyChristmasInJuly Local Market Series On Instagram

EtsyChristmasInJuly Local Market Series On Instagram

Tell us about Instagram.         

Instagram is a great forum for displaying and marketing your products as it is photo based. People can find your products using hashtags which means you can target your items very specifically which is great for attracting customers shopping for what you have to offer.

It is also great for networking as you can follow other Instagram users and they can follow you.

What do you find valuable about Instagram?         

Because of the format of Instagram it is a valuable tool for reaching your target customer.

What kind of content is most effective on Instagram?

Content can include items from your shop, but it is also a great way to tell the story of your products through work in progress pictures or even short videos. Additional information like this allows a potential customer to feel more involved with you and your product – it creates a connection.

How can Instagram be part of your business strategy?

Instagram is essential to your business strategy due to its format of pictures and hashtags. Posts appear in real time, so it effective to post a few times a day, without seeming too spammy. Ideally you might post in the morning, afternoon and evening. This way you’re reaching people at different times of the day which is also great for reaching international browsers.

It’s important to have a social media plan. What can you achieve on Instagram?

I think that Instagram offers the opportunity to develop a more personal approach to your marketing, which enables potential customers to feel more secure in transacting with your business.

EtsyChristmasInJuly Workspace Series On Instagram

EtsyChristmasInJuly Workspace Series On Instagram

How do you develop this social media plan?

Developing a social media plan is like developing any other plan related to your business. Set a goal to post three times a day, as mentioned earlier – morning , afternoon and night…. this way you’re reaching a broad audience at different times of the day. Not everyone is on Instagram at the same, and this way you will also reach international audiences.

What is the most creative way to find new followers on Instagram?

The most effective way to find new followers is to carefully target your hashtags, and also to mix them up a little – but don’t use ones that are not relevant to your product, as this is deceptive which is not good business practice. The other way to gain followers on Instagram is to follow people yourself, and also comment on their work as well as liking. Comments involve you more in what other people have to say, which is appreciated and often reciprocated.

How do you interact with others on Instagram?

Through the team account we like and comment on followers photos, congratulate them on achievements such as positive feedback from a sale, we repost team members products, and share articles from the team blog. In this way we are helping to promote team shops and their products.

EtsyChristmasInJuly Favorite Fashion Trends

EtsyChristmasInJuly Favorite Fashion Trends

What else would you like to share about Instagram?

As a marketing tool Instagram is an effective way of reaching your target customer and networking with like minded businesses.

The emphasis on great photos allows you to show your product off to its best, and the use of smart hashtags allows customers to find your product.

The team account shares and promotes team shops and their products – simply tag your items #etsychristmasinjuly so we can you!

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