#CIJVacation – Valais, Switzerland With saxdsign

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Let’s take a vacation with Lisajoy from saxdsign

Valais, Switzerland

Valais, Switzerland

1. What is your favorite vacation destination and why? Where exactly in the world is it located?

Oh! vacations are my most favorite thing in the world!! I think European Vacations are amazing, and it is hard for me to just pick one place. If I could choose, my top two spots in the world are Valais, Switzerland and London, England…. So I flipped a coin, and Valais, CH wins this time. Where else in the world can you eat breakfast in Switzerland, lunch in France and dinner in Italy?



2. What are several places everyone visiting this destination should see?

If you were going to visit Valais, I would recommend trying to make it there the first week of October because that is when the “Foire du Valais” is taking place in Martingy (pronounced Martini). Here, is where all the best restaurants, vintners and distillers join in one giant week long party to promote and share all their new recipes, wines and aperitifs. This is something Not to miss, it closes at 9:00 pm so get there early!

3. What special customs, traditions, geography, nature etc. are intriguing about this destination?

Every weekend there is some kind of festival, where you can try all the local eats, pastries and Chocolates! This is also where you can see traditional Swiss dancers or the Alphorn blowers. These are the famous long wooden horns that the Swiss blow in the mountains. The geography is unlike any other place in the world you are High up in the mountains and sometimes you are high up above the clouds. Nature is incredible and one of the only places in the world to see the illusive Bouquetin, or Alpine Ibex, a long horned species of mountain goat that lives in very steep, rough terrain above the snow line at very high altitudes. A really adorable and cute custom of the Swiss is that they LOVE to wear red shoes, just check it out when you get to the airport, every 5th person will have red shoes.

4. Where are the hot spots to eat and drink?

My favorite restaurant to visit in Valais is Croix de Coeur in Verbier. (address and phone number below) Resting at the top of a lovely peak overlooking the glacial alps and looking in to the valley of Valais. One of their specialties is the Hunting meat which comes on a sizzling stone, yes it is exotic Venison cooking on a rock. OMG… my mouth is watering right now. This is where all the celebrities come by helicopter just to have lunch, and it is not a hoity toity dress up place to go, dress is completely casual, and mostly hikers, mountain bikers, and families. It is a cute place where people bring their dogs and have a hot chocolate while watching parasailers fly through the wind gusts coming up from the valley.

Croix de coeur,
Verbier 1936, Switzerland
+41 27 775 25 36

5. Have you been to your favorite vacation destination more than once and will you visit again?

Yes, I have been to this destination several times, and Yes, I would completely go back, there is so much to do and see here, but is not for the couch potato, the Swiss are famous for their hiking, biking, skiing, and chocolate. The castles are all open to the public as well as dams, and museums. Switzerland is rich with deep history and the people are incredible. Tips: brush up on your french, wear layers as the temperature changes rapidly, and make sure to bring really comfortable shoes, red ones if you have them, you’ll fit right in.

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