Small Wonders

Post contributor from Julie at EveryoneLovesGifts0

As we are surrounded by great makers who make all wonderful items,
* I was wondering what small items do you make?
* Do you like making small items?
* Do your small items sell well?
* Which is your best selling item?

Przemila K from CanisArtStudio says; “..See how much happiness,
The small things hide.
Let’s enjoy the little things,
Because the rules for bliss is written in them!”
This is the lyrics of my favorite song!

In my shop are popular small oil paintings and custom pet portraits. I love painting them and I have designed a series of miniature painted wall clocks. This is the new in my shop. The dimensions of this clock are just that 6 x 7 inch. This small wall clock can be the decoration of the home or office interior and of course the souvenir of a beautiful moment. This is a very personalized gift!
Also little things are easy to send and shipping is not expensive.


Small Painted Clock

Judith Messenger from FabriArts says; My favorite things to make are quilts, but when cutting out the pieces for a quilt, there are always small pieces of fabric left over. I’ve found the perfect things to make with these smaller pieces are these little purse accessories – business card/credit card wallets and travel tissue covers. The Laurel Burch fabric used in this set is particularly popular.


Kleenex Case and Credit Card Set

Stock Lane Studio from StockLaneStudio says; Our Etsy Paper and Supply shop, Stock Lane Paper, designs printable mini cards that are just perfect for adding to gift baskets or using as thank you notes for Etsy orders! Many of our printable cards are customizable, so just let us know what you have in mind and we can work with you to create just the right design.


Printable Thank You Cards

Shelly from ShellysSelectSalvage says; I sell vintage including miniatures. These are really popular as customers use them as office desk decor, windowsill decor, gifts for friends, and a cute something for their vanity.

The most popular vintage miniatures are copper and pretty salt cellars. The copper items sell almost as soon as I list them, though they are hard to find.
My salt cellars are more common, but can be used for more than a salt dish. These can hold rings, small jewelry, or use to put herbs in while cooking.

I like selling miniatures because storing & shipping are so much easier and quicker.


Turquoise Glass Salt Cellar

Sherri from ButterflyFeetDigital says; This is a business card size printable shop thank you note – to slip in with orders. It’s fairly new, has not sold yet – but I’m hopeful!


Printable Shop Thank You Card

Lisajoy Sachs from saxdsign says; Small gemstones are always a big seller for me, and with the stacking ring trend that seems to be never ending I can make any birthstone ring in a tiny gemstone set in silver.


Padparascha Sapphire Ring Sterling Silver

Annie from DesignedbyAnneliese says; I have a range of mini envelopes in store. I think they are great to use for the tooth fairy or little love notes! Some have been used for weddings for guests to write messages and others for using in snail mail. I enjoy making them and I find that they are good sellers!


Pastel Floral Mini Envelopes

Christine from cwagenblass9 says; I created miniature bonnet toppers for decorating cupcakes. A nice way of celebrating spring events/tea parties etc.


Cupcake toppers ladies hat derby party decor

friedasophie from friedasophie says; I love making delicate small unusual pieces like the below piece, which is my current best seller. They are small and simple and and can be worn every day, like a 2nd skin!

Tiny Upside Down Earring

Cristal Hughes from DesignsbyCristal says; This is a cute fishing gear collar designed for a small dog/puppy. Small dogs need to have their accessories as well so creating something in a small size for them was a work of love!

Fishing Mini Dog Collar

Marijean from MariMartiDesigns says; I’ve always been a beading maniac for as long as I can remember! My favorite supplies to work with are beads and textile–namely up cycled sari silk. These elements come together joyfully in some of the small wonders in my shop!

I make (mostly) jewelry and so I spend a lot of time working with tiny beads to create small products that can be worn. Some of my quickest moving “small wonders” are my tassel earrings. They give a tiny bit of festive fringe to your look without overpowering your overall ensemble! Say, “Hello” to your New Favorite Pair of Earrin

Fringe Earrings

Dina StyleKnits from DinaStyleKnits says; My favorite items are knitted scarves, but I like to make small items too. I like to make small beaded brooches for my scarves and shawls. For example, this red brooch with glass beads was sold several times. This is my brooch bestseller. I like this small things, because of they add interesting and special accent to simple clothes.

Red Brooch

Gillian Haqqani from Gillisflowers says; I make origami jewellery and most is flower themed. I very rarely use paper more than 2″ square and for a piece such as this where the flowers measure between 3/8th and 3/4 of an inch with the smallest folded from squares of paper measuring 3/4″. I love folding such small flowers but I usually have to throw at least 3 away for every one that is usable

Vintage Floral Pendant

Donna Schindler from TreasuresFromTheLake says; I sell these wine charms that go around your wine glass stem.
These are great so that you will never lose your glass at a party again. They make great gifts.

Wine Charms

Tatiana Burka from FoxFamilyBoutique says; I make mini busy boards for kids. Size 20 to 30 cm. Now this type of goods I have the best selling.

Sensory Board

Thank you to everyone who took part and showed me all your Small Wonders!


Pink October – Christmas In July Team Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

I say PINK – what does it make you think of?

Baby girl, bows and dresses,  princesses in fairy tale books and cartoons, girls’ crafts (all those beads, yarns and ribbons), rose petals….

….then first makeup, lip gloss, blushing cheeks, first kiss…….

…… more makeup in pink, prom dress, bride’s bouguet….

……..and very soon the circle closes! – baby girl again!

Pink colour is the most feminine, it symbolizes traditional woman’s role and features: beauty, kindness, tenderness, care and compassion for all living creatures.

This used to be common association: PINK is femininity! Now more and more people associate pink with Breast Cancer Awareness. Every October, the wide international health campaign is run globally. It was started by the American Cancer Society and large pharmaceutical companies in the mid – eighties and soon spread all over the world.

The purpose of this campaign is to increase awareness of the disease, to give information and support to those affected by breast cancer, and also to raise funds for research into the cause of disease, its early diagnosis, prevention and treatment.

You might have used products by Estee Lauder cosmetics and Avon cosmetics, have you paid attention to how they support Breast Cancer Awareness? It was Evelyn Lauder (survivor herself!) who launched Breast Cancer Research Foundation in 1992-93 and established  the Pink Ribbon as its symbol.

The pink colour in general and the Pink Ribbon express not fear but hope for the women suffering from breast cancer, moral support and informational help for them. It brings knowledge to wide circles of women all over the world about breast cancer, methods of early detection and places to get help.

What can simple little people do to support Breast Cancer Awareness movement? We are not doctors or scientists to literally find the solution, but we can pass the word to our friends. We can display pink colour in our clothes, on our web pages, at work, in our craft creations. This will make others stop for a minute and THINK PINK – THINK HOPE AND AWARENESS.

Here are some handmade gifts and art works from Christmas in July Team members:

Minna Hyvarinen from Skadi Jewelry donates 10% of all pink items sold to Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

Heart Necklace From SkadiJewelry

Heart Necklace From SkadiJewelry

Mandee from CloudNineDezignz  created a special Think Pink section in her shop – to donate to Susan G Komen Foundation.

Red And Pink Cancer Ribbon Bracelet From CloudNineDesignz

Red And Pink Cancer Ribbon Bracelet From CloudNineDesignz

Sandi Morris from SoManyPrettyBeads  says:

Cancer sucks – plain and simple. In my family, it has taken my dad (esophageal) and my sister (breast). My mom is a survivor. What we witnessed our sister go through I wouldn’t wish upon my worst enemy! I did the Susan G Komen 3-Day two years and raised over $6,000!

The statistics of breast cancer are 1 in 8: in my family the statistics are 2 out of 6. Breast cancer awareness is a cause that I support in honor of my mom and in memory of my sister.

Pink Hope For The Cure Breast Cancer Awareness Earrings From SoManyPrettyBeads

Pink Hope For The Cure Breast Cancer Awareness Earrings From SoManyPrettyBeads

Lisa Prus from InsomniacTreasures also donates 10% of any pink item sold in October to breast cancer research.

Nicole from JspCreations created Breast Cancer Awareness hair tie and bracelet for donation – in memory of her mother, and in hope that “one day there will be a cure and prevention of this nasty cancer”.

LittleShopofColor created Pastel Pink Digital Paper to donate proceeds from this item through Dec 31, 2013 to the American Cancer Society.

Jul from JulsSewCrazy says:

Grandma died of Breast Cancer.
My friend died of Breast Cancer at 34.
My sister is a survivor (twice).
This hits close to home.
We support Susan G. Komen For the Cure and Walk for Life to help find a cure.
We make donations every year, and every walk, and every October.
Sending prayers and hugs out to all who need and want it.
Fight for the cure!

Glynis Ratcliffe from IntuitiveJewellery shared her story with us:

I have numerous friends who are breast cancer survivors. The first one was actually also the beginning of my jewellery line, and my first finished product. My friend was going through chemo, and having a bit of a rough go, and I wanted to give her something to focus on, or meditate on, while she was going through it. I was walking downtown, looking for inspiration, when I was drawn into this beautiful bead store. I was enchanted with the array of stones there, and found a book called “A String and a Prayer” and it was a book that explained how to make meditation bracelets and the like. I bought it, and taught myself to make one, and gave it to my friend, complete with the meanings of the stones written out for her. She wore it for the rest of her chemo treatments, and then passed it on to a friend who used it for her chemo, who passed it on to another friend…and so on. A few years later, I asked my friend if she still had the bracelet, and she said it had been passed on again. I was so happy that my little gift was able to help so many women dealing with this disease. I hope it’s still out there, making the rounds. It’s been 10 years now, almost.

Pink Gemstone Cluster Earrings From IntuitiveJewellery

Pink Gemstone Cluster Earrings From IntuitiveJewellery

Tammy Fox from foxcreationsonline created sparkling crosses with rhinestones and Swarovski crystals – “In memory of my husband’s father, my two aunts and one uncle and so many others who have lost their lives to this terrible disease.”

So many artisans put their heart into creating beautiful pink masterpieces, with so much love and hope!

In the next post we will talk more about the history of Breast Cancer Awareness movement in the world. We will also look into happy stories of celebrity survivors and our team members, their families and friends.

Stay tuned, think pink, spread hope and love!