Pinterest Gift Guides: Giftable DIY, Luxe Materials And Mid-Century Modern Looks

Contributor post by Michelle of EviesToolEmporium

The 2015 Etsy Holiday Merchandising Guide was released on October 6th, 2015.

The Christmas In July team turned the Holiday Merchandising Guide Into Pinterest Gift Guides.

Let’s enjoy the trends : Giftable DIY, Luxe Materials and Mid-Century Modern Looks.

Giftable DIY

MaryAnne from KeepsakesStudio says:

I think this is a wonderful DIY project pattern. While the pattern envelope shows it produced in blue, I would love to see it in a 60’s combo, like turquoise and pink. Even black and white! Please see listing for more detailed pictures.



Jul’s Craft Crazy from JulsCraftCrazy says:

I have a number of needle craft kids in my supplies and destash section.

They would be wonderful to make for Christmas, or to receive as a gift!



Christine from cwagenblass9 says:

DIY kits are a wonderful way to share some creative fun. The paper Gingerbread house kit comes with a variety of pieces that can used to create your own gingerbread house design.



Annie from DesignedbyAnneliese says:

I decided to put together this craft paper pack for those who love to do scrapbooking, journalling, card making anything to do with paper craft over the Christmas holidays or new year. It has different bits and pieces to let your imagination go!



Luxe Materials

Susana from CherishCeramics says:

My Russian flower porcelain brooch is a very special accessory.
I created a collection of Russian inspired brooches a while ago, inspired by the Russian folk designs.

I read as a child a lot of illustrated stories with mysterious Russian princesses, that were extravagant and beautiful, dressed in luxurious outfits, and this brooch is a result of these memories.



Nancy Duncan from EponasCrystals says:

This rough crystal and soft leather necklace fits right into the luxe materials theme. Vintage brass chain ties it all together. I love using the raw crystals in jewelry. It makes you stand out from the crowd and feel special! Amethyst and citrine are two of my favorites and they blend so well together.



Sandy from TesoroDelSol says:

If I had to choose one of my more LUXE pieces it would be this Raw Amethyst necklace. The rough edges of the stone paired with the 24K gold electroplated edges create the perfect balance. The pendant suspends from a shimmering gold pyrite beaded chain evoking a sensuous and flirty statement piece.



Dawn Whitehand from DeeDeeDeesigns says:

Well, apparently one of the Luxe finishes is ceramic, so that is right up my alley! Obviously I have lots of ceramic wares in my shop, but this one I thought would fit the Luxe theme with its timeless texture and luxe-urious glaze!



Mid-Century Modern Looks

Carmen Beecher from CarmensArt says:

 I am very excited about my latest seascape, “Fall Sunrise.” I live on the Space Coast of Florida, and every year around this time the surf starts kicking up. Combine that with the beautiful sunrise and you have a lovely subject to paint. It’s amazing how in just a few steps I can leave the ordinary world of traffic and noise and enter the soothing atmosphere of the beach.



Marjorie Scenna from mscenna says:

I love vintage jewelry and get my inspiration for my recycled creations from the vintage treasures I find. Pins are one of my favorites and were a popular accessory for coat lapels years ago!



Sue and Misty from shabbyshopgirls says:

We love Mid Century Kitchen & Home Decor. Many of our Tablecloths, Kitchen Towels and Dishes feature that trendy, hippy, 50’s/60’s fun vibe. Here is an Apron that we love for its kitchy graphics!



Rheta Parziale from VintageEves says:

I wrote a blog post recently about a designer at Copco, Michael Lax, who developed some of the most iconic mid-century modern pieces.

Most of the pictures link back to other shop listings on Etsy.




Graduation Gifts

Contributor post by Megha of bytheartbug

Here are some wonderful  “Graduation Gift” ideas.

I don’t have anything that is specifically for graduations, but I do have items that can be given for graduations, such as this pen which is based on my shop logo.

The actual logo is an original collage piece, one of the first ones that I did and one of the few early ones I’ve kept lol. The collage is in my favorite colors, and shows a Victorian woman who thinks it’s time for a change. I’ve never listed the actual collage for sale in the shop – maybe I should.

Anyway, I decided to have the pens made as a try-out in the shop and much to my surprise most of those I ordered have sold. I also gave a bunch as Christmas gifts to friends and family.

Pen -  Art Collage - Make Your Writing More Fun

Pen – Art Collage – Make Your Writing More Fun

I’ve no specific graduation present, unless you want to give a personalized portrait or a wreath.

But I created graduation favors.

In Italy, on this occasion, we generally use red color and little decors ( a ladybug or an owl ).

We believe they are lucky charms.

Inside my bag I can put confetti or some scented pot-pourri

Burlap bags for many different occasions, wedding, birthday or anniversary favor, baby shower favor, linen sachet, made in Italy rustic bags

Burlap bags for many different occasions

Get your graduates ready for Graduation with these wonderful vintage graduation party supplies! Set the table up with Hallmark’s “caps & scrolls” paper tablecloth and decorate the cake with either the boy or girl graduate or Both!! Celebrate this huge milestone with the ones you love!

Vintage Graduation Decorations - Paper Tablecloth - Boy Girl Graduates Cake Toppers - High School College - Party Table Display

Vintage Graduation Decorations

I received a request for a graduation card for a very special young lady that will be graduating from high school. I created a bold and contemporary card that would make a lovely keepsake with the year of graduation.

Graduation Card, Congratulations Card, Greeting Cards, College Graduation, Congrats Card, Die Cut Card, High School, Graduation 2015

Graduation Card

For the graduate that knows what it takes to get the diploma.!
Something small, soft, and memorable was my inspiration for making this cute little owl.
Crochet Graduation OWL - blue and red owl - toy owl

Crochet Graduation OWL

A special ring, it can be the perfect gift for a graduation with a feather imprint and a beautiful emerald green color, that can inspire happy, light times ahead.

This ring be worn as a statement piece with long skirts or dresses for a bohemian look at the beach or any other holiday destination.

Statement emerald green ceramic ring. statement ring

Statement emerald green ceramic ring

School is about more than just going to class. Commemorate your home, college town, or spring break memories with customized map art.

Chapel Hill map print - NC Poster

Chapel Hill map print

I had an Aunt who lived in Philadelphia when I was young. Living in Baltimore, we didn’t get to see her much, so her visits were special, like when she came down to see us when I graduated. She gave me a charm bracelet as a graduation gift. I still have it. That inspired me to create this special “Graduation” charm bracelet.

Graduation All Sterling Silver with Amethyst and Aventurine Stone and Charm Bracelet

Graduation All Sterling Silver Bracelet

Beautiful rainbow colors merge into one another in this scented rainbow square chunk pillar candle. This candle is made in a 3 pour process, and has a core candle with the rainbow chunks set around it. This process creates a better quality, longer burning candle. Not sure of the total burning time, but I still have one that I light from time to time and its been with me for 11 yrs! Colors will vary slightly as each candle is hand made. Shown here unwrapped, it will come to you, wrapped in cello and tied with raffia/hemp cord.
This gorgeous rainbow candle would make a wonderful unity candle for a wedding, a great gift for a friend or loved one, a thoughtful graduation gift or a beautiful sentiment for a memorial service.
Chakra is the Sanskrit word for wheel. There are seven chakras in the body, located in a straight line with your spine; this line runs down the center of your body, from the top of your head to the base of your spine. Each chakra is an energy center and is represented with its unique color. Color meditation involves focusing on each of your chakras and their color vibration in order to bring about balance in your mind and body; promoting healing and peace of mind. (Each of the chakras relates to the elements of Earth, air fire water, ether, spiritual awakening and enlightenment.
Rainbow Chakra Square Pillar Candle Unity Candle GIGANTIC Unique Handmade Candle 9" Tall 3" Wide 2.68 Lbs. Scented in Your Choice

Rainbow Chakra Square Pillar Candle

I love this quote, and I think it’s the perfect gift for a recent graduate as getting your way through those finally days can feel like a real push!

30% Off Sale It Always Seems Impossible Until Its Done, Inspirational Quote, Typography Print, Inspiring Art, Graduation Gift, 8 x 10 Print

Inspirational Quote Print

Dawn from SimplyMemories says,
These cute little scrapbooks make a perfect gift for the graduate. All of the hard work has been done. You only need to add photos and you’ll have a special keepsake to remember your accomplishment. They’re also a great way to display photos as graduation open houses/parties.
6x6 Chipboard Graduation Scrapbook Photo Album

Chipboard Graduation Scrapbook Photo Album

NeatoKeen from NeatoKeen says,

I love giving a vintage gift to grads. Vintage is often unique, special and memorable. These heavy cast iron bookends that were made decades ago would make a wonderful and unusual gift for someone heading off to college. I can almost guarantee that no other student will have these cool gold bronze bookends in their dorm room! You can add a clever note with them e.g. “Best wishes as you sail off on a new adventure.”

Vintage Bookends Cast Iron Ships Marked 1928 Spanish Galleon

Vintage Bookends