National Handwriting Day

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

National Handwriting Day is on January 23rd and is a time to send letters or a little remembrance.

Here at Christmas in July we want to see all of your handwritten items and to tell us about the item.

Heather from ArabellaBlossoms said this clutch bag or iPad Air sleeve is designed and handmade by me from printed linen and black burlap. It has a vintage metal closure.

The bag combines several things I like-beautiful fonts and handwriting, French script and butterflies for a touch of nature.

I still write a few letters and notes to friends or family who do not use technology. Receiving a handwritten note or card is a joy and they often decorate my desk for weeks afterwards!

Linen and burlap clutch bag


Rheta Parziale from VintageEves says this listing is a copper dish made by Manzoni of Boston, Massachusetts. I know this because on the back, in his own hand, he has engraved it “Hand-wrought by Manzoni, Boston, 555cp.” It’s really cool to look at the script and know that it was put there back in the 1930’s by the maker of this small dish. The listing pic doesn’t show the writing but the 5th picture in the listing itself does.

Signed by Artist Manzoni  1930s Copper Candy Bowl


Richard and Tatiana from DesignsTheLimit said if the pen is mightier than the sword, is the computer mightier than the pen? Although we pride ourselves on having excellent handwriting, we do not have the opportunity to use it on a daily basis in our work. We do however, use a wide variety of fonts and styles of handwriting to make each gift we create a unique work to our client’s taste.

Brock Script is one of the most interesting fonts we have available as people tend to feel strongly about it whether they care for it or not. A particular challenge of Brock Script is that a few of the letters such as the letter “S” are not what people imagine they will be. The link provided below shows the “S” in Brock Script, but we can substitute any font we have available with any of our products and design options.

Choosing the perfect font for each order can be a challenge as each font provides different characteristics, each letter offers a new set of challenges, and tastes vary from person to person. When creating a monogram, additional challenges are presented by the width of each character and how the initials combine. For this reason, we recommend requesting a proof at the time of purchase and we are happy to submit our designs for approval before completing an order.


Since opening our shop, we have been continually expanding our knowledge about the available fonts and the styles of handwriting available and cannot display them all in one listing. When a customer cannot find the particular font they are looking for, occasionally we send them to our Pinterest board:

We hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day in 2016! Keep us in mind for all of your gift giving occasions and make every gift as personal as your gift recipient is to you.


Valentine’s Day Personalized Champagne Flutes