Where To Visit During Christmas – #CIJParty 2018

Contributor post by Alicia from AliciasFindings

Christmas is one of the biggest family related holidays and because of this some of us end up visiting family and sometimes friends (who are like family). Some of us even go some where’s just to get away. We want to know where you have been for Christmas and what it was like in the area.

I think New York City in the wintertime is a beautiful yet busy place, add in a holiday and its something else. Lights on buildings, trees and more line the busy streets. There is ice skating and also the amazing tree in Rockefeller Center. The store’s window displays are beyond stunning as you spend your day sightseeing before finally ending with a performance of the Nutcracker.


On the other hand I imagine Nuremberg Germany to be quite amazing also. Just thinking about Christkindlesmarkt (Christmas Market) makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. I can only imagine this 180 stall market of handmade wares. They have a Toy and a Railway Museum for your sightseeing pleasure. I also must admit thinking about all that gingerbread, bratwurst and strudel makes my mouth water.


spoiledfelines1 from SpoiledFelinesArt states that she loves to spend Christmas where she lives in Southeastern Louisiana. She has a small family, and everyone lives close by, so it’s easier to get everyone together for Christmas. She loves the fact that she never knows what to expect living so close to the Gulf of Mexico. Sometimes the weather is cold, and they have to bundle up wearing sweaters, etc. while other times they’re celebrating Christmas in shorts, t-shirts, and flip-flops (that’s her favorite)! But no matter what weather is like outside, there’s always something going on … the Christmas Light display in Audubon Park, the Christmas Fireworks display on the Mississippi River … just a few of the exciting activities that one can find going on in the area! One of the best activities is the lighting of the bonfires along the Mississippi River on Christmas Eve … lighting the way for Papa Noel (Santa Claus) to come to the bayou area! Pictured below is her family Christmas tree and the 3 handmade mini stockings Christmas tree decorations … it’s an item that for sale in our shop!


mistycat from carolinagirlz2 talks about how she has been to DisneyWorld in Orlando Florida USA for Christmas, where every surface is covered in lights and sights and smells of the holidays.


Mairi from mairidesign says how Badalona,near Barcelona,is her favorite Christmas destination. Christmas time for her, is about getting away from the cold weather and the norms of everyday life. She doesn’t have children, so it’s not about spending time with the family, but about relaxing. No work for a week, strolls and picnics on the beach, and collecting sea glass to make unique pieces of jewellery. This is the perfect Christmas for her.


I think Mairi’s ideal destination sounds lovely, and there are all kinds of places for all kinds of people. Quebec is a great place to get away to if you are an outdoorsy type. There is snowshoeing, skiing, hiking and more. They have holiday programs for all types of people,nativity scenes from around the world and a Christmas village. Think of roasted chestnuts and sausage as you browse their German Christmas market. They even have a winter Carnival from January 26th to February 11th.


I imagine most of us think cold or snow when we think of Christmas, but it doesn’t need to be so. Think about sun,sand and beaches to melt all your troubles away. This is what it is like on Bondi Beach Australia. They decorate the beach with trees and other festive touches. Most everyone comes dressed in something to do with antlers, santa or even an elf. There are also bands and dj’s on the Pavilion to help the party atmosphere.


So there you have it folks a handful of places one can go on Christmas. Some are getaways while some are more family oriented. What ever your destination is this Christmas remember to have fun with those around you!