CIJ Etsy Craft Party 2015 – Colorful Paper Weaving

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

“Tutorial for Colorful Paper Weaving” by Clare of Etsy


If you’re looking for an approachable way to make visually striking and totally frame-worthy original artwork, paper weaving — a fun update on the textile-weaving trend — just might be for you. Combine your favorite images with embellishments like ribbon, yarn, colored paper, magazine pages, or even your child’s artwork, and you’ll have a one-of-a-kind statement piece to display in your home. It’s so easy even a kid could do it (just grab the safety scissors first!).



  • 2 photos of your choice,blown up and printed on 81/2″ x 11″ paper
  • Template
  • Scissors
  • 4 small binder clips
  • Scotch tape
  • Glue stick(not pictured
  • Optional: ribbon, yarn, colored paper or fabric


Download and print the paper weaving templates. You will also need to print two images of your choice on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper; I used some of my Instagram photos for this project, but you could also purchase and download digital images from sellers right here on Etsy. Make sure to size the images so that they fill the entire page.


Place the diagonal-line template on top of one of your photos and the vertical-line template on the other. Note: The white template borders should be on the top and left sides. Secure the templates to the photos using binder clips.


Following the lines of the diagonal template, cut through both the template and the image, making sure to stop cutting where the lines of the template end.


When you’ve finished cutting, remove the binder clips and set the image aside.



Next, cut along the lines of your vertical template and photo.



Tip: Keep the vertical strips in their original order as you cut through this second photo. (You should still be able to make out the image when you’re done.)



Now you’re ready to combine the two images. Starting from the left, grab one strip from the vertically cut image and guide it through the diagonally cut image using an “over-under” pattern.


Push the woven strip all the way to the left and make sure its top and bottom edges line up with those of the diagonally cut image. Then grab a second strip and weave it through using the opposite of the pattern you just used (so go “under-over” this time).


Continue weaving more paper strips, alternating between the over-under and under-over patterns. Feel free to add in other embellishments like fabric strips or colored paper, and keep going until your weaving is complete.


Once you’ve finished weaving, secure the layers with binder clips.


Next, flip the whole thing over and apply Scotch tape along the edges.


Trim excess paper with scissors, if needed.


Tip: For a more secure fit and cleaner edges, use glue stick to secure any loose ends.


Last but not least, add a frame to your new paper weaving and hang it in your home or office.


CIJ Etsy Craft Party 2015 – Fabric Yo – Yo

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Tutorial for Fabric Yo-Yo by NauticoCreations

How to make a Fabric Yo-Yo

Fabric yo-yo’s are small circles that can be used to add texture to a quilt. They can be sewn on as the center of a flower or you can even make an entire quilt just out of them. Pictured is an example using them as centers. You can see they give the quilt some added dimension.



  • Fabric
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Scissors
  • Something round to trace (she used a 5.5 “diameter bowl, since the size will end up smaller than original circle)
  • Pen or Fabric marker



  • Place your fabric face down and trace around the fabric with your bowl or other round object.
  • Once traced, but out your circle. If you’re planning on making several yo-yo’s at a time, it might be easier to trace and cut multiple circle before stitching them.


  • Next comes the sewing part. Turn in 1/4″ of fabric and start loosely stitching around the fabric in semi-wide stitches in order to make it easy to pull the thread through. Continue folding in the fabric and stitching until you have sewn all of the way around.

icm_75x75.61251140_mhcav7dgzo08kskgo8kk       icm_75x75.61250765_75ifkpd5ez4sos8ccs0s

  • This is the stage where your flower starts to take shape. Start pulling the thread tight. Pictured is what your flower looks like mid-stage as you are pulling the thread through.

icm_75x75.61251238_m1y6t0o0qq8cgw4gsk4w           icm_75x75.61250869_15uknmf9rv6oo8ksk080

  • Here is a close up of the finished yo-yo which is 2.5″ diameter. When you are done pulling the thread through,stitch the thread through the center to secure the bottom side of the yo-yo. You can then either knot and cut the thread or leave the thread long on the other side and use it to sew the yo-yo to the quilt, depending on your preference.
  • Finally here is your finished quilt with yo-yo’s. As you can see, this extra touch on the quilt really adds texture and finishes it off nicely. If you quilt or are just getting started and haven’t used this technique. Give it a try.


CIJ Etsy Craft Party 2015 – DIY Statement Necklace

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Tutorial for DIY Statement Necklace” by Clare of Etsy



  • Corrugated paper
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Paintbrush
  • Glue
  • Cord
  • Optional -markers or spray paint

Before you get started: When it comes to paper beads, the possibilities are truly endless. Whether you choose to create simple, straightforward tube beads or more complex shapes, the bead width will be determined by the base width of the shape; the thickness will depend on the length of the shape.

Create simple tube beads using a rectangle shape:


Or make more complex shapes using different-sized triangles:

Shape-2      Shape-3

You can also experiment with added color and design using spray paint or markers. Tip: Focus your designs on the edges of the shapes you create, as only the outermost edges of the paper will be visible once rolled into a bead.


Once you’ve decided on the types of beads you’d like to make, use a ruler to draw the bead’s shape (triangle or rectangle) on the flat side of your corrugated paper. For this demo, I am using a triangle shape that has a 3-inch base and is 12 inches long.

2    3

Use a paintbrush to apply glue to the back (flat side) of your cutout. Be sure to leave about an inch of space unglued at the base of your shape so it doesn’t stick to your pencil in the next step.


Starting at the unglued base of your shape, roll the paper around a pencil. Go slowly to make sure that the glue binds the paper as you roll.


Optional: Once you finish rolling the paper around the pencil, apply a light coat of glue to the outside of your finished bead. (This will help protect it from the elements and make it stronger.) Leave the bead on the pencil to dry.


String your finished bead onto the cord of your choice; use colored or patterned cording to add a little something extra. Continue experimenting with shapes and bead-making until you have a full necklace (or three!).



CIJ Etsy Craft Party 2015 – Recycled Magazine Paper Phone Stand

Contributor post by Alicia of AliciasFindings

Tutorial for Recycled Magazine Paper Phone Stand” by Megha Silvano of byTheArtBug

This is not only Easy to make but also utilizes almost free materials and on top of that it is a very useful and unisex item.

FullSizeRender[1] (4)


  • Old Magazine Paper
  • Cardboard 5″ by 5″ Piece
  • Craft Glue
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Scissors


  • Cut a 3″ by 3″ piece from the cardboard(You can measure the width of your phone and cut the size accordingly, keeping it about 1.5 cm extra).
  • Take Magazine Paper and cut it into 1.5 cm (0.590551 inch) wide strips. you will need about 6-7 strips.
  • Glue the strips randomly to the cardboard piece slightly. overlapping, see the picture, cut off the strips leaving about 1.5″ extra from the edge of the cardboard.
  • Fold the strips on the reverse side and glue.
  • Your base is now ready.


  • Now take the magazine paper sheet and start rolling it tightly (diagonally) to make paper Sticks like this.
  • After rolling a bit keep spreading glue in between so later when you cut the strip it won’t open up,make 5-6 rolls.
  • Let the Sticks dry completely before moving onto the next step.


  • Now cut off the extreme ends of the strips as these are a bit fragile (about 2-2.5″).
  • You will have to follow this with every paper stick you use.
  • Cut four small pieces from this to make the sides of the base, remember two sticks that go in between will be slightly shorter in length. For this you will have to use hot glue.


  • For the back take a long stick,cut the ends and fold it in half making V can also determine the height according to your liking.
  • Trim the ends of the V to make diagonal cuts to glue it more securely, this will also keep the back slightly slant.
  • Using hot glue stick this at one side of your base which you want to be the back of your stand.


  • Now cut three pieces as in the picture to give a bit more style to your stand, glue these to the back.
  • You can add one more V to the back. Don’t forget to diagonally trim the ends for this too.


  • You are now done! To further preserve and make it water-resistant you can coat your Phone Stand with paper varnish.

IMG_1424                    IMG_1425   FullSizeRender[2] (1)

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CIJ #Craftparty Prize Sponsors

Good morning everyone – Jennifer here from Caffeinated Papercuts to share with you all of the wonderful prizes donated by members of the Etsy CIJ team for our #CraftParty! You can enter to win them via our main Craft Party post. In no particular order:

The Nassa shells in these earrings are so sweet. The seashells and coconut beads are hand tied to waxed linen in a butterscotch color. Each shell is spaced expressly to mirror the opposite earring. Given the unique nature of shells no two earrings are identical which is part of their charm. The shells swing gracefully and make a lovely sound that is ever so soft. These lightweight earrings are 2 1/4

Nassa Shell Earrings from Bungalow42

The Nassa shells in these earrings are so sweet. The seashells and coconut beads are hand tied to waxed linen in a butterscotch color. Each shell is spaced expressly to mirror the opposite earring. Given the unique nature of shells no two earrings are identical which is part of their charm. The shells swing gracefully and make a lovely sound that is ever so soft. These lightweight earrings are 2 1/4″ long. All findings are sterling silver.

Leather Rose Pendent by MiracoliSpB

Leather Rose Pendent by MiracoliSpB

Small rose of leather pink. Rosette in metallic form. Small rose of leather three shades of pink that have been all handmade and designed by me. The picture you see is the picture of the exact item that you will receive.

Mystery Box by Rhodyart

Mystery Box by Rhodyart

A selection of items from Rhodyart, home of fun and quirky collage art cards and gifts, to be chosen by shop owner (but trust me, it’ll be good stuff lol)

8x10 Coffee Printable from bytheartbug

8×10 Coffee Printable from bytheartbug

Kitchen Art 8X10 “Start Your Day with Coffee” Printable (There will be NO watermark on the printable that you will receive).

Set of  (2) hot pads from timetalentjewels

Set of (2) hot pads from timetalentjewels

Cinnamon Treats Wool Felted Hot Pads

Set of (4) fox cards from StinsonPaperCrafts

Set of (4) fox cards from StinsonPaperCrafts

Set of 4 blank note cards featuring a fox which has been reproduced from an 18th century illustration. Includes white envelopes. The inside has a blank white writing area defined by two line separators. Cards are topped off with shiny black satin ribbon. Each A2 card is made of orange card stock and measures 5-1/2″ by 4-1/8″ folded. Envelopes measure 5-3/4″ x 4-3/8″.

Ferris Wheel Print from SummerStarsMasonJars

Ferris Wheel Print from SummerStarsMasonJars

Ferris Wheel at Sunset || DETAILS || • Printed at a professional photo lab in a high quality format. • Archival-quality photo paper and inks. • Auto-optimize contrast, color & brightness • Superior quality, matte-finish paper, fade resistant. • Matte finish creates rich color and a finger-print free surface. • Unmatted, unframed photo. • Packaged in a cellophane sleeve and shipped in a sturdy photo mailer through USPS.

Crooked Houses Blank Art Card - leeart

Crooked Houses Blank Art Card – leeart

One (1) card printed on card stock with Epson pigment ink. This ink will last 99 years. This card is from my original painting. Measures 4.5 X 6 inches approx. White card and envelope included in cello bag. Blank inside.

1920s Style Altered Hat - SSFDesigns

1920s Style Altered Hat – SSFDesigns

Altered straw hat 1920s style.

Personalized Christmas Stocking from Quilterbell

Personalized Christmas Stocking from Quilterbell

It is hand sewn and machine quilted to make sure you can use if for many years to come. It is also lined. It measures,16″ X 6.5 ” ( 40 cm X 18 cm) Please note that shipping costs are not included in the prize. Shipping from Dublin, Ireland. Shipping cost approximately $10 depends on location. {Editor’s note: If your name is selected and you do not wish to pay for shipping, another name will be drawn.}

New York City print by CartoCreative

New York City print by CartoCreative

8″x10″ New York City map art print in a light moss green color. Shipping included.

Remember, you have until midnight CDT TONIGHT to enter! Thank you to all of our prize sponsors – everything is so beautiful. All right, now back to the party!

Welcome to the CIJ Etsy Craft Party!

Contributor post by Megha of bytheartbug


Hey Everyone!

Welcome to Team CIJ’s Online #CraftParty 2015. This day will be filled with lots of activities, DIYs, Giveaways and Coupons to grab along with the online Swag Bags and freebies!

This year’s Etsy Craft Party theme is Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape.  Kaleidoscopes represent many individual pieces coming together to create something beautiful — much like the dynamic shops that make up Etsy.


We will be having Crafty classes all day long! Here’s the schedule (all times in Eastern Standard Time) :

9am – Magazine Paper Phone Stand
10am- DIY Necklace
11am – Fabric YO-YO
12pm- Paper Weaving
1pm – Decorative Pinwheels
2pm – Quick Oil Facial Cleanser
3pm – Manly Cupcake
4pm – Spiral Ear Cuff
5pm –  13 Projects of Etsy

Swag Bags

A party is no fun without the “Goody Bags”, don’t worry we have one for you even in this Virtual Party! This bag is filled with downloadable projects and tutorials for you to print and make!

Click here for the Downloadable  Projects

Click here for the Tutorials

Grab the % Off Coupon and Go Shopping!

The Coupon code is the same for everyone (the % discounts may differ)- cijparty2015

The following shops are participating:

AliciasFindings – 15% off Store-wide, Valid 6/5/15 – 6/8/15

EviesToolEmporium – 20% off Store-wide, Valid  6/5/15 – 6/7/15

Quilterbell – 15% off Store-wide, Valid 6/5/15 – 6/8/15

DeeDeeDeesigns – 10% off Store-wide, Valid 6/5/15 – 6/7/15

KleanKristi – 15% off Store-wide, Valid 6/5/15

CartoCreative – Free standard shipping and 15% off minimum purchase of $20.00USD, Valid 6/5/15 – 6/7/15

byTheArtBug – 10%off Store-wide, Valid 6/5/15 – 6/7/15

Tell Everyone!

Don’t forget to share the love!If you are crafting with us, be sure to tweet, Instagram, and/or Facebook us your projects. Also share the CIJ Craft party DIYs on social media!

The official hashtag is #craftparty

Enter to the Giveaway for a chance to Win

Last but not the least! It’s the Party Prizes! Toss your name into the hat below for your chance to win one of prizes offered up by our fabulous sponsors. Contest ends at midnight EST and the winner will be announced Monday on the blog!

a Rafflecopter giveaway


CIJ Etsy Craft Party – This Coming Friday On June 5th

Contributor post by Megha of bytheartbug

Our party is Online so you can join in from anywhere in the world, how exciting is that!!

Come and join Team CIJ for Etsy’s Annual Craft Party event, a global celebration of meeting and making. This year’s party is even more special as 2015 marks Etsy’s tenth anniversary.

CIJ Craft Party 2015 – June 5th Fri: 9:00am–2:00pm

No. of Guests – Unlimited!

The official tag is : #CraftParty

Register here:

#EtsyCIJ #CraftParty


Click here to see last year’s fun and activities at CIJ Craft Party–

Christmas In July Craft Party 2014

CIJ’s Online Craft Party 2015 is taking place on Friday June 5th, there would be lots of activities, DIYs, Giveaways, and Coupons to grab along with the online goodies and freebies!

Here is a Sneak Peak…


This year’s Etsy Craft Party theme is Kaleidoscope: Paper Taking Shape.  Kaleidoscopes represent many individual pieces coming together to create something beautiful — much like the dynamic shops that make up Etsy.

We do need our members help to make this a wonderful event for all, so if you wish to donate a prize (could even be a gift certificate) or submit a tutorial please do so here (Please do so before 3rd June Midnight):

Craft Party 2015: Donate A Prize

Craft Party 2015: Submit A Tutorial

So come join the fun, invite your friends and family!